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Vijayawada Jn Railway Station (BZA)

Vijayawada Jn Railway Station (BZA) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from Vijayawada Jn Railway Station. Besides that, you can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra.

There are 24 trains originating, 594 trains passing and 24 trains terminating at Vijayawada Jn Railway Station. All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Vijayawada Jn Railway Station | (BZA) | TIME TABLE

Trains Originating from Vijayawada Jn Railway Station | (BZA)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02078BZA MAS SPLSource15:20BZA MAS SPLShow Availability
02711BZA MAS SPLSource6:10BZA MAS SPLShow Availability
02718BZA VSKP SPLSource6:15BZA VSKP SPLShow Availability
02744BZA GDR SPLSource18:00BZA GDR SPLShow Availability
02795BZA LPI SPLSource17:30BZA LPI SPLShow Availability
02799BZA SC SPLSource6:25BZA SC SPLShow Availability
07207BZA SNSI SPLSource10:15BZA SNSI SPLShow Availability
07215BZA DMM SPLSource21:45BZA DMM SPLShow Availability
07225BZA UBL SPLSource19:45BZA UBL SPLShow Availability
07459BZA-RJYSource19.15BZA-RJYShow Availability
07461BZA-OGLSource08.00BZA-OGLShow Availability
07698BZA NSL SPLSource16.15BZA NSL SPLShow Availability
12078JAN SHATABDISource15.30JAN SHATABDIShow Availability
12711PINAKINI SF EXPSource06.10PINAKINI SF EXPShow Availability
12713SATAVAHANA EXPSource06.25SATAVAHANA EXPShow Availability
12718RATNACHAL EXPSource06.15RATNACHAL EXPShow Availability
12795LPI INTERCITYSource17.30LPI INTERCITYShow Availability
17208BZA SNSI EXPSource10.15BZA SNSI EXPShow Availability
17225AMARAVATHI EXPSource19.55AMARAVATHI EXPShow Availability
17281GNT NS EXPSource18.50GNT NS EXPShow Availability
17330BZA UBL EXPSource13.45BZA UBL EXPShow Availability
20678MAS VANDEBHARATSource15.20MAS VANDEBHARATShow Availability
22702VSKP UDAY DD EXPSource17.15VSKP UDAY DD EXPShow Availability
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Trains Passing from Vijayawada Jn Railway Station | (BZA)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02007VSKP MAS SF SPL0:400:50VSKP MAS SF SPLShow Availability
02008MAS VSKP EXP16:0016:10MAS VSKP EXPShow Availability
02063PURI YPR SPL4:505:00PURI YPR SPLShow Availability
02064PURI GARIB RATH13:3013:40PURI GARIB RATHShow Availability
02071BBS TPTY SPL0:501:00BBS TPTY SPLShow Availability
02072TPTY BBS SPL16:0016:10TPTY BBS SPLShow Availability
02203VSKP SC AC SPL0:300:45VSKP SC AC SPLShow Availability
02204SC VSKP SPL1:001:10SC VSKP SPLShow Availability
02245HWH YPR SPL4:054:15HWH YPR SPLShow Availability
02246DURONTO EXPRESS22:1022:20DURONTO EXPRESSShow Availability
02249SBC NTSK SPECIAL15:5016:00SBC NTSK SPECIALShow Availability
02250NTSK SBC SPECIAL20:0520:15NTSK SBC SPECIALShow Availability
02253YPR BGP FEST SPL2:252:35YPR BGP FEST SPLShow Availability
02254BGP YPR SPL18:2518:35BGP YPR SPLShow Availability
02269MAS NZM DURONTO12:0012:10MAS NZM DURONTOShow Availability
02270MAS DURONTO SPL14:2014:30MAS DURONTO SPLShow Availability
02295SANGHAMITRA EXP21:4021:50SANGHAMITRA EXPShow Availability
02296DNR SBC SPL2:452:55DNR SBC SPLShow Availability
02375TBM JSME EXP20:1020:20TBM JSME EXPShow Availability
02376JSME TBM SF SPL14:3514:45JSME TBM SF SPLShow Availability
02389GAYA MAS SPL9:009:10GAYA MAS SPLShow Availability
02390MAS GAYA SPL16:0016:10MAS GAYA SPLShow Availability
02409HTE ERS SPL14:3514:45HTE ERS SPLShow Availability
02410ERS HTE EXP17:0017:10ERS HTE EXPShow Availability
02433MAS NZM RAJDHANI11:3011:40MAS NZM RAJDHANIShow Availability
02434NZM MAS SPECIAL14:2014:30NZM MAS SPECIALShow Availability
02507TVC SCL EXPRESS15:5016:00TVC SCL EXPRESSShow Availability
02508SCL TVC SPECIAL20:0520:15SCL TVC SPECIALShow Availability
02509BNC GHY EXP12:4012:50BNC GHY EXPShow Availability
02510GHY BNC EXPRESS20:0520:15GHY BNC EXPRESSShow Availability
02511FESTIVAL SPL15:2015:30FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02512KCVL GKP SPL5:455:50KCVL GKP SPLShow Availability
02513SC GHY SPL21:5022:00SC GHY SPLShow Availability
02514GHY SC SPECIAL20:0520:15GHY SC SPECIALShow Availability
02515CBE SCL SF SPL12:4012:50CBE SCL SF SPLShow Availability
02516SCL CBE SPECIAL20:0520:15SCL CBE SPECIALShow Availability
02521BJU ERS SPL15:2015:30BJU ERS SPLShow Availability
02522ERS BJU EXPRESS5:455:50ERS BJU EXPRESSShow Availability
02539YPR LKO FEST SPL2:152:25YPR LKO FEST SPLShow Availability
02543HWH MAS SPL9:209:35HWH MAS SPLShow Availability
02544MAS HWH SF SPL13:2013:30MAS HWH SF SPLShow Availability
02551YPRKYQ AC EXP22:1022:20YPRKYQ AC EXPShow Availability
02552KYQ YPR AC SPL4:054:15KYQ YPR AC SPLShow Availability
02577DBG MYS SPL3:453:55DBG MYS SPLShow Availability
02578MYS DBG FEST SPL2:102:25MYS DBG FEST SPLShow Availability
02609SRC TPTY SF SPL9:259:35SRC TPTY SF SPLShow Availability
02610TPTY SRC SUP SPL2:252:35TPTY SRC SUP SPLShow Availability
02611MAS NJP EXPRESS17:0017:10MAS NJP EXPRESSShow Availability
02612NJP MAS SPECIAL6:557:05NJP MAS SPECIALShow Availability
02615MAS NDLS EXP0:501:00MAS NDLS EXPShow Availability
02616G T EXP SPL21:3521:40G T EXP SPLShow Availability
02621MAS NDLS EXPRESS3:453:55MAS NDLS EXPRESSShow Availability
02622NDLS MAS SF SPL23:2023:30NDLS MAS SF SPLShow Availability
02625TVC NDLS SF EXP10:5511:05TVC NDLS SF EXPShow Availability
02626NDLS TVC SF SPL22:2022:30NDLS TVC SF SPLShow Availability
02641TVC SHM EXP15:5016:00TVC SHM EXPShow Availability
02642SHM TVC SPL19:3019:40SHM TVC SPLShow Availability
02643PATNA EXPRESS12:4012:50PATNA EXPRESSShow Availability
02644PNBE ERS SPL19:3019:40PNBE ERS SPLShow Availability
02645KCVL FESTIVL SPL15:2015:30KCVL FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
02646KCVL INDB FEST5:455:50KCVL INDB FESTShow Availability
02647KRBA KCVL SPL15:2015:30KRBA KCVL SPLShow Availability
02648KCVL KRBA SPL5:455:50KCVL KRBA SPLShow Availability
02655ADI MAS SPECIAL21:4021:50ADI MAS SPECIALShow Availability
02656MAS ADI EXPRESS16:4016:50MAS ADI EXPRESSShow Availability
02659NCJ SHM EXPRESS15:0515:15NCJ SHM EXPRESSShow Availability
02660SHM NCJ SPL19:3019:40SHM NCJ SPLShow Availability
02663HWH TPJ SF SPL13:0513:15HWH TPJ SF SPLShow Availability
02664TPJ HWH EXP1:552:05TPJ HWH EXPShow Availability
02665HWH CAPE SPL11:2011:30HWH CAPE SPLShow Availability
02666CAPE HWH SPL1:552:05CAPE HWH SPLShow Availability
02669MAS CPR EXP23:4523:55MAS CPR EXPShow Availability
02670GANGAKAVERI SPL5:155:25GANGAKAVERI SPLShow Availability
02687MDU CDG EXPRESS16:0016:10MDU CDG EXPRESSShow Availability
02688CDG MDU SF SPL20:3520:45CDG MDU SF SPLShow Availability
02689HWH SSPN SPL9:259:35HWH SSPN SPLShow Availability
02690SSPN HWH SPL18:1018:20SSPN HWH SPLShow Availability
02699COA BVC SF SPL8:458:55COA BVC SF SPLShow Availability
02703HWH SC SPL3:554:10HWH SC SPLShow Availability
02704SC HWH SPL21:2521:30SC HWH SPLShow Availability
02705GNT SC SPL15:3615:40GNT SC SPLShow Availability
02706SC GNT SPL13:1513:20SC GNT SPLShow Availability
02707VSKP TPTY DD SPL4:505:00VSKP TPTY DD SPLShow Availability
02708VSKP AC DD SPL4:154:25VSKP AC DD SPLShow Availability
02709GDR SC SPL23:0023:10GDR SC SPLShow Availability
02710SC GDR SPL4:204:30SC GDR SPLShow Availability
02713NS NSL SPL13:5514:10NS NSL SPLShow Availability
02714NSL NS SPL5:255:40NSL NS SPLShow Availability
02727VSKP SC SF SPL23:2523:40VSKP SC SF SPLShow Availability
02728HYB VSKP SPL22:5023:05HYB VSKP SPLShow Availability
02739GARIB RATH SPL1:552:10GARIB RATH SPLShow Availability
02740GARIBRATH SPL1:351:45GARIBRATH SPLShow Availability
02749MTM BIDR SPL22:2022:30MTM BIDR SPLShow Availability
02750BIDR MTM SPL4:004:15BIDR MTM SPLShow Availability
02759HYB FEST SPL0:450:55HYB FEST SPLShow Availability
02760HYB TBM SPL23:4523:55HYB TBM SPLShow Availability
02761TPTY KRMR SPL1:451:55TPTY KRMR SPLShow Availability
02762KRMR TPTY SPL1:051:10KRMR TPTY SPLShow Availability
02783VSKP SC AC SPL0:551:05VSKP SC AC SPLShow Availability
02784SC VSKP AC SPL3:303:40SC VSKP AC SPLShow Availability
02805VSKP NDLS SPL3:303:45VSKP NDLS SPLShow Availability
02806NDLS VSKP AP SPL21:2021:35NDLS VSKP AP SPLShow Availability
02807SRC CEN AC SPL13:0513:15SRC CEN AC SPLShow Availability
02808MAS SRC AC EXP14:0514:15MAS SRC AC EXPShow Availability
02821HWH MAS SPL19:5020:00HWH MAS SPLShow Availability
02822MAS HWH SPL1:201:30MAS HWH SPLShow Availability
02835HTE YPR SPL14:3514:45HTE YPR SPLShow Availability
02836YPR HTE FEST SPL20:1020:20YPR HTE FEST SPLShow Availability
02839BBS MAS SPL0:400:50BBS MAS SPLShow Availability
02840MAS BBS FEST SPL16:0016:10MAS BBS FEST SPLShow Availability
02845BBS BNC SPL19:3019:40BBS BNC SPLShow Availability
02846BNC BBS FEST SPL4:154:25BNC BBS FEST SPLShow Availability
02851VSKP NZM SPL14:0514:20VSKP NZM SPLShow Availability
02852VSKP FESTVL SPL8:108:25VSKP FESTVL SPLShow Availability
02859PURI MAS SPL6:256:35PURI MAS SPLShow Availability
02860MAS PURI FESTSPL23:2023:30MAS PURI FESTSPLShow Availability
02863YPR AC SPL4:054:15YPR AC SPLShow Availability
02864YPR HWH EXP22:1022:20YPR HWH EXPShow Availability
02867HWH PDY SPL18:2518:35HWH PDY SPLShow Availability
02868PDY HWH FESTSPL2:252:35PDY HWH FESTSPLShow Availability
02869VSKP MAS SF SPL0:400:50VSKP MAS SF SPLShow Availability
02870MAS VSKP FESTSPL16:0016:10MAS VSKP FESTSPLShow Availability
02873HWH YPR SPL18:0218:12HWH YPR SPLShow Availability
02874YPR HWH FEST SPL22:2022:30YPR HWH FEST SPLShow Availability
02877HWH ERS SPL9:259:35HWH ERS SPLShow Availability
02878ERS HWH FEST SPL17:0017:10ERS HWH FEST SPLShow Availability
02881PUNE BBS SUP SPL3:303:40PUNE BBS SUP SPLShow Availability
02882BBS PUNE SPL9:259:35BBS PUNE SPLShow Availability
02889TATA YPR SPL14:3514:45TATA YPR SPLShow Availability
02890YPR TATA SF SPL20:1020:20YPR TATA SF SPLShow Availability
02967MAS JP SPL23:4523:55MAS JP SPLShow Availability
02968JP CHENNAI SPL1:001:10JP CHENNAI SPLShow Availability
02969CBE JP EXPRESS23:4523:55CBE JP EXPRESSShow Availability
02970JP CBE SUP SPL1:001:10JP CBE SUP SPLShow Availability
02983BNC AGTL SPL21:5022:00BNC AGTL SPLShow Availability
02984AGTL BNC SPECIAL6:557:05AGTL BNC SPECIALShow Availability
03351DHN ALLP SPL15:1015:20DHN ALLP SPLShow Availability
03352ALLP DHN SPL5:155:25ALLP DHN SPLShow Availability
04815TPJ SF HUMSAFAR1:502:00TPJ SF HUMSAFARShow Availability
04816BGKT HUMSAFAR19:5020:00BGKT HUMSAFARShow Availability
05227YPR MFP FESTSPL15:0015:10YPR MFP FESTSPLShow Availability
05228YPR FESTVL SPL19:3019:40YPR FESTVL SPLShow Availability
05487BNC AGTL SPL21:5022:00BNC AGTL SPLShow Availability
05488AGTL BNC SPL6:557:05AGTL BNC SPLShow Availability
05629TBM SHTT SPL1:552:05TBM SHTT SPLShow Availability
05630SHTT TBM SPECIAL11:2011:30SHTT TBM SPECIALShow Availability
05905CAPE DBRG SPL17:4017:50CAPE DBRG SPLShow Availability
05906DBRG CAPE SPL21:0021:10DBRG CAPE SPLShow Availability
05929TBM NTSK SPL1:552:05TBM NTSK SPLShow Availability
05930NTSK TBM SPECIAL11:2011:30NTSK TBM SPECIALShow Availability
06053MDU BKN FESTSPL2:302:45MDU BKN FESTSPLShow Availability
06054MDU FESTIVAL SPL2:302:40MDU FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06067MS JU FEST SPL21:5022:00MS JU FEST SPLShow Availability
06068JU MS SF EXPRESS9:009:10JU MS SF EXPRESSShow Availability
06069BSP TEN SPL1:351:45BSP TEN SPLShow Availability
06070TEN BSP FESTSPL2:553:05TEN BSP FESTSPLShow Availability
06093MAS LJN FESTSPL13:3513:40MAS LJN FESTSPLShow Availability
06094LJN MAS SPL20:5021:00LJN MAS SPLShow Availability
06151MAS NZM SPL11:3011:40MAS NZM SPLShow Availability
06152MAS G RATH SPL14:2014:30MAS G RATH SPLShow Availability
06155MDU NZM SPL15:4515:55MDU NZM SPLShow Availability
06156NZM MDU SPL8:408:50NZM MDU SPLShow Availability
06167TVC NZM SF SPL14:0714:20TVC NZM SF SPLShow Availability
06168NZM TVC SF SPL8:108:20NZM TVC SF SPLShow Availability
06169PRR VM SPL7:057:15PRR VM SPLShow Availability
06170VM PRR SPL23:2023:30VM PRR SPLShow Availability
06177KGP VM SF SPL7:057:15KGP VM SF SPLShow Availability
06178VM KGP SPL23:2023:30VM KGP SPLShow Availability
06317CAPE SVDK EXP15:1515:25CAPE SVDK EXPShow Availability
06318SVDK CAPE SPL20:4020:45SVDK CAPE SPLShow Availability
06359ERS PNBE SPL19:5020:00ERS PNBE SPLShow Availability
06360PNBE ERS SF SPL1:502:00PNBE ERS SF SPLShow Availability
06597YPR HWH SPL21:5022:00YPR HWH SPLShow Availability
06598HWH YPR SPL7:057:15HWH YPR SPLShow Availability
06787TEN SVDK SPL15:1515:25TEN SVDK SPLShow Availability
06788SVDK TEN SPL20:5121:00SVDK TEN SPLShow Availability
06863BGKT MQ SPL1:502:00BGKT MQ SPLShow Availability
06864MQ BGKT SPL2:352:45MQ BGKT SPLShow Availability
07015BBS SC SPL23:550:10BBS SC SPLShow Availability
07016SC BBS SPL22:2022:40SC BBS SPLShow Availability
07201GNT SC SPL6:456:50GNT SC SPLShow Availability
07202SC GNT SPL19:4019:50SC GNT SPLShow Availability
07203BVC COA SPECIAL14:0514:15BVC COA SPECIALShow Availability
07204COA BVC SPL8:488:50COA BVC SPLShow Availability
07205SNSI COA SPL14:5015:10SNSI COA SPLShow Availability
07206COA SNSI SPL9:5010:05COA SNSI SPLShow Availability
07209CCT SBC SPL22:3522:50CCT SBC SPLShow Availability
07210SBC CCT FEST SPL0:050:20SBC CCT FEST SPLShow Availability
07211MTM YPR SPL17:2017:35MTM YPR SPLShow Availability
07212YPR MTM EXP4:505:00YPR MTM EXPShow Availability
07221COA LTT SPL12:4012:50COA LTT SPLShow Availability
07222LTT COA SPECIAL9:259:35LTT COA SPECIALShow Availability
07239GNT VSKP SPL8:559:00GNT VSKP SPLShow Availability
07240GNT FESTVL SPL13:5013:55GNT FESTVL SPLShow Availability
07243GNT RGDA SPL23:550:05GNT RGDA SPLShow Availability
07244RGDA GNT SPL2:352:45RGDA GNT SPLShow Availability
07247NS DMM SPL21:1021:20NS DMM SPLShow Availability
07248DMM NS SPL1:151:25DMM NS SPLShow Availability
07249CCT TPTY SPL19:2019:30CCT TPTY SPLShow Availability
07250TPTY CCT SPL6:006:05TPTY CCT SPLShow Availability
07405TPTY ADB SPL13:0013:10TPTY ADB SPLShow Availability
07406ADB TPTY SPL12:5013:00ADB TPTY SPLShow Availability
07479TPTY PURI SPL18:2018:30TPTY PURI SPLShow Availability
07480TPTY FESTVL SPL10:4011:00TPTY FESTVL SPLShow Availability
07487HX VSKP SPL2:402:50HX VSKP SPLShow Availability
07488VSKP HX SPECIAL20:1520:25VSKP HX SPECIALShow Availability
08117HWH MYS SPL11:2011:30HWH MYS SPLShow Availability
08118MYS HWH SPL14:0514:15MYS HWH SPLShow Availability
08189TATA ERS SPL3:454:00TATA ERS SPLShow Availability
08190ERS TATA SPL3:103:30ERS TATA SPLShow Availability
08227BSP ERS S F SPL1:351:45BSP ERS S F SPLShow Availability
08228ERS BSP EXP2:553:05ERS BSP EXPShow Availability
08231BSP MAS SF SPL0:350:45BSP MAS SF SPLShow Availability
08232MAS BSP EXP21:5522:00MAS BSP EXPShow Availability
08401PURI OKHA SPL23:3523:50PURI OKHA SPLShow Availability
08402OKHA KUR SPL4:004:15OKHA KUR SPLShow Availability
08463BBS SBC SPL19:1519:25BBS SBC SPLShow Availability
08464SBC BBS EXP5:005:10SBC BBS EXPShow Availability
08479BBS TPTY SPL0:501:00BBS TPTY SPLShow Availability
08480TPTY BBS SPL16:0016:10TPTY BBS SPLShow Availability
08495RMM BBS FESTSPL4:454:55RMM BBS FESTSPLShow Availability
08496BBS RMM SPL0:551:00BBS RMM SPLShow Availability
08501VSKP GIMB SPL23:3523:50VSKP GIMB SPLShow Availability
08502FESTIVAL SPL4:004:15FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
08505VSKP SNSI SPL14:0014:15VSKP SNSI SPLShow Availability
08506SNSI VSKP SPL14:5515:10SNSI VSKP SPLShow Availability
08519VSKP LTT SPL6:457:00VSKP LTT SPLShow Availability
08520LTT VSKP EXP2:302:45LTT VSKP EXPShow Availability
08567VSKP QLN SPL13:0513:15VSKP QLN SPLShow Availability
08568QLN VSKP SPL17:0017:10QLN VSKP SPLShow Availability
08637HTE BNC SPL14:3514:45HTE BNC SPLShow Availability
08638BNC HTE SPL13:3013:40BNC HTE SPLShow Availability
18646EAST COAST EXP14:1014:25EAST COAST EXPShow Availability
05119BSBS FEST SPL13:3513:40BSBS FEST SPLShow Availability
07455NS SC SPL21:4022:00NS SC SPLShow Availability
08581BPQ CAF PASS4:505:00BPQ CAF PASSShow Availability
08582CAF BPQ SPL4:204:30CAF BPQ SPLShow Availability
02763TPTY SC SPL23:1523:20TPTY SC SPLShow Availability
02764SC TPTY SPL00:1000:20SC TPTY SPLShow Availability
02986JP DOUBLE DCKER06:5507:05JP DOUBLE DCKERShow Availability
02987SDAH AJMER SPL21:5022:00SDAH AJMER SPLShow Availability
07612CSMT NED SPL06:4006:50CSMT NED SPLShow Availability
07613NED FESTIVAL SPL00:5001:00NED FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
15905DBRG VIVEK EXP17:4017:50DBRG VIVEK EXPShow Availability
15906VIVEK EXPRESS21:0021:10VIVEK EXPRESSShow Availability
03254SMVB DNR SPL21:1021:20SMVB DNR SPLShow Availability
05555DBG ERS SPL10:1510:25DBG ERS SPLShow Availability
05556ERS DBG SPL17:0017:10ERS DBG SPLShow Availability
07067MTM KRNT SPL18:5519:05MTM KRNT SPLShow Availability
07068KRNT MTM SPL04:5005:00KRNT MTM SPLShow Availability
07119NS KTYM SPL08:1008:20NS KTYM SPLShow Availability
07120KTYM NS SPL10:4010:50KTYM NS SPLShow Availability
07121SC QLN SPL21:0521:15SC QLN SPLShow Availability
07122QLN SC SPL01:4501:55QLN SC SPLShow Availability
07123SC QLN SPL21:0521:15SC QLN SPLShow Availability
07124QLN SC SPECIAL02:4502:55QLN SC SPECIALShow Availability
07131NS QLN SPL20:4020:45NS QLN SPLShow Availability
07132QLN NS SPL17:4017:50QLN NS SPLShow Availability
07607PAU TPTY SF SPL00:5001:00PAU TPTY SF SPLShow Availability
07608TPTY PAU SF SPL01:4501:55TPTY PAU SF SPLShow Availability
08645HTE ERS SPL03:4504:00HTE ERS SPLShow Availability
08646ERS HTE SPL03:1003:30ERS HTE SPLShow Availability
02809BBS TPTY SPL02.2002.10BBS TPTY SPLShow Availability
02810TPTY BBS SF SPL02.0501.55TPTY BBS SF SPLShow Availability
07653HYB PAU SPL03.4003.30HYB PAU SPLShow Availability
07654PAU HYB SPL22.0021.40PAU HYB SPLShow Availability
08311SBP MUV SPL04.0003.45SBP MUV SPLShow Availability
08312SBP FESTIVAL SPL03.3003.10SBP FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
08585VSKP MBNR SPL23.1023.00VSKP MBNR SPLShow Availability
08586MBNR VSKP SPL03.5503.45MBNR VSKP SPLShow Availability
03241BANKA RJPB SPL00.0500.15BANKA RJPB SPLShow Availability
03242RJPB BANKA SPL13.4013.50RJPB BANKA SPLShow Availability
03245NJP RJPB SPECIAL00.0500.15NJP RJPB SPECIALShow Availability
03246RJPB NJP SPL13.4013.50RJPB NJP SPLShow Availability
03247KYQ RJPB SPECIAL00.0500.15KYQ RJPB SPECIALShow Availability
03248RJPB KYQ SPL13.4013.50RJPB KYQ SPLShow Availability
03251PPTA YPR SPL00.0500.15PPTA YPR SPLShow Availability
03252YPRPPTA FEST SPL13.4013.50YPRPPTA FEST SPLShow Availability
03259PNBE CSMT SPL00.0500.15PNBE CSMT SPLShow Availability
03260FESTIVAL SF SPL13.4013.50FESTIVAL SF SPLShow Availability
03357BJU CBE SPL11.2011.30BJU CBE SPLShow Availability
03358CBE BJU SPL16.0016.10CBE BJU SPLShow Availability
06509SBCDNR HUMSAFAR21.1021.20SBCDNR HUMSAFARShow Availability
06510DNR SBC SPL03.3503.45DNR SBC SPLShow Availability
07029AGTL SC SPECIAL08.2008.30AGTL SC SPECIALShow Availability
07030SC AGTL SPL22.0522.15SC AGTL SPLShow Availability
07046SC DBRG SPL17.2017.30SC DBRG SPLShow Availability
07047DBRG SC SPECIAL08.0008.10DBRG SC SPECIALShow Availability
07091KZJ TPTY SPL14.5515.05KZJ TPTY SPLShow Availability
07092TPTY KZJ SPL06.0006.10TPTY KZJ SPLShow Availability
07095MTM TPTY SPL19.1019.20MTM TPTY SPLShow Availability
07096TPTY MTM SPL03.1003.20TPTY MTM SPLShow Availability
07153NS SMVB SPL19.1019.20NS SMVB SPLShow Availability
07154SMVB NS SPL00.1000.20SMVB NS SPLShow Availability
07185MTM SC SPL17.0017.15MTM SC SPLShow Availability
07186SC MTM SPL05.5006.05SC MTM SPLShow Availability
07445CCT LPI SPL00.5001.00CCT LPI SPLShow Availability
07446LPI CCT SPL00.2000.30LPI CCT SPLShow Availability
07481TPTY SC SF SPL01.5002.00TPTY SC SF SPLShow Availability
07482SC TPTY SF SPL00.1000.20SC TPTY SF SPLShow Availability
07631HYB NS SPL05.3805.40HYB NS SPLShow Availability
07632NS HYB SPL23.2023.30NS HYB SPLShow Availability
08543VSKP BNC SF SPL22.5023.00VSKP BNC SF SPLShow Availability
08544BNC VSKP SPL04.4504.55BNC VSKP SPLShow Availability
08579VSKP SC SPECIAL02.1002.20VSKP SC SPECIALShow Availability
08580SC VSKP SPL00.4500.55SC VSKP SPLShow Availability
08583VSKP TPTY SPL00.5001.00VSKP TPTY SPLShow Availability
08584TPTY VSKP SPL03.1003.12TPTY VSKP SPLShow Availability
09715DKBJ TPTY SF SPL01.5002.00DKBJ TPTY SF SPLShow Availability
09716TPTY DKBJ SF SPL21.5522.00TPTY DKBJ SF SPLShow Availability
11019KONARK EXPRESS09.2509.35KONARK EXPRESSShow Availability
11020KONARK EXPRESS04.5005.05KONARK EXPRESSShow Availability
12245SMVB DURONTO EXP04.1504.25SMVB DURONTO EXPShow Availability
12246DURONTO EXPRESS22.1022.20DURONTO EXPRESSShow Availability
12253ANGA EXP02.0002.10ANGA EXPShow Availability
12254ANGA EXPRESS18.4518.55ANGA EXPRESSShow Availability
12269MAS NZM DURONTO12.1012.20MAS NZM DURONTOShow Availability
12270MAS DURONTO EXP14.3014.40MAS DURONTO EXPShow Availability
12295SANGHAMITRA EXP21.4021.50SANGHAMITRA EXPShow Availability
12296SANGHA MITRA EX03.0003.10SANGHA MITRA EXShow Availability
12375TBM JSME EXP20.3520.45TBM JSME EXPShow Availability
12376JSME TBM EXP14.4014.50JSME TBM EXPShow Availability
12389GAYA MAS EXPRES09.1009.20GAYA MAS EXPRESShow Availability
12390MAS GAYA EXP15.5016.00MAS GAYA EXPShow Availability
12433MAS NZM RAJDHANI11.4011.50MAS NZM RAJDHANIShow Availability
12434NZM MAS RAJDHANI14.3014.40NZM MAS RAJDHANIShow Availability
12503AGTL HUMSAFAR22.0022.10AGTL HUMSAFARShow Availability
12504HUMSAFAR EXP07.1007.20HUMSAFAR EXPShow Availability
12507ARONAI EXPRESS16.0016.10ARONAI EXPRESSShow Availability
12508SCL TVC EXPRESS20.3020.40SCL TVC EXPRESSShow Availability
12509GUWAHATI EXP13.0513.15GUWAHATI EXPShow Availability
12510GHY SMVB EXP20.3020.40GHY SMVB EXPShow Availability
12511RAPTISAGAR EXP15.2015.30RAPTISAGAR EXPShow Availability
12512RAPTISAGAR EXP05.5006.00RAPTISAGAR EXPShow Availability
12513SC GHY EXPRESS22.2022.30SC GHY EXPRESSShow Availability
12514GHY SC EXPRESS20.3020.40GHY SC EXPRESSShow Availability
12515CBE SCL EXP13.0513.15CBE SCL EXPShow Availability
12516SCL CBE EXPRESS20.3020.40SCL CBE EXPRESSShow Availability
12521RAPTI SAGAR EXP15.2015.30RAPTI SAGAR EXPShow Availability
12522RAPTISAGAR EXP05.5006.00RAPTISAGAR EXPShow Availability
12539YPR LKO EXP02.3502.45YPR LKO EXPShow Availability
12540LKO YPR EXP02.0502.15LKO YPR EXPShow Availability
12551SMVB KYQ AC EXP21.5022.00SMVB KYQ AC EXPShow Availability
12552KYQ SMVB AC EXP04.1504.25KYQ SMVB AC EXPShow Availability
12577BAGMATI EXP04.0004.10BAGMATI EXPShow Availability
12578BAGMATI EXP02.3002.45BAGMATI EXPShow Availability
12611NZM GARIBRATH11.4011.50NZM GARIBRATHShow Availability
12612MAS GARIB RATH14.3014.40MAS GARIB RATHShow Availability
12615GRAND TRUNK EXP00.5501.05GRAND TRUNK EXPShow Availability
12616GRAND TRUNK EXP21.3521.45GRAND TRUNK EXPShow Availability
12621TAMILNADU SF EXP03.5504.05TAMILNADU SF EXPShow Availability
12622TAMILNADU EXP23.1523.25TAMILNADU EXPShow Availability
12625KERALA EXPRESS11.0011.10KERALA EXPRESSShow Availability
12626KERALA EXPRESS22.1522.25KERALA EXPRESSShow Availability
12641TIRUKKURAL EXP15.4015.50TIRUKKURAL EXPShow Availability
12642NZM CAPE SF EXP08.4008.50NZM CAPE SF EXPShow Availability
12643TVC NZM EXPRESS14.1514.25TVC NZM EXPRESSShow Availability
12644SWRN JAYNTI EXP08.1008.20SWRN JAYNTI EXPShow Availability
12645MILLENNIUM EXP14.1514.25MILLENNIUM EXPShow Availability
12646MILLENIUM EXP08.1008.20MILLENIUM EXPShow Availability
12651NZM S KRNTI EXP15.4015.50NZM S KRNTI EXPShow Availability
12652SMPARK KRNT EXP08.4008.50SMPARK KRNT EXPShow Availability
12655NAVJEEVAN EXP21.4521.55NAVJEEVAN EXPShow Availability
12656NAVAJIVAN SF EXP16.4016.50NAVAJIVAN SF EXPShow Availability
12659GURUDEV EXPRESS15.2015.30GURUDEV EXPRESSShow Availability
12660GURUDEV EXP19.5020.00GURUDEV EXPShow Availability
12663HWH TPJ SUF EXP13.0513.15HWH TPJ SUF EXPShow Availability
12664TPJ HWH EXPRESS02.1002.20TPJ HWH EXPRESSShow Availability
12665HWH CAPE SF EXP11.5012.00HWH CAPE SF EXPShow Availability
12666CAPE HWH EXP02.1002.20CAPE HWH EXPShow Availability
12669GANGAKAVERI EXP00.0500.15GANGAKAVERI EXPShow Availability
12670GANGAKAVERI EXP05.1505.25GANGAKAVERI EXPShow Availability
12687MDU CDG EXPRESS16.0016.10MDU CDG EXPRESSShow Availability
12688CDG MDU SF EXP20.4020.50CDG MDU SF EXPShow Availability
12703FALAKNUMA EXP04.0504.15FALAKNUMA EXPShow Availability
12704FALAKNUMA EXP21.4021.45FALAKNUMA EXPShow Availability
12705SC INTERCITY16.2516.30SC INTERCITYShow Availability
12706GNT INTERCITY13.2013.25GNT INTERCITYShow Availability
12709SIMHAPURI EXP23.0023.10SIMHAPURI EXPShow Availability
12710SIMHAPURI EXP04.3004.40SIMHAPURI EXPShow Availability
12727GODAVARI EXPRES23.3023.45GODAVARI EXPRESShow Availability
12728GODAVARI EXPRES22.5023.05GODAVARI EXPRESShow Availability
12739GARIB RATH02.0502.20GARIB RATHShow Availability
12740GARIBRATH EXP01.4501.55GARIBRATH EXPShow Availability
12749MTM BIDR SF EXP22.2522.35MTM BIDR SF EXPShow Availability
12750BIDR MTM SF EXP04.1504.30BIDR MTM SF EXPShow Availability
12755COA BVC SF EXP08.4008.50COA BVC SF EXPShow Availability
12756BVC COA SF EXP13.0513.15BVC COA SF EXPShow Availability
12759CHARMINAR EXP01.1001.20CHARMINAR EXPShow Availability
12760CHARMINAR EXP00.0500.15CHARMINAR EXPShow Availability
12761TPTY KRMR EXP01.5002.00TPTY KRMR EXPShow Availability
12762KRMR TPTY EXP01.1501.25KRMR TPTY EXPShow Availability
12763PADMAVATHI EXP23.1523.25PADMAVATHI EXPShow Availability
12764PADMAVATHI EXP00.1500.25PADMAVATHI EXPShow Availability
12783VSKP SC AC EXP00.5501.05VSKP SC AC EXPShow Availability
12784VSKP AC SF EXP03.2503.35VSKP AC SF EXPShow Availability
12787NS NSL SF EXP13.5014.05NS NSL SF EXPShow Availability
12788NSL NS SF EXP05.3505.50NSL NS SF EXPShow Availability
12803SWARNA JAYANTHI14.0014.15SWARNA JAYANTHIShow Availability
12804VSKP S JYANTI08.1508.30VSKP S JYANTIShow Availability
12805JANMABHOOMI EXP12.1012.15JANMABHOOMI EXPShow Availability
12806JANMABHOOMI EXP13.2513.35JANMABHOOMI EXPShow Availability
12829MAS BBS EXPRESS16.2016.30MAS BBS EXPRESSShow Availability
12830BBS MAS S F00.5501.05BBS MAS S FShow Availability
12835HTE SMVB EXP14.4014.50HTE SMVB EXPShow Availability
12836SMVB HATIA EXP20.3520.45SMVB HATIA EXPShow Availability
12839CHENNAI MAIL20.1020.20CHENNAI MAILShow Availability
12840MAS HWH MAIL01.2501.35MAS HWH MAILShow Availability
12841COROMANDAL EXP10.1010.20COROMANDAL EXPShow Availability
12842COROMANDEL EXP13.4013.50COROMANDEL EXPShow Availability
12845BBS SMVB S F19.5020.00BBS SMVB S FShow Availability
12846BHUBANESWAR EXP04.1504.25BHUBANESWAR EXPShow Availability
12851BSP MAS SF EXP00.3000.40BSP MAS SF EXPShow Availability
12852MAS BSP EXPRESS22.0522.10MAS BSP EXPRESSShow Availability
12863HWH SMVB EXP18.1018.20HWH SMVB EXPShow Availability
12864SMVB HOWRAH EXP22.4022.50SMVB HOWRAH EXPShow Availability
12867HWH PDY SUF EXP18.4518.55HWH PDY SUF EXPShow Availability
12868PDY HOWRAH EXP02.0002.10PDY HOWRAH EXPShow Availability
12889TATA SMVB SF EX14.4014.50TATA SMVB SF EXShow Availability
12890SMVB TATA EXP20.3520.45SMVB TATA EXPShow Availability
12897PDY BBS EXPRESS04.5005.00PDY BBS EXPRESSShow Availability
12898BBS PDYS S F00.5501.05BBS PDYS S FShow Availability
12967MAS JAIPUR EXP00.0500.15MAS JAIPUR EXPShow Availability
12968JP CHENNAI EXP01.1501.25JP CHENNAI EXPShow Availability
12969CBE JAIPUR EXP00.0500.15CBE JAIPUR EXPShow Availability
12970JAIPUR CBE EXP01.1501.25JAIPUR CBE EXPShow Availability
13351DHN ALAPPUZHA E15.1015.20DHN ALAPPUZHA EShow Availability
13352ALLP DHN EXPRES05.3505.45ALLP DHN EXPRESShow Availability
15227MUZAFFARPUR EXP14.0014.10MUZAFFARPUR EXPShow Availability
15228MFP SMVB EXP19.5020.00MFP SMVB EXPShow Availability
15629NAGAON EXPRESS02.1002.20NAGAON EXPRESSShow Availability
15630NAGAON EXPRESS11.5012.00NAGAON EXPRESSShow Availability
15929TBM NTSK EXP02.1002.20TBM NTSK EXPShow Availability
15930NTSK TBM EXP11.5012.00NTSK TBM EXPShow Availability
16031ANDAMAN EXPRESS13.3013.40ANDAMAN EXPRESSShow Availability
16032ANDAMAN EXPRESS20.5521.05ANDAMAN EXPRESSShow Availability
16093MAS LJN EXPRESS13.3513.40MAS LJN EXPRESSShow Availability
16094LJN MAS EXPRESS20.5521.05LJN MAS EXPRESSShow Availability
16317HIMSAGAR EXP15.2015.30HIMSAGAR EXPShow Availability
16318HIMSAGAR EXP20.4520.50HIMSAGAR EXPShow Availability
16787TEN SVDK EXPRES15.2015.30TEN SVDK EXPRESShow Availability
16788NAVYUG EXPRESS20.5621.05NAVYUG EXPRESSShow Availability
17015VISAKHA EXPRESS00.1000.20VISAKHA EXPRESSShow Availability
17016VISAKHA EXP22.5023.00VISAKHA EXPShow Availability
17201GOLCONDA EXP06.5507.00GOLCONDA EXPShow Availability
17202GOLCONDA EXP19.3519.45GOLCONDA EXPShow Availability
17205SNSI COA EXPRESS15.0015.20SNSI COA EXPRESSShow Availability
17206COA SNSI EXP10.0010.15COA SNSI EXPShow Availability
17209SESHADRI EXP00.3500.45SESHADRI EXPShow Availability
17210SESHADRI EXP22.4022.55SESHADRI EXPShow Availability
17211KONDAVEEDU EXP17.2517.35KONDAVEEDU EXPShow Availability
17212KONDAVEEDU EXP04.4504.55KONDAVEEDU EXPShow Availability
17215MTM DMM EXP21.3021.40MTM DMM EXPShow Availability
17216DMM MTM EXP06.2006.30DMM MTM EXPShow Availability
17221COA LTT EXPRESS12.3512.45COA LTT EXPRESSShow Availability
17222LTT COA EXPRESS09.4009.50LTT COA EXPRESSShow Availability
17231NS NSL EXP13.5014.05NS NSL EXPShow Availability
17232NSL NS EXP05.5506.05NSL NS EXPShow Availability
17239SIMHADRI EXP08.5509.00SIMHADRI EXPShow Availability
17240SIMAHADRI EXPRE14.2014.25SIMAHADRI EXPREShow Availability
17243GNT RGDA EXP00.1500.20GNT RGDA EXPShow Availability
17244RGDA GNT EXPRE03.1003.20RGDA GNT EXPREShow Availability
17247NS DMM EXP21.0021.10NS DMM EXPShow Availability
17248DMM NS EXP01.4001.50DMM NS EXPShow Availability
17249TPTY CCT EXP06.5507.00TPTY CCT EXPShow Availability
17250CCT TPTY EXP19.5520.05CCT TPTY EXPShow Availability
17255NS LPI EXP22.0022.10NS LPI EXPShow Availability
17256NARASAPUR EXP04.0504.15NARASAPUR EXPShow Availability
17405KRISHNA EXPRESS13.1513.25KRISHNA EXPRESSShow Availability
17406KRISHNA EXPRESS12.5513.05KRISHNA EXPRESSShow Availability
17479PURI TPTY EXPRE13.2513.35PURI TPTY EXPREShow Availability
17480TPTY PURI EXP18.2518.35TPTY PURI EXPShow Availability
17481BSP TPTY EXP13.2513.35BSP TPTY EXPShow Availability
17482TPTY BSP EXP18.2518.35TPTY BSP EXPShow Availability
17487TIRUMALA EXP03.0503.15TIRUMALA EXPShow Availability
17488TIRUMALA EXP20.1520.25TIRUMALA EXPShow Availability
17643CIRCAR EXPRESS02.2002.35CIRCAR EXPRESSShow Availability
17644CIRCAR EXPRESS20.1520.30CIRCAR EXPRESSShow Availability
18045EAST COAST EXP10.4511.00EAST COAST EXPShow Availability
18046EAST COAST EXP14.3014.45EAST COAST EXPShow Availability
18047AMARAVATI EXP18.4018.50AMARAVATI EXPShow Availability
18048VSG SHM EXP02.4502.55VSG SHM EXPShow Availability
18111TATA YPR EXP14.3514.50TATA YPR EXPShow Availability
18112YPR TATA EXP12.2512.40YPR TATA EXPShow Availability
18189TATA ERS EXP03.4003.50TATA ERS EXPShow Availability
18190ERS TATA EXP03.3003.40ERS TATA EXPShow Availability
18463PRASHANTHI EXPR19.2519.35PRASHANTHI EXPRShow Availability
18464PRASHANTHI EXP05.0005.10PRASHANTHI EXPShow Availability
18503VSKP SNSI EXP14.0514.15VSKP SNSI EXPShow Availability
18504SNSI VSKP EXP15.0515.20SNSI VSKP EXPShow Availability
18519VSKP LTT EXPRES06.5507.10VSKP LTT EXPRESShow Availability
18520LTT VSKP EXPRESS02.4503.00LTT VSKP EXPRESSShow Availability
18567VSKP QLN EXP13.0513.15VSKP QLN EXPShow Availability
18568QLN VSKP EXPRES17.1517.25QLN VSKP EXPRESShow Availability
18637HTE SMVB EXP14.4014.50HTE SMVB EXPShow Availability
18638SMVB HTE EXP13.5014.00SMVB HTE EXPShow Availability
20481TPJ SF HUMSAFAR02.0502.15TPJ SF HUMSAFARShow Availability
20482BGKT HUMSAFAR20.1020.20BGKT HUMSAFARShow Availability
20803VSKP GIMB SF23.4023.55VSKP GIMB SFShow Availability
20804GIMB VSKP SF EX04.0504.20GIMB VSKP SF EXShow Availability
20805AP EXPRESS03.4003.55AP EXPRESSShow Availability
20806AP EXPRESS21.1521.30AP EXPRESSShow Availability
20819PURI OKHA SF23.4023.55PURI OKHA SFShow Availability
20820OKHA PURI EXP04.0504.20OKHA PURI EXPShow Availability
20833VANDE BHARAT EXP09.5009.55VANDE BHARAT EXPShow Availability
20834VANDE BHARAT EX19.0019.05VANDE BHARAT EXShow Availability
20889TPTY HUMSAFR EX07.3007.40TPTY HUMSAFR EXShow Availability
20890HWH HUMSAFAR SF22.0022.10HWH HUMSAFAR SFShow Availability
20895RMM BBS EXPRESS04.5005.00RMM BBS EXPRESSShow Availability
20896BBS RMM SF01.2001.25BBS RMM SFShow Availability
20973RMM HUMSAFAR SF02.2502.35RMM HUMSAFAR SFShow Availability
20974FZR HUMSAFAR15.4015.50FZR HUMSAFARShow Availability
22203DURONTO EXPRESS00.4000.50DURONTO EXPRESSShow Availability
22204VSKP DURONTO01.0001.10VSKP DURONTOShow Availability
22305SMVB JSME EXP23.2523.35SMVB JSME EXPShow Availability
22306JSME SMVT EXP07.1007.20JSME SMVT EXPShow Availability
22351PPTA SMVB EXP04.0004.10PPTA SMVB EXPShow Availability
22352PATLIPUTRA EXP02.3502.45PATLIPUTRA EXPShow Availability
22353HUMSAFAR EXP04.0004.10HUMSAFAR EXPShow Availability
22354HUMSAFAR EXP02.3502.45HUMSAFAR EXPShow Availability
22403PDY NDLS EXP20.1020.20PDY NDLS EXPShow Availability
22404NDLS PDY SF EXP02.0502.15NDLS PDY SF EXPShow Availability
22501NEWTINSUKIA EXP16.0016.10NEWTINSUKIA EXPShow Availability
22502NTSK SMVB EXP20.3020.40NTSK SMVB EXPShow Availability
22503DBRG VIVEK EXP17.5018.00DBRG VIVEK EXPShow Availability
22504VIVEK EXPRESS21.0021.10VIVEK EXPRESSShow Availability
22535RMM BSBS EXP20.1020.20RMM BSBS EXPShow Availability
22536BSBS RMM EXP00.3000.40BSBS RMM EXPShow Availability
22603KGP VM SF EXP07.3007.40KGP VM SF EXPShow Availability
22604VM KGP EXPRESS23.2523.35VM KGP EXPRESSShow Availability
22605PRR VM SF EXP07.3007.40PRR VM SF EXPShow Availability
22606VM PRR EXPRESS23.2523.35VM PRR EXPRESSShow Availability
22611MAS NJP EXPRESS17.1517.25MAS NJP EXPRESSShow Availability
22612NJP MAS EXPRESS07.1007.20NJP MAS EXPRESSShow Availability
22613RMM AYC EXPRESS20.1020.20RMM AYC EXPRESSShow Availability
22614AYC RMM EXPRESS05.5506.05AYC RMM EXPRESSShow Availability
22619BSP TEN SF EXP01.5002.00BSP TEN SF EXPShow Availability
22620TEN BSP EXPRESS03.1503.25TEN BSP EXPRESSShow Availability
22631ANUVRAT EXPRESS02.5003.05ANUVRAT EXPRESSShow Availability
22632BKN MDU SF EXP02.2502.35BKN MDU SF EXPShow Availability
22641SHALIMAR EXP16.0016.10SHALIMAR EXPShow Availability
22642SHM TVC SUF EXP19.5020.00SHM TVC SUF EXPShow Availability
22643PATNA EXPRESS13.0513.15PATNA EXPRESSShow Availability
22644PNBE ERS EXP19.5020.00PNBE ERS EXPShow Availability
22645INDB KCVL SF EXP15.2015.30INDB KCVL SF EXPShow Availability
22646AHILYANAGARI EX05.5506.00AHILYANAGARI EXShow Availability
22647KRBA KCVL EXP15.2015.30KRBA KCVL EXPShow Availability
22648KCVL KRBA EXP05.5006.00KCVL KRBA EXPShow Availability
22663MS JODHPUR EXP22.0022.10MS JODHPUR EXPShow Availability
22664JU MS SF EXPRESS09.1009.20JU MS SF EXPRESSShow Availability
22669ERS PNBE EXP20.1020.20ERS PNBE EXPShow Availability
22670PNBE ERS EXPRES01.5002.00PNBE ERS EXPRESShow Availability
22673BGKT MQ SF EXP02.0502.15BGKT MQ SF EXPShow Availability
22674MQ BGKT EXPRESS02.5503.05MQ BGKT EXPRESSShow Availability
22707DOUBLE DECKER04.5505.05DOUBLE DECKERShow Availability
22708TPTY VSKP DD EX04.2504.35TPTY VSKP DD EXShow Availability
22801VSKP MAS S F00.5501.05VSKP MAS S FShow Availability
22802MAS VSKP EXP16.2016.30MAS VSKP EXPShow Availability
22807MAS SUF AC EXP13.0513.15MAS SUF AC EXPShow Availability
22808MAS SRC AC EXP14.3014.40MAS SRC AC EXPShow Availability
22815BSP ERS SF EXP01.5002.00BSP ERS SF EXPShow Availability
22816ERS BSP EXPRESS03.1503.25ERS BSP EXPRESSShow Availability
22817HWH MYS EXP11.5012.00HWH MYS EXPShow Availability
22818MYS HOWRAH EXP14.3014.40MYS HOWRAH EXPShow Availability
22825SHM MAS SF EXP07.1007.20SHM MAS SF EXPShow Availability
22826MAS SHM EXPRESS02.1002.20MAS SHM EXPRESSShow Availability
22831HWH SSPN SF EXP09.4009.50HWH SSPN SF EXPShow Availability
22832SSPN HWH EXP18.1018.20SSPN HWH EXPShow Availability
22833HUMSAFAR EXPRES00.5501.05HUMSAFAR EXPRESShow Availability
22834BBS HUMSAFAR04.1504.25BBS HUMSAFARShow Availability
22837DHARTI ABBA EXP14.4014.50DHARTI ABBA EXPShow Availability
22838DHARTI AABA EXP17.1517.25DHARTI AABA EXPShow Availability
22851MAQ VIVEK SF EXP09.3009.40MAQ VIVEK SF EXPShow Availability
22852SRC VIVEK EXP20.3520.45SRC VIVEK EXPShow Availability
22855SRC TPTY SF EXP09.3009.40SRC TPTY SF EXPShow Availability
22856TPTY SRC SF EXP02.0002.10TPTY SRC SF EXPShow Availability
22859PURI MAS S F06.4006.50PURI MAS S FShow Availability
22860MAS PURI EXP23.2523.35MAS PURI EXPShow Availability
22863SMVB SF AC EXP04.1504.25SMVB SF AC EXPShow Availability
22864SMVB HWH AC EXP22.1022.20SMVB HWH AC EXPShow Availability
22869VSKP MAS S F00.5501.05VSKP MAS S FShow Availability
22870MAS VSKP EXP16.2016.30MAS VSKP EXPShow Availability
22871BBS TPTY S F01.2501.35BBS TPTY S FShow Availability
22872TPTY BBS SF EXP16.2016.30TPTY BBS SF EXPShow Availability
22877HWH ERS SUF EXP09.2509.35HWH ERS SUF EXPShow Availability
22878ANTYODAYA EXP17.0017.10ANTYODAYA EXPShow Availability
22879BBS TPTY SF01.2501.35BBS TPTY SFShow Availability
22880TPTY BBS SF EXP16.2016.30TPTY BBS SF EXPShow Availability
22881PUNE BBS SF EXP03.2503.35PUNE BBS SF EXPShow Availability
22882BBS PUNE S F09.4009.50BBS PUNE S FShow Availability
22883GARIB RATH04.5505.05GARIB RATHShow Availability
22884GARIBRATH EXP13.1513.25GARIBRATH EXPShow Availability
22887SMVB HUMSAFAR07.3007.40SMVB HUMSAFARShow Availability
22888HWH HUMSAFAR22.0022.10HWH HUMSAFARShow Availability
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Trains Terminates from Vijayawada Jn Railway Station | (BZA)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02077MAS BZA SPL14:50DestinationMAS BZA SPLShow Availability
02712MAS BZA SPL21:10DestinationMAS BZA SPLShow Availability
02717VSKP BZA SPL19:10DestinationVSKP BZA SPLShow Availability
02743GDR BZA SPL10:40DestinationGDR BZA SPLShow Availability
02796LPI BZA SPL10:30DestinationLPI BZA SPLShow Availability
02800SC BZA SPL22:15DestinationSC BZA SPLShow Availability
07208BZA FESTIVAL SPL15:15DestinationBZA FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
07216DMM BZA SPL6:50DestinationDMM BZA SPLShow Availability
07226UBL BZA FEST SPL5:40DestinationUBL BZA FEST SPLShow Availability
07456SC BZA SPL5:50DestinationSC BZA SPLShow Availability
07460RJY-BZA07.55DestinationRJY-BZAShow Availability
07576OGL-BZA18.50DestinationOGL-BZAShow Availability
07630TEL-BZA16.20DestinationTEL-BZAShow Availability
07699NSL BZA SPL17.50DestinationNSL BZA SPLShow Availability
12077BZA JANSHATABDI14.55DestinationBZA JANSHATABDIShow Availability
12712PINAKINI EXP21.35DestinationPINAKINI EXPShow Availability
12714SATAVAHANA EXP22.15DestinationSATAVAHANA EXPShow Availability
12717RATNANCHAL EXP19.15DestinationRATNANCHAL EXPShow Availability
12743VIKRAMSIMHAPURI10.45DestinationVIKRAMSIMHAPURIShow Availability
12796BZA INTERCITY10.30DestinationBZA INTERCITYShow Availability
17207SNSI BZA EXPRESS15.15DestinationSNSI BZA EXPRESSShow Availability
17226AMARAVATHI EXP05.45DestinationAMARAVATHI EXPShow Availability
17282NS GNT EXP10.00DestinationNS GNT EXPShow Availability
17329UBL BZA EXP12.35DestinationUBL BZA EXPShow Availability
20677BZA VANDEBHARAT12.10DestinationBZA VANDEBHARATShow Availability
22701UDAY EXPRESS11.35DestinationUDAY EXPRESSShow Availability
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Vijayawada Jn Bza Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

Trains Originating from Vijayawada Jn Bza Railway Station (station )

Trains Passing from Vijayawada Jn Bza Railway Station (station )