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12251-WAINGANGA EXP Train Schedule

Running Days:SunMonTueWedThuFriSat

Yasvantpur Jn(YPR)Korba (KRBA)

Train Schedule:

Yasvantpur JnYPRFirst0 min23.4010
Dharmavaram JnDMM02.355 min02.402187
AnantapurATP03.082 min03.102220
Dhone JnDHNE05.255 min05.302332
Kurnool CityKRNT06.182 min06.202386
MahbubnagarMBNR08.382 min08.402516
KachegudaKCG10.4010 min10.502622
Kazipet JnKZJ13.082 min13.102760
BalharshahBPQ17.1510 min17.252994
Chanda FortCAF17.402 min17.4221005
WadsaWSA19.111 min19.1221140
Gondia JnG21.0010 min21.1021244
DongargarhDGG22.102 min22.1221317
Raj NandgaonRJN22.332 min22.3521348
DurgDURG23.255 min23.3021378
Raipur JnR00.055 min00.1031414
BhataparaBYT00.582 min01.0031478
Bilaspur JnBSP02.1510 min02.2531525
AkaltaraAKT02.522 min02.5431552
Janjgir NailaNIA03.072 min03.0931567
ChampaCPH03.285 min03.3331577
KorbaKRBA04.300 minLast31614
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Train 12251 WAINGANGA EXP runs from Yasvantpur Jn to Korba onTuesdayFriday.

WAINGANGA EXP departs from Yasvantpur Jn at 23.40 and reaches to Korba at 04.30 . It takes 00 Hours 00 Minutes to reach from Yasvantpur Jn to Korba. The total distance covered by WAINGANGA EXP is 1614 kilometers.

WAINGANGA EXP passes through 22 stations in 3 days to reach from Yasvantpur Jn to Korba.

12251 WAINGANGA EXP has a maximum halt time of 10 minutes at Kacheguda . 12251 WAINGANGA EXP arrives at Kacheguda  on 10.40 and departs at 10.50 . You can get down at Kacheguda to buy some snacks and refreshments.

Other stations with maximum halt timings are:
Dharmavaram Jn5 Minutes
Dhone Jn5 Minutes
Kacheguda10 Minutes
Balharshah10 Minutes
Gondia Jn10 Minutes
Durg5 Minutes
Raipur Jn5 Minutes
Bilaspur Jn10 Minutes
Champa5 Minutes
Food Options in 12251 WAINGANGA EXP
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Frequently Asked Questions

. From which station does the WAINGANGA EXP ?

. 12251 WAINGANGA EXP starts from Yasvantpur Jn

. What is the time taken by WAINGANGA EXP to reach from Yasvantpur Jn to Korba ?

. 12251 WAINGANGA EXP takes 00 Hours 00 Minutes approx to reach from Yasvantpur Jn to Korba.

. What is the maximum halt time and at which station ?

. Maximum halt time of WAINGANGA EXP train is 10 minutes at Kacheguda .

. What is the train schedule of WAINGANGA EXP ?

. WAINGANGA EXP departs from Yasvantpur Jn at 23.40 and reaches at Korba by 04.30.

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