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Patna Jn Railway Station (PNBE)

Patna Jn Railway Station (PNBE) is a major railway station well-connected to all the main cities in India. Check the seat availability, fare, and time table of all trains running from Patna Jn Railway Station. Besides that, you can also check the PNR status for your train ticket on RailMitra.

There are 67 trains originating, 223 trains passing and 67 trains terminating at Patna Jn Railway Station. All the important trains, including Rajadhani, and Duronto originate and terminate from this station.

Patna Jn Railway Station | (PNBE) | TIME TABLE

Trains Originating from Patna Jn Railway Station | (PNBE)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02214PNBE SHM SPLSource20:45PNBE SHM SPLShow Availability
02355PNBE JAT SPLSource7:30PNBE JAT SPLShow Availability
02360PNBE KOAA SPLSource20:07PNBE KOAA SPLShow Availability
02363PBNE RNC SPLSource6:10PBNE RNC SPLShow Availability
02568PNBE SHC SPLSource12:30PNBE SHC SPLShow Availability
02644PNBE ERS SPLSource14:00PNBE ERS SPLShow Availability
02742PNBEVSG FESTSPLSource14:05PNBEVSG FESTSPLShow Availability
02894PNBE BSP SF SPLSource0:10PNBE BSP SF SPLShow Availability
02948PNBE ADI SPLSource23:45PNBE ADI SPLShow Availability
03201PNBE LTT SPLSource23:55PNBE LTT SPLShow Availability
03237PNBE KOTA SPLSource11:45PNBE KOTA SPLShow Availability
03239PNBE KOTA SPLSource11:45PNBE KOTA SPLShow Availability
03243PNBE BBU SPLSource17:45PNBE BBU SPLShow Availability
03330PNBE DHN FESTSPLSource23:30PNBE DHN FESTSPLShow Availability
03332INTERCTY EXP SPLSource8:30INTERCTY EXP SPLShow Availability
03348PNBE BRKA SPLSource20:00PNBE BRKA SPLShow Availability
03350PNBE SGRL SPLSource10:30PNBE SGRL SPLShow Availability
03416PNBE MLDT SPLSource21:55PNBE MLDT SPLShow Availability
05126MUV JANSHT SPLSource17:20MUV JANSHT SPLShow Availability
05714PNBE KIR SPECIALSource14:15PNBE KIR SPECIALShow Availability
06360PNBE ERS SF SPLSource16:30PNBE ERS SF SPLShow Availability
08450PNBE PURI SPLSource8:45PNBE PURI SPLShow Availability
09272PNBE BDTS SF SPLSource23:20PNBE BDTS SF SPLShow Availability
09314PNBE INDB SPLSource11:25PNBE INDB SPLShow Availability
02024PNBE HWH SPLSource05:30PNBE HWH SPLShow Availability
03230PNBE PURI SPLSource08:45PNBE PURI SPLShow Availability
03250BBU PNBE SPLSource09:20BBU PNBE SPLShow Availability
03253DNR SMVB SPLSource15:00DNR SMVB SPLShow Availability
03255PPTA CDG SPLSource22:20PPTA CDG SPLShow Availability
08440PNBE PURI SPLSource13:30PNBE PURI SPLShow Availability
09418PNBE ADI SPLSource23:45PNBE ADI SPLShow Availability
09448PNBE ADI SPLSource22:30PNBE ADI SPLShow Availability
12024JANSHATABDI EXPSource05:30JANSHATABDI EXPShow Availability
12355ARCHNA EXPSource07:30ARCHNA EXPShow Availability
12360KOL GARIB RATHSource20:05KOL GARIB RATHShow Availability
12365RNC JANSHATABDISource06:10RNC JANSHATABDIShow Availability
12568RAJYA RANI EXPSource12:30RAJYA RANI EXPShow Availability
12742PNBE VSG EXPSource14:05PNBE VSG EXPShow Availability
12948AZIMABAD EXPRESSource23:45AZIMABAD EXPRESShow Availability
13201PNBE LTT EXPSource23:55PNBE LTT EXPShow Availability
13237PNBE KOTA EXPSource11:45PNBE KOTA EXPShow Availability
13239PNBE KOTA EXPSource11:45PNBE KOTA EXPShow Availability
13243INTERCITY EXPSource17:45INTERCITY EXPShow Availability
13249INTERCITY EXPSource05:25INTERCITY EXPShow Availability
13330GANGADAMODAR EXSource23:30GANGADAMODAR EXShow Availability
13332PNBE DHN EXPRESSource08:30PNBE DHN EXPRESShow Availability
13348PALAMOU EXPSource20:20PALAMOU EXPShow Availability
13350PNBE SGRL EXPSource19:30PNBE SGRL EXPShow Availability
13416PNBE MLDT EXPRESource22:00PNBE MLDT EXPREShow Availability
15126JANSHATABDI EXPSource17:20JANSHATABDI EXPShow Availability
15550PNBE JYG INT EXSource15:15PNBE JYG INT EXShow Availability
15714INTERCITY EXPSource14:15INTERCITY EXPShow Availability
17609PNBE PAU EXPSource07:00PNBE PAU EXPShow Availability
18450B NATH DHAM EXPSource08:45B NATH DHAM EXPShow Availability
18621PATLIPUTRA EXPSource15:20PATLIPUTRA EXPShow Availability
19314INDORE EXPRESSSource11:25INDORE EXPRESSShow Availability
19322PNBE INDB EXPSource11:25PNBE INDB EXPShow Availability
19422PNBE ADI EXPSource10:15PNBE ADI EXPShow Availability
22214DURONTO EXPSource20:45DURONTO EXPShow Availability
22348VANDE BHARAT EXPSource08:00VANDE BHARAT EXPShow Availability
22349VANDE BHARAT EXPSource07:00VANDE BHARAT EXPShow Availability
22353HUMSAFAR EXPSource20:25HUMSAFAR EXPShow Availability
22644PNBE ERS EXPSource14:00PNBE ERS EXPShow Availability
22670PNBE ERS EXPRESSource16:30PNBE ERS EXPRESShow Availability
22844PNBE BSP EXPSource00:10PNBE BSP EXPShow Availability
22972PNBE BDTS SF EXSource23:20PNBE BDTS SF EXShow Availability
82355CSMT SUVIDHA EXPSource13:05CSMT SUVIDHA EXPShow Availability
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Trains Passing from Patna Jn Railway Station | (PNBE)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
01105KOAA JHS SF SPL17:5518:05KOAA JHS SF SPLShow Availability
01106JHS KOAA SF SPL10:1010:20JHS KOAA SF SPLShow Availability
02267HWH NDLS SPL16:2016:30HWH NDLS SPLShow Availability
02268HWH DURONTO SPL0:501:00HWH DURONTO SPLShow Availability
02303HWH NDLS SPL15:5516:05HWH NDLS SPLShow Availability
02304POORVA EXP SPL6:507:00POORVA EXP SPLShow Availability
02305HWH NDLS AC SPL20:5521:05HWH NDLS AC SPLShow Availability
02306HWH RAJ SPL4:154:25HWH RAJ SPLShow Availability
02309RJPB NDLS AC SPL19:2519:35RJPB NDLS AC SPLShow Availability
02310NDLS RJPB SPL4:404:50NDLS RJPB SPLShow Availability
02315KOAA UDZ SPL21:3021:40KOAA UDZ SPLShow Availability
02316UDZ KOAA SPL5:405:50UDZ KOAA SPLShow Availability
02317KOAA ASR SPL15:5516:05KOAA ASR SPLShow Availability
02318ASR KOAA SF SPL5:405:50ASR KOAA SF SPLShow Availability
02325KOAA NLDM SPL15:5516:05KOAA NLDM SPLShow Availability
02326NLDM KOAA SF SPL5:405:50NLDM KOAA SF SPLShow Availability
02327HWH DDN SPL20:4520:55HWH DDN SPLShow Availability
02328DDN HWH SPL17:2017:30DDN HWH SPLShow Availability
02331HWH JAT SPECIAL9:5510:05HWH JAT SPECIALShow Availability
02332HWH FESTIVAL SPL1:101:20HWH FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02333HWH PRRB SPL4:004:10HWH PRRB SPLShow Availability
02334VIBHUTI EXP SPL22:4522:55VIBHUTI EXP SPLShow Availability
02335BGP LTT SPL13:4513:55BGP LTT SPLShow Availability
02336LTT BGP SF SPL12:3012:40LTT BGP SF SPLShow Availability
02361ASN CSMT SPL0:450:55ASN CSMT SPLShow Availability
02362CSMT ASANSOL SPL13:4013:50CSMT ASANSOL SPLShow Availability
02367BGP ANVT SPECIAL16:5517:05BGP ANVT SPECIALShow Availability
02368VIKRAMSHILA SPL2:102:20VIKRAMSHILA SPLShow Availability
02369HWH DDN SPL20:4520:55HWH DDN SPLShow Availability
02370DDN HWH SPL17:2017:30DDN HWH SPLShow Availability
02391RGD NDLS SPL10:2010:30RGD NDLS SPLShow Availability
02392SHRAMJIVI EXP SP7:057:15SHRAMJIVI EXP SPShow Availability
02393RJPB NDLS SPL19:3519:45RJPB NDLS SPLShow Availability
02394SAMPOORN K SPL6:406:50SAMPOORN K SPLShow Availability
02395RJBP AII SPL18:1018:20RJBP AII SPLShow Availability
02396RJPB FESTIVL SPL22:3022:40RJPB FESTIVL SPLShow Availability
02465MDP ANVT SF SPL16:3016:40MDP ANVT SF SPLShow Availability
02466BABA VDHAM SPL0:501:00BABA VDHAM SPLShow Availability
02545RXL LTT SPL0:450:55RXL LTT SPLShow Availability
02546FESTIVAL SF SPL22:3022:40FESTIVAL SF SPLShow Availability
02577DBG MYS SPL20:1020:20DBG MYS SPLShow Availability
02578MYS DBG FEST SPL9:459:55MYS DBG FEST SPLShow Availability
02871IPR NDLS SPL17:2017:30IPR NDLS SPLShow Availability
02872IPR FESTVAL SPL12:4012:50IPR FESTVAL SPLShow Availability
02913FESTIVAL SPL22:3022:40FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02914BDTS FESTVL SPL23:1023:20BDTS FESTVL SPLShow Availability
03005HWH ASR SPL3:403:50HWH ASR SPLShow Availability
03006ASR HWH MAIL21:2021:30ASR HWH MAILShow Availability
03121KOAA GCT SPL4:555:05KOAA GCT SPLShow Availability
03122GCT KOAA EXP SPL19:5520:05GCT KOAA EXP SPLShow Availability
03233RGD DNR SPL19:1519:20RGD DNR SPLShow Availability
03234DNR RGD SPL7:207:25DNR RGD SPLShow Availability
03401BGP DNR SPECIAL11:2511:35BGP DNR SPECIALShow Availability
03402DNR BGP SPL16:2516:30DNR BGP SPLShow Availability
03413MLDT DLI SPL4:454:55MLDT DLI SPLShow Availability
03414DLI MLDT SPL20:5521:05DLI MLDT SPLShow Availability
03423BGP AII EXP SPL17:5518:05BGP AII EXP SPLShow Availability
03424AII BGP EXP SPL9:309:40AII BGP EXP SPLShow Availability
03429MLDT ANVT SPL17:5518:05MLDT ANVT SPLShow Availability
03430ANVT MLDT SPL13:4013:50ANVT MLDT SPLShow Availability
03435MLDT ANVT SPL17:5518:05MLDT ANVT SPLShow Availability
03436ANVT MLDT SPL13:5014:00ANVT MLDT SPLShow Availability
03483MLDT DLI SPL4:454:55MLDT DLI SPLShow Availability
03484DLI MLDT SPL20:5521:05DLI MLDT SPLShow Availability
04003MLDT NDLS SPL17:5518:05MLDT NDLS SPLShow Availability
04004MLDT EXP SPL13:0013:10MLDT EXP SPLShow Availability
04039ANVT HUMSFR SPL16:3016:40ANVT HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
04040B V DHAM HUMSAFR0:501:00B V DHAM HUMSAFRShow Availability
04045ANVT HUMSFR SPL20:5521:05ANVT HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
04046MDP HUMSFR SPL5:405:50MDP HUMSFR SPLShow Availability
04057JYG ANVT G RATH18:1018:20JYG ANVT G RATHShow Availability
04058JYG GARIB RATH5:506:00JYG GARIB RATHShow Availability
04223BUDH PURNIMA EXP1:401:50BUDH PURNIMA EXPShow Availability
04224BUDHPURNIMA SPL3:203:30BUDHPURNIMA SPLShow Availability
04411ANVT G RATH SPL18:1018:20ANVT G RATH SPLShow Availability
04412BGP G RATH SPL5:506:00BGP G RATH SPLShow Availability
05483APDJ DLI SPECIAL3:103:20APDJ DLI SPECIALShow Availability
05484DLI APDJ SPL0:400:50DLI APDJ SPLShow Availability
05563JYG UDN SPL6:406:50JYG UDN SPLShow Availability
05564JYG FESTIVAL SPL9:309:40JYG FESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
05623BGKT KYQ SPL2:352:45BGKT KYQ SPLShow Availability
05624KYQ BGKT SPECIAL13:2513:35KYQ BGKT SPECIALShow Availability
05631BME GHY SPL4:004:10BME GHY SPLShow Availability
05632GHY BME SPECIAL4:204:30GHY BME SPECIALShow Availability
05633BKN GHY SPL4:004:10BKN GHY SPLShow Availability
05634GHY BKN SPECIAL4:204:30GHY BKN SPECIALShow Availability
05635GUWAHATI EXPRES10:1010:20GUWAHATI EXPRESShow Availability
05636GHY OKHA SPECIAL4:204:30GHY OKHA SPECIALShow Availability
05645LTT GHY SPL12:3012:40LTT GHY SPLShow Availability
05646GHY LTT SPECIAL13:2513:35GHY LTT SPECIALShow Availability
05647LTT GHY SPECIAL12:3012:40LTT GHY SPECIALShow Availability
05648GHY LTT SPECIAL13:4513:55GHY LTT SPECIALShow Availability
05667KAMAKHYA EXP SPL10:1010:20KAMAKHYA EXP SPLShow Availability
05668KYQ GIMB SPECIAL4:204:30KYQ GIMB SPECIALShow Availability
05955KYQ DLI SPECIAL12:3512:45KYQ DLI SPECIALShow Availability
05956BRAHMPUTRA SPL14:2014:30BRAHMPUTRA SPLShow Availability
08183TATA DNR SPL19:0019:05TATA DNR SPLShow Availability
08184DNR TATA EXP6:056:10DNR TATA EXPShow Availability
08623IPR HTE SPL21:0521:15IPR HTE SPLShow Availability
08624HTE IPR SPL6:206:30HTE IPR SPLShow Availability
08625PRNC HTE SPL10:5011:00PRNC HTE SPLShow Availability
08626HTE PRNC SPL15:3015:40HTE PRNC SPLShow Availability
09147ST BGP SF SPL13:0013:10ST BGP SF SPLShow Availability
09148BGP SURAT SF SPL11:4511:55BGP SURAT SF SPLShow Availability
12545KARMBHOOMI EXP00:4500:55KARMBHOOMI EXPShow Availability
22564ANTYODAYA EXP09:3009:40ANTYODAYA EXPShow Availability
03125KOAA GCT SPL23:3023:40KOAA GCT SPLShow Availability
03126GCT KOAA SPL17:3017:40GCT KOAA SPLShow Availability
03169SDAH SHC SPL21:3021:40SDAH SHC SPLShow Availability
03170SHC SDAH SPECIAL15:2015:30SHC SDAH SPECIALShow Availability
15645LTT DBRG EXP12:3012:40LTT DBRG EXPShow Availability
15646DBRG LTT EXP13:2513:35DBRG LTT EXPShow Availability
03235SBG DNR SPL22:3522:30SBG DNR SPLShow Availability
03236DNR SBG SPL05:1505:10DNR SBG SPLShow Availability
03511TATA ASN SPLDestination23:55TATA ASN SPLShow Availability
03512ASN TATA SPL01:15SourceASN TATA SPLShow Availability
09011BDTS SWV AC SPL01:4001:50BDTS SWV AC SPLShow Availability
09012UDN FESTVL SPL18:1018:20UDN FESTVL SPLShow Availability
12235ANVT HUMSFR EXP21:0021:10ANVT HUMSFR EXPShow Availability
12236ANVT MDP HUMSFR05:3505:45ANVT MDP HUMSFRShow Availability
12273NDLS DURONTO EX16:3016:40NDLS DURONTO EXShow Availability
12274HWH DURONTO EXP00:5501:05HWH DURONTO EXPShow Availability
12303POORVA EXPRESS16:0016:10POORVA EXPRESSShow Availability
12304POORVA EXPRESS06:5007:00POORVA EXPRESSShow Availability
12305RAJDHANI EXPRES21:0021:10RAJDHANI EXPRESShow Availability
12306KOLKATA RAJDHNI04:2004:30KOLKATA RAJDHNIShow Availability
12309RJPB TEJAS RAJ19:2519:35RJPB TEJAS RAJShow Availability
12310RJPB TEJAS RAJ04:4004:50RJPB TEJAS RAJShow Availability
12315ANANYA EXPRESS21:3021:40ANANYA EXPRESSShow Availability
12316ANANYA EXP05:3505:45ANANYA EXPShow Availability
12317AKAL TAKHT EXP16:0016:10AKAL TAKHT EXPShow Availability
12318AKAL TAKHAT EXP05:3505:45AKAL TAKHAT EXPShow Availability
12325KOAA NLDM EXP16:0016:10KOAA NLDM EXPShow Availability
12326KOAA SF EXPRESS05:3505:45KOAA SF EXPRESSShow Availability
12327UPASANA EXP20:4520:55UPASANA EXPShow Availability
12328DDN HWH EXP17:3017:40DDN HWH EXPShow Availability
12331HIMGIRI EXPRESS10:0510:15HIMGIRI EXPRESSShow Availability
12332HIMGIRI EXPRESS01:2001:30HIMGIRI EXPRESSShow Availability
12333VIBHUTI EXPRESS04:0004:10VIBHUTI EXPRESSShow Availability
12334VIBHUTI EXPRESS22:4522:55VIBHUTI EXPRESSShow Availability
12335BGP LTT EXP13:4513:55BGP LTT EXPShow Availability
12336LTT BGP EXPRESS12:3012:40LTT BGP EXPRESSShow Availability
12361ASN CSMT EXP00:4000:50ASN CSMT EXPShow Availability
12362CSMT ASANSOL EXP13:4013:50CSMT ASANSOL EXPShow Availability
12367VIKRAMSHILA EXP16:5517:05VIKRAMSHILA EXPShow Availability
12368VIKRAMSHILA EXP02:3002:40VIKRAMSHILA EXPShow Availability
12369KUMBHA EXPRESS20:4520:55KUMBHA EXPRESSShow Availability
12370DDN HWH SF EXP17:3017:40DDN HWH SF EXPShow Availability
12391SHRAMJEEVI EXP10:2010:30SHRAMJEEVI EXPShow Availability
12392SHRAMJIVI EXP07:0507:15SHRAMJIVI EXPShow Availability
12393S KRANTI SUP EX19:3519:45S KRANTI SUP EXShow Availability
12394SAMPOORAN K EXP06:3506:45SAMPOORAN K EXPShow Availability
12395ZIYARAT EXPRESS18:1018:20ZIYARAT EXPRESSShow Availability
12396ZIYARAT EXPRESS22:2522:35ZIYARAT EXPRESSShow Availability
12435GARIB RATH EXP18:1018:20GARIB RATH EXPShow Availability
12436JYG GARIB RATH05:5506:05JYG GARIB RATHShow Availability
12546KARMABHOOMI EX22:2522:35KARMABHOOMI EXShow Availability
12577BAGMATI EXP20:1020:20BAGMATI EXPShow Availability
12578BAGMATI EXP10:0010:10BAGMATI EXPShow Availability
13005HWH ASR MAIL03:4003:50HWH ASR MAILShow Availability
13006ASR HWH MAIL21:3021:40ASR HWH MAILShow Availability
13121KOAA GCT EXPRES04:5505:05KOAA GCT EXPRESShow Availability
13122GCT KOAA EXP19:5520:05GCT KOAA EXPShow Availability
13233RAJGRIHA EXP19:1019:15RAJGRIHA EXPShow Availability
13234RAJGRIHA EXP07:2007:25RAJGRIHA EXPShow Availability
13235INTERCITY EXP22:3022:35INTERCITY EXPShow Availability
13236INTERCITY EXP05:5005:55INTERCITY EXPShow Availability
13401INTERCITY EXP11:2511:35INTERCITY EXPShow Availability
13402INTERCITY EXP16:4016:45INTERCITY EXPShow Availability
13413FARAKKA EXPRESS04:4504:55FARAKKA EXPRESSShow Availability
13414FARKKA EXPRESS20:5521:05FARKKA EXPRESSShow Availability
13423BGP AII EXPRESS17:5518:05BGP AII EXPRESSShow Availability
13424AII BGP EXPRESS09:3509:45AII BGP EXPRESSShow Availability
13429MLDT ANVT EXP17:5518:05MLDT ANVT EXPShow Availability
13430ANVT MLDT EXP13:4013:50ANVT MLDT EXPShow Availability
13483FARAKKA EXP04:4504:55FARAKKA EXPShow Availability
13484FARAKKA EXP20:5521:05FARAKKA EXPShow Availability
14003MLDT NDLS EXP17:5518:05MLDT NDLS EXPShow Availability
14004NDLS MLDT EXP13:0513:15NDLS MLDT EXPShow Availability
14223BUDH PURNIMA EXP23:4023:50BUDH PURNIMA EXPShow Availability
14224BUDHPURNIMA EXP03:2003:30BUDHPURNIMA EXPShow Availability
15484MAHANANDA EXP00:4000:50MAHANANDA EXPShow Availability
15623BGKT KYQ EXP02:5003:00BGKT KYQ EXPShow Availability
15624KYQ BGKT EXP13:2513:35KYQ BGKT EXPShow Availability
15631BME GHY EXPRESS04:1004:20BME GHY EXPRESSShow Availability
15632GHY BME EXPRESS04:2004:30GHY BME EXPRESSShow Availability
15633BKN GHY EXPRESS04:1004:20BKN GHY EXPRESSShow Availability
15634GHY BKN EXPRESS04:2004:30GHY BKN EXPRESSShow Availability
15635GUWAHATI EXPRES10:1010:20GUWAHATI EXPRESShow Availability
15636GHY OKHA EXP04:2004:30GHY OKHA EXPShow Availability
15647LTT GUWAHATI EX12:3012:40LTT GUWAHATI EXShow Availability
15648GHY LTT EXPRESS13:4513:55GHY LTT EXPRESSShow Availability
15657BRAHMPUTRA MAIL14:2014:30BRAHMPUTRA MAILShow Availability
15658BRAHMAPUTRA EXP12:4012:50BRAHMAPUTRA EXPShow Availability
15667KAMAKHYA EXP10:1010:20KAMAKHYA EXPShow Availability
15668KYQ GIMB EXP04:2004:30KYQ GIMB EXPShow Availability
15945LTT DIBRUGARH EX12:3012:40LTT DIBRUGARH EXShow Availability
15946DBRG LTT EXP13:2513:35DBRG LTT EXPShow Availability
18183TATA ARA EXP18:5519:00TATA ARA EXPShow Availability
18184ARA TATA EXP06:1006:15ARA TATA EXPShow Availability
18623IPR HATIA EXP21:2021:30IPR HATIA EXPShow Availability
18624HTE IPR EXP06:2006:30HTE IPR EXPShow Availability
18625PRNC HTE EXPRES09:5010:00PRNC HTE EXPRESShow Availability
18626HTE PRNC EXP15:3015:40HTE PRNC EXPShow Availability
19435ADI ASN EXP13:4013:50ADI ASN EXPShow Availability
19436ASN ADI EXPRESS00:4000:50ASN ADI EXPRESSShow Availability
20502TEJAS RAJ07:5508:05TEJAS RAJShow Availability
20801MAGADH EXP17:2017:30MAGADH EXPShow Availability
20802MAGADH EXPRESS12:4012:50MAGADH EXPRESSShow Availability
22197KOAA VGLB SF EX17:5518:05KOAA VGLB SF EXShow Availability
22198VGLB KOAA SF EX10:0010:10VGLB KOAA SF EXShow Availability
22405ANVT GARIB RATH18:1018:20ANVT GARIB RATHShow Availability
22406BGP GARIB RATH05:5506:05BGP GARIB RATHShow Availability
22459ANVT HUMSAFAR16:3016:40ANVT HUMSAFARShow Availability
22460BV DHAM HUMSAFR00:5501:05BV DHAM HUMSAFRShow Availability
22465BABA B DHAM EXP16:3016:40BABA B DHAM EXPShow Availability
22466BABA V DHAM EXP00:5501:05BABA V DHAM EXPShow Availability
22563ANTYODYA SUP EX06:4006:50ANTYODYA SUP EXShow Availability
22913SHC HAMSAFAR EX22:3022:40SHC HAMSAFAR EXShow Availability
22914BDTS HUMSAFAR EX23:1023:20BDTS HUMSAFAR EXShow Availability
22947ST BGP SFAST13:0513:15ST BGP SFASTShow Availability
22948BGP SURAT EXP11:4511:55BGP SURAT EXPShow Availability
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Trains Terminates from Patna Jn Railway Station | (PNBE)

Train No.Train NameArrival TimeDeparture TimeClassesDays Of RunAction
02213SHM PNBE SPL6:20DestinationSHM PNBE SPLShow Availability
02356PNBE FESTVL SPL20:45DestinationPNBE FESTVL SPLShow Availability
02359KOAA PNBE SPL5:20DestinationKOAA PNBE SPLShow Availability
02364RNC PNBE SPL22:19DestinationRNC PNBE SPLShow Availability
02567SHC PNBE SPL11:10DestinationSHC PNBE SPLShow Availability
02643PATNA EXPRESS20:00DestinationPATNA EXPRESSShow Availability
02741VSGPNBE FEST SPL10:10DestinationVSGPNBE FEST SPLShow Availability
02893BSP PNBE SF SPL13:50DestinationBSP PNBE SF SPLShow Availability
02947ADI PNBE SPL4:10DestinationADI PNBE SPLShow Availability
03202LTT PATNA SPL23:55DestinationLTT PATNA SPLShow Availability
03238KOTA PATNA SPL19:30DestinationKOTA PATNA SPLShow Availability
03240KOTA PNBE SPL19:30DestinationKOTA PNBE SPLShow Availability
03244BBU PNBE SPL10:00DestinationBBU PNBE SPLShow Availability
03329DHN PNBE FESTSPL5:15DestinationDHN PNBE FESTSPLShow Availability
03331INTERCTY EXP SPL17:30DestinationINTERCTY EXP SPLShow Availability
03347BRKA PNBE SPL9:20DestinationBRKA PNBE SPLShow Availability
03349SGRL PNBE SPL13:20DestinationSGRL PNBE SPLShow Availability
03415MLDT PNBE SPL5:20DestinationMLDT PNBE SPLShow Availability
05125PNBE JANSHT SPL11:00DestinationPNBE JANSHT SPLShow Availability
05713INTERCITY SPL13:00DestinationINTERCITY SPLShow Availability
06359ERS PNBE SPL6:30DestinationERS PNBE SPLShow Availability
08449PURI PNBE SPL9:35DestinationPURI PNBE SPLShow Availability
09271FESTIVAL SPL1:40DestinationFESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
09313FESTIVAL SPL15:00DestinationFESTIVAL SPLShow Availability
02023HWH PNBE SPL22:30DestinationHWH PNBE SPLShow Availability
03204DDU-PNBE MEMU PASS SPL17:05DestinationDDU-PNBE MEMU PASS SPLShow Availability
03229PURI PNBE SPL09:35DestinationPURI PNBE SPLShow Availability
03249PNBE BBU SPL18:20DestinationPNBE BBU SPLShow Availability
07255NS LPI SPL11:30DestinationNS LPI SPLShow Availability
07256LPI NS SPL09:30DestinationLPI NS SPLShow Availability
08439PURI PNBE SPL09:25DestinationPURI PNBE SPLShow Availability
09417ADI PNBE SPL21:05DestinationADI PNBE SPLShow Availability
09447ADI PNBE SF SPL00:30DestinationADI PNBE SF SPLShow Availability
12023JANSHATABDI EXP22:20DestinationJANSHATABDI EXPShow Availability
12356ARCHANA EXP20:55DestinationARCHANA EXPShow Availability
12359PNBE GARIB RATH05:20DestinationPNBE GARIB RATHShow Availability
12366PNBE JANSHATBDI22:20DestinationPNBE JANSHATBDIShow Availability
12567RAJYA RANI EXP11:15DestinationRAJYA RANI EXPShow Availability
12741VSG PATNA EXP10:10DestinationVSG PATNA EXPShow Availability
12947AZIMABAD EXP04:20DestinationAZIMABAD EXPShow Availability
13202LTT PATNA EXP23:45DestinationLTT PATNA EXPShow Availability
13238KOTA PNBE EXP19:30DestinationKOTA PNBE EXPShow Availability
13240KOTA PNBE EXP19:30DestinationKOTA PNBE EXPShow Availability
13244INTERCITY EXP10:00DestinationINTERCITY EXPShow Availability
13250INTERCITY EXP16:20DestinationINTERCITY EXPShow Availability
13329GANGADAMODAR EX05:15DestinationGANGADAMODAR EXShow Availability
13331DHN PNBE EXPRES17:30DestinationDHN PNBE EXPRESShow Availability
13347PALAMOU EXPRESS09:10DestinationPALAMOU EXPRESSShow Availability
13349SGRL PNBE EXP06:50DestinationSGRL PNBE EXPShow Availability
13415MLDT PNBE EXP05:20DestinationMLDT PNBE EXPShow Availability
15125PNBE JANSHTABDI10:50DestinationPNBE JANSHTABDIShow Availability
15549JYG PNBE INT EX12:50DestinationJYG PNBE INT EXShow Availability
15713INTERCITY EXP13:00DestinationINTERCITY EXPShow Availability
17610PAU PNBE EXP23:15DestinationPAU PNBE EXPShow Availability
18449BAIDYANATH DHAM09:35DestinationBAIDYANATH DHAMShow Availability
18622PATALIPUTRA EXP13:15DestinationPATALIPUTRA EXPShow Availability
19313INDB PNBE EXP15:00DestinationINDB PNBE EXPShow Availability
19321INDB PNBE EXP15:50DestinationINDB PNBE EXPShow Availability
19421ADI PNBE EXP04:00DestinationADI PNBE EXPShow Availability
22213PNBE DURONTO EX06:15DestinationPNBE DURONTO EXShow Availability
22347VANDE BHARAT EXP22:40DestinationVANDE BHARAT EXPShow Availability
22350VANDE BHARAT EXP22:05DestinationVANDE BHARAT EXPShow Availability
22354HUMSAFAR EXP10:10DestinationHUMSAFAR EXPShow Availability
22643PATNA EXPRESS20:00DestinationPATNA EXPRESSShow Availability
22669ERS PNBE EXP06:25DestinationERS PNBE EXPShow Availability
22843BSP PNBE SF EXP13:50DestinationBSP PNBE SF EXPShow Availability
22971BDTS PATNA SFAST01:40DestinationBDTS PATNA SFASTShow Availability
82356PNBE SUVIDHA EXP13:40DestinationPNBE SUVIDHA EXPShow Availability
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Patna Jn Pnbe Railway Station (station ) Railway Station Trains Time Table

Trains Originating from Patna Jn Pnbe Railway Station (station )

Trains Passing from Patna Jn Pnbe Railway Station (station )

Trains Terminates from Patna Jn Pnbe Railway Station (station )

Top Train Routes related to PATNA JN

Patna is the capital of Bihar in India. The station code of Patna Junction is PNBE that lies between New Delhi and Kolkata (ECZ). It is one of the busiest rail routes of India that connects to most of the major cities in India by the railway network. Patna station was opened in 1862 as the name of Bankipore junction. To share the load of decongestion at Patna junction, it is supported by six major railway stations. They’re Hajipur station, Gulzarbagh station, Rajendra Nagar Terminal, Patliputra Junction, Danapur railway station, and Patna Sahib station. The capital city Patna is well-connected with several other towns of Bihar like Madhubani, Biharsharif, Jehanabad, Ara, Rajgir, Gaya, etc through daily passenger and express train services.  On an average, more than 110 trains cross Patna junction among which there’re few Non- Pantry trains. Passengers can prefer e-catering services in trains to order food online in train.  Booking your railway tickets to Patna junction is easy as one has to login to the portal and enter all relevant details along with seat preference. Also, passengers traveling to Patna junction can download RailMitra app or visit the official website of RailMitra to use rail inquiry tools for a proper journey planning. 

Popular Trains running from Patna Junction:
Some of the popular trains running from Patna Junction are PNBE ANVT Special (13233), PNBE DHN Special (03211), Gangadamodar Express (13330), PNBE BGP Special (03436), Duronto Express (22214),  etc.
Address: Patna Junction situated at station road, near Mahavir Mandir, Patna-800001, Bihar, India.

Facilities at Patna Junction
The major facilities available at Patna Junction Railway station  include waiting rooms,  retiring rooms, free RO mineral water ATM, computerized reservation system, unreserved tickets counters, and parking for vehicles. The junction also has, refreshment stalls, post and telegraph office, IRCTC catering outlet book stall, janta meal for vegetarian and non-vegetarian taste buds and Government Railway Police Station. The junction features a foreign tourist ticket counter.

Waiting Lounge: The lounge has been provided with all facilities in such a way that passengers of each class can wait here for an extended duration. The passengers who have a platform ticket also can enter the lounge for better comfort. All Waiting rooms are separate for male and females.

 AC waiting room:  It has the capacity to accommodate 200 passengers located at the western end of the station building. The waiting hall has a total of seven 65-inch television screens for entertainment.

Retiring Room: Retiring Rooms are available on railway station or nearby Patna Junction. They’re available in Single, Double and Dormitory type of rooms with AC and Non AC combination. Passengers can book a retiring room online by using the official site of IRCTC. It is often booked for a minimum of three hours and a maximum of 48 hours with some charges.

Retiring Room Charges at Patna Junction

  • AC Deluxe               04 (02 bedded) @ 320/-per bed.
  • Non AC        04 (02 bedded) @ 300/ per bed.
  • Dormitories            02 each (10 bedded) @ 38/-per bed

Address: Patna Jn, New Market Station Rd, Fraser Road Area, Patna, Bihar 800001.

Patna Railway Station: Inquiry Number:
A helpline center was found out for the passengers to inquire about the arrival and departure of trains, reservation status, fare prices, and for other inquiries.

  • Railway Station: 09831963773
  • Customer care: 139
  • General/Reservation: 131/132
  • Toll free number: 1800-111-139
  • Email-id:  [email protected]

How to Connect with Free WiFi   at Patna Junction?
Passengers are ready to get free Wi-Fi Signal at all platforms, entry gates, foot over-bridge, waiting halls, retiring room, and food court. So as to connect to the Wi-Fi service at Patna Junction, passengers with smartphones should choose an SSID named 'RailWire'. This may allow the user to open their browser with a login screen. Passengers will then type in their mobile number then they will receive a 4-digit OTP. Once this OTP is entered into the login screen, one is going to be ready to hook up with high-speed broadband.

Cloak Room: Passengers can leave luggage in cloak rooms and lockers on payment of prescribed charges at Patna Junction.
Address- Patna Junction FOB, Fraser Road Area, Patna, Bihar 800001
Phone – 09032815049

How Many platforms are there in Patna Junction
There are 10 platforms at Patna junction? They’re interconnected with three foot over bridge.

Where is the automated Escalator located at Patna station?
Patna Junction is one among the chosen Railway Stations of India where Automated Escalators are being installed on platform no.10.

Public Transport options available at Patna Junction:
The local transport of Patna is definitely available during the day time, however during late night there could also be some problem. There are many options to maneuver around the city and visit its various places at a reasonable price. The fare is comparatively low. The varied modes of transportation within the city are as follow:

 Bus: Patna Junction Bus Stand and Karbigahiya Bus Stand are the nearest bus stands representing railway stations. Buses are available almost everywhere within the city from the station.
Taxi/Cab/Auto Rickshaw: Many taxis/cab and auto rickshaws are available from the exit gates of the Patna railway station. Book one among them to succeed in your destination at any time.

Patna Airport: Jay Prakash Narayan Airport 
Jay Prakash Narayan Airport is the nearest airport to Patna junction at a distance of 5km. You can reach the airport using Taxi/Cab or Auto Rickshaw.

If you’re in search of a hotel nearby station, then there are several options available. There are many hotels available at affordable prices; or otherwise you can book a luxurious hotels of  your choice.

  1. Patliputra Exotica: 1.4km from Patna Junction
  2. Hotel Orange Inn: 3.8km from Patna Junction
  3. Hotel Maurya: 2.0km from Patna Junction
  4. Buddha Heritage: 6.6km from Patna Junction

Tourist Attractions near Patna Junction:
If your train gets delayed for 2-3 hours, you have enough time to visit some of the places nearby the station.  Some of the attractions are:

  • Mahavir Mandir: 0.3 KMS from Patna Junction
  • Buddha Smriti Park: 0.5 KMS from Patna Junction
  • Iskon Temple Patna: 1.7 km from Patna Junction

Tourist Places in Bihar
Bihar is a famous state in India and is crammed with many tourist attractions. It’s a famous destination for Buddhists, Jains and Hindus. It’s the mixture of faith, spirituality, history and education which makes the Bihar one among its kind. Every city of Bihar has something to offer:

  • Bodh Gaya
  • Rajgir
  • Vaishali
  • Pawapuri
  • Nalanda

Trains at Patna Station: -
Patna Junction is a major station of the East Central Railways. Patna Junction is served by several express and superfast trains from everywhere in the country because of its Delhi-Kolkata busiest rail route. Some of the local passenger trains also run from Patna to nearest destinations on frequent intervals.

  • Trains that originate at Patna jn. - 67
  • Trains that terminated at Patna jn.– 68
  • Trains that pass through Patna jn. -127

RPF/GRP Helpline no. at Patna Station:
Indian Railways have launched a 3-digit toll free no. ‘182’ for passengers traveling in train. The RPF works is to protect the passengers for theft, pickpocketing, left behind luggage, harassment of lady passengers, gents travelling in ladies coach. The Government Railway Police(GRP) have work to regulate passenger traffic within station premises, on platforms, in booking offices, waiting halls, at entrance and exit gates..
RPF  Helpline No. – 182
Railway police Helpline No - 1512

Travel Planning Apps for Train Journey to Patna Junction:
Every journey needs accurate planning. Traveling to Patna junction will be a memorable experience as RailMitra app has following features for the travelers to plan their journey in advance.

Recommended Train Traveling Apps:
Some of the recommended travel apps for the travelers are:

Popular Train Routes from Patna Junction:
There’re some popular routes from Patna junction having heavy passengers crowd. Some of them are:

  • Patna Junction to New Delhi
  • Patna Junction to Pt. DD Upadhaya Junction
  • Patna Junction to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
  • Patna to Howrah Junction
  • Patna to Kota Junction
  • Patna to Secunderabad Junction

Get information about all trains from Patna Jn Railway Station fast. Here you will get the complete list of trains to Patna Jn Pnbe Railway Station. Scroll down to view all the details,which include the arrival and departure times of all trains stopping atPatna Jn Railway Station. It lists the train numbers as well. The trains that connect to Patna Jn Pnbe Railway Station are 12024-JANSHATABDI EXP, 02914-BDTS FESTVL SPL and22213-PNBE DURONTO EX

Find details for each Indian Railway train just at a glance. By clicking on a train's name, it will show you the complete schedule for that train. By looking at the train schedule, you find the exact time of the arrival of that particular train to the Patna Jn Pnbe Railway Station. On RailMitra, there is also the option to see the live running status of the train. You can also find trains that go to other stations from this site. Click on the Search tab and then enter the information to discover. Therefore, use our services to find the best train for your trip.

This list also gives information on the stopping duration of trains at Patna Jn Pnbe Railway Station.Utilize the complete list of trains at Patna Jn Pnbe Railway Station to find the availability of berths in various trains. With RailMitra, finding IRCTC trains and booking tickets for your train is easy. Make use of the most up-to-date PNR Prediction to find out your chances of getting confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket. Happy Voyage!