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Romantic International Tours: A Treat to Your Partner on Valentines Day

It’s February, the month of romance. Love is in the air. It’s the time to be together with your better half and cherish the importance of that special person in your life. Valentine’s Day holds great importance in every lover’s life. So celebrate this day in a way that has a long lasting impact on your relationship and you can remember it’s beautiful memories for days to come. What could be more romantic than a trip to a distant, gorgeous location that is sure to rekindle the romance and excitement in you. Start planning for Valentine’s Day vacation with your lover because we have an awesome list of most romantic destinations to go on Valentine’s Day 2020.

Vienna, Austria
First on our list of international tour destinations is the Austrian capital and “The city of music”, Vienna. Although Vienna attracts tourists from around the world at all times of the year, this city is not too crowded at this time of the year. So yes, you can have an extra bit of privacy and intimacy for lovey-dovey things.
Top things to do in Vienna
Fiaker Ride:
If you are on a foreign trip to Vienna, you can’t miss the opportunity to take a ride on horse-drawn carriage popularly known as a ‘fiaker’ to explore this beautiful city. Peek into the iconic sights of Imperial Palace, Burgtheater, and famous streets while being lulled by the sound of horse walk on cobbles.

Dinner at Giant Ferris Wheel
You can have a romantic wine and dine at the iconic Giant Ferris Wheel of Vienna on Valentine’s day. Sitting at the top, having a candlelit dinner with your lover, sipping champagne, and enjoying the glittering night life of Vienna, could you ask for more? If you feel like you can spend some more, opt for a romantic crystal dinner.

Vienna Kursalon
Make your journey to Vienna a lot more romantic and exciting by booking tickets to the fantastic Vienna Kursalon or locally known as Kursalon Hübner. It is one of the top romantic places in Vienna. A romantic music party can be a great aphrodisiac. Hold your lover’s hand and practice dance steps in one of the most luxurious and exclusive venues.

You can also try: Strolling hand-in-hand at Ringstrasse, Coffee date at Café Central
Where to stay: Hapimag Resort Wien, Vienna Urban Resort Hotel

Paris, France
Paris is nicknamed “The city of romance” and it is called so for a reason. Many travellers who have been to Paris call it the world’s best romantic place. There is no shortage of romantic places in Paris where you can do all the lovey-dovey things with your partner. The iconic Eiffel Tower stands as the symbol of love and romance for centuries. Filled with chocolates, flowers, and champagne, Paris attracts visitors from all around the world on Valentine’s day.
Top things to do in Paris
Romantic Dinner Cruise
Though it sounds cliché, it sure works as a charm for many couples. Sitting beside the Seine river, sipping champagne and having classic French 3-course dinner with your lover, nothing can beat that romantic feeling. To add to this, the shimmering lights of Paris night and melody songs played in the background just calls for a romantic night.

Lunch on Eiffel Tower
If you are in Paris, why wait for the night? Celebrate this Valentine’s day by going on a city tour and having lunch at Eiffel Tower. See what Paris has to offer and don’t miss the fabulous palace and gardens of Versailles. You can also have your lunch at one of the many Parisian restaurants overlooking the tower. That way, you can enjoy mouthwatering French cuisine with a scenic view of the tower.

Walk Through French Foods Market
Marais, the immediate neighborhood of Paris, is famous for numerous hotels, restaurants, and food markets. Explore the top food and wine shops in the historic quartier. Taste the famous French foods like baguettes, chocolates, wine, cheese, and charcuterie. This food tour will be a one-of-a-kind experience for all couples.

You can also try: Romantic walk through Pont Neuf, Balloon ride in Parc Andre-Citroen
Where to stay: JO & JOE Paris, Le Regent Montmartre

Bali, Indonesia
This Indonesean island has numerous romantic places to make this Valentine’s day a special one for lovers. It offers everything for a lovely and exciting vacation like exotic beaches, authentic foods, lively nightlife, clubs, and Balinese Hindu temples. Those who want a serene and peaceful Valentine celebration must go to Bali.
Top things to do in Bali
Night Safari
Embark on an unforgettable night experience in the wilderness with your beloved one. You will be safe in a cage holding hands of your partner and journeying through the African Savannah. Your trip is guaranteed to be full of exciting and breathtaking moments. Apart from that, you will get to see a fire dance performance, drumming & puppet show, and much more in the safari package.

Romantic Dinner on Cruise
Spend your night with your valentine on a lovely dinner at Sunset Dinner Cruise around Benoa Harbor. The whole air seems romantic and erotic at the cruise as you will be having the best nightlife in Bali. To add to the romance, there are live musical entertainers, delicious international food, and a live cabaret show.

Bubble Lodge
If you are looking for a unique and truly amazing Valentine experience, then look nowhere else. Bubble lodge is a kind of cozy, semi-transparent eco dome which makes it one of the most romantic places to stay in Bali. Watch the star studded sky while listening to the music of the ocean waves and laying on cushioned bed with your soulmate. You can’t imagine a better picture of a romantic night than this. If the wind feels a bit cool, then start the campfire and heat up the already heated moment.

You can also try: Snorkelling, Island walking, Jet skiing
Where to stay: The Bali Dream Villa & Resort, Hidden Valley

Venice, Italy
Venice has unmatched beauty and magic that attracts tourists from all over the world. If you are looking for a perfect place for a romantic getaway, then plan your journey for this Italian city. Venice is the perfect destination to go if you are still friends but want to convert that friendship to a relationship. There is no better way to confess love to your partner than standing on the Bridge of Sighs and kissing your love.
Top things to do in Venice
Gondola Ride
The first thing that comes to mind when asked about Venice is its iconic gondola ride. Enjoy the magical beauty of this city along its small and beautiful canals. If you want some privacy, then book a private gondola ride which costs a little more than a normal ride. But you will be getting more intimate and exclusive experience. If you take a ride at dusk, you can see the lively city life and the shimmering beauty of Venice in its prime.

Bridge of Sighs
This world-famous bridge has become a symbol of love and romance for all couples. It is a common saying that if you kiss your beloved on gondola while going past under this bridge at sunset as the bells of St. Mark’s toll, then your love will be eternal. You can also take a stroll on this lovely bridge by booking the Itinerari Segreti. Walking past this bridge and expressing love to your partner is one of the most romantic things that you can do on this Valentine’s Day.

Venice Dinner Show at Avanspettacolo Venezia
If you are a party lover, then it can be one of best romantic places in Venice, Italy. The first exclusive theater restaurant of Italy welcomes you to have a memorable night with your lover. The Dinner Show starts at 8:00 PM with a welcome cocktail in the Foyer and from 9:00 PM onwards start the Gala dinner and Show Magic performances. If you are up to a lively city celebration with music and tasty food, then this place is heaven for you. You will definitely have some quality time with your lover that you will cherish for days to come.

You can also try: Explore scenic architectures, visit street café
Where to stay: Hotel Mercurio Venice, Rialto Unique Venice Experience, Hilton Molino Stucky

Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo is a unique place for Valentine’s day as on this day, gents receive gifts from ladies and not the vice-versa. This day is all about chocolates in Tokyo, no flowers, no teddy, only yummy chocolates and pink hearts. Girls have 3 different types of chocolates that they can give to boys. 1) Giri choco, which can be given to coworkers, bosses, and not-so-close friends 2) Tomo choco, which can be given to newly made friends, studymates, or close friends 3) Honmei choco, which is given to the special one, crush, or lover.
Top things to do in Tokyo
Tokyo Tower Ride
Tokyo tower is termed as the one of the most romantic places in Tokyo, Japan. The outdoor staircase of this world famous tower remains open for two days on the 13th and 14th February. During these days, it is well lit in red and pink illumination to make the tower “Valentine’s Diamond Vielle”. It is a 600-step climb up to the top. Couples can enjoy the thrill of nighttime climb up and also experience the enchanting view of the city lights beneath.

The Ice Skating Rink
It is one of the top romantic date ideas in Tokyo. Going to an ice-skating rink at Tokyo skytree town with your partner can be both romantic and adventurous. You don’t need to be an experienced skater to have fun as there is a one-to-one lesson available at the rink. The environment becomes more illuminating and romantic after dark when the city gets flooded with beautiful lights.

Visit to a Romantic Shrine
If you want your love to be eternal, you can use some blessings from Shinto deities of Japan. There are three famous romantic shrines in Tokyo where you can visit on this Valentine’s day 1) Tokyo-Imado Shrine, 2) Hikawa Shrine, 3) Koi no Ki Shrine. You will find utmost peace and a sense of togetherness with your soulmate at these places. It is said that these shrines give charm, fortune, and inspiration for love.

You can also try: Dinner cruise, Japanese seafood, Coffee date
Where to stay: Hoshino Resorts, Tokyo Bay Maihama

Since ages we have defined love as an eternal bond and a strong feeling of warmth, protectiveness and affection we feel for our partner. True love means something which is strong and everlasting affection between the spouses or lovers. It’s the 14th February arriving soon and it’s the only day to feel the deepest interpersonal affection for each other. Valentine’s Day, is a day dedicated for the lovers to heartily express their compassion and love along with gifts, cakes and over-loaded emotions. Also planning a tour to the special places with hygienic food in train is a part of the celebration of this auspicious day. Be ready with your bag packs and travel to these international locations that will definitely create a spark of romance and excitement between you.Take your soulmate to one of these romantic places and experience a new spark in your relationship. Which place seems to be more fascinating for you?

Author: Rohit Choubey

Rohit is an avid blogger as well an eminent digital marketeer. He has immense passion towards food blogging. His hobbies include travelling, cooking and watching movies. He is the content analyst for RailMitra.

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Author: Rohit Choubey

Rohit is an avid blogger as well an eminent digital marketeer. He has immense passion towards food blogging. His hobbies include travelling, cooking and watching movies. He is the content analyst for RailMitra.