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Know All About Maharaja Express – Route, Price and More

The upthrift lifestyles and personas of India’s maharajas, who had the world’s most exquisite gems and the most Regal palaces, were well-known, as was their larger than life personality. Most people can only dream of living such a life. Seize the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to India in the style of a real Indian maharaja. Wrapped in an atmosphere of royal luxury and special treatment.



The Maharajas’ Express recreates this one of a kind experience for its valued guests. Anyone would be excited about the opportunity to ride on this special train, experience the friendly services of attentive butlers, and witness the breathtaking beauty of some of India’s most stunning tourist spots.


Exploring Opulence: Know All About Maharaja Express – Route, Price, and More




Luxurious Bed Rooms


A train that’s nearly half a mile in length brings a new definition to luxury and comfort. It brings back the lifestyle of a Majestic Era and offers a taste of Opulent lifestyle. The Maharajas’ Express consistently displays the wonders of India. The suite rooms on the train redefine luxury with a spacious area of 220 sq. ft. The rail coaches for the suites bear names like Diamond and Blue Sapphire, symbolizing the opulence and splendors provided on board.

All four suites in the train have double beds and spacious panoramic windows, allowing you to enjoy every aspect of the magnificent Indian scenery during your rail journey. Each coach on the train has a mini pantry and is attended by a valet to offer attentive and prompt service.

The suite rooms come with additional amenities, including a complimentary mini-bar and a bathtub. The suite fare covers the cost of an exclusive language-speaking guide and a luxury car for off-board journeys.

For your safety and well-being, the train features CCTV cameras, smoke alarms, RFID door locks (Radio Frequency IDentification), and the continuous services of a paramedic. Your luxurious vacation aboard the Maharajas’ Express, experiencing the splendor of India, will undoubtedly be an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.


Relish Food at Royal Restaurants


Named after the national bird peacock, ‘Mayur Mahal’ derives its identity from the rich religious and cultural significance of this bird in Indian traditions. The peacock symbolizes grace and beauty in various Indian art forms, literature, and dance. Mayur Mahal serves as a reflection of these elements, showcasing the cultural and religious diversity of India. Rang” symbolizes color and “Mahal” represents a palace or mansion. “Rang Mahal ” together is called “Palace of Colors decorated with hand painted mural ceiling. Maharaja express ‘Rang Mahal’ are vibrant, ornate, and filled with different colors. Rang Mahal is rich in cultural diversity, artistic expression, and vibrant colors. It is a reminder of the historical and cultural heritage of regions where the term has its roots. 


The two fine dining restaurants can comfortably fit 42 guests each at any given time.The arrangement allows two people to enjoy a meal privately and accommodates four people for those who like to socialize during a good conversation over food.


On the fancy Maharajas’ Express, there are two special dining places with unique themes. These restaurants offer tasty meals in a lively and comforting setting. The names of the restaurants perfectly match their well-designed decor, atmosphere, and idea.

Trained chefs aboard the Maharajas’ Express ensure that you savor a delightful range of Indian and international cuisine. All your meals are included in your fare and served on Table d’hote. Guests have the option to choose the appropriate pairing of wine from a wide range of varieties. Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal will host all onboard meals, including breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.



Relax at the Lounge


Guests who appreciate savoring beverages and want friendly conversations can choose between our two exclusive venues, the ‘Safari Bar’ and the ‘Rajah Club’ Observatory Lounge. Both places provide comfortable seating arrangements for a relaxed experience, offering a curated selection of House Pours and various international brands of wines. These options create a perfect atmosphere to unwind and enjoy. The package includes House Pours, while select international wines and spirits are available for purchase.


For avid readers, the Safari Bar has a different collection of books in plenty of genres, and for those who enjoy socializing, there are a few board games available for entertainment.


For business-oriented travelers seeking to blend work and leisure, the Safari Bar can be transformed into a suitable meeting space. Additionally, it serves as a venue for hosting festive events, catering to the diverse needs of our guests.



Get Shahi Treat at Royal Bar 


The name exudes regality, and the experience surpasses its royal reputation. Two establishments, namely ‘Safari Bar’ and the ‘Rajah Club,’ offer a selection of exclusive and imported wines and beers for your enjoyment. Coupled with luxurious accommodations in twin-bedded cabins, you have ample leisure time to unwind and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing atmosphere. The splendid interiors transport you to an ancient era, making you feel like royalty amidst the astounding ambiance.



Maharaja Express Tour Package


The Maharajas’ Express train package seamlessly blends grandeur and cultural allure. When you book a reservation on the Maharajas’ Express, you’ll enjoy lavish accommodations in double or twin-bedded cabins with private bathrooms. The reservation covers not only the stay but also includes meals, soft beverages, a selection of wines, beer, and spirits.


The Maharajas’ Express tariff for Indian Maharajas’ booking caters comprehensively to the needs of customers. This luxury train tariff encompasses butler service, paramedic services, and guided off-tour excursions detailed in the journeys. Additionally, it covers entrance fees, still camera fees, transportation, the services of a guide, and porterage at stations.


These are the terms and conditions before booking tickets from  Maharajas’ Express-


Regarding the Treasures of India 3N/4D itinerary package, a 12% reduction in the published tariff is possible if guests opt for the 2N/3D package and choose to disembark at Jaipur after utilizing off-board services there.


For bookings of the Presidential Suite Cabin, there is a 50% reduction in tariff for the 3rd and 4th guests. Additionally, for the seasons 2022-23, 2023-24, and 2024-25, there is a further 50% reduction on the reduced tariff for a child accompanying two adult guests in the PS cabin.


Please visit our website www.the-maharajas.com for information on child policies and other details.

All mentioned prices are per person per journey based on twin sharing. Additionally, there may be supplement charges applicable for certain signature journeys, as announced by IRCTC from time to time.


Indian Panorama


Let’s start your journey from the last stop of the Delhi, the Indian Panorama journey embarks on a visit to Agra for a stop at the majestic Taj Mahal, then proceeds to the adored city of Varanasi with its sacred pious bathing Ghats and the Serene Ganges. Eye catching and ancient  Group of Monuments at Khajuraho, which comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site, providing a window into the cultural and architectural Splendor of the Chandelas from the antiquity era. The Maharajas Express promises an unparalleled experience of India, featuring opulent interiors and exemplary hospitality.




Indian Splendour


A thoughtfully planned schedule, incorporating elements of royalty, majestic palaces, historic forts, serene sand dunes, wildlife encounters, and enriching cultural explorations, unveils the essence of India’s rich traditions, art, and vibrant heritage. This 8-day, 7-night journey aboard Asia’s most opulent train immerses travelers in the grandeur of this diverse continent, presenting a captivating blend of its myriad colors. Enhancing the regal adventure are exquisite cuisines, flawless hospitality, and expertly guided off-train excursions that showcase the splendid wonders of incredible India.



Heritage of India


Embark on an enchanting journey across India with the luxurious Maharaja Express train! Say goodbye to the hassles of long and tiring explorations, as this majestic train promises to sweep you off your feet, offering the utmost comfort and indulgence. Witness the beauty of India like never before while traveling from Mumbai to Delhi, passing through the captivating cities of Ajanta, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaipur, Ranthambore, and Agra.


The 8 day adventure on the Maharajas Express Heritage of India travel plan unfolds a alluring tale of India’s rich heritage and culture. Starting from Mumbai, the train weaves through the ancient caves of Ajanta, the majestic forts and palaces of Rajasthan, and the Majestic Taj Mahal. Immerse yourself in the local culture with guided sightseeing tours, exclusive experiences like sundowner cocktails amidst sand dunes, Elephant painting and joyrides, and delightful shopping excursions. This journey promises to be a treasure trove of memories, showcasing the enduring history and culture that defines India. All aboard for an unforgettable experience.


Treasure of India


The amazing Maharaja Express tour package called “Gems of India” invites you to explore the rich history of India in just 4 days. The journey starts in Delhi and takes you to Agra, where the majestic Taj Mahal and Agra Fort will captivate you.


This luxury train trip aims to boost tourism that celebrates India’s heritage using its extensive railway network. This initiative resulted in the creation of the Maharaja Express, providing a lavish experience on a royal train across the heart of India. The “Gems of India” package takes you on a four-day adventure, starting from Delhi and heading to Agra. You’ll be amazed by the opulence of the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. The journey then leads to Ranthambore National Park for an exciting wildlife safari. The next destination is Jaipur, where you can explore the renowned Jantar Mantar and Amber Fort. Throughout the trip, the Maharaja Express ensures a comfortable and luxurious experience, providing delicious meals in themed fine dining restaurants with a relaxing atmosphere.


Often referred to as the “Crown Jewel of Indian Railways,” the Maharaja Express is a luxurious train that offers a magical trip through the center of India. This blog will explore the luxurious world of Maharaja Express, including details on its regal interiors, magnificent itineraries, and lavish experiences.


The Maharaja Express Experience


Luxury Redefined: Maharaja Express is a rolling mansion on wheels, not just a train. Every little element, from the finely crafted decor to the flawless service, screams luxury.


World-Class Hospitality:

The well-trained crew, individualized care, and meticulous attention to detail at Maharaja Express treat visitors like kings, making it a distinctive travel destination.


The Heritage of Rajasthan:

The “Heritage of Rajasthan” route is one of the most popular routes that the Maharaja Express offers. Passengers traveling this route will see Rajasthan’s regal palaces, thriving marketplaces, and important historical sites.


Other Routes:

The train visits other well-known locations including Agra, Varanasi, Khajuraho, and more, providing a comprehensive picture of India’s historical and cultural variety.


Regal Cabins:

Each of the train’s opulent staterooms is named after a valuable diamond. Elaborate details tastefully furnish the cabins, blending modern conveniences with traditional Indian design.


Common Areas:

The opulent dining cars, lounge, and observation car aboard Maharaja Express are all intended to provide visitors an amazing experience in opulent surroundings.


Exquisite Meal:

The dining experience on board offers a gastronomic tour of India’s many tastes. A delectable meal awaits passengers thanks to the skillful cooking of expert chefs who create a menu that showcases the diversity of Indian cuisine.


Investment in Opulence:

Luxury is closely associated with the Maharaja Express, and this is reflected in its cost.
Some may perceive it as a costly investment, but those who embark on this royal voyage often deem the unparalleled experience it offers as invaluable.


Plan Ahead:

Securing a spot on the Maharaja Express requires making reservations well in advance, given its limited availability.


Packages and Inclusions:

Maharaja Express provides a range of packages designed to highlight distinct aspects of India. Tours, excursions, and specially selected activities are frequently included in these packages.


A Journey Fit for Royalty:

Maharaja Express is more than simply a train journey, it’s an exploration of India’s luxurious past, with lavish décor at every turn. The Maharaja Express calls out to those looking for an experience that travelers don’t often get to have, promising a royal journey through the center of this fascinating and diverse country.


FAQs related to Know All About Maharaja Express – Route, Price and More


Q1: Maharaja Express is known for?

Ans: In India, people often consider the Maharaja Express a luxurious train that offers a regal travel experience, frequently ranking it among the world’s most opulent trains.


Q2: What are the key features of the Maharaja Express?

Ans: The Maharaja Express is renowned for its luxurious furnishings, first-rate extras, food on train and attentive service. It provides an opulent voyage to some of the most famous locations in India.


Q3: What are the popular routes of the Maharaja Express?

Ans: The Maharaja Express travels many routes, such as Indian Splendor, Treasures of India, and Heritage of India. Every route highlights various geographical areas and historical sites.


Q4: How much does a journey on the Maharaja Express cost?

Ans: The chosen route, cabin class, and season all affect how much the Maharaja Express trip costs. The cost per individual can vary.


Q5: What is included in the Maharaja Express ticket price?

Ans: The cost of the ticket often includes lodging, food, guided tours, attraction admission, and onboard entertainment and alcoholic beverages. 


Q6: How long is a typical journey on the Maharaja Express?

Ans: The length of a Maharaja Express trip is determined by the selected itinerary, with these opulent train journeys often lasting between four and seven nights.


Q7: Can I customize my Maharaja Express itinerary?

Ans: Maharaja Express routes are set in advance; there might be some variation. Due to the set timetable and scheduled events, major changes not be feasible.


Q8: What are the top attractions covered by the Maharaja Express?

Ans: The train visits many sites, such as palaces, forts, cultural icons, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Agra, Varanasi, Jaipur, Ranthambore, and others are popular destinations.


Q9: Is there a dress code for passengers on the Maharaja Express?

Ans: There is no set dress code, we encourage passengers to opt for classy attire, especially during formal dinners and cultural programs. For afternoon outings, we recommend comfortable clothing.


Q10: How do I book tickets for the Maharaja Express?

Ans: You can purchase tickets for the Maharaja Express from three places: the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website, authorized travel agencies, and the official website.


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