Bihiya Bea Railway Station (BEA)

Bihiya Bea Railway Station (BEA) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from . You can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra. 

There are trains originating, trains passing and trains terminating at . All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Bihiya Bea Railway Station | (BEA) | TIME TABLE

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of Run
02333HWH PRRB SPL5:165:182A 3A SL 2S
02334VIBHUTI EXP SPL21:0721:092A 3A SL 2S
02391RGD NDLS SPL11:3811:402S
02392SHRAMJIVI EXP SP5:435:452S
02871IPR NDLS SPL18:4118:431A 2A 3A SL 2S
02872IPR FESTVAL SPL11:0711:091A 2A 3A SL 2S
03201PNBE LTT SPL1:011:032S
03202LTT PATNA SPL22:0222:042S
03413MLDT DLI SPL6:066:082A 3A SL 2S
03414DLI MLDT SPL19:0519:072A 3A SL 2S
03483MLDT DLI SPL6:066:082A 3A SL 2S
03484DLI MLDT SPL19:0519:072A 3A SL 2S
04057JYG ANVT G RATH19:2919:313A
04058JYG GARIB RATH4:344:363A
04411ANVT G RATH SPL19:2919:313A
04412BGP G RATH SPL4:344:363A
12334VIBHUTI EXP SPL21:0721:092A 3A SL 2S
12333VIBHUTI EXPRESS5:165:182A 3A SL
12391SHRAMJEEVI EXP11:3811:401A 2A 3A SL
20802IPR FESTVAL SPL11:0711:091A 2A 3A SL 2S
13201RJPB LTT EXP1:011:032A 3A SL
12435DBRT - NDLS RAJDHANI19:2919:311A 2A 3A
20801PURI OKHA SPL18:4118:432A 3A SL 2S
13202LTT RJPB EXP22:0222:042A 3A SL
13413FARAKKA EXPRESS6:066:082A 3A SL
13483FARAKKA EXPRESS6:066:082A 3A SL
13484FARAKKA EXPRESS19:0519:072A 3A SL
22405BGP GARIB RATH19:2919:313A CC

Bihiya Bea Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

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