IRCTC eWallet: All You Need to Know About

Trains are an evergreen mode of transport in India. Millions of people depend on this to visit one place to another. They need to book tickets to travel to the destination. Today, in the era of Mobile phones, most people book tickets online. IRCTC e-wallet is a payment mode for booking tickets online. 


It is a wallet in which you can deposit your money in advance and use it for paying travel fares at the time of booking train tickets. The payment option is available on the IRCTC Next generation e-ticketing system along with other payment options. 


It is an easy-to-use railway service. You can use it if you frequently book train tickets. With your user id, you can book 6 railway tickets in a month.  



How to Register on IRCTC e-Wallet


To register on the IRCTC e-wallet, you need to follow these steps:


Step 1: Sign in to the IRCTC e-ticketing website using your IRCTC user id and password


Step 2:  Click on the “IRCTC EXCLUSIVE” menu and navigate the “IRCTC eWallet Register Now” option. 


Step 3: Enter your PAN or Aadhaar number and other details for the verification of your account. 


Step 4: Now, you will be redirected to a new page displaying the message “Registration fee for IRCTC e-wallet scheme: Rs 0+ applicable GST”. Here, you will need to create a transaction password required for the authentication process. Re-enter the same password in the textbox for password reconfirmation. Note that, enter only that password you can keep in mind. 


Step 5: After the generation of the transaction password, your account will be logged out and you will receive a message of successful registration on your ewallet. Log in again to the account to recharge it. 



How to Add Money to IRCTC e-Wallet


To do an IRCTC e-wallet deposit, you will need to: 


  • Login to IRCTC using your user Id and password.
  • Click on the ‘IRCTC e-Wallet DEPOSIT’ link on the left navigation bar. Select the option and enter the amount you want to deposit and reconfirm the same amount. You can deposit a minimum of Rs 100/- and less than the maximum limit of Rs 10000/-.
  • Select the payment option from the dropdown list and click on submit button for payment. 
  • You will receive a message stating information about the successful deposit. If the money transfer fails. The amount will be refunded to your account. 



Features of IRCTC e-Wallet 


  • The e-wallet is valid for 3 years from the date of registration 
  • There is no charge for account renewal. 
  • The ticket booking amount is directly transferred from IRCTC e-Wallet. Hence, it is safe.
  • If in case you cancel your ticket, the next day, the refund will get credited to your IRCTC e-wallet.  
  • Account verification is an online process. You only need your Pan or Aadhaar number to verify your IRCTC eWallet. 
  • IRCTC e-wallet keeps transaction history, ticket booking dates, deposit history, password change history, refund status, etc. You can click on the ‘Deposit History’ link to view the deposit history page. 
  • You can deposit a minimum amount of Rs. 100/- and maintain the maximum amount of Rs.10000/- in your e-Wallet account.
  • The deposit amount is non-refundable.
  • The money in IRCTC eWallet can only be used for booking railway tickets.
  • The IRCTC eWallet service is only available for the person with Indian nationality and Mobile numbers.   



Benefits of Using IRCTC e-Wallet


  • With the IRCTC e-wallet, you can do hassle-free and safe transactions.
  • It saves time by eliminating the payment approval cycle.
  • With it, you can book tickets in that condition also when your bank is not responding.
  • With an IRCTC e-wallet account, you can do a secure transaction as it needs OTP and transaction password to verify money deduction. 
  • You can manage your IRCTC accounts online.
  • You will not need to pay ‘payment gateway charges’ for booking tickets. 



How to Use IRCTC eWallet While Booking Tickets


To use IRCTC eWallet while ticket booking, you need to:


  • Log into your IRCTC account to book a train ticket. 
  • Select the train, source and destination stations, and date of journey on which you want to travel. 
  • Provide details about you such as your name, gender, age, etc.
  • Review the details and proceed to book tickets. You will lead to the Payment Gateway page, you can see here different payment options. 
  • Choose IRCTC e-wallet from the payment options. 
  • Click on the Pay & Book button to book the ticket with the e-wallet. 
  • Enter the transaction password for the payment. 
  • From the IRCTC eWallet account the ticket amount will be debited and you will be redirected to the confirmation page for submission of OTP.
  • Provide OTP that you have received on IRCTC registered mobile number or e-mail id to confirm the transaction. 
  • Make sure the ticket Booking amount is available on your IRCTC e-wallet. 


Note that, an additional IRCTC eWallet Transaction charge of Rs 10/- and applicable taxes will be deducted for every IRCTC eWallet transaction. 



How to Cancel Booked IRCTC Ticket from E-wallet


If you need to cancel your booked ticket, you can do it easily and receive a refund. To do so, you can 


  • Log into the IRCTC e-ticketing system and go to your e-wallet.  
  • Click on the transaction ID to view the details of the transaction. 
  • Select the Ticket Cancellation option from the “Booked Ticket History” link under “My Transaction”. The ticket and PNR number will automatically get cancelled. 


Using e-wallets gives multiple services, you can use for your benefit and make the train travel plan hassle-free. With the wallet services, you can book, cancel, and get ticket refunds conveniently. You can also keep money in the IRCTC e-wallet to plan your next train trip which will eliminate the concern about your ticket fare. 


Can I Withdraw Money from IRCTC e-Wallet?


You can only utilise the IRCTC e-wallet amount for booking train tickets. You can not transfer and use the money for any other purpose. 


Does IRCTC eWallet Work for Tatkal?


Yes, you can book tatkal quota tickets with the IRCTC e-wallet. The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation announced this facility in 2018. 


What Are the Other Payment Gateway of IRCTC? 


Apart from the IRCTC e-wallet, other payment gateways of IRCTC are iMudra and iPay. You can find these payment options in ‘IRCTC exclusive’ on the official website of IRCTC. 


What is IRCTC and its Services? 


IRCTC is an official website of Indian Railways that provides various facilities to rail passengers such as booking tickets online, getting healthy and hygienic trains on running trains, checking trains between stations, live running train status, booking bus and hotel services, planning tours by taking tourist packages and many more. It has multiple partners that make sure IRCTC delivers its committed services on time. However, using the IRCTC website sometimes gets difficult. As it holds tons of information and services. 


But there are various apps available that work on the IRCTC database which makes it easy to get numerous train services. One of those apps is RailMitra which gives the facility to check the PNR status of booked train tickets, check trains between stations, live train status, order food in train, and check seat availability and train fare. 


You can use the RailMitra rail app while planning your train journey comfortably.   

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