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Chandigarh Railway Station (CDG)

Chandigarh Railway Station (CDG) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from Chandigarh Railway Station. Besides that, you can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra.

There are 32 trains originating, 71 trains passing and 32 trains terminating at Chandigarh Railway Station. All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Chandigarh Railway Station | (CDG) | TIME TABLE

Trains Originating from Chandigarh Railway Station | (CDG)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02046CDG NDLS SHT SPLSource12:15CDG NDLS SHT SPLShow Availability
02232LKO FESTIVL SPLSource21:05LKO FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
02528CDG RMR FEST SPLSource16:05CDG RMR FEST SPLShow Availability
02688CDG MDU SF SPLSource8:05CDG MDU SF SPLShow Availability
03256PPTA FEST SPLSource21:30PPTA FEST SPLShow Availability
04218UNCHAHAR EX SPLSource16:45UNCHAHAR EX SPLShow Availability
04540CDG BDTS SF SPLSource5:35CDG BDTS SF SPLShow Availability
04541CDG ASR EXP SPLSource16:50CDG ASR EXP SPLShow Availability
04560KERLA S KRANTISource9:20KERLA S KRANTIShow Availability
04561INTERCITY SF SPLSource6:40INTERCITY SF SPLShow Availability
04564GOA SMPRK K SPLSource2:15GOA SMPRK K SPLShow Availability
05012CDG LJN EXP SPLSource17:15CDG LJN EXP SPLShow Availability
05904CDG DBRG SPLSource23:20CDG DBRG SPLShow Availability
09308CDG INDB SPLSource16:30CDG INDB SPLShow Availability
09684CDG AII G RATHSource19:45CDG AII G RATHShow Availability
14629SATLUJ EXPRESSSource4:20SATLUJ EXPRESSShow Availability
12046 NDLS SHATABDISource12:05 NDLS SHATABDIShow Availability
12218 KERLA S KRANTISource09:30 KERLA S KRANTIShow Availability
12232 CDG LKO EXPRESSSource21:05 CDG LKO EXPRESSShow Availability
12241 CDG ASR EXPSource16:40 CDG ASR EXPShow Availability
12411 INTERCITY SFSource06:35 INTERCITY SFShow Availability
12450 GOA SMPRK KRANTSource02:15 GOA SMPRK KRANTShow Availability
12528 CDG RMR SF EXPSource16:00 CDG RMR SF EXPShow Availability
12688 CDG MDU SF EXPSource08:05 CDG MDU SF EXPShow Availability
12984 CDG AII G RATHSource19:45 CDG AII G RATHShow Availability
14218 UNCHAHAR EXPSource16:45 UNCHAHAR EXPShow Availability
15012 CDG LJN EXPRESSSource17:10 CDG LJN EXPRESSShow Availability
15904 CDG DBRG EXPSource23:35 CDG DBRG EXPShow Availability
19308 UHL INDB EXPSource16:30 UHL INDB EXPShow Availability
22356 CDG PPTA EXPSource21:30 CDG PPTA EXPShow Availability
22452 CDG BDTS EXPSource05:40 CDG BDTS EXPShow Availability
22686 KARNTK S KRANTISource03:35 KARNTK S KRANTIShow Availability
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Trains Passing from Chandigarh Railway Station | (CDG)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02005KALKA SHTBDI SPL20:3120:38KALKA SHTBDI SPLShow Availability
02006KALKA SHTBDI SPL6:456:53KALKA SHTBDI SPLShow Availability
02011KLK SHATBDI SPL10:5711:05KLK SHATBDI SPLShow Availability
02012KLK SHTBDI SPL18:1518:23KLK SHTBDI SPLShow Availability
02057UHL JANSTB SPL19:0519:10UHL JANSTB SPLShow Availability
02058JAN SHATBDI SPL7:387:43JAN SHATBDI SPLShow Availability
02311NETAJI EXP SPL1:352:25NETAJI EXP SPLShow Availability
02312NETAJI EXP SPL0:281:25NETAJI EXP SPLShow Availability
02715SACHKHAND SPL15:3515:45SACHKHAND SPLShow Availability
02716ASR NED EXP SPL8:439:00ASR NED EXP SPLShow Availability
02925BDTS ASR SPL15:2015:25BDTS ASR SPLShow Availability
02926PASCHIM EXP SPL12:1312:20PASCHIM EXP SPLShow Availability
04011DLI HSX SPL23:2523:35DLI HSX SPLShow Availability
04012HSX DLI SPL3:083:13HSX DLI SPLShow Availability
04535KLK SVDK EXP SPL19:3120:00KLK SVDK EXP SPLShow Availability
04536SVDK KLK SPL3:504:25SVDK KLK SPLShow Availability
04565SNSI KLK SUP SPL11:2711:32SNSI KLK SUP SPLShow Availability
04566KLK SNSI SF SPL17:5018:00KLK SNSI SF SPLShow Availability
04609HEMKUNT SPL21:5822:08HEMKUNT SPLShow Availability
04610HEMKUNT SPL2:102:30HEMKUNT SPLShow Availability
04663DDN ASR EXP SPL2:302:38DDN ASR EXP SPLShow Availability
04664ASR DDN EXP SPL2:352:43ASR DDN EXP SPLShow Availability
04683LKU ASR EXP SPL9:159:50LKU ASR EXP SPLShow Availability
04684ASR LKU SPL11:0011:05ASR LKU SPLShow Availability
05531SHC ASR SPL7:508:00SHC ASR SPLShow Availability
05532SHC FESTVL SPL22:5523:20SHC FESTVL SPLShow Availability
08309SBP JAT SPL2:503:13SBP JAT SPLShow Availability
08310JAT SBP SPL1:351:45JAT SBP SPLShow Availability
09717DLPC FESTIVAL SP7:307:45DLPC FESTIVAL SPShow Availability
09718DLPC JP FEST SP19:0019:10DLPC JP FEST SPShow Availability
15532ASR SHC EXP22:5523:20ASR SHC EXPShow Availability
19717JP DLPC EXP7:307:45JP DLPC EXPShow Availability
19718DLPC JP EXPRESS17:5017:55DLPC JP EXPRESSShow Availability
05733KIR ASR SPECIAL18:4318:55KIR ASR SPECIALShow Availability
11905 AGC HSX EXP03:1303:30 AGC HSX EXPShow Availability
11906 HSX AGC EXP03:0803:13 HSX AGC EXPShow Availability
12005 KALKA SHTBDI EX20:3020:38 KALKA SHTBDI EXShow Availability
12006 KALKA SHTBDI EX06:4506:53 KALKA SHTBDI EXShow Availability
12011 KLK SHATABADI10:5911:07 KLK SHATABADIShow Availability
12012 KLK SHATABADI18:1518:23 KLK SHATABADIShow Availability
12057 DLPC JANSHTABDI18:3818:46 DLPC JANSHTABDIShow Availability
12058 NDLS JANSHTBADI07:3307:43 NDLS JANSHTBADIShow Availability
12311 NETAJI EXPRESS01:3502:25 NETAJI EXPRESSShow Availability
12312 NETAJI EXPRESS00:2801:25 NETAJI EXPRESSShow Availability
12925 PASCHIM EXPRESS15:3515:40 PASCHIM EXPRESSShow Availability
12926 PASCHIM EXPRESS12:1512:20 PASCHIM EXPRESSShow Availability
14011AGC HSX EXP03:1303:30AGC HSX EXPShow Availability
14012HSX AGC EXP03:0803:13HSX AGC EXPShow Availability
14503 KLK SVDK EXP19:5620:25 KLK SVDK EXPShow Availability
14504 SVDK KLK EXP04:0504:40 SVDK KLK EXPShow Availability
14609 HEMKUNT EXPRESS22:0022:05 HEMKUNT EXPRESSShow Availability
14610 HEMKUNT EXPRESS02:2002:30 HEMKUNT EXPRESSShow Availability
14615 LKU ASR EXP09:3109:48 LKU ASR EXPShow Availability
14616 ASR LKU EXPRESS10:5511:00 ASR LKU EXPRESSShow Availability
14631 DDN ASR EXPRESS02:3202:38 DDN ASR EXPRESSShow Availability
14632 ASR DDN EXPRESS02:3502:43 ASR DDN EXPRESSShow Availability
14795 BNW KLK EXPRESS10:1710:25 BNW KLK EXPRESSShow Availability
14796 KLK BNW EXP17:2517:30 KLK BNW EXPShow Availability
15531 JANSADHARAN EXP07:1507:33 JANSADHARAN EXPShow Availability
18101 TATA JAT EXP02:5303:13 TATA JAT EXPShow Availability
18102 JAT TATA EXPRESS01:3801:45 JAT TATA EXPRESSShow Availability
18309 SBP JAT EXPRESS02:5303:13 SBP JAT EXPRESSShow Availability
18310 JAT SBP EXPRESS01:3801:45 JAT SBP EXPRESSShow Availability
19411 SBIB DLPC EXP07:3107:50 SBIB DLPC EXPShow Availability
19412 DLPC SBIB EXP17:4317:55 DLPC SBIB EXPShow Availability
22447 VANDE BHARAT EX08:3808:45 VANDE BHARAT EXShow Availability
22448 VANDE BHARAT EX15:2515:32 VANDE BHARAT EXShow Availability
22455 SNSI KALKA EXP11:2711:32 SNSI KALKA EXPShow Availability
22456 S NGR SHIRDI EX17:5518:07 S NGR SHIRDI EXShow Availability
22709 NED AADR SF EXP14:1514:25 NED AADR SF EXPShow Availability
22710 AADR NED SF EXP18:4318:55 AADR NED SF EXPShow Availability
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Trains Terminates from Chandigarh Railway Station | (CDG)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02045NDLS CDG SHT SPL22:35DestinationNDLS CDG SHT SPLShow Availability
02231CDG FESTIVL SPL10:05DestinationCDG FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
02527CDG FEST SPL13:20DestinationCDG FEST SPLShow Availability
02687MDU CDG EXPRESS3:45DestinationMDU CDG EXPRESSShow Availability
04217UNCHAHAR EX SPL8:50DestinationUNCHAHAR EX SPLShow Availability
04539CDG SUP FAST14:20DestinationCDG SUP FASTShow Availability
04542ASR CDG EXP SPL9:45DestinationASR CDG EXP SPLShow Availability
04559KCVL CDG SF SPL9:50DestinationKCVL CDG SF SPLShow Availability
04562INTERCITY SF SPL22:05DestinationINTERCITY SF SPLShow Availability
04563GOA SMPRK K SPL18:10DestinationGOA SMPRK K SPLShow Availability
05011LJN CDG SPL15:00DestinationLJN CDG SPLShow Availability
05903DBRG CDG SPECIAL13:20DestinationDBRG CDG SPECIALShow Availability
09307INDB CDG SPL5:00DestinationINDB CDG SPLShow Availability
09683AII CDG G RATH6:40DestinationAII CDG G RATHShow Availability
12045 CDG SHATABDI22:35Destination CDG SHATABDIShow Availability
12217 SAMPARK KRANTHI09:50Destination SAMPARK KRANTHIShow Availability
12231 LKO CDG EXPRESS10:05Destination LKO CDG EXPRESSShow Availability
12242 ASR CDG EXP09:45Destination ASR CDG EXPShow Availability
12412 INTERCITY SF21:30Destination INTERCITY SFShow Availability
12449 GOA SMPRK K18:10Destination GOA SMPRK KShow Availability
12527 RMR CDG SF EXP13:15Destination RMR CDG SF EXPShow Availability
12687 MDU CDG SF EXP03:30Destination MDU CDG SF EXPShow Availability
12983 AII CDG G RATH06:40Destination AII CDG G RATHShow Availability
14217 UNCHAHAR EXP09:15Destination UNCHAHAR EXPShow Availability
15011 LJN CDG EXPRESS14:55Destination LJN CDG EXPRESSShow Availability
15903 DBRG CDG EXP13:15Destination DBRG CDG EXPShow Availability
19307 INDB UHL EXP05:00Destination INDB UHL EXPShow Availability
22355 PPTA CDG EXP17:25Destination PPTA CDG EXPShow Availability
22451 BDTS CDG SF EXP14:15Destination BDTS CDG SF EXPShow Availability
22685 CDG SKRANTI EXP15:50Destination CDG SKRANTI EXPShow Availability
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Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

Trains Originating from Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station (station )

Trains Passing from Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station (station )

Trains Terminates from Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station (station )

Top Train Routes related to CHANDIGARH

Get information about all trains from Chandigarh Railway Station fast. Here you will get the complete list of trains to Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station. Scroll down to view all the details,which include the arrival and departure times of all trains stopping atChandigarh Railway Station. It lists the train numbers as well. The trains that connect to Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station are 04541-CDG ASR EXP SPL, 19718-DLPC JP EXPRESS and15903- DBRG CDG EXP

Find details for each Indian Railway train just at a glance. By clicking on a train's name, it will show you the complete schedule for that train. By looking at the train schedule, you find the exact time of the arrival of that particular train to the Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station. On RailMitra, there is also the option to see the live running status of the train. You can also find trains that go to other stations from this site. Click on the Search tab and then enter the information to discover. Therefore, use our services to find the best train for your trip.

This list also gives information on the stopping duration of trains at Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station.Utilize the complete list of trains at Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station to find the availability of berths in various trains. With RailMitra, finding IRCTC trains and booking tickets for your train is easy. Make use of the most up-to-date PNR Prediction to find out your chances of getting confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket. Happy Voyage!