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Railway Station (PUNE)

Railway Station (PUNE) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from Railway Station. Besides that, you can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra.

There are 93 trains originating, 222 trains passing and 93 trains terminating at Railway Station. All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Railway Station | (PUNE) | TIME TABLE

Trains Originating from Railway Station | (PUNE)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
01008DECCAN EXPRESSSource15:15DECCAN EXPRESSShow Availability
01033DBG FESTIVAL SPLSource16:15DBG FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
01077PUNE JAT SPLSource17:20PUNE JAT SPLShow Availability
01088PUNE VRL SPLSource20:10PUNE VRL SPLShow Availability
01090PUNE BGKT SPLSource20:10PUNE BGKT SPLShow Availability
01096PUNE ADI SF SPLSource20:10PUNE ADI SF SPLShow Availability
01115GKP FESTIVAL SPLSource16:15GKP FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
01150PUNE ERS SUP SPLSource18:45PUNE ERS SUP SPLShow Availability
01157PUNE SUR SF SPLSource18:10PUNE SUR SF SPLShow Availability
01192PUNE BHUJ SPLSource20:10PUNE BHUJ SPLShow Availability
01251PUNE KAZIPET SPLSource22:00PUNE KAZIPET SPLShow Availability
01407LJN FESTIVAL SPLSource22:00LJN FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02016PUNE CSMT SPLSource18:35PUNE CSMT SPLShow Availability
02035PUNE NGP SF SPLSource17:40PUNE NGP SF SPLShow Availability
02041NGP HUMSAFAR SPLSource22:00NGP HUMSAFAR SPLShow Availability
02099PUNE LJN SF SPLSource10:45PUNE LJN SF SPLShow Availability
02113PUNE NGP AC SPLSource17:40PUNE NGP AC SPLShow Availability
02117PUNE AMI AC SPLSource15:15PUNE AMI AC SPLShow Availability
02124PUNE CSMT SF SPLSource7:15PUNE CSMT SF SPLShow Availability
02135BANARAS FES SPLSource16:15BANARAS FES SPLShow Availability
02149PUNE DNR SPLSource21:05PUNE DNR SPLShow Availability
02151HBJ HUMSAFAR SPLSource15:15HBJ HUMSAFAR SPLShow Availability
02221PUNE HWH AC SPLSource15:15PUNE HWH AC SPLShow Availability
02223PUNE AJNI AC SPLSource15:15PUNE AJNI AC SPLShow Availability
02239PUNE AJNI AC SPLSource22:00PUNE AJNI AC SPLShow Availability
02263NZM DURONTO SPLSource11:10NZM DURONTO SPLShow Availability
02279PUNE HWH SPECIALSource18:35PUNE HWH SPECIALShow Availability
02298ADI DURANTO SPLSource21:35ADI DURANTO SPLShow Availability
02493PUNE NZM AC SPLSource11:10PUNE NZM AC SPLShow Availability
02729NED FESTIVL SPLSource22:00NED FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
02818SRC FESTIVAL SPLSource10:40SRC FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02850PUNE HATIA SPLSource10:45PUNE HATIA SPLShow Availability
02881PUNE BBS SUP SPLSource11:15PUNE BBS SUP SPLShow Availability
02939JP FESTIVAL SPLSource17:30JP FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
05030GKP FESTIVAL SPLSource11:30GKP FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
08230PUNE BSP SUP SPLSource17:40PUNE BSP SUP SPLShow Availability
01189PUNE AJNI SPLSource15:15PUNE AJNI SPLShow Availability
01423BGP FESTIVAL SPLSource08:00BGP FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
01439PUNE AMI SPECIALSource22:50PUNE AMI SPECIALShow Availability
01487PUNE HARANGUL EXSource06:10PUNE HARANGUL EXShow Availability
01582PUNE-TGN EMUSource22:10PUNE-TGN EMUShow Availability
01584PUNE-TGN EMUSource06:50PUNE-TGN EMUShow Availability
01586PUNE-TGN EMUSource08:57PUNE-TGN EMUShow Availability
01588PUNE-TGN EMUSource15:42PUNE-TGN EMUShow Availability
01590PUNE-TGN EMUSource23:15PUNE-TGN EMUShow Availability
01921PUNE VGLB SF SPLSource15:15PUNE VGLB SF SPLShow Availability
02131PUNE JBP SF SPLSource11:30PUNE JBP SF SPLShow Availability
11008 DECCAN EXPRESSSource15:15 DECCAN EXPRESSShow Availability
11010 SINHAGAD EXPSource06:05 SINHAGAD EXPShow Availability
11026 AMI PUNE EXPSource11:40 AMI PUNE EXPShow Availability
11033 DARBHANGA EXPSource16:15 DARBHANGA EXPShow Availability
11037 PUNE GKP EXPRESSSource16:15 PUNE GKP EXPRESSShow Availability
11077 JHELUM EXPRESSSource17:20 JHELUM EXPRESSShow Availability
11088 PUNE VRL EXPSource20:10 PUNE VRL EXPShow Availability
11090 PUNE BGKT EXPSource20:10 PUNE BGKT EXPShow Availability
11092 PUNE BHUJ EXPSource20:10 PUNE BHUJ EXPShow Availability
11097 POORNA EXPRESSSource22:25 POORNA EXPRESSShow Availability
11407 PUNE LUCKNOW EXPSource22:00 PUNE LUCKNOW EXPShow Availability
11417 NAGPUR HUMSAFARSource23:00 NAGPUR HUMSAFARShow Availability
11427 PUNE JASIDIH EXPSource06:35 PUNE JASIDIH EXPShow Availability
12025 SHATABDI EXPSource06:00 SHATABDI EXPShow Availability
12103 PUNE LJN EXPRESSSource10:45 PUNE LJN EXPRESSShow Availability
12113 NGP GARIBRATHSource17:35 NGP GARIBRATHShow Availability
12124 DECCAN QUEENSource07:15 DECCAN QUEENShow Availability
12126 PRAGATI EXPRESSSource07:50 PRAGATI EXPRESSShow Availability
12128 INTERCITY EXPSource17:55 INTERCITY EXPShow Availability
12129 AZAD HIND EXPSource18:35 AZAD HIND EXPShow Availability
12135 PUNE NAGPUR EXPSource17:35 PUNE NAGPUR EXPShow Availability
12149 PUNE DNR EXPRESSSource21:05 PUNE DNR EXPRESSShow Availability
12157 HUTATMA EXPRESSSource17:55 HUTATMA EXPRESSShow Availability
12169 SUR INTERCITYSource09:30 SUR INTERCITYShow Availability
12221 HOWRAH DURONTOSource15:15 HOWRAH DURONTOShow Availability
12263 NZM DURONTOSource11:10 NZM DURONTOShow Availability
12298 ADI DURONTOSource21:35 ADI DURONTOShow Availability
12850 PUNE BSP SF EXPSource17:35 PUNE BSP SF EXPShow Availability
12939 PUNE JAIPUR EXPSource17:30 PUNE JAIPUR EXPShow Availability
15030 PUNE GKP EXPRESSSource10:45 PUNE GKP EXPRESSShow Availability
16381 KANYAKUMARI EXPSource23:50 KANYAKUMARI EXPShow Availability
17629 PUNE NANDED EXPSource21:35 PUNE NANDED EXPShow Availability
20476 PUNE BKN SF EXPSource20:10 PUNE BKN SF EXPShow Availability
20821 PUNE SRC HUMSAFRSource10:40 PUNE SRC HUMSAFRShow Availability
22106 INDRAYANI EXPSource18:35 INDRAYANI EXPShow Availability
22117 PUNE AMI AC EXPSource22:00 PUNE AMI AC EXPShow Availability
22123 PUNE AJNI AC EXSource15:15 PUNE AJNI AC EXShow Availability
22131 PUNE BANARAS EXPSource16:15 PUNE BANARAS EXPShow Availability
22139 AJNI HUMSAFARSource22:00 AJNI HUMSAFARShow Availability
22141 NGP HUMSAFAR EXSource22:00 NGP HUMSAFAR EXShow Availability
22150 PUNE ERS SF EXPSource18:45 PUNE ERS SF EXPShow Availability
22151 PUNE KAZIPET EXPSource22:00 PUNE KAZIPET EXPShow Availability
22171 RKMP HUMSAFARSource15:15 RKMP HUMSAFARShow Availability
22186 PUNE ADI SF EXPSource20:10 PUNE ADI SF EXPShow Availability
22845 PUNE HATIA EXPSource10:45 PUNE HATIA EXPShow Availability
22881 PUNE BBS SF EXPSource11:15 PUNE BBS SF EXPShow Availability
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Trains Passing from Railway Station | (PUNE)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
01005DR PDY SPECIAL0:551:00DR PDY SPECIALShow Availability
01006PDY DR EXP2:052:10PDY DR EXPShow Availability
01013LTT CBE SPL1:501:55LTT CBE SPLShow Availability
01014CBE LTT SPL10:1510:20CBE LTT SPLShow Availability
01017LTT KARAIKAL SPL16:3516:40LTT KARAIKAL SPLShow Availability
01018KIK LTT SPL16:3516:40KIK LTT SPLShow Availability
01029CSMT KOP SPL12:3512:40CSMT KOP SPLShow Availability
01035DR MYSURU SPL0:551:00DR MYSURU SPLShow Availability
01036MYS DR EXP2:052:10MYS DR EXPShow Availability
01039KOP GONDIA SPL22:1522:25KOP GONDIA SPLShow Availability
01040G KOP EXP SPL4:054:20G KOP EXP SPLShow Availability
01041DR SNSI SPECIAL3:303:35DR SNSI SPECIALShow Availability
01042SNSI DR SPECIAL2:232:28SNSI DR SPECIALShow Availability
01049ADI KOP SF SPL7:407:50ADI KOP SF SPLShow Availability
01050KOP ADI SF SPL20:0020:10KOP ADI SF SPLShow Availability
01301CSMT SBC SPL11:4011:45CSMT SBC SPLShow Availability
01302UDYAN EXP16:0016:05UDYAN EXPShow Availability
01411CSMT KOP SPECIAL0:100:15CSMT KOP SPECIALShow Availability
01412KOP CSMT SPECIAL3:303:35KOP CSMT SPECIALShow Availability
02043CSMT BIDR SPL0:300:35CSMT BIDR SPLShow Availability
02044BIDR CSMT SPL4:104:15BIDR CSMT SPLShow Availability
02047KOP NZM SF SPL15:5516:10KOP NZM SF SPLShow Availability
02048NZM KOP EXP SPL6:256:40NZM KOP EXP SPLShow Availability
02115CSMT SUR SF SPL2:152:20CSMT SUR SF SPLShow Availability
02116SUR CSMT SF SPL2:502:55SUR CSMT SF SPLShow Availability
02163MAS FESTIVAL SPL22:0522:10MAS FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02164MAS LTT EXPRESS11:4511:50MAS LTT EXPRESSShow Availability
02207CSMT LATUR SPL0:300:35CSMT LATUR SPLShow Availability
02208LATUR CSMT SPL4:104:15LATUR CSMT SPLShow Availability
02235SC LTT SPL7:507:55SC LTT SPLShow Availability
02497TPJ HUMSAFAR SPL18:3018:40TPJ HUMSAFAR SPLShow Availability
02498TPJ SGNR SPL8:208:30TPJ SGNR SPLShow Availability
02629SAMPARK KRANTI8:559:10SAMPARK KRANTIShow Availability
02630YPR S KRNTI SPL11:0511:20YPR S KRNTI SPLShow Availability
02699COA BVC SF SPL2:152:20COA BVC SF SPLShow Availability
02701CSMT HYB SPL1:201:25CSMT HYB SPLShow Availability
02702HYB CSMT SPL1:101:15HYB CSMT SPLShow Availability
02755FESTIVAL SPECIAL21:1021:15FESTIVAL SPECIALShow Availability
02756SC RJT SPL2:152:20SC RJT SPLShow Availability
02779GOA EXPRESS4:154:30GOA EXPRESSShow Availability
02780GOA EXPRESS SPL16:5517:10GOA EXPRESS SPLShow Availability
02943DD INDORE SPL15:2015:30DD INDORE SPLShow Availability
02944INDB DD SPL8:559:00INDB DD SPLShow Availability
04189DD GWL SF SPL0:200:25DD GWL SF SPLShow Availability
04190GWL DD SF SPL16:5517:00GWL DD SF SPLShow Availability
04805BARMER AC EXP8:208:30BARMER AC EXPShow Availability
04806BME YPR AC SPL18:5519:00BME YPR AC SPLShow Availability
06205SBC AII FEST SPL18:4518:50SBC AII FEST SPLShow Availability
06206SBC FESTIVAL SPL1:451:50SBC FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06209MYS FESTIVL SPL1:451:50MYS FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
06210MYS AII FEST SPL18:4518:50MYS AII FEST SPLShow Availability
06339CSMT NCJ SPL0:150:20CSMT NCJ SPLShow Availability
06340NCJ CSMT EXPRESS15:2015:25NCJ CSMT EXPRESSShow Availability
06351NCJ FESTIVAL SPL0:150:20NCJ FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06352NCJ CSMT SPL15:2015:25NCJ CSMT SPLShow Availability
06506SBCGIMB FEST SPL18:4518:50SBCGIMB FEST SPLShow Availability
06507SBC FESTIVAL SPL1:451:50SBC FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06508SBC JU FEST SPL18:4518:50SBC JU FEST SPLShow Availability
06524YPR FESTIVL SPL10:2510:40YPR FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
06533SBC FESTIVAL SPL1:451:50SBC FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06534SBC JU FEST SPL18:4518:50SBC JU FEST SPLShow Availability
06587YPR BKN EXP9:309:35YPR BKN EXPShow Availability
06588BKN YPR EXP SPL18:5519:00BKN YPR EXP SPLShow Availability
06613RJT CBE SPECIAL21:1021:15RJT CBE SPECIALShow Availability
06614CBE RJT EXPRESS2:152:20CBE RJT EXPRESSShow Availability
07031CSMT HYB SPL18:1018:15CSMT HYB SPLShow Availability
07032HYB CSMT SPL9:109:15HYB CSMT SPLShow Availability
07203BVC COA SPECIAL21:1021:15BVC COA SPECIALShow Availability
07204COA BVC SPL2:152:20COA BVC SPLShow Availability
07221COA LTT SPL7:507:55COA LTT SPLShow Availability
07222LTT COA SPECIAL16:3516:40LTT COA SPECIALShow Availability
07317UBL DR FESTSPL3:053:10UBL DR FESTSPLShow Availability
07318UBL FESTIVAL SPL23:5023:55UBL FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
08519VSKP LTT SPL0:450:50VSKP LTT SPLShow Availability
08520LTT VSKP EXP10:1510:20LTT VSKP EXPShow Availability
09015LPI INDB HUMSAFR7:507:55LPI INDB HUMSAFRShow Availability
09016INDB LPI HUMSAFR3:003:05INDB LPI HUMSAFRShow Availability
09053MAS ADI SF EXP10:5511:05MAS ADI SF EXPShow Availability
09054ADI MAS SF SPL20:2020:30ADI MAS SF SPLShow Availability
09119MAS KDCY SF SPL16:2516:30MAS KDCY SF SPLShow Availability
09120KDCY MAS SPECIAL20:2020:30KDCY MAS SPECIALShow Availability
09203SC PBR SPL2:152:20SC PBR SPLShow Availability
09204PBR SC SPECIAL21:1021:15PBR SC SPECIALShow Availability
09219MAS ADI SF SPL10:5511:05MAS ADI SF SPLShow Availability
09220ADI MAS SUP SPL20:2020:30ADI MAS SUP SPLShow Availability
09567TN OKHA EXP5:005:10TN OKHA EXPShow Availability
09568OKHA TN SPL21:1021:15OKHA TN SPLShow Availability
17031HYDERABAD EXP18:1018:15HYDERABAD EXPShow Availability
17032MUMBAI EXP09:1009:15MUMBAI EXPShow Availability
01144BJU PUNE SPL11:2011:00BJU PUNE SPLShow Availability
09323DADN BPL SPL05:10SourceDADN BPL SPLShow Availability
09324BPL DADN SPLDestination03:10BPL DADN SPLShow Availability
19201SC PBR EXPRESS01:4001:35SC PBR EXPRESSShow Availability
19202PBR SC EXP21:1521:10PBR SC EXPShow Availability
01435SUR LTT SPECIAL00:2000:25SUR LTT SPECIALShow Availability
01436LTT SUR SPECIAL16:5016:55LTT SUR SPECIALShow Availability
09419ADI SMNH SPECIAL20:1020:15ADI SMNH SPECIALShow Availability
09420TPJ ADI SPECIAL10:4510:50TPJ ADI SPECIALShow Availability
09627AII SUR SF SPL07:5508:00AII SUR SF SPLShow Availability
09628SUR AII SF SPL16:3516:40SUR AII SF SPLShow Availability
11005 PUDUCHERRY EXP00:5501:00 PUDUCHERRY EXPShow Availability
11006 CHALUKYA EXP02:0502:10 CHALUKYA EXPShow Availability
11013 LTT CBE EXPRESS01:5001:55 LTT CBE EXPRESSShow Availability
11014 CBE LTT EXP10:1510:20 CBE LTT EXPShow Availability
11017 LTT KARAIKAL EXP16:3516:40 LTT KARAIKAL EXPShow Availability
11018 KIK LTT EXPRESS16:2516:30 KIK LTT EXPRESSShow Availability
11019 KONARK EXPRESS17:5518:00 KONARK EXPRESSShow Availability
11020 KONARK EXPRESS23:4023:45 KONARK EXPRESSShow Availability
11021 DADAR TEN EXP00:5501:00 DADAR TEN EXPShow Availability
11022 TEN DR EXPRESS02:0502:10 TEN DR EXPRESSShow Availability
11027 DR SATARA EXP03:3003:35 DR SATARA EXPShow Availability
11028 SATARA DR EXP02:2502:30 SATARA DR EXPShow Availability
11029 KOYNA EXPRESS12:3512:40 KOYNA EXPRESSShow Availability
11030 KOYNA EXPRESS15:4515:50 KOYNA EXPRESSShow Availability
11035 SHARAVATI EXP00:5501:00 SHARAVATI EXPShow Availability
11036 SHARAVATI EXP02:0502:10 SHARAVATI EXPShow Availability
11039 MAHARASHTRA EXP22:1522:25 MAHARASHTRA EXPShow Availability
11040 MAHARASHTRA EXP04:0504:20 MAHARASHTRA EXPShow Availability
11041 DR SNSI EXP03:3003:35 DR SNSI EXPShow Availability
11042 SNSI DR EXP02:2502:30 SNSI DR EXPShow Availability
11049 ADI KOP EXP07:4007:50 ADI KOP EXPShow Availability
11050 AHEMDABAD EXP20:0020:10 AHEMDABAD EXPShow Availability
11139 CSMT HPT EXP01:0501:10 CSMT HPT EXPShow Availability
11140 HPT CSMT EXP01:1001:15 HPT CSMT EXPShow Availability
11301 UDYAN EXPRESS11:4011:45 UDYAN EXPRESSShow Availability
11302 UDYAN EXP16:0016:05 UDYAN EXPShow Availability
12115 SIDDHESHWAR EXP02:1502:20 SIDDHESHWAR EXPShow Availability
12116 SIDDHESHWAR EXP02:5002:55 SIDDHESHWAR EXPShow Availability
12147 KOP NZM SF EXP15:5516:10 KOP NZM SF EXPShow Availability
12148 KOLHAPUR EXPRES06:2506:40 KOLHAPUR EXPRESShow Availability
12163 LTT MAS EXP22:0522:10 LTT MAS EXPShow Availability
12164 MAS LTT SF EXP11:4511:50 MAS LTT SF EXPShow Availability
12219 SC DURONTO02:0002:05 SC DURONTOShow Availability
12220 LTT DURONTO07:5007:55 LTT DURONTOShow Availability
12493 DARSHAN EXPRESS11:0011:05 DARSHAN EXPRESSShow Availability
12494 DARSHAN EXPRESS18:3018:40 DARSHAN EXPRESSShow Availability
12629 SAMPARK KRANTI08:4509:00 SAMPARK KRANTIShow Availability
12630 YPR S KRNTI EXP11:0511:20 YPR S KRNTI EXPShow Availability
12701 HUSSAINSAGAR EXP01:2001:25 HUSSAINSAGAR EXPShow Availability
12702 HUSSAIN SAGAR01:0001:05 HUSSAIN SAGARShow Availability
12755 COA BVC SF EXP01:3501:40 COA BVC SF EXPShow Availability
12756 BVC COA SF EXP21:1021:15 BVC COA SF EXPShow Availability
12779 GOA EXPRESS04:1504:30 GOA EXPRESSShow Availability
12780 GOA EXPRESS16:5517:10 GOA EXPRESSShow Availability
12781 SWARNA JAYANTHI15:5516:10 SWARNA JAYANTHIShow Availability
12782 NZM MYS SF EXP06:2506:40 NZM MYS SF EXPShow Availability
14805 BARMER AC EXP08:0508:15 BARMER AC EXPShow Availability
14806 BME YPR AC EXP18:5519:00 BME YPR AC EXPShow Availability
16209 AII MYS EXP01:4501:50 AII MYS EXPShow Availability
16210 AJMER EXPRESS18:4518:50 AJMER EXPRESSShow Availability
16331 TRIVANDRAM EXP00:1500:20 TRIVANDRAM EXPShow Availability
16332 TVC CSMT EXP15:1515:20 TVC CSMT EXPShow Availability
16339 NAGARCOIL EXP00:1500:20 NAGARCOIL EXPShow Availability
16340 NCJ CSMT EXPRESS15:1515:20 NCJ CSMT EXPRESSShow Availability
16351 NAGARCOIL EXP00:1500:20 NAGARCOIL EXPShow Availability
16352 NCJ CSMT EXP15:1515:20 NCJ CSMT EXPShow Availability
16505 GIMB SBC EXP01:4501:50 GIMB SBC EXPShow Availability
16506 GANDHIDHAM EXP18:4518:50 GANDHIDHAM EXPShow Availability
16507 JU SBC EXPRESS01:4501:50 JU SBC EXPRESSShow Availability
16508 JODHPUR EXP18:4518:50 JODHPUR EXPShow Availability
16531 AII SBC G NAWAJ01:4501:50 AII SBC G NAWAJShow Availability
16532 GARIB NAWAZ EXP18:4518:50 GARIB NAWAZ EXPShow Availability
16533 JU SBC EXP01:4501:50 JU SBC EXPShow Availability
16534 JODHPUR EXP18:4518:50 JODHPUR EXPShow Availability
16587 BIKANER EXP09:3009:35 BIKANER EXPShow Availability
16588 BKN YPR EXP18:5519:00 BKN YPR EXPShow Availability
16613 RJT CBE EXP21:1021:15 RJT CBE EXPShow Availability
16614 CBE RJT EXPRESS01:3501:40 CBE RJT EXPRESSShow Availability
17221 COA LTT EXPRESS07:5007:55 COA LTT EXPRESSShow Availability
17222 LTT COA EXPRESS16:3516:40 LTT COA EXPRESSShow Availability
17317 UBL DR EXPRESS03:0503:10 UBL DR EXPRESSShow Availability
17318 DR HUBBALLI EXP23:5023:55 DR HUBBALLI EXPShow Availability
17411 MAHALAXMI EXP00:1000:15 MAHALAXMI EXPShow Availability
17412 MAHALAXMI EXP03:3003:35 MAHALAXMI EXPShow Availability
17613 PNVL NED EXPRESS19:1519:20 PNVL NED EXPRESSShow Availability
17614 NED PNVL EXP06:1506:20 NED PNVL EXPShow Availability
18519 VSKP LTT EXPRES00:4000:45 VSKP LTT EXPRESShow Availability
18520 LTT VSKP EXPRESS10:1510:20 LTT VSKP EXPRESSShow Availability
19567 VIVEK EXPRESS05:0005:10 VIVEK EXPRESSShow Availability
19568 VIVEK EXPRESS21:1021:15 VIVEK EXPRESSShow Availability
19667 MYS HUMSAFAR EXP16:3516:40 MYS HUMSAFAR EXPShow Availability
19668 UDZ HUMSAFAR EXP08:0508:15 UDZ HUMSAFAR EXPShow Availability
20915 LPI INDB HUMSAFR07:5007:55 LPI INDB HUMSAFRShow Availability
20916 INDB LPI HUMSAFR03:0003:05 INDB LPI HUMSAFRShow Availability
20919 MAS EKNR SF EXP16:2516:30 MAS EKNR SF EXPShow Availability
20920 EKNR MAS SF EXP20:1020:15 EKNR MAS SF EXPShow Availability
20953 MAS ADI SF EXP11:0011:05 MAS ADI SF EXPShow Availability
20954 ADI MAS SFAST20:1020:15 ADI MAS SFASTShow Availability
20967 SC PBR SF EXP01:3501:40 SC PBR SF EXPShow Availability
20968 PBR SC SF EXP21:1021:15 PBR SC SF EXPShow Availability
22101 LTT MADURAI EXP16:3516:40 LTT MADURAI EXPShow Availability
22102 MDU LTT SF EXP16:2516:30 MDU LTT SF EXPShow Availability
22107 CSMT LATUR EXP00:3000:35 CSMT LATUR EXPShow Availability
22108 LATUR CSMT EXP04:1004:15 LATUR CSMT EXPShow Availability
22143 CSMT BIDAR EXP00:3000:35 CSMT BIDAR EXPShow Availability
22144 BIDR CSMT EXP04:1004:15 BIDR CSMT EXPShow Availability
22157 CSMT MS SF MAIL02:5002:55 CSMT MS SF MAILShow Availability
22158 MS CSMT SF EXP01:5502:00 MS CSMT SF EXPShow Availability
22159 CSMT CHENNAI EXP16:2016:25 CSMT CHENNAI EXPShow Availability
22160 MAS CSMT SF EXP08:1008:20 MAS CSMT SF EXPShow Availability
22179 LTT CHENNAI EXP16:3516:40 LTT CHENNAI EXPShow Availability
22180 MAS LTT SF EXP11:0011:05 MAS LTT SF EXPShow Availability
22193 DD GWL SF EXP00:2000:25 DD GWL SF EXPShow Availability
22194 GWL DD SF EXP16:5016:55 GWL DD SF EXPShow Availability
22225 SUR VANDE BHARAT19:1019:15 SUR VANDE BHARATShow Availability
22226 CSMT VANDEBHARAT09:1509:20 CSMT VANDEBHARATShow Availability
22497 TPJ HUMSFAR EXP18:3018:40 TPJ HUMSFAR EXPShow Availability
22498 SGNR HUMSAFAR08:0508:15 SGNR HUMSAFARShow Availability
22685 CDG SKRANTI EXP08:4509:00 CDG SKRANTI EXPShow Availability
22686 KARNTK S KRANTI11:0511:20 KARNTK S KRANTIShow Availability
22717 RJT SC SUP EXP21:1021:15 RJT SC SUP EXPShow Availability
22718 RAJKOT SF EXP01:3501:40 RAJKOT SF EXPShow Availability
22731 MUMBAI EXP08:5509:00 MUMBAI EXPShow Availability
22732 HYDERABAD EXP18:0518:10 HYDERABAD EXPShow Availability
22919 ADI HUMSAFAR11:0011:05 ADI HUMSAFARShow Availability
22920 ADI MAS HUMSAFAR20:1020:15 ADI MAS HUMSAFARShow Availability
22943 DAUND INDORE EX15:2015:25 DAUND INDORE EXShow Availability
22944 INDB DAUND EXP08:5008:55 INDB DAUND EXPShow Availability
82653 YPR JP EXP07:5007:55 YPR JP EXPShow Availability
82654 YPR SUVIDHA EXP20:1020:15 YPR SUVIDHA EXPShow Availability
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Trains Terminates from Railway Station | (PUNE)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
01007DECCAN EXPRESS11:05DestinationDECCAN EXPRESSShow Availability
01034DBG PUNE SPL7:20DestinationDBG PUNE SPLShow Availability
01078JHELUM COVID15:55DestinationJHELUM COVIDShow Availability
01087VERAVAL PUNE SPL7:35DestinationVERAVAL PUNE SPLShow Availability
01089BGKT PUNE SPL7:35DestinationBGKT PUNE SPLShow Availability
01095ADI PUNE SF SPL7:35DestinationADI PUNE SF SPLShow Availability
01116PUNE FESTVL SPL2:45DestinationPUNE FESTVL SPLShow Availability
01149ERS PUNE SPL5:50DestinationERS PUNE SPLShow Availability
01158SUR PUNE SF SPL10:30DestinationSUR PUNE SF SPLShow Availability
01191BHUJ PUNE SPL7:35DestinationBHUJ PUNE SPLShow Availability
01252KZJ PUNE SF SPL10:50DestinationKZJ PUNE SF SPLShow Availability
01402JP PUNE HSPL23:35DestinationJP PUNE HSPLShow Availability
01408PUNE FESTVL SPL10:50DestinationPUNE FESTVL SPLShow Availability
02015CSMT PUNE SPL9:05DestinationCSMT PUNE SPLShow Availability
02036NGP PUNE SF SPL9:05DestinationNGP PUNE SF SPLShow Availability
02042PUNE HUMSAFAR SP6:25DestinationPUNE HUMSAFAR SPShow Availability
02100LJNPUNE SPL18:45DestinationLJNPUNE SPLShow Availability
02114NGP PUNE AC SPL9:05DestinationNGP PUNE AC SPLShow Availability
02118AMI PUNE SPL7:20DestinationAMI PUNE SPLShow Availability
02123CSMT PUNE SF SPL20:25DestinationCSMT PUNE SF SPLShow Availability
02136PUNE FESTIVAL SP7:20DestinationPUNE FESTIVAL SPShow Availability
02150DNR PUNE SPECIAL4:40DestinationDNR PUNE SPECIALShow Availability
02152PUNE HUMSAFR SPL6:25DestinationPUNE HUMSAFR SPLShow Availability
02222HWH PUNE AC SPL9:40DestinationHWH PUNE AC SPLShow Availability
02224AJNI PUNE SPL11:35DestinationAJNI PUNE SPLShow Availability
02240AJNI PUNE AC SPL11:05DestinationAJNI PUNE AC SPLShow Availability
02264PUNE DURONTO SPL2:10DestinationPUNE DURONTO SPLShow Availability
02280HWH PUNE SPL7:05DestinationHWH PUNE SPLShow Availability
02297PUNE DURONTO7:10DestinationPUNE DURONTOShow Availability
02494NZM PUNE AC SPL18:25DestinationNZM PUNE AC SPLShow Availability
02730NED PUNE SPL9:40DestinationNED PUNE SPLShow Availability
02817SRC PUNE SPL2:45DestinationSRC PUNE SPLShow Availability
02849HTE PUNE SPL2:45DestinationHTE PUNE SPLShow Availability
02882BBS PUNE SPL5:00DestinationBBS PUNE SPLShow Availability
02940PUNE FESTIVL SPL8:05DestinationPUNE FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
08229BSP PUNE SF SPL9:05DestinationBSP PUNE SF SPLShow Availability
01190AJNI PUNE SPL12:00DestinationAJNI PUNE SPLShow Availability
01424BGP PUNE SPECIAL19:40DestinationBGP PUNE SPECIALShow Availability
01440AMI PUNE SPECIAL16:20DestinationAMI PUNE SPECIALShow Availability
01488HARANGUL PUNE EX21:00DestinationHARANGUL PUNE EXShow Availability
01581LNL-PUNE EMU01:17DestinationLNL-PUNE EMUShow Availability
01583TGN-PUNE EMU01:37DestinationTGN-PUNE EMUShow Availability
01585TGN-PUNE EMU08:40DestinationTGN-PUNE EMUShow Availability
01587TGN PUNE EMU10:50DestinationTGN PUNE EMUShow Availability
01589TGN -PUNE EMU17:32DestinationTGN -PUNE EMUShow Availability
01922VGLB PUNE SPL11:35DestinationVGLB PUNE SPLShow Availability
02132JBP PUNE SPECIAL06:25DestinationJBP PUNE SPECIALShow Availability
11007 DECCAN EXPRESS11:05Destination DECCAN EXPRESSShow Availability
11009 SINHAGAD EXP21:50Destination SINHAGAD EXPShow Availability
11025 PUNE AMI EXP12:05Destination PUNE AMI EXPShow Availability
11034 DBG PUNE EXP07:20Destination DBG PUNE EXPShow Availability
11038 GKP PUNE EXP02:45Destination GKP PUNE EXPShow Availability
11078 JHELUM EXPRESS16:00Destination JHELUM EXPRESSShow Availability
11087 VERAVAL PUNE EXP07:35Destination VERAVAL PUNE EXPShow Availability
11089 BGKT PUNE EXP07:35Destination BGKT PUNE EXPShow Availability
11091 BHUJ PUNE SPL07:35Destination BHUJ PUNE SPLShow Availability
11098 POORNA EXPRESS23:30Destination POORNA EXPRESSShow Availability
11408 LJN PUNE EXP10:50Destination LJN PUNE EXPShow Availability
11428 JSME PUNE EXP09:45Destination JSME PUNE EXPShow Availability
12026 PUNE SHATABDI23:10Destination PUNE SHATABDIShow Availability
12104 LJN PUNE EXP18:20Destination LJN PUNE EXPShow Availability
12114 PUNE GARIBRATH09:30Destination PUNE GARIBRATHShow Availability
12123 DECCAN QUEEN20:25Destination DECCAN QUEENShow Availability
12125 PRAGATI EXPRESS19:50Destination PRAGATI EXPRESSShow Availability
12127 INTERCITY EXP09:57Destination INTERCITY EXPShow Availability
12130 AZAD HIND EXP07:05Destination AZAD HIND EXPShow Availability
12136 NGP PUNE SF EXP09:30Destination NGP PUNE SF EXPShow Availability
12150 DNR PUNE EXP04:40Destination DNR PUNE EXPShow Availability
12158 HUTATMA EXPRESS10:30Destination HUTATMA EXPRESSShow Availability
12170 PUNE INTERCITY18:05Destination PUNE INTERCITYShow Availability
12222 PUNE DURONTO EX09:45Destination PUNE DURONTO EXShow Availability
12264 PUNE DURNTO EXP02:10Destination PUNE DURNTO EXPShow Availability
12297 PUNE DURONTO07:15Destination PUNE DURONTOShow Availability
12849 BSP PUNE SF EXP09:30Destination BSP PUNE SF EXPShow Availability
12940 JP PUNE EXP08:05Destination JP PUNE EXPShow Availability
15029 GKP PUNE EXP02:45Destination GKP PUNE EXPShow Availability
16382 CAPE PUNE EXP22:20Destination CAPE PUNE EXPShow Availability
17630 NED PUNE EXP05:15Destination NED PUNE EXPShow Availability
20475 BKN PUNE SF EXP07:35Destination BKN PUNE SF EXPShow Availability
20822 PUNE HUMSAFAR02:45Destination PUNE HUMSAFARShow Availability
22105 INDRAYANI EXP09:05Destination INDRAYANI EXPShow Availability
22118 AMI PUNE AC EXP07:20Destination AMI PUNE AC EXPShow Availability
22124 AJNI PUNE AC EX11:35Destination AJNI PUNE AC EXShow Availability
22132 GYAN GANGA EXP07:20Destination GYAN GANGA EXPShow Availability
22140 PUNE HUMSAFAR11:35Destination PUNE HUMSAFARShow Availability
22142 PUNE HUMSAFAR06:25Destination PUNE HUMSAFARShow Availability
22149 ERS PUNE SF EXP05:50Destination ERS PUNE SF EXPShow Availability
22152 KZJ PUNE SF EXP10:50Destination KZJ PUNE SF EXPShow Availability
22172 PUNE HUMSAFAR06:25Destination PUNE HUMSAFARShow Availability
22185 ADI PUNE SF07:30Destination ADI PUNE SFShow Availability
22846 HTE PUNE SF EXP02:45Destination HTE PUNE SF EXPShow Availability
22882 BBS PUNE S F05:00Destination BBS PUNE S FShow Availability
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Pune Jn Pune Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

Trains Originating from Pune Jn Pune Railway Station (station )

Trains Passing from Pune Jn Pune Railway Station (station )

Trains Terminates from Pune Jn Pune Railway Station (station )

Top Train Routes related to PUNE JN

Get information about all trains from Railway Station fast. Here you will get the complete list of trains to Pune Jn Pune Railway Station. Scroll down to view all the details,which include the arrival and departure times of all trains stopping at Railway Station. It lists the train numbers as well. The trains that connect to Pune Jn Pune Railway Station are 02117-PUNE AMI AC SPL, 02944-INDB DD SPL and01191-BHUJ PUNE SPL

Find details for each Indian Railway train just at a glance. By clicking on a train's name, it will show you the complete schedule for that train. By looking at the train schedule, you find the exact time of the arrival of that particular train to the Pune Jn Pune Railway Station. On RailMitra, there is also the option to see the live running status of the train. You can also find trains that go to other stations from this site. Click on the Search tab and then enter the information to discover. Therefore, use our services to find the best train for your trip.

This list also gives information on the stopping duration of trains at Pune Jn Pune Railway Station.Utilize the complete list of trains at Pune Jn Pune Railway Station to find the availability of berths in various trains. With RailMitra, finding IRCTC trains and booking tickets for your train is easy. Make use of the most up-to-date PNR Prediction to find out your chances of getting confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket. Happy Voyage!