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Khammam Railway Station (KMT)

Khammam Railway Station (KMT) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from Khammam Railway Station. Besides that, you can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra.

There are 0 trains originating, 174 trains passing and 0 trains terminating at Khammam Railway Station. All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Khammam Railway Station | (KMT) | TIME TABLE

Trains Originating from Khammam Railway Station | (KMT)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
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Trains Passing from Khammam Railway Station | (KMT)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02295SANGHAMITRA EXP23:2923:30SANGHAMITRA EXPShow Availability
02296DNR SBC SPL0:591:00DNR SBC SPLShow Availability
02511FESTIVAL SPL12:4312:45FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02512KCVL GKP SPL7:187:20KCVL GKP SPLShow Availability
02521BJU ERS SPL12:4412:45BJU ERS SPLShow Availability
02522ERS BJU EXPRESS7:187:20ERS BJU EXPRESSShow Availability
02615MAS NDLS EXP2:372:40MAS NDLS EXPShow Availability
02616G T EXP SPL19:1819:20G T EXP SPLShow Availability
02645KCVL FESTIVL SPL13:1313:15KCVL FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
02646KCVL INDB FEST7:187:20KCVL INDB FESTShow Availability
02647KRBA KCVL SPL13:1413:15KRBA KCVL SPLShow Availability
02648KCVL KRBA SPL7:187:20KCVL KRBA SPLShow Availability
02655ADI MAS SPECIAL19:3419:35ADI MAS SPECIALShow Availability
02656MAS ADI EXPRESS17:5517:56MAS ADI EXPRESSShow Availability
02669MAS CPR EXP1:291:30MAS CPR EXPShow Availability
02670GANGAKAVERI SPL3:043:05GANGAKAVERI SPLShow Availability
02705GNT SC SPL17:1017:11GNT SC SPLShow Availability
02706SC GNT SPL11:3911:40SC GNT SPLShow Availability
02709GDR SC SPL0:320:35GDR SC SPLShow Availability
02710SC GDR SPL2:192:20SC GDR SPLShow Availability
02713NS NSL SPL15:2315:25NS NSL SPLShow Availability
02714NSL NS SPL3:053:07NSL NS SPLShow Availability
02727VSKP SC SF SPL1:101:12VSKP SC SF SPLShow Availability
02728HYB VSKP SPL21:0321:04HYB VSKP SPLShow Availability
02737COA LPI SPL0:190:20COA LPI SPLShow Availability
02738LPI COA SPL0:530:55LPI COA SPLShow Availability
02739GARIB RATH SPL3:293:30GARIB RATH SPLShow Availability
02740GARIBRATH SPL23:3423:35GARIBRATH SPLShow Availability
02749MTM BIDR SPL0:040:05MTM BIDR SPLShow Availability
02750BIDR MTM SPL1:491:50BIDR MTM SPLShow Availability
02759HYB FEST SPL2:182:20HYB FEST SPLShow Availability
02760HYB TBM SPL22:0322:05HYB TBM SPLShow Availability
02761TPTY KRMR SPL3:263:27TPTY KRMR SPLShow Availability
02762KRMR TPTY SPL22:5923:00KRMR TPTY SPLShow Availability
02775CCT SC SPL2:182:19CCT SC SPLShow Availability
02776LPI CCT AC SPL23:2023:21LPI CCT AC SPLShow Availability
02799BZA SC SPL7:387:40BZA SC SPLShow Availability
02800SC BZA SPL19:5319:55SC BZA SPLShow Availability
02805VSKP NDLS SPL5:145:15VSKP NDLS SPLShow Availability
02806NDLS VSKP AP SPL18:5919:00NDLS VSKP AP SPLShow Availability
06053MDU BKN FESTSPL4:284:30MDU BKN FESTSPLShow Availability
06054MDU FESTIVAL SPL0:140:15MDU FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06067MS JU FEST SPL23:3923:40MS JU FEST SPLShow Availability
06068JU MS SF EXPRESS6:587:00JU MS SF EXPRESSShow Availability
06093MAS LJN FESTSPL15:1915:20MAS LJN FESTSPLShow Availability
06094LJN MAS SPL18:4818:50LJN MAS SPLShow Availability
06317CAPE SVDK EXP16:4816:50CAPE SVDK EXPShow Availability
06318SVDK CAPE SPL17:5918:00SVDK CAPE SPLShow Availability
06360PNBE ERS SF SPL23:2823:30PNBE ERS SF SPLShow Availability
06787TEN SVDK SPL16:4816:50TEN SVDK SPLShow Availability
06788SVDK TEN SPL18:1918:20SVDK TEN SPLShow Availability
06863BGKT MQ SPL0:290:30BGKT MQ SPLShow Availability
06864MQ BGKT SPL4:294:30MQ BGKT SPLShow Availability
07201GNT SC SPL8:348:36GNT SC SPLShow Availability
07202SC GNT SPL16:4016:41SC GNT SPLShow Availability
07205SNSI COA SPL13:0513:07SNSI COA SPLShow Availability
07206COA SNSI SPL11:2811:30COA SNSI SPLShow Availability
07207BZA SNSI SPL11:2811:30BZA SNSI SPLShow Availability
07208BZA FESTIVAL SPL13:0513:07BZA FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
07405TPTY ADB SPL14:5114:53TPTY ADB SPLShow Availability
07406ADB TPTY SPL10:1910:20ADB TPTY SPLShow Availability
08501VSKP GIMB SPL1:241:25VSKP GIMB SPLShow Availability
08502FESTIVAL SPL2:122:13FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
08505VSKP SNSI SPL15:4415:45VSKP SNSI SPLShow Availability
08506SNSI VSKP SPL13:0513:07SNSI VSKP SPLShow Availability
08561VSKP KCG SPL1:431:45VSKP KCG SPLShow Availability
08562KCG VSKP SPL22:3422:35KCG VSKP SPLShow Availability
18646EAST COAST EXP12:1512:17EAST COAST EXPShow Availability
05303 GKP MBNR SPL13:1513:17 GKP MBNR SPLShow Availability
02763TPTY SC SPL00:4400:45TPTY SC SPLShow Availability
02764SC TPTY SPL22:1822:20SC TPTY SPLShow Availability
03254SMVB DNR SPL23:0923:10SMVB DNR SPLShow Availability
07121SC QLN SPL18:3018:32SC QLN SPLShow Availability
07122QLN SC SPL03:2603:27QLN SC SPLShow Availability
07123SC QLN SPL18:3018:32SC QLN SPLShow Availability
07124QLN SC SPECIAL05:0505:07QLN SC SPECIALShow Availability
07431NED BAM SPL01:0001:02NED BAM SPLShow Availability
07432BAM NED SPL05:0505:07BAM NED SPLShow Availability
07569SC PURI SPL01:3801:40SC PURI SPLShow Availability
07570PURI SC SPL14:1814:20PURI SC SPLShow Availability
07607PAU TPTY SF SPL22:5923:00PAU TPTY SF SPLShow Availability
07608TPTY PAU SF SPL03:2603:27TPTY PAU SF SPLShow Availability
07091KZJ TPTY SPL13:0513:07KZJ TPTY SPLShow Availability
07092TPTY KZJ SPL07:2507:27TPTY KZJ SPLShow Availability
07185MTM SC SPL18:4518:47MTM SC SPLShow Availability
07186SC MTM SPL03:3003:32SC MTM SPLShow Availability
07481TPTY SC SF SPL03:5003:51TPTY SC SF SPLShow Availability
07482SC TPTY SF SPL21:5221:54SC TPTY SF SPLShow Availability
07631HYB NS SPL03:0503:07HYB NS SPLShow Availability
09715DKBJ TPTY SF SPL00:3000:32DKBJ TPTY SF SPLShow Availability
09716TPTY DKBJ SF SPL23:4023:41TPTY DKBJ SF SPLShow Availability
11019 KONARK EXPRESS07:1907:20 KONARK EXPRESSShow Availability
11020 KONARK EXPRESS06:2806:30 KONARK EXPRESSShow Availability
12295 SANGHAMITRA EXP23:2323:25 SANGHAMITRA EXPShow Availability
12296 SANGHA MITRA EX00:2800:30 SANGHA MITRA EXShow Availability
12511 RAPTISAGAR EXP12:4412:45 RAPTISAGAR EXPShow Availability
12512 RAPTISAGAR EXP07:1907:20 RAPTISAGAR EXPShow Availability
12521 RAPTI SAGAR EXP12:4412:45 RAPTI SAGAR EXPShow Availability
12522 RAPTISAGAR EXP07:1807:20 RAPTISAGAR EXPShow Availability
12615 GRAND TRUNK EXP02:3702:40 GRAND TRUNK EXPShow Availability
12616 GRAND TRUNK EXP19:1819:20 GRAND TRUNK EXPShow Availability
12621 TAMILNADU SF EXP05:2405:25 TAMILNADU SF EXPShow Availability
12655 NAVJEEVAN EXP19:0919:10 NAVJEEVAN EXPShow Availability
12656 NAVAJIVAN SF EXP17:5517:56 NAVAJIVAN SF EXPShow Availability
12669 GANGAKAVERI EXP01:2901:30 GANGAKAVERI EXPShow Availability
12670 GANGAKAVERI EXP03:0403:05 GANGAKAVERI EXPShow Availability
12705 SC INTERCITY17:3917:40 SC INTERCITYShow Availability
12706 GNT INTERCITY11:2911:30 GNT INTERCITYShow Availability
12709 SIMHAPURI EXP00:3200:35 SIMHAPURI EXPShow Availability
12710 SIMHAPURI EXP02:1902:20 SIMHAPURI EXPShow Availability
12713 SATAVAHANA EXP07:3807:40 SATAVAHANA EXPShow Availability
12714 SATAVAHANA EXP19:5319:55 SATAVAHANA EXPShow Availability
12727 GODAVARI EXPRES01:1101:12 GODAVARI EXPRESShow Availability
12728 GODAVARI EXPRES20:4420:45 GODAVARI EXPRESShow Availability
12737 GOUTAMI EXPRESS00:1900:20 GOUTAMI EXPRESSShow Availability
12738 GOUTAMI EXPRESS00:5300:55 GOUTAMI EXPRESSShow Availability
12739 GARIB RATH03:2803:30 GARIB RATHShow Availability
12740 GARIBRATH EXP23:2423:25 GARIBRATH EXPShow Availability
12749 MTM BIDR SF EXP00:0400:05 MTM BIDR SF EXPShow Availability
12750 BIDR MTM SF EXP01:4901:50 BIDR MTM SF EXPShow Availability
12759 CHARMINAR SF EX02:1802:20 CHARMINAR SF EXShow Availability
12760 CHARMINAR EXP21:3821:40 CHARMINAR EXPShow Availability
12761 TPTY KRMR EXP03:2603:27 TPTY KRMR EXPShow Availability
12762 KRMR TPTY EXP22:4922:50 KRMR TPTY EXPShow Availability
12763 PADMAVATHI EXP00:4400:45 PADMAVATHI EXPShow Availability
12764 PADMAVATHI EXP22:1922:20 PADMAVATHI EXPShow Availability
12775 COCANADA AC EXP02:1802:19 COCANADA AC EXPShow Availability
12776 COCANADA AC EXP22:4922:50 COCANADA AC EXPShow Availability
12787 NS NSL SF EXP15:2315:25 NS NSL SF EXPShow Availability
12788 NSL NS SF EXP03:0503:07 NSL NS SF EXPShow Availability
12861 VSKP MBNR SF01:4301:45 VSKP MBNR SFShow Availability
12862 MBNR VSKP SF EX22:3422:35 MBNR VSKP SF EXShow Availability
16031 ANDAMAN EXPRESS15:1915:20 ANDAMAN EXPRESSShow Availability
16032 ANDAMAN EXPRESS18:0918:10 ANDAMAN EXPRESSShow Availability
16093 MAS LJN EXPRESS15:1915:20 MAS LJN EXPRESSShow Availability
16094 LJN MAS EXPRESS18:4818:50 LJN MAS EXPRESSShow Availability
16317 HIMSAGAR EXP16:4816:50 HIMSAGAR EXPShow Availability
16318 HIMSAGAR EXP18:0818:10 HIMSAGAR EXPShow Availability
16787 TEN SVDK EXPRES16:4816:50 TEN SVDK EXPRESShow Availability
16788 NAVYUG EXPRESS18:1918:20 NAVYUG EXPRESSShow Availability
17201 GOLCONDA EXP08:3408:36 GOLCONDA EXPShow Availability
17202 GOLCONDA EXP16:1916:20 GOLCONDA EXPShow Availability
17205 SNSI COA EXPRESS12:3912:40 SNSI COA EXPRESSShow Availability
17206 COA SNSI EXP11:2811:30 COA SNSI EXPShow Availability
17207 SNSI MTM EXP12:3912:40 SNSI MTM EXPShow Availability
17208 MTM SNSI EXP11:2811:30 MTM SNSI EXPShow Availability
17405 KRISHNA EXPRESS14:5114:53 KRISHNA EXPRESSShow Availability
17406 KRISHNA EXPRESS09:5910:00 KRISHNA EXPRESSShow Availability
18045 EAST COAST EXP12:1812:20 EAST COAST EXPShow Availability
18046 EAST COAST EXP11:3811:40 EAST COAST EXPShow Availability
18111 TATA YPR EXP15:1915:20 TATA YPR EXPShow Availability
18112 YPR TATA EXP09:3909:40 YPR TATA EXPShow Availability
18503 VSKP SNSI EXP15:4415:45 VSKP SNSI EXPShow Availability
18504 SNSI VSKP EXP12:3812:40 SNSI VSKP EXPShow Availability
20803 VSKP GIMB SF EXP01:2401:25 VSKP GIMB SF EXPShow Availability
20804 GIMB VSKP SF EX01:4901:50 GIMB VSKP SF EXShow Availability
20805 AP EXPRESS05:1405:15 AP EXPRESSShow Availability
20806 AP EXPRESS18:5919:00 AP EXPRESSShow Availability
20833 VANDE BHARAT EXP11:0011:01 VANDE BHARAT EXPShow Availability
20834 VANDE BHARAT EX17:4517:46 VANDE BHARAT EXShow Availability
22351 PPTA SMVB EXP01:4901:50 PPTA SMVB EXPShow Availability
22352 PATLIPUTRA EXP04:0404:05 PATLIPUTRA EXPShow Availability
22631 ANUVRAT SF EXP04:2804:30 ANUVRAT SF EXPShow Availability
22632 BKN MDU SF EXP00:1400:15 BKN MDU SF EXPShow Availability
22645 INDB KCVL SF EXP13:1313:15 INDB KCVL SF EXPShow Availability
22646 AHILYANAGARI EX07:1807:20 AHILYANAGARI EXShow Availability
22647 KRBA KCVL EXP13:1413:15 KRBA KCVL EXPShow Availability
22648 KCVL KRBA SF EX07:1807:20 KCVL KRBA SF EXShow Availability
22663 MS JODHPUR EXP23:3923:40 MS JODHPUR EXPShow Availability
22664 JU MS SF EXPRESS06:5807:00 JU MS SF EXPRESSShow Availability
22669 ERS PNBE SF EXP21:2921:30 ERS PNBE SF EXPShow Availability
22670 PNBE ERS EXPRES22:5823:00 PNBE ERS EXPRESShow Availability
22673 BGKT MQ SF EXP00:0900:10 BGKT MQ SF EXPShow Availability
22674 MQ BGKT SF EXP04:2904:30 MQ BGKT SF EXPShow Availability
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Trains Terminates from Khammam Railway Station | (KMT)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
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Khammam Kmt Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

Trains Originating from Khammam Kmt Railway Station (station )

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Trains Passing from Khammam Kmt Railway Station (station )

Trains Terminates from Khammam Kmt Railway Station (station )

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Top Train Routes related to KHAMMAM

Get information about all trains from Khammam Railway Station fast. Here you will get the complete list of trains to Khammam Kmt Railway Station. Scroll down to view all the details,which include the arrival and departure times of all trains stopping atKhammam Railway Station. It lists the train numbers as well. The trains that connect to Khammam Kmt Railway Station are , 02805-VSKP NDLS SPL and

Find details for each Indian Railway train just at a glance. By clicking on a train's name, it will show you the complete schedule for that train. By looking at the train schedule, you find the exact time of the arrival of that particular train to the Khammam Kmt Railway Station. On RailMitra, there is also the option to see the live running status of the train. You can also find trains that go to other stations from this site. Click on the Search tab and then enter the information to discover. Therefore, use our services to find the best train for your trip.

This list also gives information on the stopping duration of trains at Khammam Kmt Railway Station.Utilize the complete list of trains at Khammam Kmt Railway Station to find the availability of berths in various trains. With RailMitra, finding IRCTC trains and booking tickets for your train is easy. Make use of the most up-to-date PNR Prediction to find out your chances of getting confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket. Happy Voyage!