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Indian Railways Issued New Guidelines Regarding For Shramik Special Train

The lockdown has been extended till May 17 due to the rising cases of coronavirus in the country. Keeping in view the public demand, the central government has decided to runShramikspecial trains for people strandedin different parts of the country. Following the government announcement, five labour trains were run on Friday (1 May 2020) and 10 on Saturday (2 May 2020).Adetailed guideline has also been released regarding this. According to the Indian Railways, these trains are only for labourers, devotees, tourists, students and others who are stuck during the lockdown away from their homes. Many types of news were coming about these trains. Along with this, many kinds of rumours are also spreading about it on the social media,which was causing a lot of confusion among people. Keeping in mind the concerns of the people, the Ministry of Railways has issued some guidelines on the Shramik special trains on Sunday.

Booking Service for Shramik Special
Railway officials said that to travel by Shramik Special train, you have to contact your state officials. After the application, the concerned officer will have the data ready.The list prepared by the officials will be assigned to the Railways. Based on which, the train will be allowed to travel. If someone who is not in the list reaches the stationwithout any application, then he will not be allowed to travel. So the migrants have to reach the railway station only after obtaining information from the police administration.
Ticket questions
The Ministry of Railways says that train tickets will be printed according to the destination and number of passengers served by the state as directed to operate Shramik Special trains.
Questions about destination
Railway officials said, the trains will not stop anywhere in their way. Each Shramik special train will have only one destination. In general, Shramik Special trains will run for a distance of more than 500 kilometers. These trains will not stop at any station before the destination. In a non-stop train, passengers will sit following the rules of social distance and no one will sit on the middle seat. Each such train can carry around 1,200 passengers.
Guideline about Food In Shramik Special train
According to the guidelines, the state government will provide food packets and water to the passengers from the station where the train will run. If the journey is for more than 12 hours, then one-time meal will be given by the railways. Also, the state governments will encourage travellers to download the Aarogya Setu App.
Guidelines for each passenger traveling?

  • It will be mandatory for all passengers to wear face masks.
  • One time meal in trains traveling more than 12 hours will be provided by the Railways.
  • At the origin station, the administration will ensure that the passengers travel on the train only after getting approval and tickets to travel by the state government. Passengers will be allowed to board the train after screening.
  • Passengers will be allowed to board the train after screening.
  • After reaching the destination, the State Government officials will receive the passengers and do their screening, provide separate accommodation if necessary and make all arrangements related to the onward journey.
  • Social distancing will be followed in railway stations and trains.
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