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Jodhpur Jn Railway Station (JU)

Jodhpur Jn Railway Station (JU) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from Jodhpur Jn Railway Station. Besides that, you can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra.

There are 48 trains originating, 123 trains passing and 48 trains terminating at Jodhpur Jn Railway Station. All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Jodhpur Jn Railway Station | (JU) | TIME TABLE

Trains Originating from Jodhpur Jn Railway Station | (JU)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02094JU PURI SF SPLSource14:15JU PURI SF SPLShow Availability
02386JU HWH SF SPLSource23:10JU HWH SF SPLShow Availability
02459JU INDB SF SPLSource5:00JU INDB SF SPLShow Availability
02464RJSTHN S KRN SPLSource19:40RJSTHN S KRN SPLShow Availability
02477JU JP SF SPLSource16:00JU JP SF SPLShow Availability
02479SURYA NAGRI SPLSource19:30SURYA NAGRI SPLShow Availability
02481JU DEE SF SPLSource18:45JU DEE SF SPLShow Availability
02483JU GIMB SF SPLSource21:10JU GIMB SF SPLShow Availability
04721JU BTI SPLSource14:45JU BTI SPLShow Availability
04801JU INDB SPLSource7:50JU INDB SPLShow Availability
04810JU JSM SPLSource7:05JU JSM SPLShow Availability
04813JU BPL SPLSource8:50JU BPL SPLShow Availability
04823JU RE SPLSource1:35JU RE SPLShow Availability
04854JU BSB FESTI SPLSource8:25JU BSB FESTI SPLShow Availability
04864JU BSB FEST SPLSource8:25JU BSB FEST SPLShow Availability
04866BSB FESTIVAL SPLSource8:25BSB FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06068JU MS SF EXPRESSSource23:55JU MS SF EXPRESSShow Availability
06507SBC FESTIVAL SPLSource5:55SBC FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06533SBC FESTIVAL SPLSource5:55SBC FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
09056JU BL EXP SPLSource18:40JU BL EXP SPLShow Availability
09225JU JAT EXP SPLSource6:45JU JAT EXP SPLShow Availability
09457JU DLI SF SPLSource20:10JU DLI SF SPLShow Availability
14810JU JSM EXPSource7:05JU JSM EXPShow Availability
04826JU JSM SPLSource13:30JU JSM SPLShow Availability
12308 JU HWH EXPRESSSource23:55 JU HWH EXPRESSShow Availability
12461 VANDE BHARAT EXPSource06:05 VANDE BHARAT EXPShow Availability
12464 RJSTHN S KRANTISource20:15 RJSTHN S KRANTIShow Availability
12479 SURYA NAGARI EXPSource19:45 SURYA NAGARI EXPShow Availability
14721 JU BTI EXPSource15:15 JU BTI EXPShow Availability
14801 JU INDB EXPRESSSource08:15 JU INDB EXPRESSShow Availability
14807 JU DDR EXPRESSSource05:05 JU DDR EXPRESSShow Availability
14813 JU BPL EXPSource10:00 JU BPL EXPShow Availability
14819JU SBIB SF EXPSource11:50JU SBIB SF EXPShow Availability
14823 JU RE EXPSource01:35 JU RE EXPShow Availability
14854 MARUDHAR EXPSource08:25 MARUDHAR EXPShow Availability
14864 MARUDHAR EXPSource08:25 MARUDHAR EXPShow Availability
14866 MARUDHAR EXPSource08:25 MARUDHAR EXPShow Availability
16507 JU SBC EXPRESSSource06:15 JU SBC EXPRESSShow Availability
16533 JU SBC EXPSource06:15 JU SBC EXPShow Availability
19056 JU BL EXPSource19:30 JU BL EXPShow Availability
20485 JU SBIB SF EXPSource11:50 JU SBIB SF EXPShow Availability
20814 JU PURI SF EXPSource15:00 JU PURI SF EXPShow Availability
22422 JU DEE EXPSource11:00 JU DEE EXPShow Availability
22481 JU DEE SF EXPSource18:45 JU DEE SF EXPShow Availability
22483 JU GIMB EXPSource21:00 JU GIMB EXPShow Availability
22664 JU MS SF EXPRESSSource00:30 JU MS SF EXPRESSShow Availability
22978 JU JP EXPSource16:00 JU JP EXPShow Availability
22996 MANDORE EXPRESSSource20:30 MANDORE EXPRESSShow Availability
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Trains Passing from Jodhpur Jn Railway Station | (JU)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02323HWH BME SPL2:402:55HWH BME SPLShow Availability
02324HWH FESTIVL SPL19:1019:30HWH FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
02473BKN BDTS SF SPL19:3019:50BKN BDTS SF SPLShow Availability
02474FESTIVAL SF SPL5:205:30FESTIVAL SF SPLShow Availability
02475HSR CBE AC SPL22:4523:00HSR CBE AC SPLShow Availability
02476CBE HSR AC EXP5:205:30CBE HSR AC EXPShow Availability
02489DDR FESTIVAL SPL19:2019:40DDR FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02490BKN FESTIVAL SPL7:157:30BKN FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02497TPJ HUMSAFAR SPL22:4523:00TPJ HUMSAFAR SPLShow Availability
02498TPJ SGNR SPL2:252:35TPJ SGNR SPLShow Availability
02789SC HSR SPL7:458:00SC HSR SPLShow Availability
02790HSR SC SPL23:3023:45HSR SC SPLShow Availability
02929FESTIVAL SF SPL4:254:35FESTIVAL SF SPLShow Availability
02930BDTS FESTVAL SPL23:1523:30BDTS FESTVAL SPLShow Availability
04645JSM JAT SPL4:004:15JSM JAT SPLShow Availability
04646JAT JSM EX SPL23:0023:35JAT JSM EX SPLShow Availability
04661BME JAT EXP SPL3:304:15BME JAT EXP SPLShow Availability
04662JAT BME EX SPL23:0023:20JAT BME EX SPLShow Availability
04815TPJ SF HUMSAFAR16:2016:30TPJ SF HUMSAFARShow Availability
04816BGKT HUMSAFAR7:107:20BGKT HUMSAFARShow Availability
04887BME FESTIVAL SPL16:1016:30BME FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
04888RKSH FESTVL SPL10:5011:05RKSH FESTVL SPLShow Availability
05013RANIKHET SPL8:008:15RANIKHET SPLShow Availability
05014RANIKHET SPL16:4016:55RANIKHET SPLShow Availability
05314RMR JSM LINK SPL16:4016:55RMR JSM LINK SPLShow Availability
05623BGKT KYQ SPL16:2016:30BGKT KYQ SPLShow Availability
05624KYQ BGKT SPECIAL20:5521:10KYQ BGKT SPECIALShow Availability
05631BME GHY SPL2:302:40BME GHY SPLShow Availability
05632GHY BME SPECIAL4:204:40GHY BME SPECIALShow Availability
06311SGNR KCVL SPL22:4523:00SGNR KCVL SPLShow Availability
06312KCVL SGNR EXP15:2015:30KCVL SGNR EXPShow Availability
06587YPR BKN EXP4:254:35YPR BKN EXPShow Availability
06588BKN YPR EXP SPL23:1023:35BKN YPR EXP SPLShow Availability
06863BGKT MQ SPL16:2016:30BGKT MQ SPLShow Availability
06864MQ BGKT SPL14:3014:45MQ BGKT SPLShow Availability
07623NED SGNR SPL8:459:00NED SGNR SPLShow Availability
07624SGNR NED SPECIAL23:3023:45SGNR NED SPECIALShow Availability
08243BSP BGKT SF SPL2:152:30BSP BGKT SF SPLShow Availability
08244BGKT BSP SF SPL1:401:50BGKT BSP SF SPLShow Availability
08573VSKP BGKT SPL19:2519:35VSKP BGKT SPLShow Availability
08574BGKT VSKP SPL20:1020:20BGKT VSKP SPLShow Availability
09027FESTIVAL SF SPL3:153:25FESTIVAL SF SPLShow Availability
09028BDTS FESTIVL SPL23:1023:35BDTS FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
09215BDTS HSR SF SPL3:454:00BDTS HSR SF SPLShow Availability
09216HSR BDTS S F SPL23:3023:45HSR BDTS S F SPLShow Availability
09221ADI JAT SPL18:4519:00ADI JAT SPLShow Availability
09222JAT ADI SPL5:005:15JAT ADI SPLShow Availability
17623NED SGNR EXP08:4509:00NED SGNR EXPShow Availability
17624SGNR NED EXP00:0500:20SGNR NED EXPShow Availability
14820SBIB JU EXPDestination14:55SBIB JU EXPShow Availability
04713BKN BDTS SPL19:5020:00BKN BDTS SPLShow Availability
04714BDTS BIKANER SPL09:0009:15BDTS BIKANER SPLShow Availability
07053KCG QLN SPL08:1508:30KCG QLN SPLShow Availability
07054QLN KCG SPL00:3000:40QLN KCG SPLShow Availability
12323 HWH BME EXP02:1502:30 HWH BME EXPShow Availability
12324 BME HWH SF EXP19:5020:05 BME HWH SF EXPShow Availability
12465 RANTHAMBHORE EXP21:4021:50 RANTHAMBHORE EXPShow Availability
12466 RANTHAMBORE EXP04:5005:00 RANTHAMBORE EXPShow Availability
12489 BKN DDR EXP19:2019:35 BKN DDR EXPShow Availability
12490 DDR BKN SF EXP07:3007:40 DDR BKN SF EXPShow Availability
14087 RUNICHA EXP21:0021:30 RUNICHA EXPShow Availability
14088 RUNICHA EXP00:0500:20 RUNICHA EXPShow Availability
14645 SHALIMAR EXP05:0005:15 SHALIMAR EXPShow Availability
14646 SHALIMAR EXP23:0023:30 SHALIMAR EXPShow Availability
14661 SHALIMAR MALANI05:0005:15 SHALIMAR MALANIShow Availability
14662 SHALIMAR MALANI22:4523:00 SHALIMAR MALANIShow Availability
14707 RANAKPUR EXP12:1012:25 RANAKPUR EXPShow Availability
14708 DDR BKN EXP06:3506:50 DDR BKN EXPShow Availability
14803JSM SBIB EXP20:5521:10JSM SBIB EXPShow Availability
14804SBIB JSM SF EXP06:1006:20SBIB JSM SF EXPShow Availability
14887 RKSH BME EXP15:1515:30 RKSH BME EXPShow Availability
14888 BME RKSH EXP11:3011:45 BME RKSH EXPShow Availability
15013 RANIKHET EXP08:2508:40 RANIKHET EXPShow Availability
15014 RANIKHET EXP16:3516:50 RANIKHET EXPShow Availability
15623 BGKT KYQ EXP16:4016:50 BGKT KYQ EXPShow Availability
15624 KYQ BGKT EXP20:2020:30 KYQ BGKT EXPShow Availability
15631 BME GHY EXPRESS03:3003:40 BME GHY EXPRESSShow Availability
15632 GHY BME EXPRESS03:4504:00 GHY BME EXPRESSShow Availability
16311 SGNR KCVL EXP23:3023:45 SGNR KCVL EXPShow Availability
16312 KCVL SGNR EXP15:2515:40 KCVL SGNR EXPShow Availability
16587 BIKANER EXP04:1004:25 BIKANER EXPShow Availability
16588 BKN YPR EXP23:0023:15 BKN YPR EXPShow Availability
18573 VSKP BGKT EXP18:5519:10 VSKP BGKT EXPShow Availability
18574 BGKT VSKP EXP20:4020:50 BGKT VSKP EXPShow Availability
19027 JAT VIVEK EXP03:1003:40 JAT VIVEK EXPShow Availability
19028 JAT BDTS EXP23:0023:15 JAT BDTS EXPShow Availability
19107 JANMABHOOMI EXP17:2017:30 JANMABHOOMI EXPShow Availability
19108 BHAVNAGAR EXP19:3019:55 BHAVNAGAR EXPShow Availability
19223 GNC JAT EXP19:1019:25 GNC JAT EXPShow Availability
19224 JAT ADI EXP04:4004:55 JAT ADI EXPShow Availability
19225 JU JAT EXP06:3006:45 JU JAT EXPShow Availability
19226 JAT JU EXPRESS19:5020:00 JAT JU EXPRESSShow Availability
19271 BVC HW EXPRESS08:4008:55 BVC HW EXPRESSShow Availability
19272 HW BVC EXPRESS23:0023:15 HW BVC EXPRESSShow Availability
20475 BKN PUNE SF EXP11:5012:00 BKN PUNE SF EXPShow Availability
20476 PUNE BKN SF EXP15:4015:50 PUNE BKN SF EXPShow Availability
20481 TPJ SF HUMSAFAR16:4016:50 TPJ SF HUMSAFARShow Availability
20482 BGKT HUMSAFAR05:4005:50 BGKT HUMSAFARShow Availability
20487 MALANI EXPRESS01:3501:50 MALANI EXPRESSShow Availability
20488 MALANI EXPRESS01:4001:55 MALANI EXPRESSShow Availability
20489 BME MTJ SUP FAST01:0501:20 BME MTJ SUP FASTShow Availability
20490 MTJ BME SF01:4001:55 MTJ BME SFShow Availability
20491 JSM SBIB SF EXP20:3020:45 JSM SBIB SF EXPShow Availability
20492 SBIB JSM SUP EXP06:4006:50 SBIB JSM SUP EXPShow Availability
20843 BSP BGKT SF EXP01:5002:00 BSP BGKT SF EXPShow Availability
20844 BGKT BSP SF EXP02:4002:50 BGKT BSP SF EXPShow Availability
22473 BKN BDTS SF EXP19:4019:55 BKN BDTS SF EXPShow Availability
22474 BDTS BKN SF EXP05:4006:00 BDTS BKN SF EXPShow Availability
22475 HSR CBE AC EXP23:3023:45 HSR CBE AC EXPShow Availability
22476 CBE HSR AC EXP05:4006:00 CBE HSR AC EXPShow Availability
22497 TPJ HUMSFAR EXP23:3023:45 TPJ HUMSFAR EXPShow Availability
22498 SGNR HUMSAFAR02:0002:10 SGNR HUMSAFARShow Availability
22673 BGKT MQ SF EXP16:2016:30 BGKT MQ SF EXPShow Availability
22674 MQ BGKT SF EXP13:5014:00 MQ BGKT SF EXPShow Availability
22723 NED SGNR SF EXP08:3008:45 NED SGNR SF EXPShow Availability
22724 SGNR NED SF EXP00:0500:15 SGNR NED SF EXPShow Availability
22737 SC HSR SF EXP08:1508:30 SC HSR SF EXPShow Availability
22738 HSR SC EXP00:0500:15 HSR SC EXPShow Availability
22915 BDTS HSR SF EXP03:3003:45 BDTS HSR SF EXPShow Availability
22916 HSR BDTS SF EXP00:0500:15 HSR BDTS SF EXPShow Availability
22931 BDTS JSM SFAST03:4504:00 BDTS JSM SFASTShow Availability
22932 JSM BDTS SF EXP23:0023:15 JSM BDTS SF EXPShow Availability
25014 CORBET PRK LINK16:3516:50 CORBET PRK LINKShow Availability
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Trains Terminates from Jodhpur Jn Railway Station | (JU)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02093PURI JU SPL11:55DestinationPURI JU SPLShow Availability
02385HWH JU SPL5:45DestinationHWH JU SPLShow Availability
02460INDB JU SUP SPL22:30DestinationINDB JU SUP SPLShow Availability
02463RAJST S KRAT SPL8:35DestinationRAJST S KRAT SPLShow Availability
02478JP JU SF SPL11:05DestinationJP JU SF SPLShow Availability
02480BDTS JU SPL5:15DestinationBDTS JU SPLShow Availability
02482DEE JU SF SPL10:05DestinationDEE JU SF SPLShow Availability
02484JODHPUR EXP SPL6:45DestinationJODHPUR EXP SPLShow Availability
04722ABS JU SPECIAL10:45DestinationABS JU SPECIALShow Availability
04802INDB JU EXP19:40DestinationINDB JU EXPShow Availability
04809JSM JU SPL19:55DestinationJSM JU SPLShow Availability
04814BPL JODHPUR SPL18:50DestinationBPL JODHPUR SPLShow Availability
04824RE JU SPL3:15DestinationRE JU SPLShow Availability
04853FESTIVAL SPL18:30DestinationFESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
04863FESTIVAL SPL18:30DestinationFESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
04865FESTIVAL SPL18:30DestinationFESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06067MS JU FEST SPL8:00DestinationMS JU FEST SPLShow Availability
06508SBC JU FEST SPL14:35DestinationSBC JU FEST SPLShow Availability
06534SBC JU FEST SPL14:35DestinationSBC JU FEST SPLShow Availability
09055BL JU SPL8:55DestinationBL JU SPLShow Availability
09226JAT JU SPL20:20DestinationJAT JU SPLShow Availability
09458DLI JU SF SPL7:50DestinationDLI JU SF SPLShow Availability
14809JSM JU EXP21:10DestinationJSM JU EXPShow Availability
04825JSM JU SPL12:45DestinationJSM JU SPLShow Availability
12307 HWH JU EXPRESS05:25Destination HWH JU EXPRESSShow Availability
12462 JU VANDE BHARAT22:50Destination JU VANDE BHARATShow Availability
12463 RAJ S KRNTI EXP07:00Destination RAJ S KRNTI EXPShow Availability
12480 SURYANAGARI EXP05:00Destination SURYANAGARI EXPShow Availability
14722 ABS JU EXPRESS10:15Destination ABS JU EXPRESSShow Availability
14802 INDB JU EXP19:00Destination INDB JU EXPShow Availability
14814 BPL JU EXPRESS18:30Destination BPL JU EXPRESSShow Availability
14824 RE JU EXP03:15Destination RE JU EXPShow Availability
14853 MARUDHAR EXP17:55Destination MARUDHAR EXPShow Availability
14863 MARUDHAR EXP17:55Destination MARUDHAR EXPShow Availability
14865 MARUDHAR EXP17:55Destination MARUDHAR EXPShow Availability
16508 JODHPUR EXP14:15Destination JODHPUR EXPShow Availability
16534 JODHPUR EXP14:15Destination JODHPUR EXPShow Availability
19055 BL JODHPUR EXP08:20Destination BL JODHPUR EXPShow Availability
20486 SBIB JU EXP14:55Destination SBIB JU EXPShow Availability
20813 PURI JU S F11:25Destination PURI JU S FShow Availability
22421 DEE JU SF EXP17:50Destination DEE JU SF EXPShow Availability
22482 DEE JU SF EXP09:35Destination DEE JU SF EXPShow Availability
22484 JODHPUR EXP08:40Destination JODHPUR EXPShow Availability
22663 MS JODHPUR EXP08:20Destination MS JODHPUR EXPShow Availability
22977 JP JU EXP11:10Destination JP JU EXPShow Availability
22995 MANDORE EXPRESS07:30Destination MANDORE EXPRESSShow Availability
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Jodhpur Jn Ju Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

Trains Originating from Jodhpur Jn Ju Railway Station (station )

Trains Passing from Jodhpur Jn Ju Railway Station (station )

Trains Terminates from Jodhpur Jn Ju Railway Station (station )

Top Train Routes related to JODHPUR JN

Get information about all trains from Jodhpur Jn Railway Station fast. Here you will get the complete list of trains to Jodhpur Jn Ju Railway Station. Scroll down to view all the details,which include the arrival and departure times of all trains stopping atJodhpur Jn Railway Station. It lists the train numbers as well. The trains that connect to Jodhpur Jn Ju Railway Station are 22481- JU DEE SF EXP, 04713-BKN BDTS SPL and02460-INDB JU SUP SPL

Find details for each Indian Railway train just at a glance. By clicking on a train's name, it will show you the complete schedule for that train. By looking at the train schedule, you find the exact time of the arrival of that particular train to the Jodhpur Jn Ju Railway Station. On RailMitra, there is also the option to see the live running status of the train. You can also find trains that go to other stations from this site. Click on the Search tab and then enter the information to discover. Therefore, use our services to find the best train for your trip.

This list also gives information on the stopping duration of trains at Jodhpur Jn Ju Railway Station.Utilize the complete list of trains at Jodhpur Jn Ju Railway Station to find the availability of berths in various trains. With RailMitra, finding IRCTC trains and booking tickets for your train is easy. Make use of the most up-to-date PNR Prediction to find out your chances of getting confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket. Happy Voyage!