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Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Railway Station (PRYJ)

Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Railway Station (PRYJ) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from Prayagraj Jn. (rev)Railway Station. Besides that, you can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra.

There are 24 trains originating, 382 trains passing and 24 trains terminating at Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Railway Station. All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Railway Station | (PRYJ) | TIME TABLE

Trains Originating from Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Railway Station | (PRYJ)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02130TULSI EXP SPLSource18:30TULSI EXP SPLShow Availability
02275NDLS HUMSFAR SPLSource22:30NDLS HUMSFAR SPLShow Availability
02294LTT DURONTO SPLSource18:10LTT DURONTO SPLShow Availability
02403PRYJ JP SF SPLSource23:10PRYJ JP SF SPLShow Availability
02417PRAYAG RAJ SPLSource22:10PRAYAG RAJ SPLShow Availability
04112PRYJ JHS SPLSource6:05PRYJ JHS SPLShow Availability
04116PRYJ DADN SPLSource15:20PRYJ DADN SPLShow Availability
04131FESTIVAL SF SPLSource16:00FESTIVAL SF SPLShow Availability
04137ANVT HUMSFR SPLSource22:30ANVT HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
04163PRYJ MTC SPLSource17:45PRYJ MTC SPLShow Availability
09268PRYJ ADI SF SPLSource19:00PRYJ ADI SF SPLShow Availability
14112PRYJ VGLB EXPSource06:05PRYJ VGLB EXPShow Availability
11802ETW JHS LINK EXPSource06:05ETW JHS LINK EXPShow Availability
12275NDLS HUMSAFARSource22:30NDLS HUMSAFARShow Availability
12294LTT DURONTOSource18:10LTT DURONTOShow Availability
12403PRYJ BKN SF EXPSource23:10PRYJ BKN SF EXPShow Availability
12417PRAYAGRAJ EXPSource22:10PRAYAGRAJ EXPShow Availability
14116PRYJ DADN EXPSource15:20PRYJ DADN EXPShow Availability
14117KALINDI EXPRESSSource15:50KALINDI EXPRESSShow Availability
14163SANGAM EXPRESSSource17:45SANGAM EXPRESSShow Availability
14723KALINDI EXPRESSSource15:50KALINDI EXPRESSShow Availability
20403PRYJ BKN SF EXPSource23:10PRYJ BKN SF EXPShow Availability
22437ANVT HUMSAFARSource22:30ANVT HUMSAFARShow Availability
22968PRYJ ADI SF EXPSource18:50PRYJ ADI SF EXPShow Availability
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Trains Passing from Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Railway Station | (PRYJ)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
01033DBG FESTIVAL SPL16:1016:35DBG FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
01034DBG PUNE SPL6:507:15DBG PUNE SPLShow Availability
01055LTT GKP SPECIAL8:108:35LTT GKP SPECIALShow Availability
01056GODAN EXP SPL16:1516:40GODAN EXP SPLShow Availability
01059LTT CPR SPECIAL8:108:35LTT CPR SPECIALShow Availability
01060CPR LTT SPL16:1516:40CPR LTT SPLShow Availability
01061LTT JYG SPL9:3510:00LTT JYG SPLShow Availability
01062JYG LTT SPL3:003:20JYG LTT SPLShow Availability
01067LTT FAIZABAD SPL3:504:20LTT FAIZABAD SPLShow Availability
01068FD LTT SUP SPL18:2518:50FD LTT SUP SPLShow Availability
01071LTT BSB SPL15:4516:10LTT BSB SPLShow Availability
01072KAMAYANI EXP SPL19:1519:35KAMAYANI EXP SPLShow Availability
01105KOAA JHS SF SPL1:051:10KOAA JHS SF SPLShow Availability
01106JHS KOAA SF SPL4:004:05JHS KOAA SF SPLShow Availability
01107BUNDELKHAND SPL6:557:15BUNDELKHAND SPLShow Availability
01108BUNDELKHAND SPL20:5521:20BUNDELKHAND SPLShow Availability
01115GKP FESTIVAL SPL16:1016:35GKP FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
01116PUNE FESTVL SPL0:100:30PUNE FESTVL SPLShow Availability
02049LTT FAIZABAD SPL11:1511:40LTT FAIZABAD SPLShow Availability
02050FD LTT SF SPL5:005:25FD LTT SF SPLShow Availability
02135BANARAS FES SPL17:0017:20BANARAS FES SPLShow Availability
02136PUNE FESTIVAL SP6:507:15PUNE FESTIVAL SPShow Availability
02165LTT GKP FEST SPL3:554:20LTT GKP FEST SPLShow Availability
02166LTT FESTIVAL SPL23:0523:30LTT FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02233GCT ANVT SPECIAL20:2520:30GCT ANVT SPECIALShow Availability
02234ANVT GCT SF SPL4:004:05ANVT GCT SF SPLShow Availability
02301HWH NDLS AC SPL2:432:45HWH NDLS AC SPLShow Availability
02302HWH RAJ SPL23:4323:45HWH RAJ SPLShow Availability
02303HWH NDLS SPL21:4021:45HWH NDLS SPLShow Availability
02304POORVA EXP SPL1:151:20POORVA EXP SPLShow Availability
02305HWH NDLS AC SPL2:432:45HWH NDLS AC SPLShow Availability
02306HWH RAJ SPL23:4323:45HWH RAJ SPLShow Availability
02309RJPB NDLS AC SPL0:100:12RJPB NDLS AC SPLShow Availability
02310NDLS RJPB SPL0:030:05NDLS RJPB SPLShow Availability
02311NETAJI EXP SPL10:4010:50NETAJI EXP SPLShow Availability
02312NETAJI EXP SPL16:5017:00NETAJI EXP SPLShow Availability
02315KOAA UDZ SPL4:004:10KOAA UDZ SPLShow Availability
02316UDZ KOAA SPL22:0522:10UDZ KOAA SPLShow Availability
02323HWH BME SPL6:456:50HWH BME SPLShow Availability
02324HWH FESTIVL SPL16:2516:30HWH FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
02349NDLS HUMSFR SPL4:004:10NDLS HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
02350GODA HUMSFR SPL8:108:20GODA HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
02381HWH NDLS SPL21:3521:40HWH NDLS SPLShow Availability
02382POORVA EXP SPL1:451:50POORVA EXP SPLShow Availability
02385HWH JU SPL12:1512:20HWH JU SPLShow Availability
02386JU HWH SF SPL15:4015:45JU HWH SF SPLShow Availability
02387HWH BKN SPL12:1512:20HWH BKN SPLShow Availability
02388BKN HWH SF SPL15:4015:45BKN HWH SF SPLShow Availability
02395RJBP AII SPL1:051:10RJBP AII SPLShow Availability
02396RJPB FESTIVL SPL16:4016:50RJPB FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
02397GAYA NDLS SPL19:3019:40GAYA NDLS SPLShow Availability
02398GAYA FESTVL SPL20:2520:30GAYA FESTVL SPLShow Availability
02423DBRG NDLS AC SPL2:532:55DBRG NDLS AC SPLShow Availability
02424NDLS DBRG SPL23:1023:12NDLS DBRG SPLShow Availability
02427REWA ANVT EXP21:1021:15REWA ANVT EXPShow Availability
02428ANVT REWA SPL6:106:15ANVT REWA SPLShow Availability
02435VANDE BHARAT SPL16:3516:37VANDE BHARAT SPLShow Availability
02436VANDE BHARAT SPL12:0812:10VANDE BHARAT SPLShow Availability
02453RNC NDLS RAJ SPL3:353:37RNC NDLS RAJ SPLShow Availability
02454NDLS RNC SPL23:0023:02NDLS RNC SPLShow Availability
02465MDP ANVT SF SPL22:3622:38MDP ANVT SF SPLShow Availability
02466BABA VDHAM SPL19:5019:52BABA VDHAM SPLShow Availability
02495KOAA FESTIVAL SP22:0522:10KOAA FESTIVAL SPShow Availability
02496KOAA BKN SPL11:3011:35KOAA BKN SPLShow Availability
02539YPR LKO FEST SPL4:455:05YPR LKO FEST SPLShow Availability
02559SHIV GANGA SPL0:300:35SHIV GANGA SPLShow Availability
02560SHIV GNG EXP SPL3:453:55SHIV GNG EXP SPLShow Availability
02561JYG NDLS SPL7:157:25JYG NDLS SPLShow Availability
02562SWATANTRTA S SPL5:255:35SWATANTRTA S SPLShow Availability
02579HTE ANVT SPL4:204:25HTE ANVT SPLShow Availability
02580ANVT HTE SF SPL4:154:20ANVT HTE SF SPLShow Availability
02581NDLS FESTVL SPL1:301:40NDLS FESTVL SPLShow Availability
02582BSBS FESTVL SPL7:307:40BSBS FESTVL SPLShow Availability
02583HTE ANVT SPL4:204:30HTE ANVT SPLShow Availability
02584ANVT HTE SF SPL4:204:30ANVT HTE SF SPLShow Availability
02585SRC ANVT SPL0:450:50SRC ANVT SPLShow Availability
02586ANVT SRC SPL22:0022:05ANVT SRC SPLShow Availability
02669MAS CPR EXP1:452:10MAS CPR EXPShow Availability
02670GANGAKAVERI SPL4:054:30GANGAKAVERI SPLShow Availability
02683YPR LKO FEST SPL12:4513:05YPR LKO FEST SPLShow Availability
02684YPR FESTIVL SPL0:250:45YPR FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
02791SC DNR SPL10:0010:20SC DNR SPLShow Availability
02792DNR SC SPL19:4520:05DNR SC SPLShow Availability
02801PURI NDLS SPL19:2019:30PURI NDLS SPLShow Availability
02802PURSHOTTAM SPL6:557:00PURSHOTTAM SPLShow Availability
02813BBS ANVT SPL10:5511:00BBS ANVT SPLShow Availability
02814ANVT BBS SPL16:2516:30ANVT BBS SPLShow Availability
02815PURI ANVT SPL6:456:50PURI ANVT SPLShow Availability
02816ANVT PURI SPL15:5516:05ANVT PURI SPLShow Availability
02823BBS NDLS SPL2:332:35BBS NDLS SPLShow Availability
02824NDLS BBS SPL23:5323:55NDLS BBS SPLShow Availability
02825BBS NDLS SPL2:332:35BBS NDLS SPLShow Availability
02826NDLS BBS RAJ SPL23:5323:55NDLS BBS RAJ SPLShow Availability
02855BBS NDLS SPL2:332:35BBS NDLS SPLShow Availability
02856NDLS BBS RAJ SPL23:5323:55NDLS BBS RAJ SPLShow Availability
02871IPR NDLS SPL1:151:20IPR NDLS SPLShow Availability
02872IPR FESTVAL SPL6:206:25IPR FESTVAL SPLShow Availability
02937GIMB HWH SF SPL22:0522:10GIMB HWH SF SPLShow Availability
02938HWH GIMB SPL11:3011:35HWH GIMB SPLShow Availability
02941BVC ASANSOL SPL22:0522:10BVC ASANSOL SPLShow Availability
02942ASN BVC SPL5:255:30ASN BVC SPLShow Availability
02947ADI PNBE SPL21:2521:35ADI PNBE SPLShow Availability
02948PNBE ADI SPL5:305:35PNBE ADI SPLShow Availability
02988SDAH FESTVL SPL1:501:55SDAH FESTVL SPLShow Availability
04005SMI ANVT SPL18:0018:10SMI ANVT SPLShow Availability
04006ANVT SMI SPL3:153:20ANVT SMI SPLShow Availability
04031GHY NDLS SPECIAL4:004:05GHY NDLS SPECIALShow Availability
04032PORVOTR S KRNTI8:008:10PORVOTR S KRNTIShow Availability
04037SCL NDLS SPECIAL4:004:05SCL NDLS SPECIALShow Availability
04038NDLS SCL SPL8:008:10NDLS SCL SPLShow Availability
04039ANVT HUMSFR SPL22:3622:38ANVT HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
04040B V DHAM HUMSAFR19:4519:47B V DHAM HUMSAFRShow Availability
04045ANVT HUMSFR SPL3:233:25ANVT HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
04046MDP HUMSFR SPL0:250:27MDP HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
04057JYG ANVT G RATH0:530:55JYG ANVT G RATHShow Availability
04058JYG GARIB RATH0:250:27JYG GARIB RATHShow Availability
04065HLZ ANVT SPL0:450:50HLZ ANVT SPLShow Availability
04066ANVT HLZ S F SPL3:453:50ANVT HLZ S F SPLShow Availability
04069JBN ANVT SPECIAL11:5011:55JBN ANVT SPECIALShow Availability
04070SEEMANCHAL SPL17:0517:10SEEMANCHAL SPLShow Availability
04073GARIB RATH SPL0:450:50GARIB RATH SPLShow Availability
04074GAYA GARIB RATH3:453:50GAYA GARIB RATHShow Availability
04273BSB GNC SPL17:2017:25BSB GNC SPLShow Availability
04274GNC BSB SPL20:3520:40GNC BSB SPLShow Availability
04411ANVT G RATH SPL0:530:55ANVT G RATH SPLShow Availability
04412BGP G RATH SPL0:250:27BGP G RATH SPLShow Availability
05017GKP FESTIVAL SPL7:558:15GKP FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
05018LTT FESTIVAL SPL15:5016:10LTT FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
05073SGRL TPU SPL2:202:50SGRL TPU SPLShow Availability
05074TRIVENI EXP SPL22:0022:20TRIVENI EXP SPLShow Availability
05075STKN TPU SPL2:202:50STKN TPU SPLShow Availability
05076TRIVENI EXP SPL22:0022:20TRIVENI EXP SPLShow Availability
05101CPR LTT FEST SPL5:255:30CPR LTT FEST SPLShow Availability
05102CPR FESTIVAL SPL20:0020:05CPR FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
05159CPR DURG SPL15:1515:35CPR DURG SPLShow Availability
05160DURG CPR SPL12:1012:35DURG CPR SPLShow Availability
05267RXL LTT SPL6:507:15RXL LTT SPLShow Availability
05268LTT RXL SPECIAL16:1016:30LTT RXL SPECIALShow Availability
05483APDJ DLI SPECIAL9:309:35APDJ DLI SPECIALShow Availability
05484DLI APDJ SPL18:0518:10DLI APDJ SPLShow Availability
05559DBG ADI SPL6:507:15DBG ADI SPLShow Availability
05560ADI DBG SPECIAL20:2020:45ADI DBG SPECIALShow Availability
05631BME GHY SPL21:2521:35BME GHY SPLShow Availability
05632GHY BME SPECIAL11:3011:35GHY BME SPECIALShow Availability
05633BKN GHY SPL21:2521:35BKN GHY SPLShow Availability
05634GHY BKN SPECIAL11:3011:35GHY BKN SPECIALShow Availability
05955KYQ DLI SPECIAL19:0019:10KYQ DLI SPECIALShow Availability
05956BRAHMPUTRA SPL7:508:00BRAHMPUTRA SPLShow Availability
06359ERS PNBE SPL22:1022:35ERS PNBE SPLShow Availability
06360PNBE ERS SF SPL0:100:40PNBE ERS SF SPLShow Availability
08205DURG NTV SPL10:4011:00DURG NTV SPLShow Availability
08206NTV DURG SPL19:5520:25NTV DURG SPLShow Availability
08309SBP JAT SPL9:509:55SBP JAT SPLShow Availability
08310JAT SBP SPL17:1017:20JAT SBP SPLShow Availability
08609RNC LTT SPL10:0010:30RNC LTT SPLShow Availability
08610LTT RNC SPL16:1016:35LTT RNC SPLShow Availability
09041BDTS GCT SPL3:003:10BDTS GCT SPLShow Availability
09042GCT BDTS SPL0:450:55GCT BDTS SPLShow Availability
09063UDN DANAPUR SPL4:104:35UDN DANAPUR SPLShow Availability
09064DNR UDHNA SPL0:100:35DNR UDHNA SPLShow Availability
01051LTT HWH SF SPL8:258:30LTT HWH SF SPLShow Availability
01052HWH LTT SPL9:5510:05HWH LTT SPLShow Availability
15101CPR LTT EXP5:255:30CPR LTT EXPShow Availability
15560JANSADARAN EXP20:2020:45JANSADARAN EXPShow Availability
02103LTT GKP SUP SPL8:258:30LTT GKP SUP SPLShow Availability
02104GKP LTT SUP SPL9:5510:00GKP LTT SUP SPLShow Availability
04051AJMER SHT SPL21:4521:50AJMER SHT SPLShow Availability
04052AJMER SHT SPL7:558:00AJMER SHT SPLShow Availability
05119BSBS FEST SPL17:4518:15BSBS FEST SPLShow Availability
15268LTT RXL EXPRESS16:1016:30LTT RXL EXPRESSShow Availability
15559JANSADHARAN EXP06:5007:15JANSADHARAN EXPShow Availability
03125KOAA GCT SPL05:3505:40KOAA GCT SPLShow Availability
03126GCT KOAA SPL10:4510:50GCT KOAA SPLShow Availability
09013BDTS BSL SPECIAL08:3508:40BDTS BSL SPECIALShow Availability
09014BSL BDTS SPL20:2020:25BSL BDTS SPLShow Availability
07652CPR J FEST SPL05:2505:05CPR J FEST SPLShow Availability
01025DR BALLIA SPL18:5019:15DR BALLIA SPLShow Availability
01026BUI DR SPL21:3521:50BUI DR SPLShow Availability
01027DR GKP SPECIAL18:5019:15DR GKP SPECIALShow Availability
01028GKP DR SPL21:3521:50GKP DR SPLShow Availability
03255PPTA CDG SPL05:1005:15PPTA CDG SPLShow Availability
04055BUI ANVT SF SPL20:3520:40BUI ANVT SF SPLShow Availability
04056ANVT BUI SUP SPL03:2503:30ANVT BUI SUP SPLShow Availability
04151CNB LTT SF HSPL18:1018:15CNB LTT SF HSPLShow Availability
04152LTT CNB SF SPL12:4012:45LTT CNB SF SPLShow Availability
07651J CPR SPL22:1022:40J CPR SPLShow Availability
09525OKHA NHLN SPL08:3508:40OKHA NHLN SPLShow Availability
09526NHLN OKHA SPL17:1017:15NHLN OKHA SPLShow Availability
11033DARBHANGA EXP16:1016:35DARBHANGA EXPShow Availability
11034DBG PUNE EXP06:5007:15DBG PUNE EXPShow Availability
11037PUNE GKP EXPRESS16:1016:35PUNE GKP EXPRESSShow Availability
11038GKP PUNE EXP00:1000:30GKP PUNE EXPShow Availability
11055GODAN EXPRESS08:1008:35GODAN EXPRESSShow Availability
11056GODAN EXPRESS16:1516:40GODAN EXPRESSShow Availability
11059CHHAPRA EXPRESS08:1008:35CHHAPRA EXPRESSShow Availability
11060CPR LTT EXPRESS16:1516:40CPR LTT EXPRESSShow Availability
11061LTT JAYNAGAR EX09:3510:00LTT JAYNAGAR EXShow Availability
11062JYG LTT EXP03:0003:20JYG LTT EXPShow Availability
11071KAMAYANI EXPRESS15:4516:10KAMAYANI EXPRESSShow Availability
11072KAMAYANI EXP19:1019:30KAMAYANI EXPShow Availability
11107BUNDELKHAND EXP06:5507:15BUNDELKHAND EXPShow Availability
11108BUNDELKHAND EXP20:5521:20BUNDELKHAND EXPShow Availability
12165LTT GKP SF EXP03:5004:20LTT GKP SF EXPShow Availability
12166GKP LTT EXPRESS23:0523:30GKP LTT EXPRESSShow Availability
12235ANVT HUMSFR EXP03:2303:25ANVT HUMSFR EXPShow Availability
12236ANVT MDP HUMSFR00:2300:25ANVT MDP HUMSFRShow Availability
12301RAJDHANI EXPRES02:4302:45RAJDHANI EXPRESShow Availability
12302HWH RAJDHANI23:4323:45HWH RAJDHANIShow Availability
12303POORVA EXPRESS21:4021:45POORVA EXPRESSShow Availability
12304POORVA EXPRESS01:1501:20POORVA EXPRESSShow Availability
12305RAJDHANI EXPRES02:4302:45RAJDHANI EXPRESShow Availability
12306KOLKATA RAJDHNI23:4323:45KOLKATA RAJDHNIShow Availability
12307HWH JU EXPRESS12:1512:20HWH JU EXPRESSShow Availability
12308JU HWH EXPRESS15:4015:45JU HWH EXPRESSShow Availability
12309RJPB TEJAS RAJ00:1000:12RJPB TEJAS RAJShow Availability
12310RJPB TEJAS RAJ00:0300:05RJPB TEJAS RAJShow Availability
12311NETAJI EXPRESS10:4010:50NETAJI EXPRESSShow Availability
12312NETAJI EXPRESS17:0517:10NETAJI EXPRESSShow Availability
12315ANANYA EXPRESS04:0004:05ANANYA EXPRESSShow Availability
12316ANANYA EXP22:0522:10ANANYA EXPShow Availability
12319KOAA AGC EXP00:4500:50KOAA AGC EXPShow Availability
12320AGC KOAA SF EXP03:4003:45AGC KOAA SF EXPShow Availability
12323HWH BME EXP06:4506:50HWH BME EXPShow Availability
12324BME HWH SF EXP16:2516:30BME HWH SF EXPShow Availability
12349GODA NDLS HMSFR04:0004:05GODA NDLS HMSFRShow Availability
12350GODA HUMSAFAR07:5007:55GODA HUMSAFARShow Availability
12381POORVA EXPRESS21:3521:40POORVA EXPRESSShow Availability
12382POORVA EXPRESS01:4501:50POORVA EXPRESSShow Availability
12395ZIYARAT EXPRESS01:0501:10ZIYARAT EXPRESSShow Availability
12396ZIYARAT EXPRESS16:4016:50ZIYARAT EXPRESSShow Availability
12397MAHABODHI EXP19:3019:40MAHABODHI EXPShow Availability
12398MAHABODHI EXP20:2520:30MAHABODHI EXPShow Availability
12423RAJDHANI EXP02:5302:55RAJDHANI EXPShow Availability
12424DBRT RAJDHANI23:0823:10DBRT RAJDHANIShow Availability
12427REWA ANVT EXP21:0521:10REWA ANVT EXPShow Availability
12428ANVT REWA EXP06:1006:15ANVT REWA EXPShow Availability
12435GARIB RATH EXP00:5300:55GARIB RATH EXPShow Availability
12436JYG GARIB RATH00:2300:25JYG GARIB RATHShow Availability
12443HLZ ANVT SF EXP00:4500:50HLZ ANVT SF EXPShow Availability
12444ANVT HLZ SF EXP03:4503:50ANVT HLZ SF EXPShow Availability
12453RNC NDLS RAJ EX03:3503:37RNC NDLS RAJ EXShow Availability
12454RNC RAJDHANI22:5823:00RNC RAJDHANIShow Availability
12487SEEMANCHAL EXP11:4011:45SEEMANCHAL EXPShow Availability
12488SEEMANCHAL EXP16:5517:00SEEMANCHAL EXPShow Availability
12495PRATAP EXPRESS22:0522:10PRATAP EXPRESSShow Availability
12496PRATAP EXPRESS11:3011:35PRATAP EXPRESSShow Availability
12505NORTHEAST EXP12:2512:30NORTHEAST EXPShow Availability
12506NORTH EAST EXP16:0516:15NORTH EAST EXPShow Availability
12539YPR LKO EXP04:4505:05YPR LKO EXPShow Availability
12540LKO YPR EXP01:1501:40LKO YPR EXPShow Availability
12559SHIV GANGA EXP00:3000:35SHIV GANGA EXPShow Availability
12560SHIV GANGA EXP03:4503:55SHIV GANGA EXPShow Availability
12561SWATANTRA S EXP07:1007:20SWATANTRA S EXPShow Availability
12562SWTANTRTA S EXP05:2505:35SWTANTRTA S EXPShow Availability
12581BSBS NDLS SFEXP01:2001:25BSBS NDLS SFEXPShow Availability
12582BSBS SF EXPRESS07:3007:40BSBS SF EXPRESSShow Availability
12669GANGAKAVERI EXP01:4502:10GANGAKAVERI EXPShow Availability
12670GANGAKAVERI EXP04:0504:30GANGAKAVERI EXPShow Availability
12791SC DNR SF EXP10:0010:20SC DNR SF EXPShow Availability
12792SECUNDERABAD EX19:4520:05SECUNDERABAD EXShow Availability
12801PURUSHOTTAM EXP19:2019:30PURUSHOTTAM EXPShow Availability
12802PURUSHOTTAM EXP06:5507:00PURUSHOTTAM EXPShow Availability
12815NANDANKANAN EXP06:4506:50NANDANKANAN EXPShow Availability
12816NANDANKANAN EXP15:5516:05NANDANKANAN EXPShow Availability
12817SWARNJAYANTI EX04:2004:25SWARNJAYANTI EXShow Availability
12818JHARKHAND EXP04:1504:20JHARKHAND EXPShow Availability
12873SWARNJAYANTI EX04:2004:25SWARNJAYANTI EXShow Availability
12874ANVT HTE SF EXP04:1504:20ANVT HTE SF EXPShow Availability
12877NDLS GARIB RATH03:3503:37NDLS GARIB RATHShow Availability
12878RNC GARIB RATH22:5823:00RNC GARIB RATHShow Availability
12937HWH GARBHA EXP22:0522:10HWH GARBHA EXPShow Availability
12938GARBHA EXPRESS11:3011:35GARBHA EXPRESSShow Availability
12941PARASNATH EXP22:0522:10PARASNATH EXPShow Availability
12942PARASNATH EXP05:3005:35PARASNATH EXPShow Availability
12945BANARAS SF EXP11:4011:50BANARAS SF EXPShow Availability
12946BSBS VRL SF EXP09:5010:00BSBS VRL SF EXPShow Availability
12947AZIMABAD EXP21:2521:35AZIMABAD EXPShow Availability
12948AZIMABAD EXPRES05:3005:35AZIMABAD EXPRESShow Availability
12987SDAH AII SF EXP11:5011:55SDAH AII SF EXPShow Availability
12988AII SDAH EXP01:5001:55AII SDAH EXPShow Availability
14005LICHCHVI EXPRES18:0018:10LICHCHVI EXPRESShow Availability
14006LICHCHIVI EXP03:1503:20LICHCHIVI EXPShow Availability
14037PORVOTR S KRNTI04:0004:05PORVOTR S KRNTIShow Availability
14038NDLS SCL EXP07:5007:55NDLS SCL EXPShow Availability
14619TRIPURA SUNDARI04:0004:05TRIPURA SUNDARIShow Availability
14620TRIPURA SUNDARI07:5007:55TRIPURA SUNDARIShow Availability
15003CHAURICHAURA EXP20:5521:05CHAURICHAURA EXPShow Availability
15004CHAURICHAURA EXP08:1508:20CHAURICHAURA EXPShow Availability
15017LTT GKP EXPRESS07:5508:15LTT GKP EXPRESSShow Availability
15018GKP LTT EXP15:5016:10GKP LTT EXPShow Availability
15073TRIBENI EXPRESS02:2002:50TRIBENI EXPRESSShow Availability
15074TRIVENI EXP22:0022:20TRIVENI EXPShow Availability
15075TRIBENI EXPRESS02:2002:50TRIBENI EXPRESSShow Availability
15076TRIVENI EXP22:0022:20TRIVENI EXPShow Availability
15102LTT CHHAPRA EXP18:0018:05LTT CHHAPRA EXPShow Availability
15159SARNATH EXPRESS15:1515:35SARNATH EXPRESSShow Availability
15160SARNATH EXP12:1012:35SARNATH EXPShow Availability
15267JANSADHARAN EXP06:5007:15JANSADHARAN EXPShow Availability
15484MAHANANDA EXP17:4017:45MAHANANDA EXPShow Availability
15631BME GHY EXPRESS21:2521:35BME GHY EXPRESSShow Availability
15632GHY BME EXPRESS11:3011:35GHY BME EXPRESSShow Availability
15633BKN GHY EXPRESS21:2521:35BKN GHY EXPRESSShow Availability
15634GHY BKN EXPRESS11:3011:35GHY BKN EXPRESSShow Availability
15657BRAHMPUTRA MAIL08:0008:05BRAHMPUTRA MAILShow Availability
15658BRAHMAPUTRA EXP19:0019:10BRAHMAPUTRA EXPShow Availability
18101TATA JAT EXP09:4509:50TATA JAT EXPShow Availability
18102JAT TATA EXPRESS17:1017:20JAT TATA EXPRESSShow Availability
18205DURG NTV EXP10:4011:00DURG NTV EXPShow Availability
18206NTV DURG EXP19:5520:25NTV DURG EXPShow Availability
18309SBP JAT EXPRESS09:4509:50SBP JAT EXPRESSShow Availability
18310JAT SBP EXPRESS17:1017:20JAT SBP EXPRESSShow Availability
18609RNC LTT EXP10:0010:25RNC LTT EXPShow Availability
18610LTT RANCHI EXP16:1016:35LTT RANCHI EXPShow Availability
19421ADI PNBE EXP20:2020:40ADI PNBE EXPShow Availability
19422PNBE ADI EXP18:3018:50PNBE ADI EXPShow Availability
20407RNC NDLS RAJ EX03:3503:37RNC NDLS RAJ EXShow Availability
20408RNC RAJDHANI22:5823:00RNC RAJDHANIShow Availability
20415MAHAKAL SF EXP17:2517:30MAHAKAL SF EXPShow Availability
20416MAHAKAL SUP00:3000:35MAHAKAL SUPShow Availability
20801MAGADH EXP01:1501:20MAGADH EXPShow Availability
20802MAGADH EXPRESS06:2006:25MAGADH EXPRESSShow Availability
20817TEJAS RAJ EXP02:3302:35TEJAS RAJ EXPShow Availability
20818BBS TEJAS RAJ23:5323:55BBS TEJAS RAJShow Availability
20933UDN DANAPUR EXP04:1004:35UDN DANAPUR EXPShow Availability
20934DNR UDHNA SF EX00:1000:35DNR UDHNA SF EXShow Availability
20941BDTS GCT SF EXP01:2501:30BDTS GCT SF EXPShow Availability
20942GCT BDTS SF EXP00:4500:55GCT BDTS SF EXPShow Availability
20961UDN BSBS SFAST08:2508:30UDN BSBS SFASTShow Availability
20962BSBS UDN SF EXP20:0020:05BSBS UDN SF EXPShow Availability
22103LTT AYODHYA EXP11:1511:40LTT AYODHYA EXPShow Availability
22104AYC LTT EXP05:0005:25AYC LTT EXPShow Availability
22129TULSI EXPRESS08:4009:05TULSI EXPRESSShow Availability
22130TULSI EXPRESS17:5618:21TULSI EXPRESSShow Availability
22131PUNE BANARAS EXP17:0017:20PUNE BANARAS EXPShow Availability
22132GYAN GANGA EXP06:5007:15GYAN GANGA EXPShow Availability
22183SAKET EXPRESS03:5004:20SAKET EXPRESSShow Availability
22184SAKET EXPRESS18:1518:40SAKET EXPRESSShow Availability
22197KOAA VGLB SF EX01:0501:10KOAA VGLB SF EXShow Availability
22198VGLB KOAA SF EX04:0004:05VGLB KOAA SF EXShow Availability
22307HWH BKN EXPRESS12:1512:20HWH BKN EXPRESSShow Availability
22308BKN HWH SF EXP15:4015:45BKN HWH SF EXPShow Availability
22405ANVT GARIB RATH00:5300:55ANVT GARIB RATHShow Availability
22406BGP GARIB RATH00:2300:25BGP GARIB RATHShow Availability
22409ANVT GARIB RATH00:4500:50ANVT GARIB RATHShow Availability
22410GAYA GARIB RATH03:4503:50GAYA GARIB RATHShow Availability
22427BHRIGU SUP EXP04:0004:05BHRIGU SUP EXPShow Availability
22428BHRIGU SUP EXP08:2508:35BHRIGU SUP EXPShow Availability
22433GCT ANVT SF EXP20:2520:30GCT ANVT SF EXPShow Availability
22434SUHAILDEV EXP04:0004:05SUHAILDEV EXPShow Availability
22435VANDE BHARAT EX16:3016:32VANDE BHARAT EXShow Availability
22436VANDE BHARAT EX12:0812:10VANDE BHARAT EXShow Availability
22441CNB INTERCITY18:2018:25CNB INTERCITYShow Availability
22442CKTD INTERCITY09:3509:45CKTD INTERCITYShow Availability
22449PORVOTR S KRNTI04:0004:05PORVOTR S KRNTIShow Availability
22450PORVOTR S KRNTI07:5007:55PORVOTR S KRNTIShow Availability
22459ANVT HUMSAFAR22:3622:38ANVT HUMSAFARShow Availability
22460BV DHAM HUMSAFR19:4519:47BV DHAM HUMSAFRShow Availability
22465BABA B DHAM EXP22:3622:38BABA B DHAM EXPShow Availability
22466BABA V DHAM EXP19:5019:52BABA V DHAM EXPShow Availability
22467BSB GNC EXP17:2017:25BSB GNC EXPShow Availability
22468GNC BSB EXP20:2020:25GNC BSB EXPShow Availability
22535RMM BSBS EXP22:1022:35RMM BSBS EXPShow Availability
22536BSBS RMM EXP22:2022:40BSBS RMM EXPShow Availability
22613RMM AYC EXPRESS22:1022:35RMM AYC EXPRESSShow Availability
22614AYC RMM EXPRESS05:0005:25AYC RMM EXPRESSShow Availability
22669ERS PNBE EXP22:1022:35ERS PNBE EXPShow Availability
22670PNBE ERS EXPRES00:1000:40PNBE ERS EXPRESShow Availability
22683YPR LKO EXP12:3513:00YPR LKO EXPShow Availability
22684LKO YPR SF EXP00:2500:45LKO YPR SF EXPShow Availability
22805BBS ANVT S F10:5511:00BBS ANVT S FShow Availability
22806ANVT BBS SF EXP16:2516:30ANVT BBS SF EXPShow Availability
22811TEJAS RAJ EXP02:3302:35TEJAS RAJ EXPShow Availability
22812BBS TEJAS RAJ23:5323:55BBS TEJAS RAJShow Availability
22823TEJAS RAJ EXP02:3302:35TEJAS RAJ EXPShow Availability
22824BBS TEJAS RAJ23:5323:55BBS TEJAS RAJShow Availability
22857SRC ANVT SF EXP00:4500:50SRC ANVT SF EXPShow Availability
22858ANVT SRC SF EXP22:0022:05ANVT SRC SF EXPShow Availability
22969OKHA BSBS SF EXP22:5023:00OKHA BSBS SF EXPShow Availability
22970BSBS OKHA SF EXP00:4000:50BSBS OKHA SF EXPShow Availability
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Trains Terminates from Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Railway Station | (PRYJ)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02129LTT PRYJ SPL8:45DestinationLTT PRYJ SPLShow Availability
02276ALD HUMSAFAR SPL6:20DestinationALD HUMSAFAR SPLShow Availability
02293PRYJ DURONTO SP12:45DestinationPRYJ DURONTO SPShow Availability
02404JP PRYJ SPL4:45DestinationJP PRYJ SPLShow Availability
02418PRAYAG RAJ SPL7:00DestinationPRAYAG RAJ SPLShow Availability
04111JHS PRYJ SPL18:30DestinationJHS PRYJ SPLShow Availability
04115DADN PRYJ SPL6:00DestinationDADN PRYJ SPLShow Availability
04132PRYJ FEST SPL13:00DestinationPRYJ FEST SPLShow Availability
04138ALD HUMSFR SPL6:20DestinationALD HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
04164SANGAM SPL8:35DestinationSANGAM SPLShow Availability
09267ADI PRYJ SF SPL16:50DestinationADI PRYJ SF SPLShow Availability
14111VGLB PRYJ EXP18:30DestinationVGLB PRYJ EXPShow Availability
11801JHS ETW EXPRESS18:30DestinationJHS ETW EXPRESSShow Availability
12276HUMSAFAR EXPRES06:20DestinationHUMSAFAR EXPRESShow Availability
12293PRYJ DURONTO12:40DestinationPRYJ DURONTOShow Availability
12404BKN PRYJ SF EXP04:45DestinationBKN PRYJ SF EXPShow Availability
12418PRAYAGRAJ EXP07:00DestinationPRAYAGRAJ EXPShow Availability
14115DADN PRYJ EXP06:00DestinationDADN PRYJ EXPShow Availability
14118KALINDI EXP12:55DestinationKALINDI EXPShow Availability
14164SANGAM EXP08:35DestinationSANGAM EXPShow Availability
14724KALINDI EXP12:55DestinationKALINDI EXPShow Availability
20404BKN PRYJ SF EXP04:45DestinationBKN PRYJ SF EXPShow Availability
22438PRYJ HUMSAFAR06:20DestinationPRYJ HUMSAFARShow Availability
22967ADI PRYJ SFAST16:50DestinationADI PRYJ SFASTShow Availability
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Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Pryj Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

Trains Originating from Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Pryj Railway Station (station )

Trains Passing from Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Pryj Railway Station (station )

Trains Terminates from Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Pryj Railway Station (station )

Get information about all trains from Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Railway Station fast. Here you will get the complete list of trains to Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Pryj Railway Station. Scroll down to view all the details,which include the arrival and departure times of all trains stopping atPrayagraj Jn. (rev) Railway Station. It lists the train numbers as well. The trains that connect to Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Pryj Railway Station are 12417-PRAYAGRAJ EXP, 12495-PRATAP EXPRESS and02293-PRYJ DURONTO SP

Find details for each Indian Railway train just at a glance. By clicking on a train's name, it will show you the complete schedule for that train. By looking at the train schedule, you find the exact time of the arrival of that particular train to the Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Pryj Railway Station. On RailMitra, there is also the option to see the live running status of the train. You can also find trains that go to other stations from this site. Click on the Search tab and then enter the information to discover. Therefore, use our services to find the best train for your trip.

This list also gives information on the stopping duration of trains at Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Pryj Railway Station.Utilize the complete list of trains at Prayagraj Jn. (rev) Pryj Railway Station to find the availability of berths in various trains. With RailMitra, finding IRCTC trains and booking tickets for your train is easy. Make use of the most up-to-date PNR Prediction to find out your chances of getting confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket. Happy Voyage!