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Top Destinations for Women to Travel Solo in India

Travelling with friends and family indeed offers you so much fun. But we all know, sometimes at some point in our life, we need to stay alone, travel alone, sometimes to give our soul peace, sometimes to relax from daily chaos or sometimes to rejuvenate our energy and build confidence in ourselves. Being a woman, travelling solo for the first time comes with many negative thoughts. We feel unsafe, we struggle to get permission from our guardians to travel alone, or sometimes we just feel we can’t do so alone—the way we are raised by being dependent on a male person along our side. We never feel enough courage to travel alone or do anything without the help from a male person.



But as we grow or fail in our life, whether it’s professional or personal, we feel the need and spirit to travel solo and explore the world which is full of diversity, culture, scenic places, and beautiful monuments. In this blog, we have curated a list for you to travel alone in India, which is a safe and complete place to offer you peace. 


Best Solo Destinations for Women in India


India is a country which offers travellers numerous destinations that are worth visiting. Here, we have listed those places where you can consider travelling. 



Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh  


Varanasi, the place of Lord Shiva, is believed to be the ultimate destination. Legend holds that whoever comes to Varanasi learns the true meaning of life. They learn that everything and everyone is temporary: pain, happiness, friends, family, and loved ones. The only truth of life is death, which will one day embrace you, freeing you from everything – your responsibilities, the pressures you face, and the pain that has shattered you. In the truest sense, dreams hold no value, and money cannot save souls from leaving the body.


According to Sanatana Dharma, Varanasi is a must-visit destination for everyone. As a solo female traveller, you can explore Varanasi. The city is well-connected by trains from major Indian cities, airways, and roadways. When you reach Varanasi, there are a few must-do things. Sitting at Manikarnika Ghat, witnessing the peaceful Ganga Aarti at Dashashwamedh Ghat, and visiting the newly built Kashi Vishwanath corridor.



Rishikesh, Uttarakhand  


If Varanasi doesn’t seem compatible to travel. Consider Rishikesh. A city that can offer you many activities to do that you won’t say “NO”. These activities are for you to keep yourself busy, and you will, in real terms, escape your reality. With Ganga’s breathtaking sites, beautiful beaches, peaceful yoga centres, and adventurous activities, Rishikesh is a complete destination to explore, soothe your eyes, and enjoy yourself and your own existence. Ganga City is well connected to all the major cities of India by railways, roadways, and airways. In addition, it is among India’s safest places to visit for women travel enthusiasts. 


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Mussoorie, Uttarakhand 


Travelling is a therapy. And if you want to explore Indian places, Mussoorie is a great for women travellers. Nestled in the beauty of Uttarakhand, Mussoorie is an outstanding hill station in Dehradun that offers a relaxing vacation. The best time to visit Mussoorie is summer, although you can also visit the city in Winter and take a glimpse of snowfall. You can fly to Jolly Grant at Dehradun (82 km from Mussoorie) to reach Mussoorie. Or, board a train to Dehradun railhead (67 Km). Dehradun railway station has frequent trains from Delhi, Howrah, Banaras, and Hyderabad. 



Guwahati, Assam 


If you want to explore the beauty of the northeast and learn about femininity, Guwahati is a must-visit place for Women. Here, you can go to the most famous Kamakhya temple. It is among the 4 Maha Shakti Peeth, nestled in Neelanchal Hill. According to legends, the Mandir is built at the place where Devi Sati’s womb and genitals fell. In this temple, there is no statue of Devi, only a yoni or female genitalia in the temple’s sanctum, which is worshipped. In addition, in April, the Ambubachi Mela is held to celebrate menstruation. Apart from this, being in Guwahati, you can visit Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Kaziranga National Park, Assam State Museum etc. Guwahati is easy to reach from any part of the country by train or flight. Guwahati Railway Station, GHY in the city connects it with various cities, including Silchar, Sealdah, Ranchi, Patna etc. 



Jaipur, Rajasthan 


Jaipur, the pink city is a perfect destination if you want to witness the royal life of kings. Its marvellous building design and popular places like Hawa Mahal, Amber Mahal, etc all offer alluring views that will make your trip worthwhile. Jaipur is among the safest cities in India that you can explore without worrying about anything. Moreover, it is a popular weekend getaway for Delhiites. To reach Jaipur, you can easily find a train and flight from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Mumbai, and Bhopal. Some popular trains for Jaipur are Ranikhet Express, Ranthambhore Superfast Express, Leelan Express etc. 



Leh, Ladakh


The beauty of this heaven is unmatchable. Bring some courage and visit this paradise all alone. Keep faith! Even if you have explored this place earlier with your family and friends, it must feel different. Leh is a beautiful destination with breathtaking views, adorable culture, and stunning Gumpas. It is an adventurous site for rafting and high-altitude trekking. Leh Ladakh’s best time to visit is April to June. At this time, the temperature stays warm, letting you explore and experience the beauty of the place. To reach Leh, you can choose an air trip. However, you can also take a train to Leh Ladakh nearest Kalka Railway station. From Delhi, Ambala, Shimla and Bhiwani, direct trains are available to Kalka. After reaching Kalka, take a cab/bus to reach Leh. 



Wayanad, Kerala


Undoubtedly, Kerala is the safest and the best place to explore especially for women. The state has even ranked among the top places to visit in the world. Vested in the green paradise of the western ghats, Wayanad offers a picturesque view, scenic route, and an amazing vibe to travellers that they demand. In this city, you can drool over the delicious local cuisines of Kerala, roam around on the street by seeing houses built by Swiss architects, and feel that you are in mini Switzerland. The trip to Wayanad is famous for coffee plantations, spice plantations, and locally grown crops. You can explore this place and experience the diversity and beauty of the country at the same time. To reach Wayanad, you can board a train to its nearby railhead, Kozhikode railway station, and take a scenic road trip to reach the destination. 


Besides these few destinations, you can other safest and best places to travel: Pondicherry, Kovalam, Shimla, Kasol etc. However, wherever you travel solo, plan it well.



Solo Women Travel Tips to Experience a Hassle-Free Trip 


Plan it


Don’t jump out of your house on a trip. Sit with a relaxing mind and plan it. Research the place you are looking to travel. Make a list of the places you want to cover. And more importantly, book a travel ticket and stay in advance. In addition, if you are travelling by long-route train, you must order a fresh meal from an e-catering service, so you don’t consume local food prepared with less care that can cause you illness. 


Take Care of Yourself


You should understand that you are the only one for yourself on your solo trip. So, stay hydrated, and treat yourself to healthy and hygienic food. While packing, you must keep a first aid kit, your favourite books, and your other entertainment package. 


Enjoy Your Own Vibes


Many times, it happens that in the chaos of city traffic, pressures, and the challenge of becoming a good listener, you forget to listen to yourself. On the solo trip, enjoy your own vibes, try to understand yourself, be selfish if you can, and be selfless if you want. Just enjoy yourself; enjoy the beauty which is in front of you. For some while, escape yourself. Take a deep breath and collect energy. 


Keep Yourself Safe


Safety should be your first priority. You must keep your location on your phone to keep track of the road. Moreover, hands on the important numbers in your phone, like your close family members, the Police, a doctor, and another emergency number, that you can dial when you get in any unforeseen situation. 


Pack Your Essentials Smartly


You mustn’t overpack or under-pack. Make a list and pack your essentials smartly. Some must-keep things are a reusable water bottle, first aid kit, mobile charger, power bank, clothes according to your travel destination, ready-to-eat foods etc. 


Keeping in mind these tips will help you in planning your journey and executing it smartly. Nevertheless, you can also use a few online tools, apps and websites to plan your trip, like checking your ticket’s confirmation status. You can check your PNR status online and know the train schedule and trains between two stations online. 


Should I go on a solo trip as a woman? 


Let this gender stereotype not override you; travel carefree, travel alone. Life is for living, and solo travelling gives you a chance to live this life more independently. Travelling solo gives you confidence and lets you out of fear of staying alone. It gives you enough understanding of how important love is. Solo Woman travelling makes you a strong woman. A woman who can achieve anything and fight for her rights. Although, keep in mind to consider everything and travel smartly. 


Is train travelling safe for women?


Yes, the train is one of the safest forms of public transport. You can travel by it fearlessly. There are Railways dedicated police forces to ensure passengers’ safety. In addition, there are multiple ways to file a complaint in any mishap. 139 is all one rail enquiry number; there is a Rail Madad website for you to help and register complaints online. At the railway station people can also file complaints at the railway police station. Almost at every major railway station, there are complaint boxes and police stations. 


Moreover, if you are also planning your trip by train, you must know your rights and responsibilities as a rail passenger.

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