Dimapur Dmv Railway Station (DMV)

Dimapur Dmv Railway Station (DMV) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from . You can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra. 

There are trains originating, trains passing and trains terminating at . All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Dimapur Dmv Railway Station | (DMV) | TIME TABLE

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of Run
02067JAN SHATABDI SPL10:1210:17N/A
02068JAN SHATABDI SPL16:4716:52N/A
02249SBC NTSK SPECIAL10:5811:052A 3A SL 2S
02250NTSK SBC SPECIAL23:3323:402A 3A SL 2S
02423DBRG NDLS AC SPL1:521:591A 2A 3A
02424NDLS DBRG SPL0:410:481A 2A 3A
02503DBRG NDLS RAJ0:050:121A 2A 3A
02504NDLS DBRGRAJ SPL0:090:141A 2A 3A
03281DBRG RJPB SPL11:4411:491A 2A 3A SL 2S
03282RJPB DBRG SPL15:1415:241A 2A 3A SL 2S
05603GHY LEDO SPECIAL4:404:502A 3A SL 2S
05604LEDO GHY SPECIAL23:1423:242A 3A SL 2S
05641SCL NTSK SPECIAL3:413:512A 3A SL 2S
05642NTSK SCL SPECIAL23:3323:402A 3A SL 2S
05665GHY MXN SPECIAL19:2519:352A 3A SL 2S
05666MXN GHY SPECIAL7:508:002A 3A SL 2S
05669GHY DBRT SPECIAL1:582:082A 3A SL 2S
05670DBRT GHY SPECIAL21:0021:102A 3A SL 2S
05901LMG TSK SPECIAL9:309:402S
05902TSK LMG SPECIAL16:0816:182S
05903DBRG CDG SPECIAL13:5213:572A 3A SL 2S
05904CDG DBRG SPL1:191:242A 3A SL 2S
05905CAPE DBRG SPL13:4013:472A 3A SL 2S
05906DBRG CAPE SPL0:420:492A 3A SL 2S
05909DBRG LGH EXPRESS15:5516:001A 2A 3A SL 2S
05910AVADH ASSAM SPL8:308:351A 2A 3A SL 2S
05933NTSK ASR EXPRESS13:5213:572A 3A SL 2S
05934ASR DBRG EXP SPL20:5021:002A 3A SL 2S
05959HWH DBRG SPL20:3020:402A 3A SL 2S
05960DBRG HWH SPECIAL2:082:182A 3A SL 2S
05968LEDO RNY SPECIAL12:2012:252S
05969PURI DBRG SPL13:4013:47N/A
05970DBRG PURI SPL0:420:493A SL 2S
12424NDLS DBRG SPL0:410:481A 2A 3A
12067JAN SHATABDI SPL10:1210:17N/A
12068JAN SHATABDI SPL16:4716:52N/A
22502NTSK SBC SPECIAL23:3323:402A 3A SL 2S
12423DBRG NDLS AC SPL1:521:591A 2A 3A
20503DBRG NDLS RAJ0:050:121A 2A 3A
15603GHY LEDO SPECIAL4:404:502A 3A SL 2S
15604LEDO GHY SPECIAL23:1423:242A 3A SL 2S
20504NDLS DBRGRAJ SPL0:090:141A 2A 3A
15641SCL NTSK SPECIAL3:413:512A 3A SL 2S
15642NTSK SCL SPECIAL23:3323:402A 3A SL 2S
15665B G EXPRESS19:2519:352A 3A SL 2S
15666B G EXPRESS7:508:002A 3A SL 2S
15669NAGALAND EXPRESS1:582:082A 3A SL 2S
15670NAGALAND EXPRESS21:0021:102A 3A SL 2S
15901DIBRUGARH EXP9:309:402A 3A SL
15902DBRG SBC EXPRESS16:0816:182A 3A SL
15903DBRG-CDG EXPRESS13:5213:572A 3A SL
15909ABADH ASSAM EXP15:5516:001A 2A 3A SL
15933DBRG-ASR EXPRESS13:5213:572A 3A SL
15960KAMRUP EXPRESS2:082:182A 3A SL
15968LEDO RNY SPECIAL12:2012:252S
15904CDG-DBRG EXPRESS1:191:242A 3A SL
15934ASR-DBRG EXPRESS20:5021:002A 3A SL
15959KAMRUP EXPRESS20:3020:402A 3A SL
13281NTSK RJPB EXP11:4411:492A 3A SL
15910AVADH ASSAM EXP8:308:351A 2A 3A SL

Dimapur Dmv Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

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