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Bharat Gaurav Trains: Explore Nation’s Cultural Heritage with Indian Railways

Bharat Gaurav trains, a theme-based tourist circuit, are a new launch in Indian Railways. As part of the Bharat Gaurav initiative, the train will play a significant role in exploring the Nations’s Cultural Heritage. More than 100 Bharat Gaurav trains are expected to run on different routes in the coming days.


According to Railway officials, IRCTC’s new initiative is expected to boost employment and economic growth through cultural tourism. A total of 3000 coaches are being allocated for the special tourist trains operated by both IRCTC and private firms. Bharat Gaurav train is labeled the third segment of Indian railways, followed by freight and passenger trains.


Here are all the details about the Bharat Gaurav train’s routes, fares, facilities, and features.



Bharat Gaurav Scheme


In India, tourism is an important sector of the economy that is experiencing rapid growth. Bharat Gaurav Scheme was introduced by Indian Railways on 23rd November 2021 to promote cultural tourism in India. In this scheme, private operators or state-run operators can lease themes-based tourist circuit trains from Indian Railways. Under the scheme, operators can also select routes, services, halts, and train fares. As part of this scheme, private operators will be liable to provide hotel accommodation, sightseeing tours, guides, etc., to the passengers.



Indian Railway to run more than 180 Bharat Gaurav Trains


According to IRCTC, more than 180 Bharat Gaurav trains will be operated by Indian Railways to boost tourism. It will also attract tourists from all across the world to explore the national heritage of India. Bharat Gaurav trains will not be a regular trains; they will run on a fixed timetable. Taking into account the convenience of passengers and meeting the demand, Indian Railway has taken 3033 ICF coaches to operate these trains. Looking into the response in the future, IRCTC may decide to add Vande Bharat, Vista Dome, and LHB coaches to Bharat Gaurav Trains in order to provide more facilities on it.




Guru Kripa Train: A Theme-Based Train to Run Across the Places Associated with Guru Nanak 


According to Railway sources, plans are being implemented to run the Gurdwara train circuit connecting prominent places associated with Gurunanak. These trains will be operated as Gurukripa trains which will be a theme-based train that will cover places associated with the life of Guru Nanak Ji. This train will be a milestone to support Sikh pilgrims, who want to pay homage to religious sites including the Golden Temple, Patna Sahib Gurdwara, Bangla Sahib Sirhind, Hemkund Sahib, Nand Sahib, Takht Sri Hazur Sahib, etc. These thematic tourism circuits will be launched on the project under Swagat Darshan, Prasad Darshan, and Bharat Gaurav Yojana to glorify the religious and cultural heritage of Incredible India.




Private Operators Will Determine the Bharat Gaurav Trains Route and Fare


So far, Indian Railways used to set the fare on most trains, but if we look at the ‘Bharat Gaurav’ train, the tour operators will determine its route and fare. Since private operators will determine the route, facilities, and run the train, fixing the fare for the ticket has been handed over to the operators or individual companies. However, the Railways will monitor to ensure that the passengers do not encounter pricing problems. The trains will be running between different states to highlight cultural tourism. The State Governments, Odisha, Rajasthan, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, have expressed willingness to rent out these trains.


Bharat Gaurav Trains Will Be Taken On Lease 


The cultural heritage of India can now be explored by a private train for the first time in the history of Indian Railways. The private operators or companies will have the opportunity to hire train and travel on AC 1 tiers, AC 2 tiers, AC 3 tiers, and chair cars. There will be round-trip packages, where the operator will arrange hotel lodging, tour guides, sightseeing, and other facilities for passengers. According to the Railway officials, the application process for lease has already begun. Private investors can lease Bharat Gaurav trains for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of the codal life of the coach.



Indian Railways is constantly upgrading its services through innovations and redevelopment programs to provide world-class amenities and luxuries.


Listed below are the 5-star facilities that would be available in Bharat Gaurav trains:


  • 14-20 ICF coaches shall be used for the operation of Bharat Gaurav trains.
  • Two SLRs (Guard Vans) and SLDv (Divyanjan) vans will be included in the trains for the passenger’s comfort.
  • Operators are fully authorized to furnish the train’s interior as per their choice, making suites or saloons or any other specific tourist essentials.
  • The Private operator may select the tourist circuit according to their choice.
  • Advertisements can be done both inside and outside of the train. These will include commercial, social-economical, or classified ads for the businesses.
  • Private investors will offer tour packages, including hotel accommodation, rail travel, historical/heritage site-seeing, and arrangement for tour guides, etc.
  • Different classes will be available on the Bharat Gaurav Train, comprising deluxe and budget Coach Classes. Passengers can book any of the services for a memorable experience.
  • There will be an onboard entertainment facility so that the passenger does not get bored for a long time.



Role of Indian Railways and Private firms to Run Gaurav Bharat Train


Indian Railways is actively planning a huge rollout to promote tour and tourism in India. Presently, Private operators and Indian Railways are collaborating to operate the Bharat Gaurav train. Special attention will be given by Indian Railways to the security, maintenance, and parking of these trains. In contrast, private operators will be responsible for providing catering and other facilities on the train. Additionally, India Railway ensures that its infrastructure is ready to handle the train safely and efficiently. To avoid being sidelined for regular trains, it will prioritize Rajdhanis and premium trains.


Schemes Run by Indian Railways to Stimulate Tourism of India:


  • Bodh Sammelan
  • Swadesh Darshan Scheme
  • Prasad Scheme
  • Dekho Apna Desh Initiative


IRCTC is currently operating theme-based tourist trains such as Ramayana Express on these routes, which take devotees to religious places associated with Lord Ram.


Various places in India reflect its subculture, customs, delicacies, and tradition. Whether it is the Taj Mahal of Agra, the Pink City of Jaipur, the city of lakes Bhopal, Goa, or God’s own country, Kerala, each location is important. Therefore, to carve out those locations and delve into Nations Cultural Heritage, you should take a ride to Bharat Gaurav Trains when it starts its operation.


Will Private Sectors Operate Bharat Gaurav Trains?


Yes, Bharat Gharav Trains will be operated by Private investors, tour operators, etc. Indian Railways can lease theme-based tourist circuits to private investors under Gaurav Bharat Scheme. The main purpose of this train is to promote tourism in India. The Private Companies will decide the train route, fare, and facilities. Around 180 trains shall be allotted under Bharat Gaurav Scheme on lease. The partners running these trains can make necessary changes in the train, including interior, services, etc., upon the nod from the Indian Railways.


How to Lease Bharat Gaurav Trains from IRCTC? 


Bharat Gaurav train can be leased through online registration with IRCTC. The registration fee for leasing this train is Rs 1 lakh. The applicants will have to apply for 14 to 20 LHB coaches from the railway administration for two years lease. Additionally, the leasing cost of the Bharat Gaurav train will cost more than Rs 3 crore for 20 days. To operate a Bharat Gaurav Train, investors will have to deposit security money of Rs 1 crore after the allotment of rake for two years.


How Much Will be Ticket Fare of Bharat Gaurav Trains?


As the route and facilities of the Bharat Gaurav Train will be determined by the private operators, the ticket fare of these Trains will depend on the investors. However, Indian Railways will monitor the pricing of the ticket to avoid any inconvenience to the passengers.


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