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Pune Railway Station: All That You Need To Know

The Pune railway station is located in the Central Railway zone of Maharashtra state, which belongs to the Pune Division. It is also known as Shri Manta Bajiro Rao Peshwa Terminal. It operates a total of 200 trains every day in which there are 229 halting trains, 127 originating trains, and 127 terminating trains in Pune Junction. Furthermore, more than two lakh passengers travel daily to Pune junction.


The Pune Junction railway station is situated at an altitude of 560 meters above sea level. The railway station is well connected to numerous large cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Gwalior, Indore, and Chennai. The station code of this junction is “PUNE”, which comes within Pune E Division.


Here’s everything you need to know about Pune Railway Station, such as its history, timetable, facilities, and routes.


Significant History of Pune Railway Station


Pune Railway Station remarks a significant history. Given the convenience of the common people, the reconstruction of this station took place on July 27, 1925, which so far is regarded as National Heritage Structure. However, the first operation of trains in the Pune Station was dated back to 1858.


According to historians, only one train was in service initially from Khandala to Pune. By 1930, Pune Junction was fully electrified to supply railway power to railway trains. It was this time when Deccan Queen Express services were introduced.


Route Connecting to Pune Railway Stations


The station is interlinked to several metro towns. Some of the major routes/lines linking to Pune Railway Station are Bhusaval Jn, Howrah Jn, and Patna Jn. Pune Station also serves as a short stoppage for trains heading south from Mumbai, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. It is also a stoppage for trains heading from Goa and Karnataka.




Rail Freight Services at Pune Junction


Pune Junction is a major hub for the movement of goods in freight trains, wherein the cargos are uploaded and unloaded at Maldhakka Chowk. As the number of freight trains has increased, 2 more new strains are advanced at Ghorpardi railway station that’s approx 3 km away from Pune junction.



Captain Arjun: A Humanoid at Pune Railway Junction


The Central Railway Protection Force has deployed a Robot named Captain Arjun to track passengers arriving at the station. This humanoid additionally serves as a safety watchdog on the station. Captain Arjun is equipped with a monitor sensor, pan title zoom digital camera, and a dome camera which helps in trapping a suspicious person or things with the help of artificial intelligence.


Facilities Served at Pune Junction


Every kind of facility is present in the Pune railway station, which a common passenger needs. These facilities are managed by the Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation Limited (IRSDC).


  • There is an ATM facility outside Pune Junction for the passenger’s comfort
  • The railway station is equipped with 2 automatic ticket vending machines to ensure hassle-free movement and avoid long queues.
  • Free WIFI, charging points, and parcel office facility services are also provided.
  • To facilitate the journey, elevator service on Footbridge along with Skywalk Bridge is available at Pune Railway Station.
  • 3 types of waiting rooms are available on Platform No. 1 of the Pune Station including the Upper-Class Waiting Room, Sleeper Class Waiting Room, and Ladies Waiting Room.
  • Passengers reaching the premises early or waiting for their trains may take advantage of bookstall to kick away boredom. To avoid such a situation, download the RailMitra app to get earlier information about the train schedule, train availability, and delayed time.
  • Passengers can ease their load by keeping their heavy luggage in the cloakroom.
  • Under the motto’ Jal Hi Jeevan Hai, water vending machines are also provided on the station.
  • More than 14 food stalls have been set up to feed the passengers. However, it is advisable to order hygienic food from RailRestro, an IRCTC accredited e-catering provider, to avoid contamination and ensure food safety.
  • The services of Auto, Taxi Stand, and Uber Pickup Point are running 24*7 for passengers to reach their destination conveniently once they move out of the station.
  • AC Waiting Rooms are made along with Massage chairs to alleviate your travel fatigue.
  • Retiring room set up at Pune railway station on Platform No. 1 of the first floor. One can book the retiring room online to avoid disappointment.




Pune Railway Station: A Disabled Friendly Junction


For the ease of Divyangjan, Pune Junction has additionally turned out to be suitable for persons with disabilities. Divyangjan can be benefitted from wheelchair and Braille rendition layout service at Pune station.





Kiosk at Pune Railway Station for COVID Equipment and Disposable Bedrolls


Traveling during the COVID 19 pandemic is unsafe. As a precautionary measure, IRCTC has prohibited the provision of linen facilities in AC train coaches. In response to these issues, Pune Junction has set up KIOSKs service to provide virus-free disposable bedrolls, and COVID 19 kit with all the necessary equipment like hand wash, sanitizers, gloves, etc.





Pune, Nasik, and Mumbai Junction: A Golden Triangle


The Maharashtra government has approved the development of the Golden Triangle Project that is stated to be a milestone in the station’s records.


This project, to be built at the cost of 1200 crores, is labeled as the Golden Triangle Project that will unite Mumbai, Nasik, and Pune together with magnificent infrastructure. It is anticipated that the big funding made for the development of Pune Nasik and Mumbai Railway Station could stimulate employment and commercial enterprise.



Tourist Spot Nearby Pune Railway Station


If you need to spend quality time with your buddies and family away from the hustle and bustle of the station, then you should visit these tourist spots close to Pune Junction Station.


  • Shaniwar Wada
  • Aga Khan Palace
  • Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park
  • Parvati Hill
  • Pataleshwar Temple
  • Sinhagarh Fort
  • Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum


Check Out the List of Popular Trains Passing From Pune Railway Station



Experts from the Private Firms are soon to be appointed to watch over the maintenance of Pune Railway Station and offer top-notch services to the passengers.


How Many Junctions Are There in Pune?


The Pune Division has 71 Junction of which Pune Railway Station is flagged as A1 Station. The major junctions of Pune are Miraj Jn., Kolhapur, Sangali Jn., Maharaj Terminus, Shivanagar (SVJR), Karad Jn, Satara Jn, Pimpri Jn (PunePMP), Baramati, Kedgaon, Hadapsar, Koregaon, Jejuri, Lonanad Jn. etc. Among these, Amnapur Jn., Kadethan, Kanhe, Shriful, Malegaon are categorized as halt stations of Pune.


What Is the Railway Station Code of Pune?


The railway station code of Pune junction is PUNE. This railway station is situated in Maharashtra. Pune junction is one of the most significant railway stations in terms of historical worth. You can find station codes of numerous junctions of Indian Railways from the RailMitra website or its app.


How Many Platforms Are There in Pune Railway Station?


Pune Railway Station consists of 6 platforms. These platforms are geared up with primary and advanced amenities that ensure a safe and comfortable journey. Every single platform at Pune Junction has elevators, a retiring room cloakroom, and skywalk footbridges to ease the traveling of passengers.


Hope you appreciated the details. Stay tuned to the RailMitra website to remain updated with the latest Rail news and station information. For miscellaneous facility download the RailMitra app and enjoy free ticket inquiry, seat seat availability, train schedule, and train running status. Besides that, you can also order non-veg and veg food in train with this app.


Click on the app now to explore immense possibilities with Indian Railways. Plan and enjoy some great trips to nearby tourist spots with Pune Railway Station.

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