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IRCTC India-Nepal Rail Service: Trains, Route and Ticket Prices

IRCTC started the incredible rail service between India and Nepal. This initiative aims to link two neighbouring countries through a rail network. India and Nepal assist one another through trade and commerce. In addition to trade, tourism and cultural similarities are important integrating factors that connect the two countries.  


Janakpur Dham, the native place of Goddess Sita, is one of the important sites of spiritual attraction. Every year, people from around the country visit Janakpur Dham on the occasion of “Vivah Panchami.” The first India-Nepal rail has been flagged-off on April 2, 2022. The train departs from Jainagar Railway station, located in the district of Madhubani, Bihar and will end the journey at Kurtha in Janakpur, Nepal.


India-Nepal Cross-Over Rail Project


  • India-Nepal Railway Line project started in 2014, and finally, it has achieved the milestone of completing this project. After a successful trial, the railway network was inaugurated on April 2, 2022, for general train operations.
  • Jaynagar-Kurtha Railway line is 68.7 km long in which a total of 34.9 km long line falls under the Indian Railways part. The rest of the line is handed over to Nepal Railway Company Ltd.
  • The Indian Government helped Nepal in completing this rail project. India contributed Rs. 8.77 crores to provide financial assistance.
  • The total area covered under the Indian Railway zone is 2.9 km, while the rest, 65.7 km, and comes under Nepal Railway Zone.
  • According to the project plan, initially, the average speed for passenger trains is kept 100km/hr, whereas, for freight trains, the average allowed speed is 65km/hr.
  • There are 8 stations and 6 halting points on the India-Nepal train route.
  • The train will also pass through 47 road crossings, 15 major bridges and 127 minor bridges.
  • Konkan Rail Corporation Ltd. has supplied 1600 HP DEMU passenger rakes to Nepal to operate this train.
  • Apart from Non-AC coaches, there are two fully air conditioned coaches on this train.
  • IRCON has undertaken the Indo-Nepal rail project under which all rail associated works and infrastructure task has been completed successfully. 
  • The planned Indo-Nepal Rail project starts from Jaynagar in India to Baijalpur in Nepal. However, the railway network from Jaynagar to Kurtha has been inaugurated, and the rest is expected to be launched soon. 
  • Custom checking points are built on this line to verify the passenger’s detailed information and check illegal cross-border trade.



Documents Required for Verification Purpose During the Journey


Since this railway connectivity is between two countries, which requires some formalities to be fulfilled, travellers must carry a few documents for the verification process. Indo-Nepal railway journey also requires you to undergo some verification formalities. Following are the required documents that passengers should carry before boarding the Jaynagar-Kurtha train.


  • Photo Identity proof issued by the Indian Government/State Government or the Union Territories administration.
  • Travellers above the age of 65 or those under the age of 5 should carry a photographic document for confirmation of age and identification—identity proof like PAN Card, Ration Card, Driving License etc.


Visiting Nepal does not require you to carry a Passport or Visa if you are an Indian citizen. However, if a family is travelling, they must show one of the identity cards mentioned above. If one member shows the cards mentioned above, the rest are required to show any photo identity card like ration card or voter card to show their relation.


Certain places in Nepal are restricted, and one can visit that place after taking a permit from the local administration. Permits can be availed in advance or upon visiting the place. However, it is better to apply for a permit before commencing on the journey. 


Indo-Nepal Trains 


Indo-Nepal Railway line starts from Jaynagar, and it will end the journey at Kurtha. The train departs at 8:15 AM morning and tickets are available from 7: 00 AM. The train reaches its final destination Kurtha around 10:00 AM. The total distance covered is 35 Km. 





There are 6 halting stations between Jaynagar and Kurtha Rail lines. Two stations are made for custom checking. Here’s the detail of train halting points:


  • Inarwa
  • Khajuri
  • Mahinathpur Halt
  • Baidehi 
  • Parwaha
  • Janakpur Dham
  • Kurtha


Note: Jaynagar in India and Inarwa in Nepal are the two custom stations of the Indo-Nepal Rail link.


Inarwa is the first stoppage station under the Nepal Railway Network Zone. There are a total of 3 platforms at Inarwa Railway station. Indo-Nepal Rail’s other major railway stoppage is Janakpur Dham, a worldwide popular pilgrimage site. 


Ticket Price from Jaynagar to Kurtha In Indian Currency


  • For General Coaches (Indian Currency): NPR 56.25
  • For AC Coaches (Indian Currency): INR 281


Ticket Price in Nepali Currency  


  • For General Coaches: INR 90
  • For AC Coaches: INR 450




Amenities at Jaynagar Railway Station


Jaynagar Railway station provides all the basic facilities to comfort the passengers. Apart from 5 platforms, a new platform is constructed, especially for the Indo-Nepal rail. The railway station offers facilities like:


  • Drinking water
  • Snacks and tea stalls
  • Sanitation 
  • Washroom
  • Ticket counters
  • Reservation counters
  • Waiting Room


Ticket Booking Services for India-Nepal Rail


Ticket Booking Service is available at the newly constructed platform where the trains operate. A special reservation counter has been made from where enthusiastic travellers can book their tickets. Tickets are only available offline. Online ticket is not available for this particular railway network. So, if you are browsing the IRCTC website for Jaynagar-Kurtha online ticket booking, you will not get any updates. Passengers can only book the ticket offline from Jaynagar Railway station or the en-route halts and stations. Ticket prices vary according to the distance between arrival and destination point.


India and Nepal Rail network will boost tourism and help establish a strong bilateral relationship between India and Nepal. 


People from all over the world to this place to admire the culture of Mithila and seek blessings. Mithila is one of the renowned corners of India, and it seeks the attention of people for its magnificent art, culture and heritage. This rail network has made it easier to travel to Nepal. It will surely help in promoting the traditional aspects of the Mithila region. 


Those travelling to Janakpur must visit Sitamadhi, the birthplace of Goddess Sita. Many trains run between Jaynagar and Sitamadhi. To get the updates on the running status of trains, you can use the RailMitra, which is a complete solution for all railway queries. It informs you about the seat availability, live train running status and timing and schedule of the trains.


Why is the booking of India-Nepal Rail not available online at IRCTC?


India-Nepal Railway is an excellent initiative of the Indian government connecting two countries. Most of the area of this network is covered under the Nepal Railway zone. Only 2 km of distance falls under the Indian Railway Network. Therefore, IRCTC online ticket booking facilities are unavailable for this rail network. Travellers can quickly get their tickets booked from the reservation counter at the Jaynagar railway station.  


What are the amenities provided in India-Nepal Rail Network?


This short distance train offers you a luxurious journey experience from India to Nepal. 


  • Trains general and AC coaches are occupied with premium quality sitting arrangements. 
  • Western-style washroom
  • AC sensor gate
  • Tables are attached in the middle of the coach
  • Seats can be bent according to the passenger’s comfort level
  • The armrest is attached to the seats


Note: There is no charging point attached in both general and AC Coaches. 


What are the famous places to visit in Janakpur?


Janakpur Dham is the place where the deity of Sita was found. Being an ancient pilgrim site, you can also explore some significant places of Janakpur Dham like:


  • Janki Temple
  • Vivah Mandap of Lord Ram and Sita (Madva)
  • Laxman Mandir
  • Sri Ram Mandir
  • Gangasagar Lake
  • Dhanusa Sagar
  • Dugdhmati River


IRCTC offers a beautiful travel experience through its vast rail network across India and Nepal. Vest your time in the world adobe this summer to experience the vibrant culture and great tourist places. Plan a train journey to Nepal with the best Indian Railway enquiry app that lets you check PNR status quickly, book food on the train, and notify you of the latest IRCTC updates regularly. 


RailMitra wishes you a happy journey to Nepal!

Author: Sanjay Kumar

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