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When Can You Travel With Your Newborn Baby on Train

Having a baby comes with loads of responsibility. And the need to travel in between makes parents anxious. However, if the trip is well planned, the journey can be a beautiful experience for parents and the baby. But the first thing is to consider the fact that “Is your baby ready to travel on a train or not?” Travelling by plane needs to follow some policies like approval of the doctor, minimum age guidelines, but there are no such policies for travelling on a train. So, it’s all parents’ concern to decide whether they can travel with their newborn baby on train or not.


Traditionally, it is said to not move out of the house with your newborn within the first 40 days. During this time, babies develop themselves, and the mother also needs to recover from the pain of delivery. Additionally, babies can catch infections at the fastest rate at this stage. Also, if you wish to travel and enjoy it, this is the minimum time you should provide for your infant. Although, if you can avoid the trip, for now, wait until your child becomes three months old. In this duration, your newborn will be fully ready for travelling.


However, following things you should consider before deciding whether your baby is ready for travel or not : 



Understand Your Baby’s Time Table  


Understanding a baby’s timetable is the primary duty of any parent to take care of their child more perfectly. During travelling, it becomes more important to learn; when your baby sleeps, and ask to feed or drink water. Take note of all the important timings.



Get Suggestion from the Doctor Before Travelling with Your Baby


Taking Suggestions from doctors before travelling is essential. It doesn’t only give you the confidence to take your baby on a trip. But also their suggestions help you to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses in a better way.



Listen to Your Elders


Listening to experienced people in raising your child will never harm you. And if it is your first child, take some suggestions from your parents/grandparents and don’t forget to blend them with your ideas. Elders may also make you remember any essentials that you fail to recognise for your baby’s travel.



Train’s Route


Figure out the destination route, if a direct train is available or not. Because taking a train break in the journey can be a tough decision. With a baby and loads of luggage, waiting for a train at the station will give you muscle ache and pain in your hand, along with lots of pressure to take out bags and reload them on a different train. 



Weather Information of Your Destination & Your Current Place 


The temperature changes can affect your child’s health. So, arrange your things in the same way. If the train is crossing towards low-temperature places, carry some warm clothes for the child and yourselves too as your health should also be good to take care of your child.


Keeping in mind all these will help you decide whether or not your baby can travel on a train and let you plan a comfortable journey.


Tips for Travelling with a Baby on the Train



1. Pack Your Baby’s Essentials 


Keep all your baby essentials but don’t overpack. As it may increase your luggage. Before starting the packing, sit down and list all the names of essential things in one place. It may decrease the chances of forgetting any major thing. Something you need to remember are as follow : 

  • BABY’s Favorite Toy
  • Smooth Blanket
  • Tissues, Diapers
  • Rugs, Bedsheets
  • Foldable Baby seater
  • Lightweight Foldable Baby bed 
  • Baby’s Pacifier



2. Carry First AID Box


Newborns are more sensitive. They can easily catch cough, fever, colic, stuffy nose, or nausea. So, always carry a first aid kit that contains a digital thermometer, antiseptics, bandages, medicines for fever, cold, congestion, ORS, lotions etc. Additionally, if your doctor has suggested some medication, you must carry them. And don’t forget to take the doctor’s contact in your contact book. 



3. Book Tickets in AC Class for a Comfortable Journey 


If you are travelling on a train, we recommend you to travel in AC class with your baby and specify your seat choice with a lower berth while booking your ticket. Somehow, if you have not got a lower berth, don’t hesitate to ask for a seat exchange with your fellow passenger, having a lower berth. However, if you have delayed your seat booking, check the accurate ticket confirmation prediction online.



4. Take the Essentials of Motherhood as well


If you are travelling just after two or three months with your baby, carry a nursing cover or towel with you to cover yourself while breastfeeding during the journey. The mother can be weak in this period, so take care of yourself and take medicine and food on time. Order fresh, healthy and hygienic food online on train and get its delivery on your seat. Also, don’t forget to carry fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, etc for munching.



5. Take Special Care of Baby Food


If your baby is still on milk, make sure to carry all the baby feeding equipment such as bottles, sterilizer, pumps, bibs, pillows, covers and a sufficient quantity of milk in the thermos bottle. You may also order fresh and warm milk on the train from RailMitra, an all-time travelling partner. However, if your baby is more than six months old and has started eating solid food, carry cereals or homemade snacks like Gujiya, Namkeen, etc to satiate his/her hunger.     


General Tips for Baby Train Travel 


Train travel with a baby will be most entertaining, and it will give you a new perspective to see the world that you are going to enjoy. It may also give you a chance to make good relationships with your fellow passengers. But just take care of a few things like :

  • Check Live Train Status to reach the station on time; don’t rush too early or too late. It may make your baby uncomfortable.
  • May your baby cry disturb fellow passengers’ sleep or enjoyment. In this case, simply apologise. 
  • Carry liquid soap and sanitiser to clean your hand along with old newspapers to dispose of all the waste materials.
  • Avoid kissing your child while travelling; it may cause infection. 
  • Keep your baby’s stuff in a different bag or the upper chain.
  • Don’t let everybody touch your baby.
  • Keep your baby entertained and comfortable.


Know About Railways’ Newly Launched Special Baby Berth  


Indian Railways makes every possible move to ease the passenger journey experience. This time the initiative of the national transporter is to comfort the Journey of Mother and Baby. It has launched baby berths for infants to make train journeys more convenient for mothers travelling with their newborn babies. The berth is secured with a stopper and foldable. Railways will not charge extra for baby berths. However, during ticket booking for the mother, it is compulsory to fill up the name of children aged below five years. The Railway will make a baby berth available for the mother having a kid. 


Presently, In Lucknow mail 12229/30, Northern Railways has fitted the baby berth on a trial basis on the side of the two main lower berths. Women with kids have appreciated this initiative of railways and thanked the Northern Railways for considering this issue. If the project continues to receive positive responses, railways will expand these services to other trains.


Can I take a baby on a Train? 


Yes, you can bring babies on train and travel comfortably as Indian Railways doesn’t have any child travelling policy. However, Railway stations are crowded places, and all Railways Stations don’t have lifts. So, consider carrying your baby in hand or sling instead of taking the help of a pram. 


Is it safe to travel with a newborn by Train? 


It is advisable to consider travelling when your child is 3 months old or above. Although, travelling with the infant on a train is okay but only when you do proper planning. Understand your baby timetable, pack all your baby essentials, book your ticket in AC class, check the confirmation of your tickets, see train schedules and their stoppage.


You can use the RailMitra app for checking PNR status, Live train status, Train Schedules, trains between stations and book food on train. RailMitra is a mobile application and website which helps passengers throughout their train travelling. With the help of this app, you can also order baby food on train. 


RailMitra wishes you an amazing journey experience with your baby!

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