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Track your Rail Parcels Online! Service to be Stared soon at Patna Junction

Adopting technical trends and upgrading the railway services has become one of the prime objectives of Indian Railways. Every year, a new service is introduced for the passengers making their journey safe and secured. Whether it’s a smooth transition from ICF coaches to LHB coaches or the redevelopment of infrastructure in every zone; Indian Railways has proven itself as one of the most crucial elements in economic development. In the New Year, Railways has planned to implement another update which relates to online tracking of parcel at Patna junction. It’s a gift to the business giants and even for common public who send their parcels from one location to other. Parcel Management System (PMS) is being implemented like the National Train Inquiry System. Just like we check our train schedule or train timings, one can track the status of their parcels online. This service will be started soon at Patna Junction. Those who send parcels across the country from Patna junction will now be able to get instant information about their parcel.

To improve the parcel facility at Patna Junction, a barcode scan copy will be placed on the packet of parcel. In this system, consumers who send parcels from different places through the Railways will now be able to easily track the current status of their parcel and know the reasons of their delay, if any. As soon as the parcel arrives at the destination one can get information about the details of their goods and one can immediately reach the parcel office and collect their goods. A senior officer of the Danapur Railway Division said that a proposal has been sent to the Railways in this regard.

No need to visit the railway office for information of the parcel sent
At present, it takes longer time to reach the parcel booked and sent through trains. Due to this, the rail consumers were unable to know the current position of their parcel and by when it will arrive. Even officials responsible for providing information were not able to provide the right information. Department officials and employees also remained completely indifferent to this. As a result, the biggest problem was faced by the businessmen group. They have to get their goods booked by rail from other states through parcel only. For this reason, they are forced to visit the parcel office continuously to get updates. After the restoration of the new facility, the consumers who book the parcel can get the information of the parcel on the (Parcel Management system) PMS like they get information about the trains running status. They will remain stress-free from this problem. For this, parcel offices will be made hi-tech.

Main Features of Parcel Management system

  • Direct capture of Parcel Weight electronically
  • Universal windows for all destinations of booking
  • Tracking parcel with the help of barcode technology
  • Parcel website: www.parcel.indianrail.gov.in
  • Advance unloading guidance about inward parcel from the system at destination.

How PMS works In Indian Railways?

  • With the help of the electronic weighing machine; weight of parcel is directly captured and sent to the system in this module. After complete information of consignment is filled, a unique forwarding note number is generated.
  • Forwarding note number generated in the above module is fed into the booking module. The detail of the booked consignment by the party appears on the screen and freight is calculated automatically. A 10 –digit no. called PRR (progressive reference record) No. is generated.
  • Bar-code label are generated for all the packages booked against each PRR.
  • Barcode labels are posted on outward parcels for marking.
  • Barcode Label contains information parcel in coded form.

Advantages of Barcode

  • Proven technology
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective item-wise tracking is possible.
  • Unlike RFID not susceptible to electronic interference.

So now it’s time to send parcel without any load of worries. Generate forwarding note at booking menu option of parcel booking website as mentioned above. take the printout and submit it at parcel booking counter along with packages to avoid queues . Once booked, you can track your consignment. You will get updated status of your consignment via SMS.

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