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Take a Train Ride to Visit India’s Beautiful Lakes

Won’t you love to sit beside a beautiful lake, surrounded by lush greenery, or snow-capped mountains, gaze at the deep blue water, and let all of the beauty soak your soul with serenity and peace? Imagining about it must be making you feel like taking a trip to India’s beautiful lakes, exploring its illustrious glory to mesmerise by its elegance.


India has numerous lakes in hilly areas, plains, plateaus, and rift zones like Fresh Water Lakes, Salt Water lakes, Natural Lakes, Artificial Lakes, Oxbow Lake, and Crater Lake. All of them are beautiful and hold significance. However, We have listed some of the most graceful lakes you can conveniently visit by India’s most preferable mode of transport; Bhartiya Rail.


Picturesque and Elegant Lakes of India



Chilika Lake, Odisha


Chilika is a famous partially saline water lake in India. It has been crowned Asia’s largest brackish water lake and the world’s most beautiful wetlands. The lake is spread over Puri, Khurda, and Ganjama, the residence of over 160 species. The lagoon is incredible for bird watching and sightseeing. Here, you can also see some vulnerable and endangered birds listed on the IUCN Red List of threatened animals. During November and February, it sees a rush of tourists. You can also take a train to this stunning lake’s closest railway station Balugaon Railway Station, 50 km from it, to experience the enthralling views of Chilika Lake.



Damdama Lake, Haryana 


Damdama Lake is a natural freshwater lake vested near the Aravali hills, far from the chaos of big cities like Delhi and Gurugram. The peaceful lake is famous for its bizarre beauty and adventurous sports like ParaSailing, Kayaking, Cycling, Angling, Rock Climbing, Valley Crossing, etc. The lake is popular for family outings and friends’ get-togethers. Damdama Lake is home to 190 species of native and migratory birds spread over 3000 acres. The place is located 21 Km away from Faridabad Railway Station. You can easily book a train ticket to the nearest railway station from your home station.



Bhojtal Lake, Madhya Pradesh 


Bhojtal Lake, also known as Upper Lake, is the oldest manmade lake in India, located at the western end of Bhopal. It’s known for its excellent beauty and capacity to serve fresh water to over 40% of locals. The artificial lagoon was built by Raja Bhoj long back, today famous for picnic spots and enjoying vacations. Bhopal Junction is the closest railway station to this lake, which is well-connected by railheads. You can conveniently plan a trip to this beautiful lake and explore the creation of the 11th century.



Nakki Lake, Rajasthan


Nakki Lake is a fictitious lake in the desert state of Rajasthan surrounded by hills. This manmade creation with natural beauty is stunning to look at. It is one of the most admirable artificial lakes in India. It is considered as Love Lake of Mount Abu and famous among couples. Nevertheless, the water pond is also associated with Mahatma Gandhi. As the ashes of Gandhi were immersed in this scenic crystal water lake and nearby it only, GandhiGhat was constructed. You can visit this lake by taking a train ride to Abu Road railway station.



Saputara Lake, Gujarat


Saputara Lake is a stunning manmade lake, vested 1.5 Km away from Saputara hills. It is famous for boating activities, picnic spots, and natural beauty around the lake. The lake is famous for going on vacation with children as numerous children’s parks and playgrounds surround the vicinity. The nearest railway station to Saputara Lake is Waghai, on the Bilimora-Waghai narrow gauge section of the Western Railway. From the station, you can find buses to reach the lake conveniently.



Venna Lake, Maharashtra


Venna Lake is one the most attractive and popular manmade lakes in Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, surrounded by trees on each side, presenting a beautiful atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy Row Boating, Peddle Boating, and Horse Riding throughout the day. The nearest railway station to Venna Lake is Satpura. One can also take a train to Pune junction and Wathar railway station to reach Venna Lake.



Ulsoor Lake, Karnataka


Ulsoor Lake, also known as Halasuru Lake, sees huge footfalls. The lake is sprinkled with small islands here and there, which is the beauty of it. The lake is also used by the army to conduct water drills. It is considered one of the most beautiful manmade lakes in Karnataka. The closest railhead to Ulsoor Lake is the Indira Nagar railway station.



Hussain Sagar, Telangana


Hussain Sagar lake is called ‘Tank Bund’ and is an iconic lake in Hyderabad. The lake was constructed in 1562 by Sufi Saint Hussain Shah. The lake is heart-shaped, with open spaces from all sides. In the west, there is a green stretch between the Necklace road and Rajbhavan; in the east, The Indira Gandhi Park; in the north, Sanjeevaiah park; and in the south, Lumbini Park. The picturesque lake is admirable because of its fulfilling natural beauty and is worth seeing because of the 18-metre high monolithic Buddhist statue.



Vembanad Lake, Kerala  


Vembanad Lake is also referred to as Punnamanda lake, and Kochi lake is the largest and longest lake in the state of Kerala, with an area of 2033 square kilometres. The lake is famous for bird watching, trophy boating races (conducted each year), photography, and boating. The manmade is one of the largest recognised wetlands of India vested right by the Arabian sea. It is a freshwater lake, although the water becomes salty near the Arabian sea.



Ooty Lake, Tamil Nadu


Ooty lake is also a manmade lake located in Ooty in the Nilgiris district. It is known as the Ooty boat house. The waterbody is a major attraction of ‘Queens of Hill Stations’. You can visit this lake by taking a vacation trip to Ooty. Coimbatore junction railway station is the nearest railhead of the city. From where you can take a road ride to visit the spot.


Although, the list is not completed yet! As India’s lakes and lagoons list is endless. From Jammu Kashmir to Tamil Nadu or Gujarat to Manipur, India has many water bodies. Some are easy to visit, and some have difficult ways to reach. But a tour to these lakes gives you the experience of going to the lap of nature and taking yourself away from the monotonous life by leaving your everyday burden behind.


What Is a Lake?


Lake is a relatively large water body surrounded by land where the water moves slowly. They are found in all corners of the world and can be distinguished based on water content, such as a saltwater lake, freshwater lake etc. Surprisingly, there are manmade lakes too.


Which Indian City Is Known as the City of Lakes in India?


Udaipur, Rajasthan, is known as the City of Lakes in India. The picturesque city has many famous lakes like Fateh Sagar Lake, Udai Sagar Lake, Jaisamand lake, Rasamand lake, Badi lake and many more. That’s why the city is also called the Venice of the East.


Which Is the Longest Lake in India?


Vedanta Lake in Kerala is the longest lake in India and largest lake of Kerala. It is spread over 2033 square kilometres with a length of almost 95.6 kilometres.


Which Is the Largest Freshwater Lake in India?


Wular Lake is the largest freshwater lake in India, located in Jammu Kashmir in the North. The beautiful lake occupies an area of 260 square kilometres.


Which Is the Largest Saltwater Lake in India?


The Sambhar Lake, located in Rajasthan, is India’s largest inland saltwater lake. It encompasses more than 3% salt concentration and is spread over 200sq kilometres surface area.


Why Are Lakes Famous as Tourist Places in India?


Lakes are a perfect place to visit in India. It provides positive vibes, peace, and calmness to the mind. These lakes surrounded by hills and greenery hold wondrous beauty and are considered picture-perfect places. People around the world visit India’s lakes to get lost in the piousness and serenity of the beautiful lakes.


Lakes are also famous among bird watchers, as, during the season, birds from across the globe come to Indian Lakes. One can witness endangered, colourful varieties of species near the lagoons. Nature lovers, birdwatchers, and travel enthusiasts consider lakes the most admirable tourist destinations in India.


You can also plan a trip to any of the lakes in India by train. The enormous rail network of India connects major to minor places through which you can visit important lakes of India. So, what are you waiting for? Through the RailMitra app, look for a train to that lake that has matched your interest.


RailMitra is an AI-enabled rail inquiry app and website that allows travellers to check the PNR status of IRCTC-booked tickets, trains between stations, train schedule, seat availability, and many more. Using this app, you can also order food on the train while travelling to Lustre Lake.


RailMitra wishes for a joyous train ride to India’s beautiful lakes.

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