Why to Prefer Pure Veg Food during your Journey

Indian Railways is the largest operated network which commutes millions of passenger every day. There are bunch of benefits when it comes to travel in train. With the adoption of digitization, it has become easier for the Indian Railways to facilitate the passengers with online services. From ticket booking to enjoying delicious food in train, everything is possible now within a few clicks. Online food delivery in train is a boon in the services of Indian Railways to offer healthy and delicious meal to the travellers during journey. There are numerous private e-catering service providers, collaborated with IRCTC to serve food in train. It is the key responsibility of the online caterers to give best dining experience to the travellers in train. But, it is also important for the passengers to choose healthy food while travelling in train. There are lots of varieties available to order in train including Chinese, Veg, Non-veg and different snacks items but one should always prefer veg items from health perspective. Railmitra, one of the leading food providers on track offers pure veg food in train that helps the passenger to eat good taste healthy food during journey.

Why to Prefer Pure Veg Food in Train
Veg food is easy to digest and is prepared by adding less oil and spices. They are cooked with great care and opting veg food is the best way to stay healthy during long train journey. Vegetarian diet contains sufficient amount of fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and folic acid. Vegan food have lower amount of cholesterol that reduces the risk of heart disease. It maintains the digestive system and it also takes lesser time to cook. Going Vegan is quite difficult, especially during long journey, because taste is something that one can never compromise with. RailMitra understands your emotion and feeling about food and also care for your health to experience a healthy journey. It serves best veg food options in train to have a blissful journey.

Reasons to Order Veg Food during Train Journey
Varieties to Choose:
If you prefer a pure vegetarian diet, you have countless options. At a time, you will be confused what to choose and what not to choose. From snacks to main course, veg cuisines have lot of options like, Veg platter, Paneer items and Thalis etc. They are prepared under great care to serve the passengers during train journey. RailMitra also offers Jain food in train, if looking pure veg items. Jain food is prepared separately. Jain people avoid consuming the vegetables grown under the earth like Onion, Potato, and Garlic. Choosing such healthy food is highly recommended during long train journey.

Easily Digestible:
Veg food is easy to digest and it also prevents from stomach disorder as it is prepared by using measured ingredients. From aged one to the people of young blood, it is advisable to go for the vegetarian items while long rail journey. Consuming heavy food cooked by adding extra spices and oil that can affect the stomach badly. Poor health can spoil the mood of journey so it is better to avoid the risk of getting ill because “Prevention is better than cure”.

Reduce the Fluctuation of Blood Pressure:
With high adulteration in food and improper food habits has escalated diseases in all age group of people. Blood pressure has become very common in all age group people. Even teenagers have become the sufferers of blood pressure. People are suffering from high/low blood pressure that can attack anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is suggested to the passengers travelling via train to order healthy veg food to be on a safer side. Consuming more spicy food with extra salt causes to fluctuate the blood pressure and the traveler may fall sick during journey.

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How to Order pure Veg Food in Train via RailMitra
To order pure veg delicacies during rail journey via Railmitra, download Railmitra Mobile Application from Google Play Store or App Store and get your food delivered by following few easy steps. When the app get downloaded, open the browser and select the station where you want to get your food. Explore the menu and choose the food from the list and add it into the cart. When you add the food items in cart, it will show you the total amount to pay. Now, choose the payment options either online and offline and make your payment. Enjoy your food. One can also order via call by dialing 8102888222 and you will be served with best food to relish the journey.

Enjoy a Healthy Journey with Healthy Veg Food in Train!

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