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Diwali Vacation: Take a Train Trip to Exciting Destinations

India, the land of festivals and diversification, is worth exploring anytime you get a holiday. During the festive season, the country gets different and becomes much more thrilling to experience. Diwali is one of those holidays on which people usually like staying at home with family, lighting lamps, enjoying fireworks, and worshipping Lakshmi & Ganesh. But, some places are worth visiting on Diwali vacation with your family. These locations get decked up so beautifully with magical lights that experiencing its splendid glory turns into a memory for a lifetime. 


Moreover, different places of the country observe different Diwali rituals. There is a custom to celebrating 5-days Diwali, including Dhanteras, Naraka Chaturdasi (Choti Diwali), Lakshmi Puja (Diwali), Govardhan Puja and Bhai Dooj. Although, all regions don’t celebrate all 5-days Diwali. Some places fill with great zeal on Naraka Chaturdasi and some priorities puja of Lakshami Ganesh. However, what stays the same is the festive charm and positive vibes all around to make you feel that India is together and celebrate its beliefs and diversification. 


Here, We Have Curated the List of Top Places to Visit on Diwali Vacation



Ayodhya; Birthplace of Lord Rama 


Deepavali is the annual celebration of the homecoming of Lord Rama with Devi Sita and Lakshaman after spending 14 years of Vanvas. On occasion, the netizens decorate the city with lots of enthusiasm. Here the celebration gets different from all across India. Since it is the place, where Raja Rama (the incarnation of Lord Vishnu) took berth, grew up, lived for years and made humans learn a lot about peace and humanity. 


Ayodhya holds lots of spiritual beliefs for Hindus. On the festival of Diwali, in Ayodhya, you can light up Diyas with the devotees to welcome Lord Rama and his family. Visit the site of the birthplace of Rama, and witness the real joy and happiness. The city celebrates Diwali for 4 days. Here, You can participate in various activities like Rangoli making, handcrafting things to decorate places, lighting lamps etc. to enjoy the most amazing and exciting Diwali with your family. 



Amritsar; The Heavenly Feel at Golden Temple


If you want to sense the presence of heaven on land, witnessing the Golden temple on Diwali is all you need. The entire premises of the complex temple structure get decor with numerous lighting oil lamps on Diwali and looks equally beautiful like our imagined paradise. However, the Golden temple is known to the Sikhs and Guru Hargobind Singh. Diwali is celebrated here with the same affection and zeal. 


In Golden Temple, Amritsar, Diwali has been celebrated as ‘Bandi Chhor Diwas’ in a very grand and different way since 1619. When the 6th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Hargobind Singh, with 52 princes, returned from prison who had been illegally imprisoned for his beliefs. Pilgrims on Diwali can light up oil lamps, light candles in Gurudwara, do the Darshan of Sikh Shrines, and observe the magnificent fireworks. 



Puri; The Exclusive Deepotsav


In Odisha, Diwali is not limited to the Puja of Lakshmi-Ganesh and lighting lamps. On the festival of Diwali, Puri experiences unique festivities like worshipping Kali Puja and performing a traditional ritual known as ‘Bada Badua Daka’. The streets of Puri and the state get decorated, Pandals are built, and Devi Kali is worshipped during Diwali. Locals calls the Kali Puja with different names such as Dipanwita Kali Puja, Shyama Puja or Mahanisha Puja. Here, the Puja is celebrated with great fervour and gaiety. 


Although the Kali Puja is also celebrated in West Bengal, Assam and Mithalanchal, witnessing the Puja in Puri is much more joyful. Additionally, to celebrate Diwali, in the homes of Odisha, an exclusive ritual is performed of Burning of Jute sticks to call the ancestors. You can witness the ritual at the world-famous Jaganath temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. 



Kovalam; A Perfect Diwali Vacation Destination


If you are someone who dreams of celebrating Deepavali at some place where you can breathe freely, out of city chaos, and look at beautiful sceneries. Kovalam is that city for you. Kovalam is a beach city in the most southern state, Kerala. Here, people light lamps with tourists, place them on sea shores and witness the beauty of the lucent sky and ocean that seems never-ending. 


Kovalam is one of the best tourist destinations that has become the most enthralling destination to spend Diwali vacation. 



Varanasi; The City of Light 


Whether it is a festival or non-festival day, the city of Lord Shiva celebrates itself every day. Here, each day is fair; each day it welcomes devotees, each day it does adornment, each day it states the reality of the ultimate destination of human’s need, desire and ego. You will feel the essence of peace in yourself even if the entire Banaras is filled with loads of uproar. 


Legends say Varanasi is not a place. It is an emotion, and to understand the emotion; you need a number of days. During Diwali vacation, you can plan your visit to Kashi, the city of lights. Varanasi looks more pleasing during Hindu festivals. The Ganga Ghat looks more beautiful with lots of lighting lamps, the temples get decorated, and the entire city becomes more appealing and interesting. If you can extend your Deepavali Vacation, make it till Kartik Purnima to celebrate Dev Diwali, which marks the victory of Lord Shiva over the demon Tripurasura.



Mysore; Witness Breathtaking Night View 


Mysuru is one of the most famous travel destinations that turns amazingly beautiful on the festival of lights. The entire city is adorned with earthen lighting lamps, beautifully illustrated colourful rangolis, and street shops of sweets and souvenirs. The old city attracts several travellers during Diwali. 


Mysuru with the decked Mysuru Palace looks most beautiful at the festival, and the Brindavan gardens win people’s hearts. Moreover, Somnathpur temple and Meenakshi temple doesn’t let the visitors take their eyes off for a single moment. The whole city looks so splendorous that Mysore always makes its name in the list of places to visit on Diwali. 



Udaipur; The Royal Diwali 


The shahi city Udaipur is the most scenic during Diwali. Lightened diyas on the rooftops and doorsteps of buildings transform the city so stunningly that it is worth witnessing. The diyas illumination reflects all over a lake in Udaipur known as Pichola, which you must-see on Diwali. Moreover, you can also visit the Mahalaxmi Temple to take the blessings of the Goddess of Wealth.


Although, the royal celebration doesn’t end here. If you are a person who likes art and culture. Udaipur has more to offer to you. Here, you can attend shows featuring performances from various singers, DJs across genres, art installations, explore Rajasthani Diwali special food culture, and participate in fun activities and paper lanterns during Diwali. 



Panji; Observe a Distinctive Diwali 


Goa is always the first choice as a tourism destination for many travellers. It is the best destination for parties and Christmas celebrations. But, the place is not limited to it. Goa offers people to experience a distinctive Diwali. Although, the tale behind celebrating Diwali is the homecoming of Lord Rama. In Goa, citizens celebrate Diwali for the destruction of Demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna. 


Every year, citizens compete in the city and village of Goa to make the evil’s biggest and scariest effigies, which are later burnt down on Narakasura Chaturdashi, a day before the main day of Diwali. Following the day, the state lights up with lamps, and people participate in activities like Gambling. Casinos get house-full during the time of Diwali in the Capital Panji. So, If you are also making up your mind to visit Goa, plan ahead!



Kolkata; More than the Durga Pujo 


Kolkata is famous for Durga Puja celebrations but do you know the celebration here during Deepavali is quite exciting? Yes! You heard it right. During Deewali, Kolkata worships the giant incarnation of Maa Durga, Devi Kali. The entire city fills with joy and takes blessings of serenity and good luck from the deity. Pandals are installed at each corner, and shops of Bengali sweets and things get opened. People are filled with the same enthusiasm as they feel during the Durga Puja celebration. 


Moreover, the city of sweets looks more beautiful with lighting lamps and Diyas. A breathtaking view of Howrah bridge and blessings from Dakshineshawar Kali is all you need to make your Diwali- Happy Diwali. 



Pushkar; The Haveli Diwali 


Pushkar, the oldest city in Rajasthan, is the best site to witness the spectacular beauty of Sunrise and Sunset. During Diwali, the city organises an annual camel fair, Haveli Diwali. Almost 50,000 camels participate in the fair, dressed up in colourful clothes. Witnessing this will be a mesmerising experience for you for a lifetime. 


Being in Pushkar during the Deepawali festival, you can visit the only temple of Lord Brahma in the country, Pushkar Lake, be part of a camel fair, witness a camel race, and enjoy a Diwali that you might never be able to experience at some other place. 


Apart from these listed city names, you can visit Jaipur, Madurai, Darjeeling, Mumbai, Delhi, Bundi, and Ahmedabad during your Diwali holidays. These cities will treat you to the best Diwali celebration. The train can be the most convenient and economical transport mode to plan your family trip on Diwali. Indian Railway lines connect these cities very well. 


How can I Plan a Family Train Trip During Diwali? 


First, you need to check trains between your nearest railway station and your favourite Diwali vacation  Destination. You can also view the list of festival special trains for 2022. Check the train schedule and choose the train which is convenient to board for your family. Moreover, You can opt for various types of superfast, fast, and Rajdhani express trains and book your ticket for the coach according to your budget preference. 


In addition, pre-book your train meal for the trip. If you are going for Diwali in different states, you can treat yourself to the state’s regional feast. It will be fun if you are on a long train trip to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with your family in different states. From booking your food to doing any rail inquiry, RailMitra will help you. 


RailMitra is an AI-enabled rail app that provides various features to check PNR status, train schedule, live train running status, and order food in trains easily. Install the app to plan your train trip and enjoy your voyage. 


RailMitra wishes you a fabulous family trip this Diwali!

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