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Live Running Status of Mae - Aman Shuttle(52150) Train

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Last Updated:Last Updated: At 09:23 PM on 01st of February, 2023
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Day 001-Feb
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Aman Lodge
Day 001-Feb
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Mae - Aman Shuttle : 52150 Live Train Running Status

Get the live running status of Mae - Aman Shuttle 52150 at RailMitra. Spot Indian Railway trains live online to know the current location of the train and check if it is running late or at the right time.

Mae - Aman Shuttle : 52150 runs from Matheran to Aman Lodge and covers stations in its route.

The scheduled departure time for Mae - Aman Shuttle from Matheran is 05:30AM and the arrival time to Aman Lodge is 05:30AM .

Mae - Aman Shuttle : 52150 has classes , , , .

Mae - Aman Shuttle 52150 FAQs

  • What is the Train Route of Mae - Aman Shuttle 52150?
  • Mae - Aman Shuttle (52150) runs between Matheran (Matheran) to Aman Lodge (Aman Lodge). This IRCTC train starts at 05:30AM from Matheran (Matheran) and reaches Aman Lodge (Aman Lodge) at 05:30AM and takes <14hr 10 mins> to cover this trip.

  • What classes are available in Mae - Aman Shuttle (52150)?
  • Mae - Aman Shuttle (52150) has classes- <2A, 3A, SL, 2S>.

  • Mae - Aman Shuttle 52150 passes through how many stations?
  • Mae - Aman Shuttle 52150 passes through 2 railway stations.

  • 52150 Mae - Aman Shuttle runs on which days?
  • Mae - Aman Shuttle, 52150 runs on , .