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Train Schedule System: Helping Passengers to plan the Journey

Invention of irruptive technology and Internet has made the human life easy. Every information and support can be sought from internet. Indian Railways and IRCTC has also used internet extensively and used these new technologies to advance their e-services for Railway passengers. There are several facilities provided for the passengers using internet such as tracking live train status, train current status, PNR status, train schedules and time table. Moreover, you can also order food in train via IRCTC food partners at any Indian railway station for a healthy packet of meal at your berth.

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Train Schedule System
Gone are those days when people had to rush to the railway station for railway inquiries and time table information. Now, you can check your train schedule on your mobile screen or computer. The train schedule system has been launched online. In this digital age, these information have proven to be a boon for the passengers especially for the travelers.

The train schedule system informs the traveler about the train journey status. Means, all the stations covered by the particular train, total distance from source to destination stations in terms of kilometers. You can also get information regarding total time taken by the train to reach at the destination and halting stations. This is how the train schedule system helps the travelers to plan their travel via particular or other train to reach at the specific destination. There are many advantages of checking the train schedule for a better travel planning and utility of train schedule comes in handy for backpackers who are moving for any tour /travel destinations and venture on their ways to explore the places.

How the Train Schedule is helpful during the Train Journey?
There are many answers of the questions raised. The train schedule is helpful in many ways for the travelers or passengers.

  • To find out the Shortest Way: One might be looking for the train with minimum of stations or halts between the source and destination station. You can find out the particular train’s total journey timing, total halting stations between source and destination station, and the halt timings. So if you are in a hurry and want to board a train with minimum time taken for the journey, then the train schedule is the best way out for your query solution.

  • To know the Stations En route: Train schedule emerges as a boon for the bag packers or travelers who even enjoy looking around the station and get a feel of the city/location. The train schedule enables the passengers to know the stations on the way and train’s halting time at the particular station. Since the passengers know the halt time of the station, they can plan their to-do list in advance such as buying fruits, mineral water, or specialties like “Peda” from Mathura junction, jalebi and petha at Itarasi junction etc.

  • To change the way or railway mode: One may decide to break the journey and explore the corners of the city. In this scenario, the train schedule again comes into picture. You can de-board the train at the particular junction and step ahead to explore the beauty of the particular city. You can again check the train schedule and march to your next destination.

  • On-journey planning: You can plan your on journey activities with the help of train schedule status. Such as food ordering in train, rest time, sightseeing activities etc. There are many trains and railway remote railway routes functioning under Indian Railways where you will have almost no halting stations for next 300/400 kilometers. There are chances that one can face lack of communication because of mobile/Internet network failure at these railway routes. So you can fill up your water bottles, purchase or order snacks and drinks on trains in advance. There will be no waiting for next halt which will arrive after a longer time.

  • Order Food in Train: You can plan your food ordering in train during the journey by knowing the train schedule in advance. Once you will get to know about the stations and spot your halts, you can plan early on which station you need food. Switch to technology. Download RailMitra Mobile Application and start ordering food in train.

  • Connecting Traveling plan: The train schedule showcases all the stations between source to destination, so one can also change their railway routes and choose for connecting railway routes to reach at the particular station. Now Indian railways have introduced Link PNR facility for the travelers through which the refund system will be easier. There are instances where you might not get confirm tickets in direct train. In this case the connecting railways work really well. One can get a confirm ticket by changing the railway routes. In this case, the train schedule also becomes vital. Checking the train schedule of different trains, one can board /de-board their trains at a particular station where both trains cross by.

  • To know the status of the train: It is advised to take a print copy of the schedule or a screenshot. All the information regarding your particular train is mentioned here. All the stations with halt timings, with total distance covered are given in the schedule. So, counting on the live status of the train by previous station to the next station become easy for the travelers.

How to Check the Train Schedule?
You can check your train schedule on RailMitra application or on its official website to get the fastest result within seconds. To check you train schedule you need to enter your preferred train name or its number and click on red bar written “check trains schedule”. The result will be on your screen at the same moment. The RailMitra website also shows the train running days and all the stations with the halt timing and distance specified. Here you’ll also get the information of the train with running schedule by days. There are also IRCTC website where you can check your train schedule of the train. Plan your smart travel with accurate train schedule and enjoy a fully planned journey. No need to wonder which station is the next. Stay updated and smart while you are journeying via Indian Railways.

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