Train Travel Tips

Train Travel Tips for Smart Travelling during the Festivals

Train Travel Tips are a set of valuable details, especially for the people who love smart travelling. Train Traveling brings an adrenaline rush to our lives because of those beautiful views of mountains, hills, and the voice of Chai and Samosa, vendors would make you feel nostalgic.


Now, festivals are around the corner, and a huge population may also have planned a train journey. Travelling on an Indian Railways train can be difficult during festivals. Following the travelling tips would help you survive the long train journey and make your trip enjoyable.


Here are some Train Travel Tips for Wanderlust to try out during the Festival


Remember to Carry these Essential Goods


If you wish to travel by train during the festival, don’t forget to bring toiletries, medicine, a mask, sanitisers, a power bank, earplug, slippers, and a night costume with you. Make sure to wear a mask and sanitise your seat before relaxing. Carry dry fruits, chocolates, and other snacks to munch while having a gala time with yourself or your family.




Book Your Train Ticket Online


When will my number come? Now you don’t have to wait in a long queue for booking train tickets. To avoid crowds in the corona time, get away from the chaos of the Railway station and book train tickets online. You can also download the official IRCTC Rail Connect app to book train tickets online.


Stay informed about your train travel status


Always keep track of your Train real-time, PNR details, Seat availability, Waitlisted Ticket, Train schedule, fare, and station details. To get rid of travel anxiety at the last moment, download the railway enquiry app called RailMitra from the Play Store and get all the relevant information on your mobile with just a few clicks.



Order your Eatables Online in Advance


A sad adieu to Pantry Car System due to COVID! Consequently, it would be a smarter choice if you order food online from IRCTC e-catering two hours before your travel to relish fresh and healthy food from the FSSAI approved restaurants. Passengers can also get an exciting festival offer at every order from the RailMitra Food Delivery App.



No more Bed Sheets and Blankets Supply! Bring your Bed Linen


To check the spread of Corona, Indian Railways has stopped providing bedsheets to their Passengers. However, you can avail e-bedrolls via IRCTC online. It would be better if you bring your own blankets or linen. Otherwise, you might end up shivering out of chills on the train that will give a bad travelling experience!



Safeguard Your Luggage


Travelling with your family during festivals can be quite hectic. At this point, directing your closed one and safeguarding your bag and baggage becomes equally important when you travel by train. To enjoy a stress-free Train ride, dare not forget to lock your belongings properly. This kind of Train Travel Tips will save you from theft of goods or money.



Make a List of your Toddlers Utilities


Train in India provides no service to your toddlers as compared to the flights. You have to be very cautious whilst you are travelling with your newborn. Yet, another piece of travel advice comes to your rescue for your youngster. Always carry a bag pack that includes diapers, napkins, rash cream, small toys, mitten, bib, cups, blankets, emergency medicine, extra food, and clothes. So, get prepared to handle your baby’s tantrums and cries with these useful train travel tips.



Book Ticket in AC Compartment for Enjoyable Ride


Due to the growing climate in India, AC carriage is preferred by a huge chunk of the population when it comes to Train travel in India. However, there are different types of trains, and travel classes in India categorized as AC (first, second and third class), Non-AC, Slipper, Chair Car, etc. To have a great and enjoyable ride with your family 2nd Tier, AC would be great advice. To know more about types of trains or the best train in India, their seat availability, and fare, visit or install the RailMitra app on your mobile.


Never Ever Forget to Follow Corona Guidelines


‘Do Gaz ki Doori Mask Hai Zaruri’, Life is precious for everyone. If you love your family, never ignore the COVID 19 Train Travel Guidelines stated by IRCTC. To have a happy and secure travelling put on your mask and gloves, use sanitizer, avoid human contact, and get yourself vaccinated. Keeping up with the COVID guidelines will help ensure hassle-free train travelling during festivals.


Make Space for Yourself


During Train Travel, you can’t be a chatterbox all time if you are travelling by yourself or even with your family. Enjoy your solitude by reading books, watching movies, or any Travel Web Series. Given below are the top 5 must-watch Travel Series for you to fuel your journey.


  1. TVF Tripling
  2. Take Me to Naga Land
  3. Love, Travel, Repeat
  4. Bazaar Travel
  5. Away From Home



Travel India by Train: Indian Railways Rules You Need To Know


There are millions of people who travel to India by train. Yet, many people are not familiar with the rules of the IRCTC. These are some rules and regulations that you should know about before starting your train journey.


  • Passengers are now entitled to cancel and claim a Refund for Non-Confirmed Tatkal Ticket 30 minutes before train departure time.


  • According to the Railway Commission, passengers in the lower berth are permissible to sleep between 10 pm and 6 am to avoid those tedious fights.


  • Under the Railway Act, licensed food sellers, are prohibited from selling packaged food or water bottles above the maximum retail price.


  • The Railway Commission has set up a refund policy for misplaced tickets using a request for the issuance of duplicate tickets 24 hours before departure of the train.



So, if you are Hodophile and wish to Travel India by Train, these Train Travel Tips and Rules will certainly make your trip happy and smooth. The tips are equally useful for passengers travelling by train during festivals in India.



What are the State Specific COVID Guidelines for Passengers Travelling during Festivals?


Indian Railway has urged passengers to bring their own bed, linen, and meal to avoid human infection. Some states have made the RT-PCR test compulsory 72-96 hours before boarding the train.


On the festive eve, if you travel to Maharashtra, you’ll be stamped for 14 days home quarantine on arrival. Similarly, several states have made compulsion on Quarantine with a few exemptions. You are suggested to read this blog to know more about State-wise COVID guidelines during festivals.


What are some of the Precautionary measures passengers must follow in train during festivals?


Train travel in the middle of a pandemic is extremely risky. Therefore, the Indian Railway has released suggestions to stop the chain of COVID-19 infections. If you travel by train during the festivals, always wear your mask and sanitize your luggage and seats. Avoid purchasing food from station vendors as much as possible.


Additionally, if you are planning to travel by train during this festival, keeping yourself updated with the list of festival special trains introduced by Indian Railways would help you in several ways and let you enjoy a worry-free ride during puja.


How to Get Sattvic Food in Train during Festivals?


You can get Sattvic food in train via RailMitra. The different types of Sattvic food items include Sabudana ki Khichdi, Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa, Makhana Kheer etc. You should use the RailMitra website or App to place an order for Sattvic food items. In case you don’t have access to the internet, you may call 8102888222.


Sattvic food is a good option for passengers who are on a fast. So, why compromise on food while travelling by train during festivals.


Those who are planning to attend puja and other festivals at their home need to travel. If you are travelling by train during this festival season, travelling tips can help avert many problems of the journey. Passengers are advised to carry enough drinking water to keep them hydrated. Also, avoid sharing food from the unknown person in the compartment and keep your eyes on children travelling with you.


With RailMitra, you can also know about the ticket availability, real-time train status, PNR details, seat availability, waitlisted tickets, train schedule, and station details. In addition, you can order Navratri special food on the train online. Have a beautiful and safe journey ahead of this festival!

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