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01241-LTT KUDL SPECIAL Train Schedule

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Lokmanyatilak(LTT)Kudal (KUDL)

Train Schedule:

LokmanyatilakLTTFirst0 min00.4510
ThaneTNA01.055 min01.10118
PanvelPNVL01.505 min01.55153
RohaROHA03.105 min03.151130
MangaonMNI03.562 min03.581173
KhedKHED05.082 min05.101268
ChiplunCHI05.502 min05.521309
SavardaSVX06.102 min06.121335
Aravali RoadAVRD06.302 min06.321349
SangmeshwarSGR06.502 min06.521369
RatnagiriRN07.505 min07.551415
AdavaliADVI08.282 min08.301460
Rajapur RoadRAJP09.152 min09.171504
Vaibhavwadi RoadVBW09.382 min09.401528
Nandgaon RoadNAN09.562 min09.581550
KankavliKKW10.202 min10.221571
SindhudurgSNDD10.402 min10.421596
KudalKUDL11.200 minLast1610
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Train 01241 LTT KUDL SPECIAL runs from Lokmanyatilak to Kudal onTuesdayFriday.

LTT KUDL SPECIAL departs from Lokmanyatilak at 00.45 and reaches to Kudal at 11.20 . It takes 00 Hours 00 Minutes to reach from Lokmanyatilak to Kudal. The total distance covered by LTT KUDL SPECIAL is 610 kilometers.

LTT KUDL SPECIAL passes through 18 stations in 1 days to reach from Lokmanyatilak to Kudal.

01241 LTT KUDL SPECIAL has a maximum halt time of 5 minutes at Thane . 01241 LTT KUDL SPECIAL arrives at Thane  on 01.05 and departs at 01.10 . You can get down at Thane to buy some snacks and refreshments.

Other stations with maximum halt timings are:
Thane5 Minutes
Panvel5 Minutes
Roha5 Minutes
Ratnagiri5 Minutes
Food Options in 01241 LTT KUDL SPECIAL
Enjoy a scrumptious assortment of Veg Thali, Non-Veg Thali, Jain Food, Chinese and local delicacies during your journey. Passengers in train can prefer the below-mentioned food delivery in train apps for getting fresh restaurant-style food in train.

Frequently Asked Questions

. From which station does the LTT KUDL SPECIAL ?

. 01241 LTT KUDL SPECIAL starts from Lokmanyatilak

. What is the time taken by LTT KUDL SPECIAL to reach from Lokmanyatilak to Kudal ?

. 01241 LTT KUDL SPECIAL takes 00 Hours 00 Minutes approx to reach from Lokmanyatilak to Kudal.

. What is the maximum halt time and at which station ?

. Maximum halt time of LTT KUDL SPECIAL train is 5 minutes at Thane .

. What is the train schedule of LTT KUDL SPECIAL ?

. LTT KUDL SPECIAL departs from Lokmanyatilak at 00.45 and reaches at Kudal by 11.20.

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