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16308-CAN ALLP EXP Train Schedule

Running Days:SunMonTueWedThuFriSat

Kannur (Cannanore)(CAN)Alleppey (ALLP)

Train Schedule:

Kannur (Cannanore)CANFirst0 min05.1010
Thalassery (Tellicherry)TLY05.291 min05.30121
MaheMAHE05.381 min05.39131
Vadakara (Badagara)BDJ05.491 min05.50143
PayyoliPYOL05.561 min05.57153
QuilandiQLD06.091 min06.10165
Kozhikkode (Calicut)CLT06.373 min06.40190
FerokFK06.541 min06.55199
ValliukunnuVLI07.021 min07.031110
ParpanangadiPGI07.141 min07.151115
TanurTA07.221 min07.231123
TirurTIR07.332 min07.351131
TirunnavayaTUA07.441 min07.451139
KuttippuramKTU07.541 min07.551146
PattambiPTB08.091 min08.101164
Shoranur JnSRR08.405 min08.451176
WadakancheriWKI09.141 min09.151192
ThrisurTCR09.332 min09.351208
PudukadPUK09.501 min09.511222
IrinjalakudaIJK10.011 min10.021232
ChalakudiCKI10.071 min10.081239
AngamaliAFK10.231 min10.241254
Aluva (Alwaye)AWY10.362 min10.381263
Ernakulam TownERN11.032 min11.051280
Ernakulam JnERS11.205 min11.251283
TuravurTUVR11.491 min11.501305
ShertallaiSRTL12.011 min12.021316
AlleppeyALLP13.250 minLast1339
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Train 16308 CAN ALLP EXP runs from Kannur (Cannanore) to Alleppey onSundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday.

CAN ALLP EXP departs from Kannur (Cannanore) at 05.10 and reaches to Alleppey at 13.25 . It takes 00 Hours 00 Minutes to reach from Kannur (Cannanore) to Alleppey. The total distance covered by CAN ALLP EXP is 339 kilometers.

CAN ALLP EXP passes through 28 stations in 1 days to reach from Kannur (Cannanore) to Alleppey.

16308 CAN ALLP EXP has a maximum halt time of 5 minutes at Shoranur Jn . 16308 CAN ALLP EXP arrives at Shoranur Jn  on 08.40 and departs at 08.45 . You can get down at Shoranur Jn to buy some snacks and refreshments.

Other stations with maximum halt timings are:
Shoranur Jn5 Minutes
Ernakulam Jn5 Minutes
Food Options in 16308 CAN ALLP EXP
Enjoy a scrumptious assortment of Veg Thali, Non-Veg Thali, Jain Food, Chinese and local delicacies during your journey. Passengers in train can prefer the below-mentioned food delivery in train apps for getting fresh restaurant-style food in train.

Frequently Asked Questions

. From which station does the CAN ALLP EXP ?

. 16308 CAN ALLP EXP starts from Kannur (Cannanore)

. What is the time taken by CAN ALLP EXP to reach from Kannur (Cannanore) to Alleppey ?

. 16308 CAN ALLP EXP takes 00 Hours 00 Minutes approx to reach from Kannur (Cannanore) to Alleppey.

. What is the maximum halt time and at which station ?

. Maximum halt time of CAN ALLP EXP train is 5 minutes at Shoranur Jn .

. What is the train schedule of CAN ALLP EXP ?

. CAN ALLP EXP departs from Kannur (Cannanore) at 05.10 and reaches at Alleppey by 13.25.

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