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Shakti Peetha Darshan You Can Do on Your West Bengal Visit

Shakti Peethas are the most sacred places in Hinduism. People, who believe in Shaktas sects or worship Adi Shakti, come for darshan of shrines. During Ashwin and Chaitra Navaratri, the Peethas see a great influx of pilgrims. People across India visit Shakti Peethas, located in various parts of the country and take the blessings of the Devi Durga, Goddess of Power. 


West Bengal is famous for the best Durga Puja celebration in our country. The entire state dives deep into the spirituality and festive fervour. People deeply believe that one must witness the Navaratri festivities in Kolkata once in a lifetime. You can also make your plans to visit West Bengal this Durga Puja. 


Indian Railways is the best mode of transport to visit West Bengal. Get an enthralling and joyful train experience during Puja to the state. Devour the sweetest taste of ‘Rosogulla’ and visit Shakti Peethas of West Bengal to get your blessings from Maa Durga.  



Shakti Peethas and Beliefs


According to Hindu Mythology, Shakti Peethas are the body parts and ornaments of Devi Sati. Sati was the Lord Shankara’s wife and Daksha Prajapati’s daughter. Once Prajapati organised Maha Yagya but intentionally didn’t invite Shiva & Sati to it. The incident disturbed Devi Sati, so she went to her father, Prajapati, to complain about it.


But Prajapati has disrespected Lord Shiva. It was out of Sati’s tolerance. She jumped into Yagna-Agni Kund and gave her life. When Shiva learns about the demise of Goddess Sati, his third eye gets opened with anger. He took out Sati’s body from the Yagya Kund, lifted it on his shoulder, and started doing the deadly dance of destruction, Tandava.


To save Earth from the anger of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu had to apply his Sudharshan Chakra. The Sudharshan Chakra divided the body of Devi Sati and helped calm down the angry Shiva. These divided parts of Devi Sati’s body and her ornaments were scattered into the different parts of the Earth. They came to be knowns as Shakti Peethas. And each Shakti Peethas are believed to have the presence of Bhairav- the manifestation of Lord Shiva.


Shakti Peethas in India


According to Shiv Purana and Kalika Purana, there are 4 major Shakti Peethas called Adi Shakti Peethas. These are:

  • Vimala(Puri, Odisha)
  • Tara Tarini(Ganjam, Odisha)
  • Kamakhya(Guwahati, Assam)
  • Dakshina Kalika(Kolkata, West Bengal)


Nevertheless, legends say there are 108 Shakti Peethas; some believe 64 Sati Peethas. Moreover, there is also a concept of 18 Maha Shakti Peethas. Yet, the general belief is for 51 or 52 Shakti Peethas.


Most of the Sati Peethas are in India, but 8 shrines are in neighbouring countries. In Bangladesh, there are three shrines- Sugandha Devi Shakti Peetha, Jashoreshwari Devi Shakti Peetha, and Maa Bhabani Shakti Peetha. Whereas, in Nepal, there are two Shakti Peethas- Guhyeshwari Shakti Peetha and Gandaki Devi Shakti Peetha. In Pakistan, the presence of Devi Shakti is in the form of – Kottari Devi Shakti Peetha, in Tibet – Dakshayani Devi Shakti Peetha, and in Sri Lanka- Indrakshi Shakti Peetha.


Interestingly, in West Bengal, there are most numbers of Shakti Peethas. Maybe because of it only, Durga Puja is celebrated with great enthusiasm in West Bengal.


Here, We Have Curated the List of 13 Major Shakti Peethas of West Bengal



1. Attahas Phullara Shakti Peetha


The Phullara Sati Peeth is on the bank of River Ishani. Here, devotees worship the Goddess of revival & power in the form of a gigantic boulder of 15*18 feet. The serine emblems the upper lip of Devi Sati. Here, Bhairava accompanies the Sati in the form of Vishvesh. During Navaratri, the temple sees huge footfalls. Additionally, the temple community organises the Annual Phullara Mela during Magh Purnima. Even though the temple door is open all year for devotees, August to March are the best months to visit.


Location- Labpur, Birbhum

Nearest Railway Station- Labpur, LBP (30 km)



2. Bahula Shakti Peetha


Bahula Shakti Peetha, located on the bank of River Invincible, is one of the most awake temple. Reverent says no one goes empty-hand from this temple. Mata Adi Shakti and Bhairava “Bhiruk” grant everyone’s wishes. Here is Devi Sati’s left arm. Moreover, at the temple, festivals namely- Maha Shivaratri and Durga Puja  are celebrated with great zeal. So, you can visit the temple on these occasions for wholesome trip. 


Location- Ketugram, Katwa, Birbhum

Nearest Railway Station-Katwa, KWAE (8 km) 



3. Mahishamardini Shakti Peetha


Situated near the River Papihara, the Shakti Peetha symbolises the presence of Devi Sati’s eyebrows. Here, the Shiva’s manifestation Vakranatha accompanies the deity. Moreover, the idol of Devi Durga at this temple depicts how man’s greed, ego, and selfishness can destroy his whole entity. 


Location- Bakreshwar, Birbhum

Nearest Railway Station- Siuri, SURI (8 km)



4. Kalighat Shakti Peetha


The Adi Shakti Peetha, vested on the bank of River Ganga, is one of the most visited Shakti Peetha in India. Here, Shawambhu accompanies Shakti in the form of Nakulish/Nakuleshwar. According to mythological beliefs, Sati’s head has fallen at the temple site. At Dakshin Kalighat temple, the pious organises Durga Puja and special Pujas with great fervour.


Location- Kolkata, West Bengal

Nearest Railway Station- Howrah, HWH (14 km)



5. Kankalitala Devi Shakti Peetha


The Peetha is on the bank of River Kopai. Devotees believe that at the Shakti Peetha, the bone or skeleton of Devi Sati had dropped. The temple has also named as Devgarbha or Kankaleshwari Peetha. The serine lies in the pond, believed, formed because the waist bone of Sati has fallen here with great force. Opposite the Peetha, there is a temple for the people to worship. During Durga Puja, you can see jollity at the temple premises. Here, Lord Shankara companies Adi Shakti in the form of Ruru.


Location- Bolpur, Kankalitala

Nearest Railway Station-Bolpur Shantiniketan, BHP (8 km)



6. Kiriteshwari Devi Shakti Peetha


Kiriteswari Devi Shakti Peetha is on the banks of River Bhagirathi. The Peetha has several names, such as Udapeetha and Muketswari. The Devi idol is here of red colour addressed with names such as Vimala or Kiritkana. During Durga Puja, the veil of the idol gets changed. In the manifestation of Sangvarta, here, Shiv Sambhu stays with Sati.


Location- Nabagram, Murisadabad

Nearest Railway Station- Dahapara Dham, DHPD (4 km)



7. Ratnavali Shakti Peetha


Ratnavali Shakti Peetha or well known as Anandamayee Temple, is on the bank of River Ratnakar. According to people’s belief, the temple has the presence of Devi Sati’s right shoulder. Here, people call the Goddess ‘Kumari’ (a 16-year-old child-girl, pre-adolescence form of Devi Parvati). At Ratnavali Shakti Peeth, Lord Shankara accompanies Devi Parvati in the form of Ghanteshwar. Moreover, during the Navaratri, nine pre-adolescent girls participate in the ritual, where they are worshipped, fed, and given gifts. Pious considers these nine girls as the Nine Avatars of Devi Durga. This ritual happens in many homes on Navami. 


Location- Khanakul-Krishnanagar, Hooghly

Nearest Railway Station- Mayapur, MAYP (18 km)



8. Bhramari Devi Shakti Peetha


Bhramari Devi Shakti Peetha is vested on the bank of River Teesta, which signifies the presence of Sati’s left leg and Bhairava Ishwar. Pious believes that at the Trisrota Peetha, the Chakra of the Goddess holds antibiotic qualities that protect humans from disease. Additionally, the devotees also consider that the deity saves them from bee attacks at the site. Navaratri and Kumbham are celebrated here with great euphoria.


Location- Trisrota, Jalpaiguri

Nearest Railway Station- New Jalpaiguri Junction, NJP (20 km)



9. Nandikeshwari Shakti Peetha


Vested on the River Mayurakshi, Nandikeshwari Devi temple has no idol. Here is only a red colour stone on a platform which symbolises happy matrimony. Devotees beleive that necklace of Mata Sati was felt at the site. Beside these faiths, Nandi; the bull of Lord Shankra, is worshipped. Moreover, the devotees tie wish-fulfilling-thread on a holy tree at the temple compound. During Ashwin and Chaitra month, the pious celebrate Navaratri with love and faith.


Location- Sainthia, Birbhum

Nearest Railway Station- Sainthia Junction, SNT (1.5 km)



10. Mangal Chandika Shakti Peetha


Mangal Chandika Shakti Peetha is vested on the Ajay river, also called Ujani Shakti Peeth. Here, Devi Durga is addressed as Chandi means skilled or clever, and lord Shiva is present in the form of Kapilambar. According to mythological beliefs, at Mangala Chandika temple, the right wrist of Sati had dropped.


Location- Guskara, Burdwan

Nearest Railway Station-Guskara, GKH (16 km)



11. Bargabhima Devi Shakti Peetha


Located on the bank of River Rupanaryana, Bargabhima Shakti Peetha is an 1150 years old temple. Also known with the names like Vibhasha Shakti Peetha and Bhimakali Temple. Adorer believes here is the presence of the left anklet of the spiritual power Devi Sati. Additionally, they address the idol at temple premises with a name like Bargabhima, Bhimarupa or Bhimakali. Moreover, here, Shiva accompanies Sati in the form of Sarvananda. Besides,  Barunir Fair during Makar Sankranti, Bhima Fair on Magha Shuddha Ekadashi, Ratha Jatra in the Bengali month of Ashar, Navaratri and Charak fair is organised in the temple with great fervour, and considered the best time to visit.


Location- Tamluk, East Midnapore

Nearest Railway Station-Tamluk, TMZ (1 km)



12. Jogadya Shakti Peetha


At Jogadya Shakti Peetha, Devotees address the Devi Sati with name of Jogadya. According to religious belief, here, Deity Sati’s right toe had fallen during the Prajapati Yagya.  Lord shiva in the form of Ksheer Khandak accompanies Devi Jogadya at the premises and bless the pious of Adi Shakti. During Navaratri, people across regions come to the temple for the darshan of Devi.  


Location- Kshirgram, Purba Bardhaman

Nearest Railway Station- Kaichar, KCY (4 km)



13. Nalhati Shakti Peetha


Nalateshwari Shakti Peetha impendence the presence of the throat of Devi Sati. Here, pious honours the Shakti as Kalika and Bhairav as Yogesh. Moreover, at the temple compound, during Durga Puja, Bhaktas perfomes special Puja.  


Location- Nalhati, Birbhum

Nearest Railway Station-Nalhati Junction, NHT (1 km)


You can witness numerous ceremonies at different Shakti Peethas of Bengal, especially on Durga Puja. So, what are waiting for? The Navaratri is around the corner, plan ahead your visit to these Sati Peethas and take the blessings of Maa Gauri.


What is the Significance of Shakti Peeth?


Hindus consider Sati Peethas as one of the most sacred places. These Peethas represent the great power of female energy in the world. In addition, the different Peethas emblems the integrity of the Indian subcontinent. Mangla Gauri in Gaya, Vaishno Devi in Katra, Mahakali Devi in Ujjain, Kamakhya in Assam, and many other Shakti Peethas connect all areas of Bharat in one thread. 


How to Plan a Train Trip to the Shakti Peetha?


With Indian Railways, you can take a convenient train trip to the different Shakti Peethas of West Bengal and India. RailMitra- All-in-one app will help you in this. With its feature, you can check trains between stations nearest to Shakti Peetha and your place. Moreover, on its AI-app, you can view seat availability, check fairs, pre-book your Sattvic meal and plan for hassle-free religious trips.


Navaratri, Winter or the time from September to February, usually suits the visit of Shakti Peethas of West Bengal.


RailMitra wishes you a ‘Blissful Journey’!

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