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Train Running Status: Changing the experience of Train Journey

Gone are those days when people used to keep their eyes stuck on the passing ways to read station names directions or signals to know their current train status. Curiosity used to be on its peak in the morning time when people woke up after an overnight journey sleep and ask each other as to how far they have traveled or which station they will arrive next. This cross-conversation would either result in a dilly-dallying mood with unexpected answers because even the co-passengers were in dilemma as to which station is the next.

With the arrival of new software technologies and internet revolution, the train traveling has also been improved so far. Immense changes are introduced by IRCTC regarding train journey. With the introduction of digital age, one can make their reservation, check PNR status, and their train running status, online at any time during the train journey. IRCTC has revamped itself and its services by launching their official website and mobile application through which the passengers planning a train journey and can book everything online from a single portal.

It’s the technical age and passengers don’t need to depend on their co-passengers or peep outside the window to know where the train is exactly located or read any boards. With internet and apps in your fist, you can simply enjoy the Indian terrains and its diversified beauty outside the window. This is what we all love to do. To check your current train status you can simply follow some of the steps online and see which part of the incredible India you are moving on.

A question arises! Why do we need to check the current running status of the train? Does it help? We know the timetable and the route through which train will run! There’s a simple answer to it. In the fast paced life, when everyone is running short of time, we need to manage our journey right from the planning stage to its execution. Checking Train running status will help you to know whether your train is running on time, how far you have traveled, or to know how far you have to travel to reach your targeted destination. It has become necessary to keep yourself updated about the journey.

Proper time management for the purpose of travel is the most important factor for arising train current status query. We all travel to some destination for some reason. It can be a vacation, a small trip or a wedding trip. The information about arrival of train at the destination matters a lot. To make some changes in travel itinerary or to book a cab from the hotel/home to commute to station or other planning could be the vital reasons that one needs to check the current status. On the other end, to call a friend or someone at the station for pick up, or to plan a short trip on the same day of arrival you may need to check the current train status. Remember, the one who arrives to pick you should know the platform ticket rules or else he/she might land in a problem.

When it comes to a travel by solo female traveler, they have to be alert on which station they are or which is the next station to arrive? Solo travelers have to handle calls from their parents or husband like “Is your train on time?” “When will your train reach the destination? “Is the train late?” etc. RailMitra mobile application or website to keep you well informed about your train journey. So check your current train travelling status and stay connected with your parents.

Defining Train Running Status
In layman terms, we all know what train running status means. It means to know the name of the place where train is running at a particular time. In Indian Railways, all the trains are assigned a fixed path and railway tracks to cover different stations and serving those cities. The train running status shows how far you have traveled from your previous station (counted by minutes or hour) and which will be the next stoppage/ station for your train.

RailMitra does it all for you. You just need to enter you date of journey and train number to track your train status instantly. Along with this information you can also measure the approximate timing to reach your destination. Use RailMitra application or website for your entire train journey query.

How RailMitra evolved as a true train travel mate
RailMitra has evolved as the one-stop solution for the train travelers. You can check all the information about your railway journey like PNR status, train time table, train running status and use it order delicious food in train. RailMitra had made it easy. With its AI-enabled technology, RailMitra provides all the updated and correct information 24 x 7 to the passengers. Any information that passengers need to access during the time of train journey, is provided by RailMitra. Through this it paves it’s way as a new e-train travel guide. RailMitra is evolving rapidly each day by adopting all the new technologies and updates. .

Then question arises how to check the train running status on RailMitra
Things you should have to know your current train status.

  • Date of your journey
  • Train number or Train name
  • You can check your current train status by entering these two main elements in your mobile app / website of RailMitra. To know your current train running status you can enter your train number. As you enter your train number the portal will suggest you the exact train to select. Enter the date of journey, and then click on red button just beside. See the results on your screen. Now you can see your train schedule and current status of the train. You will see the location you are traveling right now. Along with current location, you can also see the arrival and delay schedule status. There will be a list displayed on your screen showing the expected arrival of upcoming stations falling en route to your destination.

    So, you can check your train running status quickly and stay updated in the train and strategize according to the time you have. It’s an initiative of RailMitra to reduce and remove all the hassle and complex processes for railway related queries. Stay calm and enjoy your journey. Distract your eyes from the railway conditions and look at the diversified landscapes and natural sceneries of India. RailMitra is there to answer all your queries and make your train journey a fun-filled and tasteful all the way.

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