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Easy Hacks for a Relaxing Train Journey in India

We Indians love travelling by train. It is cheap, fast, and reliable method of transportation. From booking tickets to traveling to e-catering, Indian Railways will never disappoint you. To make your journey more comfortable and pleasant, RailMitra has some tips and hacks that you can use if you are planning to travel.

Clever Hacks to Get Confirmed Railways Tickets
If you’re the one struggling for confirm train tickets either in general or tatkal quota, or confused of different types of quota in train, then here’re some clever hacks to get confirm tickets online without a single hassle.

  • If you are unable to get confirm rail ticket for your journey, for eg. Gaya to Jaipur in Howrah Jodhpur Express, then look for the train schedule and route map of the train. Check the seat availability and then try to book tickets from few stations before Gaya like Parasnath or Koderma. You are most likely to get confirmed tickets as each station has its own quota of seats. But remember to choose your boarding point as Gaya.
  • There is another option to get confirmed tickets for your journey. Download RailMitra app from Playstore and check the train between stations feature. It will tell you about alternate train routes for the same destination so you can book your tickets in parts. Like if you are going from Patna to Delhi, you can book two different tickets, say from Patna to Allahabad and then from Allahabad to Delhi in the same or different train even if the chart preparation is completed.
  • If you are still not getting confirmed ticket from the above two methods, and you need to travel on that day, then just head over to the PRS counter of your nearest railway station. Then book waitlist ticket for your journey in sleeper class. In this way, you will have the luxury to at least sit and travel. But remember this facility is only available for sleeper class and not AC compartments.

Tatkal Booking Will Be a Lot Easier Now!
Anyone who has ever booked Tatkal ticket knows how hard it is to get a ticket especially during festive seasons. Follow these tricks and your chances of getting tatkal ticket will almost be sure.

  • Use 2 or 3 laptops and use different accounts to login at exactly at 10 am for AC compartments or 11 am for sleeper classes. It will increase your chances considerably.
  • Use IRCTC app for booking tatkal tickets as the app is faster than website.
  • Use IRCTC Magic Autofill feature to quickly fill up your ticket booking form. This will save you some time which is very crucial during booking as each second matters.
  • Enable 3D secure pin for your banking transactions. Don’t rely on OTP as sometimes OTP is not received instantly which can cost you your ticket.

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Practical Tips For a Safe & Memorable Journey

  • Before your journey begins, head over to IRCTC website and check the prices of food in train. Take a screenshot of that list. In this way, you can’t be scammed by pantry car staff. Moreover, try to purchase snacks and other packaged items prior to boarding because they charge extra if you purchase in train. You can also use RailMitra app for ordering food online in train.
  • Take a screenshot of train schedule before your journey starts. It will be very useful if the Internet isn’t working in some low network areas. It uses nearby cell towers to detect the current location.
  • Try to avoid using power outlet provided in trains. This is because the current always fluctuates in those outlets which can be harmful for your devices. Carry your own power bank instead and use that to charge your devices.
  • If you are among those who fear that they might miss their destination while sleeping, then there is a simple way to wake you up in time. SMS Alert PNR Number to 139. You will get a wake up alarm or call ring 30 minutes prior to reaching destination. Alternatively, you can call 139 from your number and follow IVR instructions to set alarm as per you wish.
  • Once you have reached the destination, you may need directions for a new place. In that case, never ask for directions from any auto or taxi person. Try booking cab in advance before your train arrives and schedule the timing accordingly. Or you can try to ask from locals or shopkeepers. They are familiar with that place and not likely to scam you of money.

Now You Can Eat Whatever You Want In Train
We can all agree on the point that pantry car food is not great. So why waste money on food that you can’t enjoy? Try to order food online on train from top restaurants nearby. You will get fresh, delicious, and a variety of food items to choose from. This will make your journey more pleasing as nothing is as good as getting hot and yummy food at your seat while travelling.

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