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Naughty toddlers make you laugh but their hunger don’t! Yes! That’s true. We might feel free and love to travel by enjoying best food in train journey and getting down at stations to click selfies, but a train journey with toddler(s) is a big responsibility. Parents needs to be vigilant and equip themselves with every needs of their baby like beddings, extra sets of clothes, baby cot, diapers and the most important is the baby food. When it comes to long journey, it becomes difficult to travel with toddlers as they can’t be vocal of their issues. However, if the journey is of short duration like 4-5 hours or overnight, one can find it a bit relaxing. Whatever the situation may be, traveling with toddlers can be risky, if there’s no proper arrangement. Like thousands of parents traveling with their babies daily, the number has increased to two-fold and will keep on increasing. This increasing pattern demands facilities in train especially for babies and one of the crucial facilities like the baby food is now made available in every trains by IRCTC and its catering partners.

Every year, traveling is a fun for families who book tickets in train with their children/toddlers with a hope to create memorable journeys. Food is a crucial element in such journey, but food sold by station vendors or in pantry cars is cooked under unhygienic conditions with a high risk of stomach disorders. As a parent you can as well take a risk with your food preferences, but risking your child’s health is a strict NO! But we at RailRestro understand your compulsion and care for your toddlers’ health. Do not let your toddler cry when you’re traveling in train. RailRestro with our specially curated menu is present at 600+ stations from where passengers can order food online in train. Our premium catering partners specially cares for your toddlers and provides customized baby food as per your requirement. Here is some option s for you to use for your toddler without any hesitation. Here’re several food options for toddlers to order in train during journey.

Food Options for Toddlers

  • Fruits:
    Fruits are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber which are really good in taste. Passengers travelling via train can easily order fruits for toddlers during journey. They can order fruits like banana, apple, and strawberries. Travellers can also order boiled fruits and vegetables and fruits and can feed them by mashing the vegetables and fruits for the proper nutrients.
  • Dal Khichdi:
    Dal Khichdi is full of nutrients that must be given to a toddler in their daily diet. Dal has sufficient amount of protein that helps to grow a toddler. Rice contains carbohydrates to strengthen the body. Dal Khichdi is easily available in RailRestro menu.
  • Soup:
    Soup is easily digestible nutritional food for babies and toddlers, especially when one is travelling with the kids and toddlers. Before boarding the train, it needs lot of food preparation to carry for the kids. But, with the advancement of ordering food in train, it has become quite easier to get food in train for toddlers to reduce the stress level of carrying extra baggage for baby food. Take out your phone and download RailRestro app to order soups for babies during train journey.
  • Milk:
    Milk has all the nutrients that a kid needs to grow. Milk is now easily available en route for the passenger during train journey. The basic diet a toddler need anytime is milk. It is easily delivered to the seats of the passenger. Milk is the best diet to build the immunity of a toddler.
  • Oats:
    Oats are available on online ordering food in train and it is the nutritious food for the toddlers, especially during journey. It keeps them healthy and maintains the digestion. Kids love to eat oats as it matches to their taste.

It needs to pay great attention when travelling with toddlers.No worries on food issues for toddlers in train.

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