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List of Shatabdi Trains: Routes, Fare, Timetable

Shatabdi express is a superfast passenger train that started operating by Indian Railways in 1988. The Indian Railways include Shatabdi Express in India’s high priority trains and thus offers better services to passengers. The Shatabdi train fares are higher than those of other passenger trains. Unlike several trains, Shatabdi train passengers are welcomed with beverages (tea, coffee, water, juice) and meals on train. Passengers often enjoy watching movies or TV shows via satellite on the 8-inch LCD screens connected to each table.


  • First Shatabdi Express Train service: 14 November 1988
  • Catering facilities: No Pantry car facilities but has onboard catering service.
  • Entertainment facilities: Electric outlets, infotainment system
  • Baggage facilities: Overhead racks, baggage area near the vestibule
  • Class(es): Anubhuti Class, Executive Class(EC), AC Chair Car(CC)
  • Track owner: Indian Railways


What are Shatabdi Express Trains?


The first Shatabdi train, Jhansi Shatabdi Express, started its pioneer journey in November 1988 from New Delhi to Jhansi Junction by Railways Minister Madhavrao Scindia in the memory of the birth centenary of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India.

  1. There are currently 25 pairs of Shatabdi Express trains running on railway tracks between major Indian metros and cities.
  2. They are day-trains, so they return to their source stations on the same day.
  3. Shatabdi Express Trains run on comparatively shorter distances than other fast trains in India, such as Duronto and Rajdhani Express.
  4. Shatabdi Express trains connect Indian metropolitans and cities that are important for tourism, business, or pilgrimage.
  5. The coaches are larger and more comfortable than the other trains.
  6. Since there are no unreserved seats, tickets can be booked two hours before the train departs.

Facts and Facilities of Shatabdi Express Trains



  1. The superfast Shatabdi Express trains are day-trains, so the journeys are completed within a day.
  2. Along with Rajdhani and Duronto Express trains, Shatabdi Express trains are also superfast passenger trains with a maximum speed of 120km/h. They are among the fastest trains in India.
  3. Shatabdi Express Trains are short-distance trains.
  4. The Shatabdi Express trains have fewer stops than mail and passenger trains running on the same routes.
  5. These trains are fully equipped with air-conditioned coaches.
  6. Since Shatabdi trains are for day-travel, they have only seating (chair car seating) layout.
  7. There are only two travel classes in Shatabdi Express trains: AC Chair Car (CC) and Executive Chair Cars (EC). Recently, Indian Railways has started the third type of travel class in a few Shatabdi Express trains, Anubhuti.
  8. Shatabdi train food prices are included in tickets. Depending on the journey duration and the time of boarding of Shatabdi express train, breakfast, lunch, dinner, soup, snacks, coffee/tea, a bottle of water, etc. will be served.
  9. Shatabdi express trains in India are not Unreserved/General (UR/GEN), unlike many other express passenger trains. These trains can only be boarded with advance booking.
  10. Some of the Shatabdi train series have onboard information and entertainment systems that let passengers watch movies and get other information during the journey.
  11. Shatabdi trains are high priority trains of the Indian railway network and are premium superfast trains.
  12. The facilities provided by Shatabdi Express trains are power ports to charge mobile phones and laptops and overhead racks for placing luggage.
  13. Recently, Indian Railways started the dynamic pricing or the flexi-fare system in the AC Chair Car (CC) class of many Shatabdi trains. This means that Shatabdi train ticket prices are not fixed and increase based on the demand for tickets.

Shatabdi Express Routes


Today, 25 pairs of Shatabdi trains operate on the Indian railway tracks, connecting major cities in India. These include New Delhi, Howrah, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kanpur, Guwahati, Coimbatore, Kalka, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Ranchi and few others.


The longest and shortest Shatabdi Express Routes are:



Shatabdi trains are considered to be the fastest trains in India. The New Delhi Bhopal Habibganj Shatabdi Express is the fastest, with a speed of 91.85 km/h on an average. It can cover a distance of 707 km (439 mi) in 8 hours 30 minutes. The maximum speed can go as high as 160 km/h.


Online Food Order in Shatabdi Trains


You can enjoy delicious varieties of Veg, Non-Veg, Jain Food, Chinese and local food in train during your journey. Passengers can order online food in train from the train food apps for getting fresh restaurant-style food on the wheel.


  1. Install the food in train app
  2. Enter your authentic PNR/Train Number carefully.
  3. Select the food you desire and add to your cart.
  4. Pay for the ordered meals by Online or COD methods.
  5. Enjoy the tasty meals on the train.


List of Shatabdi Express Trains: Shatabdi schedule and Train number


Look at the complete list of Shatabdi trains running across the country, with Shatabdi train number, timetable, days of running and other details:



List of Shatabadi trains_ Timetable


Jan Shatabdi Express


This is another form of Shatabdi Express train, but Jan Shatabdi trains are more affordable for train commuters and passengers. They have three classes (both AC and Non-AC), namely AC Chair Car (CC), Executive Chair Car (EC), and Second Seating (2S). Shatabdi trains don’t have 2S classes.


Jan Shatabdi train tickets do not include food. You can order food in train from train food apps and enjoy the food at your seat. There are 23 pairs of Jan Shatabdi trains running across India that link many major cities and towns.


Shatabdi Trains FAQs


Q: Would I be able to travel in Shatabdi express without prior Shatabdi express booking?


A: No. Shatabdi express trains do not have any general or unreserved classes for travelling without prior train reservation. But some Shatabdi trains have a current booking system that permits you to book tickets until 2 hours before the departure time.


Q: How CC and EC travel classes in Shatabdi trains are different?


A: Both these are AC Chair Car coaches. EC (Executive AC Chair Car) coaches are more spacious and offer passengers more legroom than CC (Chair Car). The CC coaches have a 2×3 seating (with five seats in a row) layout while EC coaches have a 2×2 seating layout (with four seats in a row). The quality of services and quantity and quality of food is different in these two travel classes.


Q: What is the Howrah-Puri Shatabdi express fare?


A: Howrah – Puri Shatabdi express fare can easily be checked on RailMitra App. It is an AI-driven app which calculates the accurate Shatabdi express booking price within a few seconds.


Q: Should I have to pay extra for food served in Shatabdi trains?


A: No. The price of the food served onboard is included in the Shatabdi express train ticket charges.


Q: Can I select my food preference in Shatabdi trains?


A: Yes, you can choose between vegetarian or non-vegetarian food as your food preference during your Shatabdi express ticket booking. The food will be served as per the pre-decided menu.


Q: Will I get breakfast, lunch, and dinner, when travelling in Shatabdi trains?


A: No. It depends on your boarding time and journey duration, whether you will be served one or more of these. For example, in the Bangalore-Chennai Shatabdi train that starts at 6:00 am and reaches its destination at 11:00 am, only morning coffee and breakfast will be served by catering. Whereas, in the Chennai-Bangalore Shatabdi train that departs at 5:30 pm, you will be served with tea and dinner.


Q: Do I get food on the Shatabdi train if I board from an intermediate station?


A: The onboard catering services have fixed timings for serving food in Shatabdi Express trains. It depends on your time of boarding that you will be served one or more meals. The catering charge (which is included in the ticket) also varies for passengers boarding from particular intermediate stations.


Q: What is Anubhuti Class? Do all Shatabdi trains have Anubhuti class?


A: Anubhuti (EA) class in Shatabdi trains is a luxury Chair Car class. It is more spacious and has comfortable legroom. Every seat is equipped with an infotainment screen. Anubhuti coaches also have plush upholstery, reading lights, and a call button for train attendants. Anubhuti class is currently available on some specific routes like Delhi-Chandigarh (12045) and Chennai-Mysore (12007)


Q: Will the ticket price be deducted if I do not choose the Shatabdi train food?


A: Yes. You can skip the food by selecting the ‘No Food’ option while Shatabdi express booking. In this case, the food charges will be deducted from the total ticket price.


Q: Is Shatabdi train tickets bookings allowed on Tatkal or Premium Tatkal quota?


A: Yes.


Q: Is Tatkal quota available in Shatabdi trains for EC and EA coaches?


A: Yes. Indian Railways allows the Shatabdi express booking under the Tatkal scheme in EC and EA classes.


Q: Is senior citizen concession allowed in Shatabdi trains?


A: Yes. Senior citizens concession is allowed in Shatabdi trains. The concession is not applicable when the tickets are booked through Tatkal or Premium Tatkal quota.


Q: Why does the Shatabdi train fare vary from yesterday to today for the same Shatabdi train on the same route?


A: This is due to the dynamic pricing system in a few Shatabdi trains. As per the dynamic pricing system, the train ticket prices increase by 10% with every 10% of the Shatabdi tickets booked. If you see a price difference in Shatabdi ticket booking, it means that the seats fill fast.


Q: Does dynamic pricing or the Flexi fare system apply to all travel classes in Shatabdi?


A: No. It applies only to the AC Chair Car (CC) class. Other travel classes like EC and EA have fixed fare.


Q: Are there any special quotas available in Shatabdi Express trains?


A: Yes. Ladies Quota is only available on the CC class of Shatabdi expresses. This is not permitted in EC and EA classes.


Q: What are some popular Shatabdi Express routes?


A: Some popular routes for Shatabdi Express are: SC Duronto Express (22203),MYS-MAS SHATABDI EXP (12008), NDLS Shatabdi (12001). Use RailMitra App for checking Shatabdi train time tables.


Q: What time does HWH-PURI SHATABDI EXP depart from Kolkata Howrah Junction?


A:HWH-PURI SHATABDI EXP (12277) departs from Kolkata Howrah Junction at 14:25.


Q: How much time HWH-PURI SHATABDI EXP takes to reach Puri Railway Station?


A: HWH-PURI SHATABDI EXP reaches on day 1 to Puri Railway Station. The arrival time of HWH-PURI SHATABDI EXP at Puri Railway Station is 22:05.

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Author: Aayushi Raj

Aayushi is a vivacious content writer. With the desire to travel the world, she loves to explore the beauty of exotic destinations. She enjoys expressing her thoughts to entertain her readers with interesting blogs and articles about beautiful places and bizarre facts about India. Meeting new people, trying different foods and exploring new things makes her contended.