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Railway Station Redevelopment: RLDA to Redevelop 49 Additional Stations

Railway Station Redevelopment project is expected to be a primary milestone within the cost-efficient boom of India. To ensure the passenger’s a better service and happiness Rail Land Development Authority proclaims redevelopment of 49 railway stations across India in 2021.


According to RLDA, this plan will offer top-class facilities to the passengers and even boost tourism and livelihood. However, it is already reworking on 60 extra railway stations under the smart city mission of the government to offer world-class facilities to its passengers.


Read on to get a brief description of the RLDP works and projects.


Railway Station Redevelopment Project


RLDA is a statutory body that guarantees railway redevelopment and improvement under the ministry of the railway. Currently, it is operating on four types of projects which are


  • Railway station redevelopment
  • Colony development
  • Trading initiatives
  • Multiuse complex


Indian Railway possesses more than forty hectares of vacant land. RLDA overtakes this vacant land for the economic advantages of the state. The main purpose of RLDA is to undertake the development of railway’s establishments such as buildings and commercial initiatives.



The redevelopment of the Indian railway will be based on PPP Project


The PPP model refers to the Public-Private Partnership. Here, the public and private companies collaborate to perform their functions. Currently, the Indian Railway is running under the PPP model. This project is considered one of the standard models in terms of the redevelopment of stations and industrial buildings. Working on PPP Model entirely work on time, and it’s also cost-effective.


List of 49 Indian Railway Stations to be Redeveloped


  1. Sitamarhi
  2. Barauni
  3. Chhapra
  4. Darbhanga
  5. Dhanbad
  6. Tata Nagar
  7. Jasihdih
  8. Chennai Central
  9. Tirunelveli
  10. Begumpet, Telangana
  11. Gudur, Andhrapradesh
  12. Kachiguda, AP
  13. Rajmandri, Andhrapradesh
  14. Bandel, WB
  15. New Kooch, WB
  16. Bikaner
  17. Jodhpur
  18. Palampur, HP
  19. Silchar
  20. Kurukshetra
  21. Vasco-Da-Gama, Goa
  22. Haridwar
  23. Mysore, Bangalore
  24. Bhopal
  25. Bina
  26. Jhansi
  27. Ujjain
  28. Beas
  29. Jalandhar
  30. Bhatinda
  31. New Pathankot
  32. Sai Nagar Shirdi, Maharashtra
  33. Nanded
  34. Amravati
  35. Akola
  36. Meerut City
  37. Muradabad
  38. Deen Dayal Upadhyay
  39. Gorakhpur
  40. Aligarh
  41. Gonda
  42. Mathura
  43. Agra
  44. Bareilly
  45. Jamnagar, Gujrat
  46. Bhavnagar
  47. Gandhidham
  48. Junagarh
  49. Rajkot


These Railway Stations are proposed to be redeveloped and equipped with best-in-class amenities.


RLDA has also undertaken Bihar railway stations for redevelopment purposes. The most iconic railway stations to be redeveloped in Bihar are as follows:


  1. Sitamarhi Junction, (SMI)
  2. Barauni Junction (BJU)
  3. Chapra Junction, (CPR)
  4. Darbhanga Junction (DBG)



Redevelopment of Gandhinagar and Habibganj Railway Stations


Recently Indian railways made a large soar in the station redevelopment plan as Gandhinagar and Habibganj railway stations are set out to offer amazing facilities to the tourists. These top-class stations in India are structured with world-elegance services like an airport. The redevelopment of these railway stations is based on the PPP model, which ensures high-quality services for the comfort of the passengers.


Gandhinagar and Habibganj Railway Stations are fully ready with a skillfull railway staff who are constantly there to deliver you 24/7 services. Apart from those, stations are also designed to be disabled-friendly with a ramp, wheelchair, escalator, and low height ticketing windows to help them avoid problems while journeying to and from the platforms. In addition, the stations are built with toddler feeding rooms, massive parking lots, artwork galleries, fully centralized visitor and living room halls, and many others.



Coimbatore, the Green Railway Station of India Receives Platinum Rating Certification


Coimbatore Railway Station gets Platinum Rating Certification from the IGBC for its cleanliness and greenery under the Swachh Bharat Mission. With this green concept in the Indian railway, Coimbatore turns to be the sixth railway station in the Southern Railway Zone to get the Platinum rating certification. The Platinum rankings are given via IGBC on environmental sustainability.


Check out the list of top 5 Green Railway Stations with Platinum Ratings

  1. Secunderabad Station, (SC)
  2. New Delhi Station (NDLS)
  3. Jaipur Station, (JP)
  4. Visakhapatnam Station (VSKP)
  5. Asansol Station (ASN)


What Is the Platinum Rating in the Indian Railways?


Under the Swachh Bharat Mission, the Indian Railways emphasizes cleanliness on the stations and in trains. Regarding this, IGBC is focusing on the need for environmental sustainability in the Indian Railway station. The platinum ratings are provided to railway stations based on the facilities and amenities available one these stations. The IGBC considers the following criteria to award the Platinum rating to stations:


  • Health
  • Hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Water and Energy performance
  • Green Concept


In the coming years, more stations redeveloped on the PPP model are likely to receive this certification.


Which is the First Green Railway Station of India?


Gujarat’s Kevadia Railway Station is the First Green Station of India.


With the emergence of the era, Indian railways have long gone digitalized, but this is not a sufficient definition for sustainable development. Nowadays going green is a big subject for the railway branch. With the belief in the green idea, Indian Railways at the moment are on the verge of being greater green. Gujarat’s Kevadia Railway Station becomes India’s first Green Railway Station with magnificent services in terms of environmental sustainability.


What are the Services offered by the Green Railway Stations of India?


Kevadiya Railway Station (KDCY) offers world-class amenities and marvellous features compared to the other railway stations in India. Some of the services offered by Green Railway Station of India are listed below:


  • LED lights at stations to save massive consumption of electricity with efficient lighting.
  • Centralised Air Condition at VVIP and Guest Lounge
  • Station premises with recreational areas including children play area, meals courtroom, and selfie areas.
  • Facilities like a big parking zone, horticulture plant life, art gallery, site visitors way are also available
  • The stations will be equipped with a rainwater harvesting system, sewage remedy and drip irrigation gadget for environmental sustainability.


List of Trains Connecting to the First Green Station of India


  1. Train Number 09105/06 Kevadiya – Rewa Express (Weekly) from Kevadiya to Rewa


  1. Train Number 09119/20 Chennai – Kevadiya Express (Weekly) from Chennai to Kevadiya


  1. Train Number 09107/08 MEMU educate (Daily) from Pratapnagar to Kevadiya


  1. Train Number 09110/09 MEMU teach (Daily) from Kevadiya to Pratapnagar


  1. Train Number 09249/50 Janshatabdi Express (Daily) from Ahmedabad to Kevadiya


  1. Train Number 09113/14 MEMU train (Daily) from Pratapnagar to Kevadiya


  1. Train Number 09103/04 Mahamana Express (Weekly) from Kevadiya to Varanasi


  1. Train Number 02927/28 Dadar-Kevadiya Express (Daily) from Dadar to Kevadiya


  1. Train Number 09247/forty-eight Janshatabdi Express (Daily) from Ahmedabad to Kevadiya


  1. Train Number 09145/46 Nizamuddin – KevadiyaSamparkKranti Express (Bi-Weekly) from Kevadiya to H. Nizamuddin



These trains connect to the First Green Railway Station of India. If you wish to visit here, catch the one according to your preference and convenience.


Railway Station Redevelopment Plan is an effort to offer great services and amenities to the passengers in the station. Currently, Nagpur, Kanpur, Gwalior, Surat and more railway stations are also under redevelopment phase by the Ministry of Railway.


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