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Vasai Road Railway Station (BSR)

Vasai Road Railway Station (BSR) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from Vasai Road Railway Station. Besides that, you can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra.

There are 1 trains originating, 219 trains passing and 1 trains terminating at Vasai Road Railway Station. All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Vasai Road Railway Station | (BSR) | TIME TABLE

Trains Originating from Vasai Road Railway Station | (BSR)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
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Trains Passing from Vasai Road Railway Station | (BSR)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
01049ADI KOP SF SPL3:253:30ADI KOP SF SPLShow Availability
01050KOP ADI SF SPL23:4023:45KOP ADI SF SPLShow Availability
01087VERAVAL PUNE SPL3:253:30VERAVAL PUNE SPLShow Availability
01088PUNE VRL SPL23:4023:45PUNE VRL SPLShow Availability
01089BGKT PUNE SPL3:253:30BGKT PUNE SPLShow Availability
01090PUNE BGKT SPL23:3523:45PUNE BGKT SPLShow Availability
01095ADI PUNE SF SPL3:253:30ADI PUNE SF SPLShow Availability
01096PUNE ADI SF SPL23:4023:45PUNE ADI SF SPLShow Availability
01191BHUJ PUNE SPL3:253:30BHUJ PUNE SPLShow Availability
01192PUNE BHUJ SPL23:3523:45PUNE BHUJ SPLShow Availability
02263NZM DURONTO SPL14:2014:25NZM DURONTO SPLShow Availability
02264PUNE DURONTO SPL21:4521:50PUNE DURONTO SPLShow Availability
02283ERS NZM DURONTO0:000:10ERS NZM DURONTOShow Availability
02284ERS DURONTO SPL14:1014:15ERS DURONTO SPLShow Availability
02297PUNE DURONTO3:453:50PUNE DURONTOShow Availability
02298ADI DURANTO SPL0:350:40ADI DURANTO SPLShow Availability
02413MAO NZM RAJ SPL19:3519:40MAO NZM RAJ SPLShow Availability
02414NZM MAO SPL21:4521:50NZM MAO SPLShow Availability
02431TVC NZM EXP19:3519:40TVC NZM EXPShow Availability
02432NZM TVC SPL21:4521:50NZM TVC SPLShow Availability
02475HSR CBE AC SPL14:1014:15HSR CBE AC SPLShow Availability
02476CBE HSR AC EXP15:0015:05CBE HSR AC EXPShow Availability
02493PUNE NZM AC SPL14:2014:25PUNE NZM AC SPLShow Availability
02494NZM PUNE AC SPL14:1014:15NZM PUNE AC SPLShow Availability
02497TPJ HUMSAFAR SPL14:1014:15TPJ HUMSAFAR SPLShow Availability
02498TPJ SGNR SPL12:0012:10TPJ SGNR SPLShow Availability
02699COA BVC SF SPL6:006:05COA BVC SF SPLShow Availability
02755FESTIVAL SPECIAL16:4516:50FESTIVAL SPECIALShow Availability
02756SC RJT SPL6:006:05SC RJT SPLShow Availability
02907MAO HAPA SF SPL21:0521:10MAO HAPA SF SPLShow Availability
02908HAPA MAO SF SPL10:0510:10HAPA MAO SF SPLShow Availability
02939JP FESTIVAL SPL22:0522:10JP FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02940PUNE FESTIVL SPL4:054:15PUNE FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
02943DD INDORE SPL19:5019:55DD INDORE SPLShow Availability
02944INDB DD SPL4:404:50INDB DD SPLShow Availability
02977ERS AII EXPRESS21:0521:10ERS AII EXPRESSShow Availability
02978MARU SAGAR SPL4:054:15MARU SAGAR SPLShow Availability
04189DD GWL SF SPL4:404:45DD GWL SF SPLShow Availability
04190GWL DD SF SPL12:2512:30GWL DD SF SPLShow Availability
04559KCVL CDG SF SPL12:3512:45KCVL CDG SF SPLShow Availability
04560KERLA S KRANTI6:006:10KERLA S KRANTIShow Availability
04563GOA SMPRK K SPL21:0521:10GOA SMPRK K SPLShow Availability
04564GOA SMPRK K SPL23:0523:10GOA SMPRK K SPLShow Availability
04695KCVL ASR SPL12:4012:45KCVL ASR SPLShow Availability
04696ASR KCVL SF SPL6:006:10ASR KCVL SF SPLShow Availability
04805BARMER AC EXP12:0012:10BARMER AC EXPShow Availability
04806BME YPR AC SPL13:5514:00BME YPR AC SPLShow Availability
06097KCVL YNRK SPL12:3512:45KCVL YNRK SPLShow Availability
06098YNRK KCVL SPL6:006:10YNRK KCVL SPLShow Availability
06205SBC AII FEST SPL22:4022:45SBC AII FEST SPLShow Availability
06206SBC FESTIVAL SPL21:2521:35SBC FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06209MYS FESTIVL SPL21:2521:35MYS FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
06210MYS AII FEST SPL22:4022:45MYS AII FEST SPLShow Availability
06311SGNR KCVL SPL14:1014:15SGNR KCVL SPLShow Availability
06312KCVL SGNR EXP23:0023:10KCVL SGNR EXPShow Availability
06333VRL TVC SPECIAL22:3522:40VRL TVC SPECIALShow Availability
06334TVC VRL EXPRESS23:0023:10TVC VRL EXPRESSShow Availability
06335NAGERCOIL SPL22:3522:40NAGERCOIL SPLShow Availability
06336NCJ GIMB SPL23:0023:10NCJ GIMB SPLShow Availability
06337FESTIVAL SPECIAL22:3522:40FESTIVAL SPECIALShow Availability
06338ERS OKHA FESTSPL23:0023:10ERS OKHA FESTSPLShow Availability
06505FESTIVAL SPECIAL21:2521:35FESTIVAL SPECIALShow Availability
06506SBCGIMB FEST SPL22:4022:45SBCGIMB FEST SPLShow Availability
06507SBC FESTIVAL SPL21:2521:35SBC FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06508SBC JU FEST SPL22:4022:45SBC JU FEST SPLShow Availability
06533SBC FESTIVAL SPL21:2521:35SBC FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
06534SBC JU FEST SPL22:4022:45SBC JU FEST SPLShow Availability
06587YPR BKN EXP13:2013:30YPR BKN EXPShow Availability
06588BKN YPR EXP SPL13:5514:00BKN YPR EXP SPLShow Availability
06613RJT CBE SPECIAL16:4516:50RJT CBE SPECIALShow Availability
06614CBE RJT EXPRESS6:006:05CBE RJT EXPRESSShow Availability
07203BVC COA SPECIAL16:4016:50BVC COA SPECIALShow Availability
07204COA BVC SPL6:006:05COA BVC SPLShow Availability
09015LPI INDB HUMSAFR12:0012:10LPI INDB HUMSAFRShow Availability
09016INDB LPI HUMSAFR22:5022:55INDB LPI HUMSAFRShow Availability
09019BDTS HW SPL0:581:00BDTS HW SPLShow Availability
09053MAS ADI SF EXP14:2014:25MAS ADI SF EXPShow Availability
09054ADI MAS SF SPL15:5516:00ADI MAS SF SPLShow Availability
09119MAS KDCY SF SPL20:2520:30MAS KDCY SF SPLShow Availability
09120KDCY MAS SPECIAL15:5015:55KDCY MAS SPECIALShow Availability
09203SC PBR SPL6:006:05SC PBR SPLShow Availability
09204PBR SC SPECIAL16:4516:50PBR SC SPECIALShow Availability
09219MAS ADI SF SPL14:2014:25MAS ADI SF SPLShow Availability
09220ADI MAS SUP SPL15:5516:00ADI MAS SUP SPLShow Availability
09259KCVL BVC EXP23:0023:10KCVL BVC EXPShow Availability
09260BVC KCVL SPL22:3522:40BVC KCVL SPLShow Availability
09261KCVL PBR SF SPL15:0015:10KCVL PBR SF SPLShow Availability
09262PBR KCVL SPL10:0510:10PBR KCVL SPLShow Availability
09331KCVL INDB SPL15:0015:10KCVL INDB SPLShow Availability
09332INDB KCVL SPL10:0510:10INDB KCVL SPLShow Availability
09423GIMB FEST SPL15:0015:10GIMB FEST SPLShow Availability
09424TEN FESTIVAL SPL15:3515:40TEN FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
09567TN OKHA EXP8:509:15TN OKHA EXPShow Availability
09568OKHA TN SPL16:4516:50OKHA TN SPLShow Availability
09577TEN JAM EXPRESS15:0015:10TEN JAM EXPRESSShow Availability
09578JAM TEN SPECIAL10:0510:10JAM TEN SPECIALShow Availability
92049BVI VR LOCAL21:1621:17BVI VR LOCALShow Availability
09057BANARAS FES SPL23:1523:10BANARAS FES SPLShow Availability
09058UDN FESTIVAL SPL15:5515:50UDN FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
09323DADN BPL SPL09:0509:00DADN BPL SPLShow Availability
09324BPL DADN SPL23:0022:55BPL DADN SPLShow Availability
19201SC PBR EXPRESS06:0506:00SC PBR EXPRESSShow Availability
19202PBR SC EXP16:4516:40PBR SC EXPShow Availability
09419ADI SMNH SPECIAL16:0516:10ADI SMNH SPECIALShow Availability
09420TPJ ADI SPECIAL14:3014:35TPJ ADI SPECIALShow Availability
09627AII SUR SF SPL04:1504:20AII SUR SF SPLShow Availability
09628SUR AII SF SPL20:3520:40SUR AII SF SPLShow Availability
11049 ADI KOP EXP03:2003:25 ADI KOP EXPShow Availability
11050 AHEMDABAD EXP23:3523:45 AHEMDABAD EXPShow Availability
11087 VERAVAL PUNE EXP03:2003:25 VERAVAL PUNE EXPShow Availability
11088 PUNE VRL EXP23:3523:45 PUNE VRL EXPShow Availability
11089 BGKT PUNE EXP03:2003:25 BGKT PUNE EXPShow Availability
11090 PUNE BGKT EXP23:3523:45 PUNE BGKT EXPShow Availability
11091 BHUJ PUNE SPL03:2003:25 BHUJ PUNE SPLShow Availability
11092 PUNE BHUJ EXP23:3523:45 PUNE BHUJ EXPShow Availability
12217 SAMPARK KRANTHI12:3512:45 SAMPARK KRANTHIShow Availability
12218 KERLA S KRANTI06:0006:05 KERLA S KRANTIShow Availability
12263 NZM DURONTO14:2014:25 NZM DURONTOShow Availability
12264 PUNE DURNTO EXP21:4321:48 PUNE DURNTO EXPShow Availability
12283 ERS NZM DURONTO00:0500:10 ERS NZM DURONTOShow Availability
12284 NZM ERS DURONTO14:0714:12 NZM ERS DURONTOShow Availability
12297 PUNE DURONTO03:4503:50 PUNE DURONTOShow Availability
12298 ADI DURONTO00:3500:40 ADI DURONTOShow Availability
12431 RAJDHANI EXP19:3519:40 RAJDHANI EXPShow Availability
12432 TVC RAJDHANI21:4321:48 TVC RAJDHANIShow Availability
12449 GOA SMPRK K21:0521:10 GOA SMPRK KShow Availability
12450 GOA SMPRK KRANT23:0023:05 GOA SMPRK KRANTShow Availability
12483 KCVL ASR SF EXP12:3512:45 KCVL ASR SF EXPShow Availability
12484 ASR KCVL SF EXP06:0006:05 ASR KCVL SF EXPShow Availability
12493 DARSHAN EXPRESS14:2014:25 DARSHAN EXPRESSShow Availability
12494 DARSHAN EXPRESS14:0714:12 DARSHAN EXPRESSShow Availability
12755 COA BVC SF EXP06:0006:05 COA BVC SF EXPShow Availability
12756 BVC COA SF EXP16:4016:45 BVC COA SF EXPShow Availability
12939 PUNE JAIPUR EXP22:1022:20 PUNE JAIPUR EXPShow Availability
12940 JP PUNE EXP04:0504:10 JP PUNE EXPShow Availability
12977 MARUSAGAR SF EX21:0521:10 MARUSAGAR SF EXShow Availability
12978 MARU SAGAR EXP04:0504:10 MARU SAGAR EXPShow Availability
14805 BARMER AC EXP12:0012:10 BARMER AC EXPShow Availability
14806 BME YPR AC EXP13:5013:55 BME YPR AC EXPShow Availability
16209 AII MYS EXP21:2521:30 AII MYS EXPShow Availability
16210 AJMER EXPRESS22:4022:45 AJMER EXPRESSShow Availability
16311 SGNR KCVL EXP14:0714:12 SGNR KCVL EXPShow Availability
16312 KCVL SGNR EXP23:0523:10 KCVL SGNR EXPShow Availability
16333 VRL TVC EXP22:3022:35 VRL TVC EXPShow Availability
16334 VERAVAL EXPRESS23:0523:10 VERAVAL EXPRESSShow Availability
16335 GIMB NCJ EXP22:3022:35 GIMB NCJ EXPShow Availability
16336 GANDHIDHAM EXP23:0523:10 GANDHIDHAM EXPShow Availability
16337 OKHA ERS EXP22:3022:35 OKHA ERS EXPShow Availability
16338 ERS OKHA EXP23:0523:10 ERS OKHA EXPShow Availability
16505 GIMB SBC EXP21:2521:30 GIMB SBC EXPShow Availability
16506 GANDHIDHAM EXP22:4022:45 GANDHIDHAM EXPShow Availability
16507 JU SBC EXPRESS21:2521:30 JU SBC EXPRESSShow Availability
16508 JODHPUR EXP22:4022:45 JODHPUR EXPShow Availability
16531 AII SBC G NAWAJ21:2521:30 AII SBC G NAWAJShow Availability
16532 GARIB NAWAZ EXP22:4022:45 GARIB NAWAZ EXPShow Availability
16533 JU SBC EXP21:2521:30 JU SBC EXPShow Availability
16534 JODHPUR EXP22:4022:45 JODHPUR EXPShow Availability
16587 BIKANER EXP13:2013:30 BIKANER EXPShow Availability
16588 BKN YPR EXP13:5013:55 BKN YPR EXPShow Availability
16613 RJT CBE EXP16:4016:45 RJT CBE EXPShow Availability
16614 CBE RJT EXPRESS06:0006:05 CBE RJT EXPRESSShow Availability
19015 SAURASHTRA EXP10:1410:16 SAURASHTRA EXPShow Availability
19019 BDTS HW EXP01:0901:11 BDTS HW EXPShow Availability
19259 KCVL BVC EXPRES23:0523:10 KCVL BVC EXPRESShow Availability
19260 BVC KCVL EXP22:3022:35 BVC KCVL EXPShow Availability
19417 MMCT ADI EXPRESS13:4613:48 MMCT ADI EXPRESSShow Availability
19418 ADI MMCT EXP13:2813:29 ADI MMCT EXPShow Availability
19425 MMCT NDB EXP23:2023:22 MMCT NDB EXPShow Availability
19426 NDB MMCT EXPRESS23:3523:36 NDB MMCT EXPRESSShow Availability
19567 VIVEK EXPRESS09:1009:15 VIVEK EXPRESSShow Availability
19568 VIVEK EXPRESS16:4016:45 VIVEK EXPRESSShow Availability
19577 TEN JAM EXPRESS15:1015:20 TEN JAM EXPRESSShow Availability
19578 JAM TEN EXP10:0010:05 JAM TEN EXPShow Availability
19667 MYS HUMSAFAR EXP12:2212:27 MYS HUMSAFAR EXPShow Availability
19668 UDZ HUMSAFAR EXP12:3512:45 UDZ HUMSAFAR EXPShow Availability
20475 BKN PUNE SF EXP03:2003:25 BKN PUNE SF EXPShow Availability
20476 PUNE BKN SF EXP23:4523:55 PUNE BKN SF EXPShow Availability
20909 KCVL PBR SF EXP15:1015:20 KCVL PBR SF EXPShow Availability
20910 PBR KCVL EXP10:0010:05 PBR KCVL EXPShow Availability
20915 LPI INDB HUMSAFR12:0012:10 LPI INDB HUMSAFRShow Availability
20916 INDB LPI HUMSAFR22:4522:50 INDB LPI HUMSAFRShow Availability
20919 MAS EKNR SF EXP20:2520:30 MAS EKNR SF EXPShow Availability
20920 EKNR MAS SF EXP15:4015:45 EKNR MAS SF EXPShow Availability
20923 GIMB HUMSAFAR15:1015:15 GIMB HUMSAFARShow Availability
20924 TEN HUMSAFAR15:3015:35 TEN HUMSAFARShow Availability
20931 KCVL INDB SF EX15:1015:15 KCVL INDB SF EXShow Availability
20932 INDB KCVL EXP10:0010:05 INDB KCVL EXPShow Availability
20953 MAS ADI SF EXP14:2014:25 MAS ADI SF EXPShow Availability
20954 ADI MAS SFAST15:5015:55 ADI MAS SFASTShow Availability
20967 SC PBR SF EXP06:0006:05 SC PBR SF EXPShow Availability
20968 PBR SC SF EXP16:4016:45 PBR SC SF EXPShow Availability
22185 ADI PUNE SF03:2003:25 ADI PUNE SFShow Availability
22186 PUNE ADI SF EXP23:3523:45 PUNE ADI SF EXPShow Availability
22193 DD GWL SF EXP04:4004:45 DD GWL SF EXPShow Availability
22194 GWL DD SF EXP12:2212:27 GWL DD SF EXPShow Availability
22413 MAO NZM RAJDHANI19:3519:40 MAO NZM RAJDHANIShow Availability
22414 NZM MAO RAJDANI21:4321:48 NZM MAO RAJDANIShow Availability
22475 HSR CBE AC EXP14:0714:12 HSR CBE AC EXPShow Availability
22476 CBE HSR AC EXP15:0015:05 CBE HSR AC EXPShow Availability
22497 TPJ HUMSFAR EXP14:0714:12 TPJ HUMSFAR EXPShow Availability
22498 SGNR HUMSAFAR12:0012:10 SGNR HUMSAFARShow Availability
22633 TVC NZM SF EXP19:3519:40 TVC NZM SF EXPShow Availability
22634 NZM TVC EXPRESS15:3015:35 NZM TVC EXPRESSShow Availability
22653 TVC NZM SF EXP04:4004:45 TVC NZM SF EXPShow Availability
22654 NZM TVC SF EXP22:4522:50 NZM TVC SF EXPShow Availability
22655 ERS NZM SF EXP04:4004:45 ERS NZM SF EXPShow Availability
22656 NZM ERS SF EXP22:4522:50 NZM ERS SF EXPShow Availability
22659 KCVL YNRK SF EX12:3512:45 KCVL YNRK SF EXShow Availability
22660 YNRK KCVL EXP06:0006:05 YNRK KCVL EXPShow Availability
22717 RJT SC SUP EXP16:4016:45 RJT SC SUP EXPShow Availability
22718 RAJKOT SF EXP06:0006:05 RAJKOT SF EXPShow Availability
22907 MAO HAPA SF EXP21:0521:10 MAO HAPA SF EXPShow Availability
22908 HAPA MAO SF EXP10:0010:05 HAPA MAO SF EXPShow Availability
22919 ADI HUMSAFAR14:2014:25 ADI HUMSAFARShow Availability
22920 ADI MAS HUMSAFAR15:5015:55 ADI MAS HUMSAFARShow Availability
22943 DAUND INDORE EX19:5019:55 DAUND INDORE EXShow Availability
22944 INDB DAUND EXP04:4004:45 INDB DAUND EXPShow Availability
82653 YPR JP EXP12:0012:10 YPR JP EXPShow Availability
82654 YPR SUVIDHA EXP15:4015:45 YPR SUVIDHA EXPShow Availability
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Trains Terminates from Vasai Road Railway Station | (BSR)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
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Vasai Road Bsr Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

Trains Originating from Vasai Road Bsr Railway Station (station )

Trains Passing from Vasai Road Bsr Railway Station (station )

Trains Terminates from Vasai Road Bsr Railway Station (station )

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Top Train Routes related to VASAI ROAD

Get information about all trains from Vasai Road Railway Station fast. Here you will get the complete list of trains to Vasai Road Bsr Railway Station. Scroll down to view all the details,which include the arrival and departure times of all trains stopping atVasai Road Railway Station. It lists the train numbers as well. The trains that connect to Vasai Road Bsr Railway Station are 01357-VASAI ROAD-DIVA MEMU, 02908-HAPA MAO SF SPL and

Find details for each Indian Railway train just at a glance. By clicking on a train's name, it will show you the complete schedule for that train. By looking at the train schedule, you find the exact time of the arrival of that particular train to the Vasai Road Bsr Railway Station. On RailMitra, there is also the option to see the live running status of the train. You can also find trains that go to other stations from this site. Click on the Search tab and then enter the information to discover. Therefore, use our services to find the best train for your trip.

This list also gives information on the stopping duration of trains at Vasai Road Bsr Railway Station.Utilize the complete list of trains at Vasai Road Bsr Railway Station to find the availability of berths in various trains. With RailMitra, finding IRCTC trains and booking tickets for your train is easy. Make use of the most up-to-date PNR Prediction to find out your chances of getting confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket. Happy Voyage!