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How it Works? Food Delivery in Train

How Food is delivered in Train

Saharanpur is a town located in a district by the same name and Municipal Corporation in the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is administrative headquarter of Saharanpur district and Saharanpur division. The place is famous for the prominent tourist destination place and also for its cottage industries including wood carving. The city has rich history where over the years witnessed rise and fall of the several empires which have left alluring marks on its fabric. Saharanpur is also famous for the best production of mango and basmati rice which is exported throughout the national and international. The city is blessed with the abundant lush flora and fauna where one can feel the presence of nature. Saharanpur has Botanical Garden or company garden which is one of the oldest study and research center in country for its contribution to science.

People visit Saharanpur to see the old age temples which are built at earlier age with alluring architecture. The city is also blessed with several colonial building which adds the beauty of the city. Some of the major temples are:   

  • Shakumbhari Devi Temple
  • Naugaja Peer
  • Shivdham Temple
  • Shri Baba Lal Das
  • Jain Son

The best time to visit Saharanpur to explore the old age stunning architecture and colonial buildings is from November to April.

Book food at Saharanpur Station
You can easily get train to Saharanpur from the major cities of the country. The station is facilitating with every best facility which makes easy to board and de-board train at the station. While traveling via train if your train makes halt and passes through Saharanpur station you can order your food online from e-catering company. RailMitra is an e-catering company which is an official partner of IRCTC. The company provides you the best of best menu to serve you in the journey and relish your taste bud with delicious multi cuisine.

How to book your food via RailMitra  

Just follow four steps and get your favorite cuisine at your seat:

  1.  Visit our website railrestro.com or download RailMitra Mobile App from Google Play Store.
  2. Enter your 10-Digit PNR number and check the restaurants and food available to order.
  3. Select the food you want and confirm the order. The items you select will be added in the cart automatically.
  4. Pay online or by Cash on Delivery (COD).
  5. Call us @ 8102888222 to place an order.

Saffron Multi Cuisine Restaurant
Saffron Multi Cuisine Restaurant is the premium e-catering partner at Saharanpur Station which serves delicious food. The restaurant is established in the year 2015 which believes to serve the best food to its costumers’ so they will come again and again. The place is the home to the most of the appreciated cuisines which is makes your mouth watery just by seeing the dish. Some of the highlights offers by the restaurant are:  

  • Biryani: Veg Biryani with raita
  • Chinese: Fried rice, Manchurian, Paneer Chilly, noodles, etc.
  • Thali: Veg Thali (Mini, Standard, Deluxe and Maharaja)
  • Rice: Plain rice, Dal khichdi, Curd rice, Veg Pulao and Jeera rice.
  • Snacks: Poha, Bread omelette, Puri Bhaji, Pao Bhaji, Sandwich, Chole Bhature, Papad and Burgers.
  • Veg: Paneer, mushroom, and Aaloo curry preparations*
  • Combo Meals: Chinese and Indian  
  • Bread: Lacchha Paratha, Naan, Tawa roti and Tandoori Roti
  • Beverages: Buttermilk, Lassi and  Hot Milk for babies
  • Dal: Dal Fry/Dal Tadka
  • Jain Meals: Jain Thali
  • Others: Salad, Curd, Raita and Papad
  • Pure veg food in train for core vegetarians.

Group food order
While travelling with your friends and family and crave for hot and delish food in train we at RailMitra are there to provide group food for journey which will help you to spend your journey in party style. You can order your group food via call or you can also chat with our digital advisor. Use GROUP20 coupon code to get discount at total amount on ordering via RailMitra.


  • Use coupon code RM10 to get 10% discount at your order.

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