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Jaipur to Patna Among 6 ‘Shramik Special’ Trains Departs on Friday

Government has announced a big relief for people who are stuck in the current lockdown and want to return to their hometowns. Labourers, students, pilgrims, and tourists were demanding “special trains” to be run for their convenience. Now Indian Railways has made all the preparations to bring back people safely and hygienically to their native places.
Starting from Friday, several trains named as “Shramik Special” trains will be run on different routes of India.

After a long period of 40 days, Indian Railways run its first passenger train from Telangana to Jharkhand carrying 1200 migrant workers on Friday, May 1. More such trains will be departed from Kerala, Telangana, Maharashtra and Rajasthan on Friday carrying thousands of workers, students, and others in the upcoming days. The railways announced six “Shramik Special” trains:

  1. Lingampally to Hatia
  2. Nashik to Lucknow at 9:30 pm
  3. Aluva to Bhubaneswar at 6 pm,
  4. Nashik to Bhopal at 8 pm,
  5. Jaipur to Patna at 10 pm and,
  6. Kota to Hatia at 9 pm. ​

Keep in mind that these special trains will be run from point-to-point on the request of state governments as per the standard protocols for sending and receiving such stranded persons. This means these trains will not halt at any intermediate stations.
Indian Railways is taking all the necessary measures to ensure that social distancing is followed and all the essential items are available on the train. These trains are run following strict rules regarding disinfection of coaches, screening of passengers and maintaining social distance during travel.
Shramik special trains ticket price:
The fare for these trains will include the fare for sleeper mail express train, a superfast charge of ₹30, and an additional charge of ₹20. Also, the fare includes complimentary meals and drinking water for long-distance trains.
Officials said that passengers need not purchase anything from Indian Railways as the state government would arrange and pay for passengers on behalf of passengers.
Jaipur to Patna shramik special train
Indian Railways is going to run a shramik special to bring back migrant workers and stranded people from Jaipur in Rajasthan to Patna in Bihar. This is going to bring back thousands of Bihari migrant workers who got stuck because of the PAN-India lockdown which was started on 24th March 2020. The train will leave Jaipur Jn at 10 pm and expected to arrive at Patna the next day at 6 pm. Please note that the train will not stop anywhere between Jaipur and Patna.
Who can board on shramik special trains?
Railways Executive Director Media R. D. Bajpai told media reporters that passengers have to be screened by the state government and only those found asymptomatic would be allowed to travel. Railways will allow only those passengers whom states will bring to railway stations. So, people who want to go home should complete their screening at any of the coronavirus test centers.
He also said that “the sending state governments will have to bring these passengers in batches that can be accommodated in the train to the designated railway station by following social distancing norms and other precautions. It will be mandatory for every passenger to wear face covers. Meals and drinking water would be provided to the passengers by the sending states at the originating station.”
Everything is ready at the destination
On arrival at the destination, passengers will be received by the respective state governments, who would make all arrangements for their screening, quarantine, if necessary, and further travel from the railway station.

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