Eco-Circuit: Natural Scenery and Wildlife Places in India

Eco-Circuit of India is an effort of the Ministry of Tourism under the Swadesh Darshan Scheme to compile all the ecological places in one thread to promote travelling to offbeat places. The Indian eco-tourism circuit covers 6 states: Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, and Mizoram. 


As India is a country with a diversified ecosystem, it is a perfect destination for any nature lover. 

The Himalayas in the North is a happy place to look at the origin of different rivers. The Thar Desert in the West is a great place to see sand domes. North-East to explore hill stations, and Southern India is well known for lush greenery and coastal areas. The entire country represents all forms of nature in an incredible way.   


If you are also a green panther, you must be on the quest to know more about the eco-tourist circuit. Congrats! You have landed at the right place. Let’s dive deep to learn more about Eco tourism, its elegance, and how to explore them with Indian Railways. 


Eco-Tourism and Indian Railways 


Indian Railways is the preferable mode to commute to any place in India. With it, you can travel from the Southern city Kanyakumari to the Northeast’s vibrant city Dibrugarh in just 74 hours, or take a tour of the Northwestern state to the west and complete the journey at a maximum of 30 hours. Moreover, exploring eco-friendly places with trains is the top choice of any travel enthusiast because of its vast network. Here are the details of all the natural tourist places in India state-wise and railway stations nearby them to help you plan a tour effortlessly. 



Kerala Eco-Circuit 


The Southernmost graceful state Kerala is the paradise of India. It is known for beautiful dams, charming hill stations, stunning valleys, exuberant green lawns, and breathtaking natural scenery. Kerala’s eco-circuit covers various destinations, including Peerumedu, Vagamon, Pine Valley Forest, Thekkady Kumily, Idukki, Gavi Eco-Tourism Centre, Kakkidam, Kochupamba IB, Moozhiyar IB, Moozhiyar dam, Aranamudi, Angamoozhy, Echopara, Kadamanitta, and Kochandy zone. In addition, the state is developing an eco-circuit in two districts, Idukki and Pathanamthitta. 


By reaching Kottayam railway station, KTYM, you can explore Peerumedu, Vagamon, Pine Valley Forest, Thekkady Kumily, Idukki, and Gavi Eco-Tourism Centre conveniently. After cherishing the glory of these places, you can take a train from Kottayam to Tiruvalla railway station, TRVL to visit Kakki Dam, Kochupamba dam, Moohiyar, Moozhiyar dam, Aranamudi, Angamoozhy, Echopara, Kadamanitta, and Kochandy zone.



Uttarakhand Eco-Tour 


Lifeline of Indian Tourism, Uttarakhand is an exclusive state with beautiful valleys, spiritual sites, great Ganges, innumerable hill stations, and its stunning beauty. In Uttarakhand, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Gangotri, Chopta, and many awe-inspiring places depict the remarkable beauty of nature. The state with salubrious air is a must-visit for anyone. Here you can enjoy tracking, biking, bungee jumping, rafting, and other adventurous things. Eco-tourist spots in this state include Godi Sirain, New Tehri, Chamba, and Tehri Lake. 


To retrace the natural beauty of Uttarakhand, you need to book your train ticket to Rishikesh railway station, take a road ride to the destination and disappear into the spectacular sceneries of nature. 



Jharkhand Eco-Journey


Jharkhand is prosperous in its forest and nature reserves. It is well-known for minerals like Uranium, Mica, Bauxite, Granite, coal, and diamond. The eco-tourism of India has identified various destinations in Jharkhand, comprising Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, Makulakocha, Chandil Dam, Getalsud, Betla National Park, Mirchaiya, Netarhat, and Koel River. 


TataNagar Junction Railway Station is the major and nearest railway station to explore the Dalma wildlife sanctuary and Chandil dam. Barwadih Junction is the closest station to visiting Betla National Park, Mirchaiya, Netarhat, and Koel river view point. You can check the trains between these stations to plan a trip to Jharkhand for ‘a new experience 



Mizoram Eco-Route 


Whether it is Evergreen hills or bamboo jungle, Mizoram is famous for its picturesque nature. Probably, there will be no other land that will compete with its peaceful beauty vibes. Therefore, the state is worth exploring and mesmerising its thrilling beauty in the eyes. The eco-route of this state passes through several destinations, including Rawpuichhip, Turial Airfield, Khawhpawp, Hmuifang, Berawtlang, Sakawrhmuituai Tlang, Muthee, Durtlang Chaltlang, and Aizawl City. You can explore these sites by taking a comfortable train ride to Bairabi railway station. Meanwhile, don’t forget to delight your mood with some fresh food on train. 


Other natural places to explore in Mizoram are Vantawng Waterfalls, Lunglei, Mamit, Kolasib, Tamdil Lake, Phawngpui, Reiek, and Murlen National Park, etc. 



Telangana Eco-Trek 


Wonderland of Mother Nature, Telangana; ‘It’s all in it‘ is a complete tour package for an eco dabbler. Lustre greenery, twitter of birds, grumble of animals, and silent waving of trees make this state lovable. A tour to Telangana is all about experiencing the extraordinary beauty of nature, history, balanced urbanisation, and adoring the gateway of River Krishna and Godavari. In the state, the Ministry of Tourism is developing the Telangana Eco-trek in the Mahbubnagar district that covers Singotam Reservoir, Akka Mahadevi Caves, Kadali Vanam, Srisailam, Farahabad, Mallelatheertham, Uma Maheshwaram Temple, IEC, and Somasila Reservoir. 


You can explore these destinations conveniently by taking a train to Mahbubnagar railway station and, from there, start your journey to the respective destination. 



Madhya Pradesh Eco-Tourism 


Heart of India is a stunning place to visit not only because of its uncountable monuments, entangled carved temples, Buddhist stupas, and forts but also for its geographical prerequisite areas. Under the eco-tour, you can cover Gandhisagar Dam (Shamgarh railway station), Omkareshwar Dam (Omkareshwar Road railway station), Bansagar Dam (Beohari railway station), Mandleshwar Dam (Barwaha railway station), Tawa dam (Itarsi railway station), BhedaGhat & Bargi Dam (Jabalpur railway station), Ken River Panna (Khajuraho railway station), and Indira Sagar Dam (Khandwa Railway Station) by train accommodatingly. 


Madhya Pradesh is well connected with the railway network. Therefore, you can visit these eco-tourist places by taking a train ride to their nearest railway stations. Besides, In Madhya Pradesh, you can visit the world-famous Khajuraho temple, Pachmarhi, Gwalior, Kanha National Park, Orchha, etc., to explore famous places in India’s Heart. 


Visiting these eco places must be an enthralling experience for you. However, eco-tourism is not about enjoying the journey. But it’s about understanding the importance of nature and putting constant efforts into maintaining eco-equilibrium. Of course, a citizen has the right to visit these sites and get lost in their beauty. But, simultaneously, it is needed to acknowledge the responsibility to preserve them for future generations and balance the life cycle because it is the fact that there is ‘EK Hi Dharti’ #OnlyOneEarth. 


What Is the Difference Between Tourism and Eco-Tourism?


Tourism refers to the activity of visiting different places on holidays to enjoy some precious times with family and friends. However, eco-tourism is a type of tourism in which we visit particular areas that unfolds the gratefulness for nature and the ecosystem. It is a type of travelling that makes us learn about our answerability towards nature’s well-being, local people, and inclusive and sustainable development. 


What Are the Benefits of Eco-Tourism?


Eco-Tourism is essential for the people to come out from the chaos of concrete jungle and experience the natural beauty, increase the livelihood of rural and regional people, witness sustainable development, and protect and preserve jungle and wildlife. When the natural habitat becomes a tourist place, it will bring long-term benefits. People will focus on conserving it instead of destroying the forest, lakes, and rivers for short-term benefit. Promoting Eco tourism is also associated with making people more acknowledgeable of Mother Nature. 


Why Is the Development of Eco Circuit Necessary?


Eco-Circuit is organised tourism towards the offbeat area connected to mother earth. Promoting ecological tourism in India is necessary to encourage the Dekho Apna Desh scheme. The circuit will provide a road map to the critical places an eco-lover must visit. The circuit will also bring those places in the limelight which is hidden and not in the eyes of explorers.


How to Explore Eco Circuit Places?


Indian Railways are the most convenient and affordable mode of transport. It is the best way to explore eco-circuit places and enjoy the tour to the heart of nature. With railway inquiry apps, you can plan the train journey efficiently to these ecological places by checking comfortable & suitable trains for your journey, time, and seat availability.  


RailMitra is the best rail app that will help you check trains between two stations, the PNR status of your booked tickets, live train running status, train timetable, and order food on the train while visiting the most delightful ecological destinations. 


Stay up with us to keep yourself updated with eco-circuit information and important rail news and enjoy interesting travel stories. 

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