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Rules on how to ship your Motorcycle via Indian Railways

Motorbikes are the first choice for the travel enthusiasts who love to travel with bikes. Traveling on a motorbike makes you feel like a free and energetic bird in the entire space. If you are an ardent bike lover and got transferred to a different city, then you may also land in the state of bewilderment and the question about “procedure to transport motorcycle by train” starts haunting you every hour.  Indian Railways through its extensive services offered to the travelers have made such transportation of luggage very simple and easy. There are certain advantages when you transport your vehicle via Indian Railways. They are:

  • Cost-effective: It’s the only reason why Railways are called the “transport lifeline of the nation”. Since it’s a government undertaking, the prices are less than other modes. Shipping your vehicle via Indian railways is cost-effective and easy. A private transportation company may charge double or triple the rate of Railways.
  • Hassle-free procedure: It’s a common notion that Indian Railways have very complex rules to transport our vehicles or any other heavy goods from one location to other. In fact, the hassles are less than any other mode. After the adoption of digitization by Indian railways, information is easily available online.
  • Safety and security: Do not panic! Your vehicle is under the safe hands of Indian Railways. After all formality and long procedures it will reach to the desired destination you want. Indian Railways are responsible for the vehicle they are transferring and assure its safety to the traveler.

Rules to Transport your Bike via Indian Railways:
Railways have made two choices available for the travelers to transport their vehicle from one city to another. You can ship your vehicle as a “Parcel” or as a “Luggage”. RailMitra will make you aware of the rules starting from the packaging till the delivery of the motorbike.

  1. Packing Rules:  It may sound strange but there are certain rules to pack your vehicle before transportation.   This will ensure safety from any damages.  Bring your motorbike one day before to the station premises where vendors are present to pack the bike. Packing of motorbike is the sole responsibility of the bike owner. Either get it packed by the vendors or a professional packer. Use jute bags, foam and cardboards for better protection.
  2. Drain all the fuel: Before packing the motorbike, make sure that there is no petrol left in the tank. Bring your bike to the parcel office only after draining all the fuel. Your motorbike will be inspected by the officials and the presence of fuel in the tank, if detected; it may not qualify for transportation. There is a fine of Rs. 1000 and railway authorities may even file a case against you; which can result in imprisonment from 6 months to 2 years if there was petrol found in your motorcycle.
  3. Remove the rare view mirrors: Dismantle the mirrors of the bike and pack it separately. This will protect it from any cracks and damage.
  4. Provide details: Mention the originating station and the destination station on a piece of cardboard in large and easily readable letters.  Tie it around the neck or any part for proper vision.

Documents and Procedures for sending bike as Parcel:
Once the packing of the bike is over, there are several other formalities like documentation, biling, insurance etc.   There are requisite documents need to be submitted at Parcel office without which the procedure can’t be initiated. 

Documents needed:

  • Photocopy of your vehicle’s registration certificate
  • Insurance related documents and
  • Government approved Identity card PAN Card, Aadhar Card, and DL etc.

Transport Requisition Form: The officer provides a form which the bike owner has to fill out. The details of the form are:

  • Type of motorcycle (Brand)
  • Postal address
  • Originating and Destination Station
  • Registration number,
  • Weight of the motorcycle,
  • Value of the motorcycle (Most important)

Do not mention any value of the bike on the form as you will be charged for the insurance on the value of the bike. The higher you declare the value of bike, higher will the insurance amount payable.

Charges of Transporting:
The charges to transport will vary. It depends on the train, distance covered and weight of the motorbike.  The amount has to be paid at the time of booking and the officer will issue a way bill for reference. Retain the bill safely.  Your job is done! Hereafter, it’s the responsibility of the Railways to upload and transfer your bike to the destination station.

If someone else is taking the delivery of motor bike, it is necessary that you provide the concerned person with the way bill copy which will be shown to the officer while collecting motorbike. If it’s you who will collect the delivery then handover the way bill to the officer to get back the bike. The way bill once surrendered, will not be given back.

Documents and Procedures for Sending Bike as Luggage:
However, if you want to send the vehicle as a luggage in the same train in which you are about to travel, then certain rules are modified. Booking as a luggage begins 2-3 hours before the departure of the train. Check your train running status and PNR status on a regular basis. The documentation and insurance procedure will be the same. After the paperwork is over, the officers will issue a “luggage ticket” for your motorcycle. Make sure you stay at the luggage compartment till the bike is loaded . At the destination station, navigate to the luggage department and ensure that your motorcycle is taken off the train. Move to the luggage office and produce your original journey ticket and the luggage ticket of the motorcycle. Surrender the luggage ticket and get a gate pass to the luggage area.  Collect your bike.

Parcel Rates:
Parcel rates are determined by the officers. However, anyone can check parcel rates online at Indian Railways official site.

RailMitra suggests few tips for the smooth procedure of transportation of bikes:

  • While transporting bike as a luggage, make sure you reach at station at least few hours before because packing takes time.
  • Book the parcel for transportation for at least 1 or 2 days in advance. There are chances when the luggage compartment will be loaded with other goods and there might be no space for your bike. This can delay the transportation.
  • Collect your bike from the desired station as late in collection would lead to parking charges. This charge is Re. 1 for every 50 kg per hour.
  • File a complaint if your parcel or luggage did not arrive or is lost.
  • You cannot include Helmet or any other accessories while sending the motorcycle as parcel. Don’t leave the key and turn the ignition off.
  • Small damages or scratches are common. Be mentally prepared to face the same.

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