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Vande Bharat Trains To Be Upgraded With New Features by 2022

Indian Railway is moving towards upgrading Vande Bharat trains. These trains will be upgraded with modern amenities, advanced security features, and surveillance systems. The up-gradation of Vande Bharat trains has been proposed under the Make in India program of the Government of India.


Vande Bharat is a semi-high-speed train designed and manufactured by the Integral Coach Factory of Indian Railways. According to Indian Railway’s sources, the first batch of prototype rake will tentatively be dispatched by March 2022. However, these coaches will tentatively be put for commercial use by June 2022.


Vande Bharat Train Upgrade


Railway Board has mandated Vande Bharat train upgrade with 75% domestic component. These high-speed trains created a buzz when they were first revealed in Feb 2019. Here is a brief description of the upgrade:



4 Emergency Windows for Evacuation of Passengers


The upgraded Vande Bharat coach will include four emergency windows. This will help in the evacuation of the passengers in case of emergencies. These windows will be wider in size and easily open when needed so. Also, there will be emergency window marking made prominently inside and outside the coach.



Powerful Disaster Lights in All Vande Bharat Coaches 


Vande Bharat upgraded train will be provided with 4 powerful disaster lights in all coaches. In case of light failure in an emergency situation, disaster lights will provide illumination in the coach. During emergencies like accidents and derailments, the power supply fails, causing darkness in the coaches. However, the disaster lights get power from rechargeable emergency batteries. These are powerful LED lights that can provide enough illumination for a longer period and help in passengers’ evacuation.



Emergency Push Button Increased to Four per Coach 


The new Vande Bharat train will be equipped with four emergency push buttons in each coach. Forget the age-old chain pulling system to stop the train. You can now use an emergency push button to send a panic message to the driver. The buzzer and light will indicate that the push button has been pressed. This will also help Railways in preventing unauthorized chain pulling.



Centralized Coach Monitoring System for Vande Bharat Trains


The upgraded Vande Bharat trains will be equipped with the Centralized Coach Monitoring System for climate control, electrical & electronics, and the functioning of vital systems of the train. This centralized system on the train will also be used for automatic data transmission, display units, and communication between railway staff onboard.



Fire Survival Cables in Vande Bharat Door Circuits


The use of Fire Survival Cables indoor circuits will help in making the new Vande Bharat trains more safe and secure. These cables are used where circuits are required to work in the event of an outbreak of fire. The fire survival cables will remain intact in fire emergencies, maintain the circuit integrity, and continue to work for a longer time.



Better Flood Protection Underframe Equipment


The new coaches will be built with Better Flood Protection Underframe Equipment. This equipment will help ensure better reliability during heavy rains in the monsoon season. Also, the underframe is the main load-bearing component of a coach. Therefore, it is important to enhance its durability to ensure the smooth running of the train and its safety.



Robust and Bacteria-Free Air Conditioning System


The upgraded Vande Bharat coach will come with a bacteria-free air conditioning system. The new coaches will have air with an anti-bacteria filter which will be more reliable and help in keeping the inside of the coach free from unwanted bacteria and viruses. In addition, the roof-mounted AC package unit will allow ventilation for three hours in case of power failure keeping you fresh and healthy throughout the journey.


Currently, the Indian Railway is witnessing massive redevelopment and modernization. Vande Bharat. The up-gradation is seen as a great Indian Railways makeover that will compete with budget airlines via shifting rail networks towards higher speed and modernizing passengers’ travel experience.


How Many Vande Bharat Trains Are Presently Operated by Indian Railways?


At present, two Vande Bharat Trains are currently in service. Indian Railways operates the first Vande Bharat Express (Train Number – 22435) between Varanasi and New Delhi and the second (Train Number – 22440) between Katra and New Delhi.


Why is Vande Bharat Train Upgradation Important?


The up-gradation of the Vande Bharat train is important for India because it is the ninth country in the world to manufacture train sets that can run up to 180 km per hour. According to a recent announcement made by Prime Minister Modi during his Independence Day speech approx 75 new Vande Bharat trains will connect various parts of the country.


Vande Bharat train is marked by the aerodynamic exterior design, airline-style seating arrangement, and GPS-based passenger information system. Though this train is comparatively cheaper than their global counterparts, Indian Railway has plans to export it globally.



Vande Bharat Train Upgrade and Future of Rail Travel in India


According to the National Rail Plan 2024, maximum annual growth in passengers came from the AC category. The AC3 grew at the rate of 10.33%, AC Chair Car at 9%, and Executive Chair Car at 12% between 2010-11 and 2017-18.


Indian Railway has plans to upgrade Golden Quadrilateral and Golden Diagonal routes to 160 kmph as it is important to run trains at an average speed of 100kmph. Therefore, the introduction of Vande Bharat trains is seen as a step in that direction.


Indian Railway has already floated a tender for manufacturing the new Vande Bharat train. Alstom, BHEL, and Siemens are among the major players willing to produce upgraded Vande Bharat trains.


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Author: Sanjay Kumar

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