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National Rail Museum in India: A Delight for Delhites

Who doesn’t get fascinated with Indian Railways? With a route length of 67,368 km and over 8 billion passengers travelling in a year, IR is the fourth largest rail network in the world. Indian Railways has a long history before and after Independence. The first railway in India ran in 1853 between Bori Bundar (Mumbai) and Thane. Since then, the railway network in India has expanded manifold. But, what if you wanted to learn about the history of rail transport in India and see the various stages and milestones reached since the first train started in India. The national rail museum in New Delhi offers a unique and enchanting way to know about the majestic history of Indian Railways. So, if you are planning to go on a trip and are interested in the Indian train history, then railway museum Delhi is the best place that you can visit. You will get a fun and learning experience here. Check train schedules from your place to reach New Delhi to have a view of this magnificent museum.

Rail Museum Delhi: How It All Started?
Located in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, the national rail museum was inaugurated on 1 February 1977 by the then-Minister of public transportation, Kamalapati Tripathi. It is spread over an area of 10 acres and remains open all days except Mondays and national holidays.There is an interesting history fact related to the rail museum Chanakyapuri. It was originally meant to be a large museum to display the history of roadways, railways, and airways in India. But that didn’t happen and it became the National Rail Museum in 1995. You can see an exotic gallery of Indian Railways heritage along with antique locomotives, train rides, and simulations of coaches, diesel, electric, and steam engines. This makes the national rail museum New Delhi, one of the most visited railway museums in India.

Why You Should Visit the Rail Museum?
Let’s explore what this museum offers along with all the details like rail museum timing and ticket price.

India’s Rail Heritage
You can witness and experience the long history of Indian Railways and how it developed throughout these years. You get a remarkable collection of old photographs, railway artifacts, indian railway uniforms, telecommunication systems, documents, builder plates of companies, and train prototypes here. To make sure you have an educational and engaging visit, an information tablet is placed on all the old stuff.

Rarest Train Exhibits
The oldest working steam locomotive in the world, the Fairy Queen is displayed here. It is one of, if not the, most popular exhibit that attracts visitors from all over India and abroad. Some other rare old trains that you can see here are Morris Fire Engine, Kalka Shimla Railbus, Betty Tramways, and The Patiala State Monorail. Do you know the fact that Morris Fire Engine which is displayed at the museum entrance is one of its kind, running on rubber tyres? Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Royal Saloon Cars
Experience the royal classic trains used by the Maharajas and Princes. In this museum, you get to see Saloons of the Prince of Wales, the Maharaja of Indore, the Maharaja of Mysore, and the Maharaja of Baroda. These saloons have magnificent and elegant interiors designed using teak, gold, ivory, and other materials. You must have heard about the famous luxury train of Indian Railways, Palace on Wheels. If you have never seen that train in real life, then you can see some coaches of that train in this museum.

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Click! Click! Click!
If you are a photoholic, then this place will not disappoint you. You are allowed to take as many photos as you want. So put your DSLR to some work and get yourself clicked with vintage locomotives and royal cars. Do you know the fact that the national rail museum new delhi is one of the best pre wedding photoshoot places? Couples from all over India visit the museum for their pre wedding photoshoot. You also have the option to get a personalized copy of NRM magazine with your photo on the cover page. Pretty cool! Isn’t it?

Train Rides and Simulators
Experience enthralling train rides in different types of locomotives with 3D simulations. If you visit the museum on Sundays, then you can get to ride in the Patiala Monorail as well. Apart from that, ride on toy trains are very interesting and take you back to being a child. Riding on an old train coach with an enchanting outdoor gallery, can you ask for more?

Restaurant on Rail
There is a restaurant in this museum which serves tasty food to visitors. The interesting thing about this restaurant is that there is a unique serving train that chugs around and serves royal food to people. Inspired by the model train of the Maharaja of Gwalior banquet table, this restaurant is a popular attraction for visitors.

Special Events
National Rail Museum, Delhi organizes school visits and summer camps from time to time. Apart from that, special activities and competitions are organized on Museum’s Day and Children’s Day each year. Events such as exhibitions and panel discussions are arranged for people from all ages so that everyone can enjoy the visit.

Outdoor Gallery
Outdoor gallery is the area where a variety of steam, diesel, and electric locomotives are placed for visitors. Apart from that, you can experience a fascinating collection of wagons, carriages, armoured trains, and rail cars. That will take you to the past and also amaze you with its exclusive collection. These exhibits are carefully maintained and preserved for centuries to give you a glimpse of the rich past of Indian Railways.

Rail Museum Ticket Price and Timings: Know the Details
Ticket Prices: Prices for rail museum tickets vary for Weekdays and Weekends.
Weekdays: Rs.50/Adult, Rs.10/Child
Weekends & Holidays: ₹100/Adult, ₹20/Child

Looking for national rail museum timings? We have it covered. Always plan your trip to the railway museum in India after getting the exact rail museum timing and ticket price.
Timings: Tuesdays to Sundays – 10 AM to 5 PM
Location: Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110021

*Note: Museum remains closed on Mondays and national holidays.

National Rail Museum: Nearest Metro Station
The nearest metro station to National Rail Museum Delhi is Jor Bagh on the yellow line of Delhi Metro. You can take a cab or auto rickshaw to the museum from there. The museum is 2 km away from Jor Bagh Metro Station.

Now that you know the rail museum timings and ticket price, start your planning. The best time to explore this historic museum is between the months of October and March.

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