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National Rail Museum: Perfect Destination for Indian Railways Lovers

Do you love travelling, especially by train, or want to know about the history of Indian Railways and learn how trains function? Yes, check out the train schedule from your place, pack your bags and come to Delhi. 


The National Rail Museum is one of the perfect spots for you to visit. Here, you can witness the Incredible history of Indian Railways of over 160 years and see locomotives with steam or diesel engines. Moreover, you can also visit the art gallery and cafeteria present on the Museum’s premises. 


The National Museum opened on 1 February 1977 is spread over 11 acres of area. Its main aim is to preserve the railway history before and after independence. The Museum attracts approx. 5 Lakh people per year from all age groups. The National Rail Museum, also known as Delhi Rail Museum, is India’s first Transport Museum. It has the most extensive collection of trains, from miniature models to full-scale train sets. 



Major Attractions of the Rail Museum


The National Rail Museum proudly states the story of the world’s fourth-largest railway network. The story started long back in 1853 with a passenger train that ran between Bombay’s Bori Bandar to Thane. This Museum innovates itself with modern ideas to preserve all the history of Indian Railways under its dwelling. At Delhi Rail Museum, you can observe the fascinating evolution of Indian Railways in a more fun and engaging way.


Here is the list of the major attraction of the National Rail Museum:



First, Inland Made Locomotive


India made its first-ever locomotive F-734 in 1895. The Locomotive was built in the Ajmer Workshop of the North Western Railways. After the service of 63 years, the F-734 Locomotive was withdrawn from service in 1958. The National Museum restored this invaluable gift of Indian railways at its premises. You can watch this indigenous rail engine which is decades old.



Unique Patiala State Monorail


The Patiala Monorail Tramway (TPMT) – World’s only Steam monorail in working condition is a unique train. It was built to run on Roadways, only on a single steel rail track in Princely state Patiala. It consists of only three wheels and balances itself. The TPMT was the second monorail in India after Kundara Valley Railway in Kerala. You can enjoy the ride on this train as it is steamed up on weekends.



3D Virtual Train Ride and Miniature Trains 


Just forget your age and be a kid to enjoy this exciting train ride. Here, You can experience riding the actual train with locomotive simulators, including steam, diesel, and coach. You can also enjoy the rides on miniature or toy trains. These 3D virtual rides and miniature trains started in 2016 to attract more visitors to the Museum.



Fireless Engine


A fireless engine doesn’t need to burn coal or anything to generate steam. This kind of engine was used in places like petroleum refineries and chemical plants. Fireless locomotives have used a pressure vessel, which collects ready-made steam from a remote static steam or boiler plan. The engine exhibited at the Delhi Rail museum was used in Bihar’s Sindhari Fertilizers company. 



“The Rails” Restaurant


The Rails is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in the replica of Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. At this Rail’s Restaurant, there is an illustration of 42 independent railway systems made by the British East India Company and princely states of India. The restaurant is designed on the model train of Maharaja of Gwalior. The restaurant has a Miniature steam engine that moves around and serves food at tables.



Royal Saloon Cars


Wanna know how classic royal trains look? At this Rail Museum, you can see luxurious Saloon Cars of the Prince of Wales, the Maharaja of Baroda, and the Maharaja of Indore. These Saloon cars’ interiors are designed with teak, gold, ivory, etc. 


The Maharaja of Baroda is a unique Saloon Car of six wheels present in this Museum. This Royal train is one of the finest examples of Palace on Wheels. 



Largest Rail Garden


The most elegant point of the National Rail Museum is its Rail Garden. It represents the different train models in the 1:22.5 Scale. You can see working models of passenger trains, goods trains, waterfalls, ropeways, and steam trains moving around the heritage structures of Madras Central, Guna, Delhi Junction, and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.



Souvenirs Shop


How can a journey be completed without buying memory for yourself and your loved ones! The National Rail Museum has a souvenir shop where you buy multiple things like toy trains for kids or decorate your home. You can also buy books to know more about the culture and heritage of Indian Railways. Remember, you won’t get these books easily in the market. Don’t miss the chance to buy them.




Galleries of Rail Museum


The National Rail Museum is spread over a large area. It is divided into two galleries.



Modern Indoor Gallery


The Modern Indoor Gallery is a unique combination of the historical collection, miniature trains, interactive games, modern simulators, and communication. It tells the extraordinary stories of the Indian Railways. 


This Gallery is divided into 6 sections:


  • Gallery 1 displays the historical days of Indian Railways.
  • Gallery 2 depicts the development of different types of goods and passenger trains. In addition, it stores various kinds of cutlery crockery used in the old days.
  • Gallery 3 shows the working model of the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. It also has attractive unique wood furniture.
  • Gallery 4 speaks about the evolution in telecommunication, including various telephone and signalling devices.
  • Gallery 5 is tells about the architectural experiments of Indian Railways Engineers. 
  • Gallery 6 exalts the modern side of Indian Railways. It showcases the working model of the Calcutta Metro, Electric Train, Crane, etc. 



Stunning Outdoor Gallery


This Gallery is an open area in the National Rail Museum where over 80 steam engines are parked, ranging from Darjeeling Coach, Hasang, Matheran Cars to the Garratt Locomotive. Here, you can see the coaches of Royal Saloon Cars of Prince of Wales, the Maharaja of Baroda, and the Maharaja of Indore.


National Rail Museum Ticket Prices


The ticket Price of the National Rail Museum varies for weekdays or weekends.


  • On Weekdays, the ticket price of adults is 50 rupees per person and 10 rupees for children from 3 – 12 years. 
  • On Weekends or Govt. holidays, the entry fee of adults is 100 rupees per person and 20 rupees for children from 3-12 years. There is also a family group concession on weekends or holidays- 200 rupees for 2 adults and 2 children.




  • The National Rail Museum opens at 10 AM and closes at 5 PM.
  • Entry at the Museum closes at 4:30 PM.
  • Museum opening time is Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Monday and National Holidays.

Is Photography Allowed in the Rail Museum?


In the Rail Museum, you are allowed to click as many photos as you want. It is famous among couples for pre-wedding shoots. If you are a photoholic, don’t worry; capture yourself with old trains, saloons, and miniature rail. Although, you cannot sell, publish and reproduce the photograph for commercial purposes. You are also not permitted to film and record videos in galleries. 


How to reach the National Rail Museum?


In Delhi, you can easily take the Metro and autorickshaw to reach the National Rail Museum. 


Metro: Dhaula Kaun on the pink line and Jor Bagh on the Yellow line are the nearest metro station from the location of the National Rail Museum. You can take the Metro for these stations from the nearest Metro Station to your place. 


Autorickshaw/Taxi/Cab: National Rail Museum is located Near Bhutan Embassy, Shantipath, in the Chanakyapuri area of New Delhi. It is well connected to roadways. You can easily book a taxi, cab or rickshaw to reach here.


If you plan to come from outside of Delhi, you can reach Delhi via Rail, Plane, Car, or Bus according to your convenience and resources. However, if you are travelling by train, don’t forget to install RailMitra App on your mobile, which will accompany you throughout your journey. 


RailMitra is a tech-enabled app or website that helps passengers plan their train journey. It lets travellers check live train status, PNR status and order meals on wheel.  


RailMitra wishes you a pleasant and nostalgic trip to the National Rail Museum!


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