Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station (CDG)

Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station (CDG) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from . You can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra. 

There are trains originating, trains passing and trains terminating at . All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station | (CDG) | TIME TABLE

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of Run
01656GKP FESTIVL SPLSource23:151A 2A 3A SL 2S
02046CDG NDLS SHT SPLSource12:15CC
02232LKO FESTIVL SPLSource21:052A 3A SL 2S
02528CDG RMR FEST SPLSource16:05CC 2S
02688CDG MDU SF SPLSource8:053A SL 2S
03256PPTA FEST SPLSource21:301A 2A 3A SL 2S
04218UNCHAHAR EX SPLSource16:452A 3A SL 2S
04540CDG BDTS SF SPLSource5:351A 2A 3A SL 2S
04541CDG ASR EXP SPLSource16:50CC 2S
04560KERLA S KRANTISource9:201A 2A 3A SL 2S
04561INTERCITY SF SPLSource6:40CC 2S
04564GOA SMPRK K SPLSource2:151A 2A 3A SL 2S
05012CDG LJN EXP SPLSource17:153A SL 2S
05904CDG DBRG SPLSource23:202A 3A SL 2S
06240CDG YPR SPLSource3:351A 2A 3A SL 2S
09308CDG INDB SPLSource16:302A 3A SL 2S
09684CDG AII G RATHSource19:453A
12528CDG RMR FEST SPLSource16:05CC 2S
12046CDG NDLS SHTBDISource12:151A CC
12232CDG - LKO EXPSource21:052A 3A SL
12241CDG ASR SUPSource16:50CC 2S
14218UNCHAHAR EXPSource16:452A 3A SL
22452CDG - BDTS EXPRESSSource5:352A 3A SL
15012LJN SRE EXPSource17:152A 3A SL
15904CDG-DBRG EXPRESSSource23:202A 3A SL
22686YPR S KRANTI EXPSource3:351A 2A 3A SL
02005KALKA SHTBDI SPL20:3120:38CC
02011KLK SHATBDI SPL10:5711:05CC
02012KLK SHTBDI SPL18:1518:23CC
02057UHL JANSTB SPL19:0519:10N/A
02058JAN SHATBDI SPL7:387:43N/A
02311NETAJI EXP SPL1:352:251A 2A 3A SL 2S
02312NETAJI EXP SPL0:281:251A 2A 3A SL 2S
02715SACHKHAND SPL15:3515:451A 2S
02716ASR NED EXP SPL8:439:001A 2S
02925BDTS ASR SPL15:2015:252S
02926PASCHIM EXP SPL12:1312:202S
04011DLI HSX SPL23:2523:352A 3A SL 2S
04012HSX DLI SPL3:083:132A 3A SL 2S
04535KLK SVDK EXP SPL19:3120:002A 3A SL 2S
04536SVDK KLK SPL3:504:252A 3A SL 2S
04565SNSI KLK SUP SPL11:2711:322A 3A SL 2S
04566KLK SNSI SF SPL17:5018:002A 3A SL 2S
04609HEMKUNT SPL21:5822:082A 3A SL 2S
04610HEMKUNT SPL2:102:302A 3A SL 2S
04663DDN ASR EXP SPL2:302:383A SL 2S
04664ASR DDN EXP SPL2:352:433A SL 2S
04683LKU ASR EXP SPL9:159:502A 3A SL 2S
04684ASR LKU SPL11:0011:052A 3A SL 2S
05427NED AADR SF EXP14:2014:302A 3A SL 2S
05428AADR NED SPL18:4518:552A 3A SL 2S
05531SHC ASR SPL7:508:002S
05532SHC FESTVL SPL22:5523:202S
08309SBP JAT SPL2:503:132A 3A SL 2S
08310JAT SBP SPL1:351:452A 3A SL 2S
09717DLPC FESTIVAL SP7:307:451A 2A 3A SL 2S
09718DLPC JP FEST SP19:0019:101A 2A 3A SL 2S
12057UHL JANSTB SPL19:0519:10N/A
12058JAN SHATBDI SPL7:387:43N/A
12715SACHKHAND SPL15:3515:451A 2S
22709NED AADR SF EXP14:2014:302A 3A SL 2S
14615LKU ASR EXP SPL9:159:502A 3A SL 2S
18309SBP JAT SPL2:503:132A 3A SL 2S
12005NDLS-KLK- SHATABDI EXP20:3120:381A CC
12311HWH DLI KLK MAIL1:352:251A 2A 3A SL 2S
12312KALKA MAIL0:281:251A 2A 3A SL
12716ASR NED EXPRESS8:439:002A 3A SL
12925PASCHIM EXPRESS15:2015:251A 2A 3A SL
14011DLI HSX EXP23:2523:352A 3A SL
14503KLK SVDK EXPRESS19:3120:002A 3A SL
14504SVDK KLK EXP3:504:252A 3A SL
22455SNSI KLK SUP EXP11:2711:322A 3A SL
14609HEMKUNT EXP21:5822:082A 3A SL
14610HEMKUNT EXP2:102:302A 3A SL
15531SHC ASR SPL7:508:002S
18310JAT SBP EXP1:351:452A 3A SL
19718CDG JP INTERCIT19:0019:102A 3A SL
19717JP CDG INTERCITY7:307:452A 3A SL
01655GKP CDG FEST SPL14:10Destination1A 2A 3A SL 2S
02045NDLS CDG SHT SPL22:35DestinationCC
02231CDG FESTIVL SPL10:05Destination2A 3A SL 2S
02527CDG FEST SPL13:20DestinationCC 2S
02687MDU CDG EXPRESS3:45Destination3A SL 2S
03255PPTA CDG SPL17:25Destination1A 2A 3A SL 2S
04217UNCHAHAR EX SPL8:50Destination2A 3A SL 2S
04539CDG SUP FAST14:20Destination1A 2A 3A SL 2S
04542ASR CDG EXP SPL9:45DestinationCC 2S
04559KCVL CDG SF SPL9:50Destination1A 2A 3A SL 2S
04562INTERCITY SF SPL22:05DestinationCC 2S
04563GOA SMPRK K SPL18:10Destination1A 2A 3A SL 2S
05011LJN CDG SPL15:00Destination3A SL 2S
05903DBRG CDG SPECIAL13:20Destination2A 3A SL 2S
06239YPR CDG SPL15:50Destination1A 2A 3A SL 2S
09307INDB CDG SPL5:00Destination2A 3A SL 2S
09683AII CDG G RATH6:40Destination3A
12045NDLS CDG SHT SPL22:35DestinationCC
12527CDG FEST SPL13:20DestinationCC 2S
15011LJN CDG SPL15:00Destination3A SL 2S
12231LKO - CDG EXP10:05Destination2A 3A SL
12242ASR CDG SUP9:45DestinationCC 2S
12412INTERCITY EXP22:05DestinationCC 2S
12449GOA SMPRK K EXP18:10Destination1A 2A 3A SL
15903DBRG-CDG EXPRESS13:20Destination2A 3A SL
22355SUVIDHA TRAIN17:25Destination2A 3A SL
14217UNCHAHAR EXP8:50Destination2A 3A SL
12983AII CDG G RATH6:40Destination3A

Chandigarh Cdg Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

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