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10 Best Picturesque Railway Stations of India

Do you know? India ranks among the top 15 most beautiful countries. It is famous for its diversified culture, heritage sites, enthralling landscape, and breathtaking nature. Besides, the world’s 4th largest railway network is not behind in capturing the eyes of tourists. 


The beautiful railway stations of the Indian Railways compel you to take out your phone from your pocket and click pictures of the exotic stations. Posting them on your social media handles would give you a grand opportunity to get the likes of the world.


Have a look at the 10 Picturesque Railway Stations in India



1. Charbagh Station, LKO


Charbagh Railway Station is considered one of the 4 scenic gardens of Lucknow that used to exist in the past. In front of the Station building, there is a vast garden; witness the first meeting of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi. 


The red colour station looks like a palace, started built-in 1914 and designed by J.H. Horniman. The station architecture is a blend of Mughal, Indian, and Awadhi design, making it India’s most beautiful Station. 



2. Dudh Sagar Railway Station, DWF


Featured in the block-buster movie Chennai Express, the Dudh Sagar railway station is near the Dudh Sagar waterfall in the lap of nature, surrounded by misty mountains and greenery. The Station is situated in the south Goa district, Goa.


IRCTC’s Dudh Sagar station lies on Mormugao Railway, a tourist destination. The Station is also one of three stations of Braganza ghats: a 26 km stretch of hill section of Goa that connects coastal Goa to the hinterlands of Karnataka and other parts.



3. Ghum Railway Station, GHUM


Ghum Railway Station is one of the most attractive stations, located in the scenic landscape of Darjeeling. It is India’s highest and the world’s 14th highest railway station, nestled at 2,258 meters above sea level. 


Ghum Station started in 1881 and lies on the Darjeeling-Himalayan Railway line. This line is part of the enthralling Darjeeling toy train ride and one of the smallest railway stations in India. 



4. Jaisalmer Railway Station, JSM 


The Royal Railway station Jaisalmer is located in the heart of the Thar Desert. It is a brown building, complimenting the sand dome of the desert, and looks capitative. 


The Station opened in 1921 and mostly entertains the luxurious Indian trains like Ranikhet Express, Corbett Park link Express, Jaisalmer- Jodhpur Express, Malani Express, etc. The Station is part of the North Western Railway zone that connects the line between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. 



5. Cuttack Railway Station, CTC 


The Cuttack Station is an epic station that opened to the tariff in 1896. The Station comes under the East Coast Railway zone, working under the Khurda Road division. 


The Station’s look is admirable and just going to win your heart. Its design is influenced by the architect of Barabati Fort, a marvellous architectural piece built in the 13th century in the Kalinga region. The Station is among the top 100 booking Indian railway stations. 



6. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, CSTM


Undoubtedly, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, CST, is a graceful railway station serving the economic capital city of India, Mumbai. The Station, built-in 1888, comes under the Indian Railways’ UNESCO heritage sites.


CST is one of the landmarks of Mumbai. This Station is also known by its old name Victoria Terminus. Very few people know that the station architect is an example of the Indo-Saracenic Style designed by Fredrick Stevens and Axel Haig. 



7. Howrah Railway Station, HWH


Howrah Junction Railway Station is the biggest Station in India in terms of platforms. It has 23 platforms that serve 1 million people each day. The Station is situated on the bank of the Hooghly river giving it a scenic view. 


Howrah is also the oldest and busiest railway station in India. It comes under the Eastern Railway zone started in 1854. Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway jointly operate this Station.



8. Chennai Central Railway Station, MAS


Chennai Central or Madras Central, officially known as Puratchi Thalaivar Dr M.G. Ramachandran Central Railway Station, is one of the oldest. It was built in 1873. The Station is remarked as the gateway of the South, Was designed by George Harding. 


The high standing red colour station building gives a breathtaking treat to the eyes and speaks about the architectural values. The main building of the Station holds Gothic and Romanesque architectural styles.  



9. Delhi Railway Station, DLI


Delhi Railway Station, built with red bricks, is one of the oldest railway stations in India and New Delhi. It is located near Chandani chowk metro station, opened in 1864 and rebuilt in 1903. The Station’s building was constructed in the nearby style of Red Fort in 1903. 


The graceful Delhi Railway station is the busiest railway station connecting almost all the major cities of India to the country’s capital. The Station is operated by Northern Railway and falls under the Delhi division. 



10. Vijayawada Railway Station, BZA


The Vijayawada Railway Station is among the most beautiful stations in India. The building’s white colour gives it an aesthetic look. The Station was built back in 1888 and is one of the busiest stations in India, followed by Howarah station, Kanpur station and New Delhi station. 


Vijayawada Railway Station is the only Station having 5 booking counters. The Station lies on Howrah–Chennai and New Delhi–Chennai main lines operated by the South Coast Railway Zone. 


If you are travelling to these Indian railway stations, don’t forget to take a deep breath and have a look at the beauty of one of the largest rail networks.


Which Indian Railway Stations Are Recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites?


Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, Nilgiri Mountain Railway, and Kalka Shimla Railway are recognized  as the Indian Railways’ UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 


Which Is Your Favourite Railway Station in India?


My favourite is Ghum railway station, located in Darjeeling, among these most scenic stations. The Station is a treat to the eyes. In addition, here, you can also take a toy train ride and get lost in the beauty of Darjeeling. 


Tell us which Railway station you find more picturesque! We will share your view with the world.


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