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74906-UHP-PTK-DMU Train Schedule

Running Days:SunMonTueWedThuFriSat

Udhampur(UHP)Jammu Tawi (PTK)

Train Schedule:

UDHAMPURUHPSource0 min08:1510
RAM NAGARRMJK08:252:00 min08:27110
MANWALMNWL08:472:00 min08:49121
SANGERSGRR09:052:00 min09:07131
BAJALTABLA09:192:00 min09:21142
JAMMU TAWIJAT09:455:00 min09:50153
BARI BRAHMANBBMN10:011:00 min10:02162
VIJIYPUR JAMMUVJPJ10:151:00 min10:16174
SAMBASMBX10:281:00 min10:29185
GHAGWALGHGL10:381:00 min10:39195
HIRA NAGARHRNR10:451:00 min10:461100
CHAKDAYALACKDL10:531:00 min10:541104
CHHAN ARORIANCHNR10:591:00 min11:001109
BUDHIBDHY11:091:00 min11:101117
KATHUAKTHU11:211:00 min11:221129
MADHOPUR PUNJABMDPB11:341:00 min11:351137
SUJANPURSJNP11:431:00 min11:441144
BHAROLI JN.BHRL11:531:00 min11:541150
PATHANKOTPTK12:300 minDestination1153
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Train 74906 UHP-PTK-DMU runs from Udhampur to Jammu Tawi onMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday.

UHP-PTK-DMU departs from Udhampur at 08:15 and reaches to Jammu Tawi at 12:30 . It takes 4 Hours 15 Minutes to reach from Udhampur to Jammu Tawi. The total distance covered by UHP-PTK-DMU is 153 kilometers.

UHP-PTK-DMU passes through 19 stations in 1 days to reach from Udhampur to Jammu Tawi.

74906 UHP-PTK-DMU has a maximum halt time of 5 minutes at JAMMU TAWI . 74906 UHP-PTK-DMU arrives at JAMMU TAWI  on 09:45 and departs at 09:50 . You can get down at JAMMU TAWI to buy some snacks and refreshments.

Other stations with maximum halt timings are:
Food Options in 74906 UHP-PTK-DMU
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Frequently Asked Questions

. From which station does the UHP-PTK-DMU ?

. 74906 UHP-PTK-DMU starts from Udhampur

. What is the time taken by UHP-PTK-DMU to reach from Udhampur to Jammu Tawi ?

. 74906 UHP-PTK-DMU takes 4 Hours 15 Minutes approx to reach from Udhampur to Jammu Tawi.

. What is the maximum halt time and at which station ?

. Maximum halt time of UHP-PTK-DMU train is 5 minutes at JAMMU TAWI .

. What is the train schedule of UHP-PTK-DMU ?

. UHP-PTK-DMU departs from Udhampur at 08:15 and reaches at Jammu Tawi by 12:30.

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