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Know Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Rail Passenger

Almost all of us usually use Indian railways to commute from one place to another, and we all will agree that it is an easily accessible and helpful commute mode. But do you know your rights and responsibilities as an Indian rail passenger that empowers you and simultaneously make you a responsible citizen? If not, no worries. Rail app, RailMitra has listed all your rights and responsibilities to become a  good train traveller.


Top Indian Railways Rights You Get During Travelling 


To ensure that travellers commute by trains safely and comfortably, Indian railways provides certain rights to each traveller. 



Rights to Get Free Bed Rolls in AC Coaches 


Indian railways provide free bed rolls, consisting of one blanket, one pillow, two bedsheets, and one face towel in all the AC classes of Indian trains, including First class, AC 2-tier, and AC 3-tier. However, to get bedrolls in GaribRath Express, you will need to provide Rs. 25. Moreover, in some trains, you can also get bedrolls in sleeper classes by submitting your requirements during the ticket booking process. If you don’t get bed rolls for the train journey, you can file a complaint against it and claim a refund of RS. 20. 



Medical Help on Train 


We all will agree on how important our health is. If you feel ill or something during travelling, you can ask for a medical assistant from a Front line employee, ticket collector, train superintendent etc. They are bound to help you with First AID and arrange medical assistance if needed. Indian Railways will also arrange medical treatment for you at the next train stoppage at a reasonable charge. Although if the situation worsens, you will need to get hospitalised, and you will need to stop your journey.  



Free Food on Train 


If you are travelling by premium trains, including Rajdhani, Duranto, and Shatabdi, and if there is a train delay of more than 2 hours from the designated station, you will be entitled to free meals on the train. Moreover, you can also order food on train from e catering services if your trains get delayed, or you crave a good meal. RailMitra also allows rail passengers to get first meal free on train, if they are doing train food order for the first time.  



Right to Put Your Luggage at the Station for One-Month 


Do you know at major Indian Railway Stations, cloakrooms and locker rooms are available? You can keep your luggage in these locker rooms and cloakrooms for a maximum of 1 month. However, you can only keep locked baggage at the stations after paying fixed charges. 



Free Use of Waiting Halls at the Station 


If at the station premises, you need to wait for your train, or after deboarding the station, you need to stay for some time. You stay at AC or Non AC waiting halls at the station freely. You can use the waiting halls by showing your ticket to the staff railway personnel appointed the supervision of the waiting halls. 



Can Book Retiring Room For Your Stay


Do you know? You don’t need to take an over-priced hotel just for your 2-4 hours stay in it. Indian railways already provide accommodation for rail passengers for 48 hours. You can book a retiring room from the IRCTC website at minimal prices and stay without worries. Single Bed, Dormitory, Maharaja suits are available for rail passengers at Indian Railways retiring room services. Retiring Rooms are available at 505 railway stations. 


Read: Indian Railways Retiring Room Booking Process



Right to Complain Against Any Mis-Management


At Indian railway stations, you can file complaints easily with several online and offline methods. You can find a notebook at Account Agency, Parcel office, Goods Godown, Town Booking Office, Reservation Office etc., in which you can write your concern and feedback about Indian Railways. Moreover, you can share your problem at the Public complaints centre for instant hearing. In addition, you can file your complaint through online portal at Moreover, you can also contact the railway helpline number at 9717630982 or telephone number 011-23386203. There is also one number, 139, for any rail Madad. You can use these railway facilities to register your complaints about unhygienic toilets, low food quality, theft, robbery, or any other unexpected experience. 


These rights to the rail passengers are for their well-being and comfortable travelling. That also comes with some responsibilities. 



Responsibility of Rail Passengers towards Indian Railways 


Every right comes with a specific responsibility. This responsibility makes you responsible and binds you with humanity. Here are some of your responsibilities to keep Indian railways running smoothly. 


Keep Station and Train Clean – Most of the time, we keep complaining about the cleanliness of stations and trains, but somewhere, it’s our responsibility to use a dustbin to throw garbage and throw it anywhere. On a running train, we can also clean my coach service of Indian Railways. 


Use Train Toilets Hygienically – It is essential that you don’t contribute to making the train toilet dirty. Use flush after use. Let it stay reusable for co-passengers. In the First AC class, AC 2-tier, and AC 3-tier, you will find toilets comparatively clean and hygienic to that of the sleeper class and general coaches. 


Respect the Property of Railways – For your journey, you receive several things like bed rolls, handwash at toilets, charging points, sitting furniture at station premises, and more. Return the bed rolls after finishing your journey, keep them safe, and most importantly, don’t let the railway property get harmed. 


Value the Railways Facility – Stay honest with Indian Railways. Buy tickets for your trip. Take station tickets for your visit to railway stations. Use the Indian railway helpline number for reasonable use. Don’t stay at railway stations for long without any reason and use each property of railways for proper use. Moreover, ensure that you don’t travel by train on the roof, step or footboard of any carriage or an engine or in any other part of a train, not for the use of passengers.


Keeping these things in mind and following them will contribute little to ensuring that Indian Railways run smoothly and efficiently.


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How Will You Ensure You Travel By Train As A Responsible Traveller? 


By following the responsibilities and using your rights correctly, you can be a responsible traveller providing yourself with an honest journey experience. Moreover, you can also ensure travelling by train without any hassle by ensuring you have confirmed ticket status. 


How Can I Get A Confirmed Train Ticket? 


Getting a confirmed train ticket in rush season gets complicated. So always try to plan your travel in advance. Indian Rail app RailMitra will assist you in planning your train travelling efficiently. Its AI tools help you check PNR status, train running status, trains between two stations and more. 


You can even order food through this rail enquiry platform to satiate your travel hunger on train. 

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