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Buxar Railway Station (BXR)

Buxar Railway Station (BXR) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from Buxar Railway Station. Besides that, you can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra.

There are 0 trains originating, 240 trains passing and 0 trains terminating at Buxar Railway Station. All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Buxar Railway Station | (BXR) | TIME TABLE

Trains Originating from Buxar Railway Station | (BXR)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
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Trains Passing from Buxar Railway Station | (BXR)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
01105KOAA JHS SF SPL19:4819:50KOAA JHS SF SPLShow Availability
01106JHS KOAA SF SPL8:388:40JHS KOAA SF SPLShow Availability
02141LTT PPTA SPL1:561:58LTT PPTA SPLShow Availability
02142PPTA LTT SPL12:3712:39PPTA LTT SPLShow Availability
02149PUNE DNR SPL0:230:25PUNE DNR SPLShow Availability
02150DNR PUNE SPECIAL0:280:30DNR PUNE SPECIALShow Availability
02295SANGHAMITRA EXP5:285:30SANGHAMITRA EXPShow Availability
02296DNR SBC SPL21:2121:23DNR SBC SPLShow Availability
02303HWH NDLS SPL17:3117:33HWH NDLS SPLShow Availability
02304POORVA EXP SPL4:564:58POORVA EXP SPLShow Availability
02327HWH DDN SPL22:2022:22HWH DDN SPLShow Availability
02328DDN HWH SPL15:3815:40DDN HWH SPLShow Availability
02331HWH JAT SPECIAL11:4011:42HWH JAT SPECIALShow Availability
02332HWH FESTIVAL SPL23:2523:27HWH FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02333HWH PRRB SPL6:046:06HWH PRRB SPLShow Availability
02334VIBHUTI EXP SPL20:2520:27VIBHUTI EXP SPLShow Availability
02335BGP LTT SPL15:3615:40BGP LTT SPLShow Availability
02336LTT BGP SF SPL9:329:34LTT BGP SF SPLShow Availability
02361ASN CSMT SPL2:362:38ASN CSMT SPLShow Availability
02362CSMT ASANSOL SPL11:4511:47CSMT ASANSOL SPLShow Availability
02369HWH DDN SPL22:2022:22HWH DDN SPLShow Availability
02370DDN HWH SPL15:3815:40DDN HWH SPLShow Availability
02391RGD NDLS SPL12:1912:21RGD NDLS SPLShow Availability
02392SHRAMJIVI EXP SP5:075:09SHRAMJIVI EXP SPShow Availability
02465MDP ANVT SF SPL18:0818:10MDP ANVT SF SPLShow Availability
02466BABA VDHAM SPL23:1323:15BABA VDHAM SPLShow Availability
02577DBG MYS SPL21:4621:48DBG MYS SPLShow Availability
02578MYS DBG FEST SPL8:188:20MYS DBG FEST SPLShow Availability
02741VSGPNBE FEST SPL7:588:00VSGPNBE FEST SPLShow Availability
02742PNBEVSG FESTSPL15:3015:32PNBEVSG FESTSPLShow Availability
02791SC DNR SPL16:1316:15SC DNR SPLShow Availability
02792DNR SC SPL13:3813:40DNR SC SPLShow Availability
02871IPR NDLS SPL19:2319:25IPR NDLS SPLShow Availability
02872IPR FESTVAL SPL10:3410:36IPR FESTVAL SPLShow Availability
02947ADI PNBE SPL2:072:09ADI PNBE SPLShow Availability
02948PNBE ADI SPL1:101:12PNBE ADI SPLShow Availability
03005HWH ASR SPL5:215:25HWH ASR SPLShow Availability
03006ASR HWH MAIL19:3519:37ASR HWH MAILShow Availability
03201PNBE LTT SPL1:552:00PNBE LTT SPLShow Availability
03202LTT PATNA SPL21:0521:07LTT PATNA SPLShow Availability
03237PNBE KOTA SPL13:1813:20PNBE KOTA SPLShow Availability
03238KOTA PATNA SPL17:0217:04KOTA PATNA SPLShow Availability
03239PNBE KOTA SPL13:1813:20PNBE KOTA SPLShow Availability
03240KOTA PNBE SPL17:0217:04KOTA PNBE SPLShow Availability
03256PPTA FEST SPL16:2616:28PPTA FEST SPLShow Availability
03257DNR ANVT SPL17:0317:05DNR ANVT SPLShow Availability
03258DNR FESTIVAL SPL5:185:20DNR FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
03413MLDT DLI SPL7:057:10MLDT DLI SPLShow Availability
03414DLI MLDT SPL18:1518:20DLI MLDT SPLShow Availability
03483MLDT DLI SPL7:057:10MLDT DLI SPLShow Availability
03484DLI MLDT SPL18:1518:20DLI MLDT SPLShow Availability
04003MLDT NDLS SPL19:4819:50MLDT NDLS SPLShow Availability
04004MLDT EXP SPL10:5310:55MLDT EXP SPLShow Availability
04039ANVT HUMSFR SPL18:0818:10ANVT HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
04040B V DHAM HUMSAFR23:1323:15B V DHAM HUMSAFRShow Availability
04045ANVT HUMSFR SPL22:3122:33ANVT HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
04046MDP HUMSFR SPL3:473:49MDP HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
04057JYG ANVT G RATH20:1520:17JYG ANVT G RATHShow Availability
04058JYG GARIB RATH3:584:00JYG GARIB RATHShow Availability
04411ANVT G RATH SPL20:1520:17ANVT G RATH SPLShow Availability
04412BGP G RATH SPL3:584:00BGP G RATH SPLShow Availability
05125PNBE JANSHT SPL8:528:54PNBE JANSHT SPLShow Availability
05126MUV JANSHT SPL18:5018:52MUV JANSHT SPLShow Availability
05483APDJ DLI SPECIAL4:554:57APDJ DLI SPECIALShow Availability
05484DLI APDJ SPL22:4622:48DLI APDJ SPLShow Availability
05563JYG UDN SPL8:228:24JYG UDN SPLShow Availability
05564JYG FESTIVAL SPL7:517:53JYG FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
05623BGKT KYQ SPL1:001:02BGKT KYQ SPLShow Availability
05624KYQ BGKT SPECIAL14:5214:54KYQ BGKT SPECIALShow Availability
05635GUWAHATI EXPRES8:388:40GUWAHATI EXPRESShow Availability
05636GHY OKHA SPECIAL6:306:32GHY OKHA SPECIALShow Availability
05645LTT GHY SPL9:329:34LTT GHY SPLShow Availability
05646GHY LTT SPECIAL15:3615:40GHY LTT SPECIALShow Availability
05647LTT GHY SPECIAL9:329:34LTT GHY SPECIALShow Availability
05648GHY LTT SPECIAL15:3615:40GHY LTT SPECIALShow Availability
05667KAMAKHYA EXP SPL8:388:40KAMAKHYA EXP SPLShow Availability
05668KYQ GIMB SPECIAL6:306:32KYQ GIMB SPECIALShow Availability
05955KYQ DLI SPECIAL14:1014:12KYQ DLI SPECIALShow Availability
05956BRAHMPUTRA SPL12:2212:24BRAHMPUTRA SPLShow Availability
06359ERS PNBE SPL4:094:11ERS PNBE SPLShow Availability
06360PNBE ERS SF SPL17:5617:58PNBE ERS SF SPLShow Availability
09063UDN DANAPUR SPL9:479:49UDN DANAPUR SPLShow Availability
09064DNR UDHNA SPL17:5617:58DNR UDHNA SPLShow Availability
09147ST BGP SF SPL10:5310:55ST BGP SF SPLShow Availability
09148BGP SURAT SF SPL13:4813:50BGP SURAT SF SPLShow Availability
09483ADI BJU SPL11:1511:17ADI BJU SPLShow Availability
09484BJU ADI SPL2:152:17BJU ADI SPLShow Availability
13258JANSADHARAN EXP5:185:20JANSADHARAN EXPShow Availability
01663 RKMP DNR SPECIAL8:188:20 RKMP DNR SPECIALShow Availability
01664 SHC FESTIVL SPL23:3023:32 SHC FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
22564ANTYODAYA EXP07:5107:53ANTYODAYA EXPShow Availability
03125KOAA GCT SPL01:1001:12KOAA GCT SPLShow Availability
03126GCT KOAA SPL15:2815:30GCT KOAA SPLShow Availability
03169SDAH SHC SPL23:2323:25SDAH SHC SPLShow Availability
03170SHC SDAH SPECIAL13:5013:52SHC SDAH SPECIALShow Availability
15645LTT DBRG EXP09:3209:34LTT DBRG EXPShow Availability
15646DBRG LTT EXP15:3815:42DBRG LTT EXPShow Availability
03254SMVB DNR SPL05:4005:42SMVB DNR SPLShow Availability
09025BDTS ASR SF SPL08:5708:55BDTS ASR SF SPLShow Availability
09026ASR BDTS SPL16:1716:15ASR BDTS SPLShow Availability
09061BDTS KUDL SPL00:1200:10BDTS KUDL SPLShow Availability
09062BJU BDTS SPL02:4202:40BJU BDTS SPLShow Availability
09343 DADN PNBE SPL01:2701:25 DADN PNBE SPLShow Availability
09344 PNBE DADN SPL08:5708:55 PNBE DADN SPLShow Availability
09413ADI KOLKATA SPL21:3021:28ADI KOLKATA SPLShow Availability
09414KOAA ADI SPECIAL09:4709:45KOAA ADI SPECIALShow Availability
01665AGTL FESTIVL SPL08:1808:20AGTL FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
01666AGTL RKMP SPL00:1000:12AGTL RKMP SPLShow Availability
03204DDU-PNBE MEMU PASS SPL12:0012:05DDU-PNBE MEMU PASS SPLShow Availability
03225JYG RJPB SPL22:1022:12JYG RJPB SPLShow Availability
03226RJPB JYG SPL15:5515:57RJPB JYG SPLShow Availability
03241BANKA RJPB SPL16:2016:22BANKA RJPB SPLShow Availability
03242RJPB BANKA SPL19:4519:47RJPB BANKA SPLShow Availability
03245NJP RJPB SPECIAL16:2016:22NJP RJPB SPECIALShow Availability
03246RJPB NJP SPL19:4519:47RJPB NJP SPLShow Availability
03247KYQ RJPB SPECIAL16:2016:22KYQ RJPB SPECIALShow Availability
03248RJPB KYQ SPL19:4519:47RJPB KYQ SPLShow Availability
03251PPTA YPR SPL16:2016:22PPTA YPR SPLShow Availability
03252YPRPPTA FEST SPL19:4519:47YPRPPTA FEST SPLShow Availability
03255PPTA CDG SPL00:1500:17PPTA CDG SPLShow Availability
03259PNBE CSMT SPL16:2016:22PNBE CSMT SPLShow Availability
03260FESTIVAL SF SPL19:4519:47FESTIVAL SF SPLShow Availability
05215MFP NKE SPL19:2519:27MFP NKE SPLShow Availability
05216NKE MFP SPL07:5007:52NKE MFP SPLShow Availability
05271HWH MFP SPL19:2519:27HWH MFP SPLShow Availability
05272MFP HWH SPL07:5007:52MFP HWH SPLShow Availability
07007SC DBG SPL21:2821:30SC DBG SPLShow Availability
07008DBG SC SPL02:3002:32DBG SC SPLShow Availability
07419TPTY VSG SPL20:2520:27TPTY VSG SPLShow Availability
07420TPTY FEST SPL15:5816:00TPTY FEST SPLShow Availability
09011BDTS SWV AC SPL23:5023:52BDTS SWV AC SPLShow Availability
09012UDN FESTVL SPL20:1520:17UDN FESTVL SPLShow Availability
09033BDTS GKP SPL20:5620:58BDTS GKP SPLShow Availability
09034GKP BDTS SF SPL16:1516:17GKP BDTS SF SPLShow Availability
09417ADI PNBE SPL18:5518:57ADI PNBE SPLShow Availability
09418PNBE ADI SPL01:1401:16PNBE ADI SPLShow Availability
12141 PATLIPUTRA EXP01:4101:43 PATLIPUTRA EXPShow Availability
12142 PPTA LTT EXP12:4212:44 PPTA LTT EXPShow Availability
12149 PUNE DNR EXPRESS00:1600:18 PUNE DNR EXPRESSShow Availability
12150 DNR PUNE EXP00:3200:34 DNR PUNE EXPShow Availability
12235 ANVT HUMSFR EXP22:3622:38 ANVT HUMSFR EXPShow Availability
12236 MADHUPUR HUMSFR03:4803:50 MADHUPUR HUMSFRShow Availability
12295 SANGHAMITRA EXP05:3005:32 SANGHAMITRA EXPShow Availability
12296 SANGHA MITRA EX21:3021:32 SANGHA MITRA EXShow Availability
12303 POORVA EXPRESS17:4017:42 POORVA EXPRESSShow Availability
12304 POORVA EXPRESS04:5604:58 POORVA EXPRESSShow Availability
12327 UPASANA EXP22:2022:22 UPASANA EXPShow Availability
12328 UPASANA EXPRESS15:3815:40 UPASANA EXPRESSShow Availability
12331 HIMGIRI EXPRESS11:5511:57 HIMGIRI EXPRESSShow Availability
12332 HIMGIRI EXPRESS23:2523:27 HIMGIRI EXPRESSShow Availability
12333 VIBHUTI EXPRESS06:0206:04 VIBHUTI EXPRESSShow Availability
12334 VIBHUTI EXPRESS20:2520:27 VIBHUTI EXPRESSShow Availability
12335 BGP LTT EXPRESS15:3815:42 BGP LTT EXPRESSShow Availability
12336 LTT BGP/GODA EX09:3209:34 LTT BGP/GODA EXShow Availability
12355 ARCHNA EXP08:5809:00 ARCHNA EXPShow Availability
12356 ARCHANA EXP18:5218:54 ARCHANA EXPShow Availability
12361 ASN CSMT EXP02:3002:32 ASN CSMT EXPShow Availability
12362 CSMT ASANSOL EXP11:3811:40 CSMT ASANSOL EXPShow Availability
12367 VIKRAMSHILA EXP18:3018:32 VIKRAMSHILA EXPShow Availability
12368 VIKRAMSHILA EXP00:4600:48 VIKRAMSHILA EXPShow Availability
12369 KUMBHA EXPRESS22:2022:22 KUMBHA EXPRESSShow Availability
12370 KUMBHA EXPRESS15:3815:40 KUMBHA EXPRESSShow Availability
12391 SHRAMJEEVI EXP12:2212:24 SHRAMJEEVI EXPShow Availability
12392 SHRAMJIVI EXP05:0705:09 SHRAMJIVI EXPShow Availability
12395 ZIYARAT EXPRESS20:0020:02 ZIYARAT EXPRESSShow Availability
12396 ZIYARAT EXPRESS20:4320:45 ZIYARAT EXPRESSShow Availability
12435 GARIB RATH EXP20:1520:17 GARIB RATH EXPShow Availability
12436 JYG GARIB RATH03:5804:00 JYG GARIB RATHShow Availability
12505 NORTHEAST EXP07:3007:32 NORTHEAST EXPShow Availability
12506 NORTH EAST EXP19:5419:56 NORTH EAST EXPShow Availability
12577 BAGMATI EXP21:5021:52 BAGMATI EXPShow Availability
12578 BAGMATI EXP08:1808:20 BAGMATI EXPShow Availability
12741 VSG PATNA EXP07:5808:00 VSG PATNA EXPShow Availability
12742 PNBE VSG EXP15:3015:32 PNBE VSG EXPShow Availability
12791 SC DNR SF EXP16:0716:09 SC DNR SF EXPShow Availability
12792 SECUNDERABAD EX13:3813:40 SECUNDERABAD EXShow Availability
12947 AZIMABAD EXP02:0302:05 AZIMABAD EXPShow Availability
12948 AZIMABAD EXPRES01:1401:16 AZIMABAD EXPRESShow Availability
13005 HWH ASR MAIL05:2605:30 HWH ASR MAILShow Availability
13006 ASR HWH MAIL19:3219:34 ASR HWH MAILShow Availability
13201 PNBE LTT EXP02:0002:05 PNBE LTT EXPShow Availability
13202 LTT PATNA EXP21:0621:08 LTT PATNA EXPShow Availability
13237 PNBE KOTA EXP13:2413:26 PNBE KOTA EXPShow Availability
13238 KOTA PNBE EXP17:0317:05 KOTA PNBE EXPShow Availability
13239 PNBE KOTA EXP13:2413:26 PNBE KOTA EXPShow Availability
13240 KOTA PNBE EXP17:0317:05 KOTA PNBE EXPShow Availability
13257 JANSADHARAN EXP17:1317:15 JANSADHARAN EXPShow Availability
13413 FARAKKA EXPRESS07:0007:05 FARAKKA EXPRESSShow Availability
13414 FARKKA EXPRESS17:4517:50 FARKKA EXPRESSShow Availability
13483 FARAKKA EXP07:0007:05 FARAKKA EXPShow Availability
13484 FARAKKA EXP17:4517:50 FARAKKA EXPShow Availability
14003 MLDT NDLS EXP19:5019:52 MLDT NDLS EXPShow Availability
14004 NDLS MLDT EXP10:4710:49 NDLS MLDT EXPShow Availability
15125 PNBE JANSHTABDI08:5208:54 PNBE JANSHTABDIShow Availability
15126 JANSHATABDI EXP18:4518:47 JANSHATABDI EXPShow Availability
15483 SIKKIMMAHANANDA04:5504:57 SIKKIMMAHANANDAShow Availability
15484 MAHANANDA EXP22:4522:47 MAHANANDA EXPShow Availability
15623 BGKT KYQ EXP01:0001:02 BGKT KYQ EXPShow Availability
15624 KYQ BGKT EXP14:5815:00 KYQ BGKT EXPShow Availability
15635 GUWAHATI EXPRES08:3108:33 GUWAHATI EXPRESShow Availability
15636 GHY OKHA EXP06:3506:37 GHY OKHA EXPShow Availability
15647 LTT GUWAHATI EX09:3209:34 LTT GUWAHATI EXShow Availability
15648 GHY LTT EXPRESS15:3815:42 GHY LTT EXPRESSShow Availability
15657 BRAHMPUTRA MAIL12:2212:24 BRAHMPUTRA MAILShow Availability
15658 BRAHMAPUTRA EXP14:1414:16 BRAHMAPUTRA EXPShow Availability
15667 KAMAKHYA EXP08:3108:33 KAMAKHYA EXPShow Availability
15668 KYQ GIMB EXP06:3506:37 KYQ GIMB EXPShow Availability
15945 LTT DIBRUGARH EX09:3209:34 LTT DIBRUGARH EXShow Availability
15946 DBRG LTT EXP15:3815:42 DBRG LTT EXPShow Availability
17609 PNBE PAU EXP08:2808:30 PNBE PAU EXPShow Availability
17610 PAU PNBE EXP20:5620:58 PAU PNBE EXPShow Availability
19421 ADI PNBE EXP01:5201:54 ADI PNBE EXPShow Availability
19422 PNBE ADI EXP11:5511:57 PNBE ADI EXPShow Availability
19435 ADI ASN EXP11:1111:13 ADI ASN EXPShow Availability
19436 ASN ADI EXPRESS02:1802:20 ASN ADI EXPRESSShow Availability
19483 ADI BJU EXP11:1111:13 ADI BJU EXPShow Availability
19484 BJU ADI EXPRESS02:1802:20 BJU ADI EXPRESSShow Availability
19669 PPTA HUMSAFAR18:0418:06 PPTA HUMSAFARShow Availability
19670 HUMSAFAR EXPRESS01:4901:51 HUMSAFAR EXPRESSShow Availability
20801 MAGADH EXP19:3019:32 MAGADH EXPShow Availability
20802 MAGADH EXPRESS10:3610:38 MAGADH EXPRESSShow Availability
20933 UDN DANAPUR EXP09:4409:46 UDN DANAPUR EXPShow Availability
20934 DNR UDHNA SF EX18:0618:08 DNR UDHNA SF EXShow Availability
22197 KOAA VGLJ SF EX19:5019:52 KOAA VGLJ SF EXShow Availability
22198 VGLJ KOAA SF EX08:1808:20 VGLJ KOAA SF EXShow Availability
22353 HUMSAFAR EXP21:5021:52 HUMSAFAR EXPShow Availability
22354 HUMSAFAR EXP08:1808:20 HUMSAFAR EXPShow Availability
22355 PPTA CDG EXP22:1022:12 PPTA CDG EXPShow Availability
22356 CDG PPTA EXP16:2616:28 CDG PPTA EXPShow Availability
22405 ANVT GARIB RATH20:1520:17 ANVT GARIB RATHShow Availability
22406 BGP GARIB RATH03:5804:00 BGP GARIB RATHShow Availability
22459 ANVT HUMSAFAR18:1718:19 ANVT HUMSAFARShow Availability
22460 BV DHAM HUMSAFR23:1323:15 BV DHAM HUMSAFRShow Availability
22465 BABA B DHAM EXP18:1718:19 BABA B DHAM EXPShow Availability
22466 BABA V DHAM EXP23:1323:15 BABA V DHAM EXPShow Availability
22563ANTYODYA SUP EX08:2508:27ANTYODYA SUP EXShow Availability
22669 ERS PNBE SF EXP04:0904:11 ERS PNBE SF EXPShow Availability
22670 PNBE ERS EXPRES18:0618:08 PNBE ERS EXPRESShow Availability
22947 ST BGP SFAST10:4710:49 ST BGP SFASTShow Availability
22948 BGP SURAT EXP13:4813:50 BGP SURAT EXPShow Availability
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Trains Terminates from Buxar Railway Station | (BXR)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
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Buxar Bxr Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

Trains Originating from Buxar Bxr Railway Station (station )

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Trains Passing from Buxar Bxr Railway Station (station )

Trains Terminates from Buxar Bxr Railway Station (station )

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Top Train Routes related to BUXAR

Get information about all trains from Buxar Railway Station fast. Here you will get the complete list of trains to Buxar Bxr Railway Station. Scroll down to view all the details,which include the arrival and departure times of all trains stopping atBuxar Railway Station. It lists the train numbers as well. The trains that connect to Buxar Bxr Railway Station are , 15623- BGKT KYQ EXP and

Find details for each Indian Railway train just at a glance. By clicking on a train's name, it will show you the complete schedule for that train. By looking at the train schedule, you find the exact time of the arrival of that particular train to the Buxar Bxr Railway Station. On RailMitra, there is also the option to see the live running status of the train. You can also find trains that go to other stations from this site. Click on the Search tab and then enter the information to discover. Therefore, use our services to find the best train for your trip.

This list also gives information on the stopping duration of trains at Buxar Bxr Railway Station.Utilize the complete list of trains at Buxar Bxr Railway Station to find the availability of berths in various trains. With RailMitra, finding IRCTC trains and booking tickets for your train is easy. Make use of the most up-to-date PNR Prediction to find out your chances of getting confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket. Happy Voyage!