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RDSO Has Successfully Tested the Country’s Most Powerful Engine

Now freight trains will also run with better acceleration power like superfast trains. The country’s most powerful locomotive, which hauled freight trains with one and a half times more wagons, catching more speed in short distances, has passed its trial test. RDSO has given a digital sign speed certificate for the first time after the trial of a nine thousand horsepower engine. Chittaranjan Workshop has also done a successful speed trial of the engine at a speed of 100 KMPH.The WAP-7, the most powerful G-class engine pulling goods train in India, had a carrying capacity of six thousand horsepower. Lucknow-based Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO) has increased the capacity of this engine with six thousand horsepower by one and a half times. RDSO chose an engine from the Chittaranjan Loco Workshop and switched its taxon converter, transformer, Traxon motor with the Simons Company. This increased its acceleration and carrying capacity to run goods at high speeds.
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RDSO Has Cleared the Trial of This Engine

The country’s first nine thousand horsepower engine has been ranked WAG9HS-90002. From 31 January to 26 February, the RDSO carried out the oscillation and performance trials on the Sanahwal-NayaMorinda railway line falling in the Northern Railway of Punjab. The RDSO suggested some changes to the Chittaranjan workshop. The workshop re-tested the engine after those changes. RDSO has cleared the trial of this engine.
More Than Three Load Wagons Can Be Run With the Same Engine

By connecting the two freight trains, the railway now also runs the long-haul freight train. These days the Annapurna freight train from Punjab is also a long haul. Now more than three load wagons can be run with the same engine. Increasing acceleration capacity will also take less time.
RDSO Has Tested the Country’s Most Powerful Engine

According to RDSO Principal Executive Director Administration, RK Mishra, RDSO had tested the country’s most powerful engine. It is the first time a digital signature has been cleared due to a lockdown. With the capacity increased by one and a half times, now the goods train will take less time than before due to high acceleration.
Railways will have Many Advantages
The railways will benefit greatly by getting nine thousand horsepower engines. Due to this, the long-haul freight trains are currently being operated by the Railways. It has to be fitted with two engines and two couches, but after the arrival of this engine, one axle will be saved and the entire freight train can be operated with one engine.

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