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Zero-Based Time Table: Railways Formed Committee for New Networks


• Trains will reach the destination sooner.
• Time and money will get saved.
• No train will be cancelled unnecessarily.
• Preparation for implementation will begin from 1st July 2020.

Amid the lockdown across the country due to coronavirus, Indian Railways is busy making zero-based time table. This will allow maximum utilization of railway coaches, engines, and the crew and maintenance depots will help trains to reach their destinations in less time. The General Manager of Railway zones will be the nodal officer of the committee formed on the instructions of Ministry of Railways. This committee will prepare a plan on important topics including operations, maintenance and construction in the Railway network and send its report to the Ministry of Railways.

After connecting the new rail network to the existing routes and strengthening and doubling of tracks, the trains that have been running on the changed route will be ready to run through zero-based time table of Indian Railways.

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What is Zero-Based Time Table?

Railway Board officials say that while preparing the time table, it will be assumed that no trains are running in the country right now and the chart is zero. After that, according to the demand and availability of the train, such a time table will be set by the Operation Research Transportation Algorithm so that every train travels the distance faster. To pass a train, many trains will not have to be parked on the side, because the timing will be set differently.

What Was the Need for the Zero-Based Time Table?

The history of railways in India is centuries old. At this time there are many such coaches which have been running since the British era. Meanwhile, due to the increasing demand for trains, new trains are being run every year across the country. Because of this, wherever there is a gap in the time table, at the same time new trains are inserted and the train starts running accordingly. In this way, due to the induction of new trains, the trains without priority are shunted and the priority trains are passed. Due to this, many other trains have to wait for hours. The idea of a zero-based time table has come up as a remedy to this problem.

A Committee Has Been Formed in Every Zone

A committee has been formed in each zone on the instructions of the Ministry of Railways to prepare a zero-based time table. The GM of that zone will be the nodal officer. This committee will prepare a plan on several important topics including operation, maintenance and construction in its zone network and send its report to the Ministry of Railways. Accordingly, a new time table will be prepared.

New Time Table Comes into Effect from 1st July Every Year

There is a tradition in the Railways to introduce a new time table from 1st July every year. This year is different in that at this time the operation of trains is closed all over the country. In some special circumstances, only special trains are being operated in limited numbers. In this case, it is easier to create a zero-based time table. Officials are trying to get it ready before 1st July so that it can be implemented from 1st July 2020.

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Demand is only at 500 Stations out of More 7000 Stations

At present, there are more than 7300 stations in the railway network, but the demand of zero-based time table is only on the 500 stations with heavy passenger traffic. Accordingly, these 500 stations will get more attention in the zero-based time table.

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