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13403-VANANCHAL EXP Train Schedule

Running Days:SunMonTueWedThuFriSat

Ranchi(RNC)Bhagalpur (BGP)

Train Schedule:

RanchiRNCFirst0 min19.2010
MuriMURI20.205 min20.25166
Bokaro Stl CityBKSC21.305 min21.351118
ChandrapuraCRP22.062 min22.081133
KatrasgarhKTH22.382 min22.401154
Dhanbad JnDHN23.285 min23.331167
Asansol JnASN00.445 min00.492226
RaniganjRNG01.065 min01.112244
Andal Jn (Rev)UDL01.2120 min01.412252
Sainthia JnSNT03.055 min03.102325
Rampur HatRPH03.325 min03.372353
Nalhati JnNHT03.502 min03.522367
MuraraiMRR04.072 min04.092383
PakurPKR04.312 min04.332406
GumaniGMAN05.142 min05.162425
Barharwa JnBHW05.252 min05.272432
Tinpahar JnTPH05.442 min05.462449
Sahibganj JnSBG06.215 min06.262486
Mirza CheukiMZC06.402 min06.422502
PirpaintiPPT06.532 min06.552510
KahalgaonCLG07.152 min07.172530
GhogaGGA07.292 min07.312540
BhagalpurBGP08.150 minLast2561
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Train 13403 VANANCHAL EXP runs from Ranchi to Bhagalpur onSundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday.

VANANCHAL EXP departs from Ranchi at 19.20 and reaches to Bhagalpur at 08.15 . It takes 00 Hours 00 Minutes to reach from Ranchi to Bhagalpur. The total distance covered by VANANCHAL EXP is 561 kilometers.

VANANCHAL EXP passes through 23 stations in 2 days to reach from Ranchi to Bhagalpur.

13403 VANANCHAL EXP has a maximum halt time of 20 minutes at Andal Jn (Rev) . 13403 VANANCHAL EXP arrives at Andal Jn (Rev)  on 01.21 and departs at 01.41 . You can get down at Andal Jn (Rev) to buy some snacks and refreshments.

Other stations with maximum halt timings are:
Muri5 Minutes
Bokaro Stl City5 Minutes
Dhanbad Jn5 Minutes
Asansol Jn5 Minutes
Raniganj5 Minutes
Andal Jn (Rev)20 Minutes
Sainthia Jn5 Minutes
Rampur Hat5 Minutes
Sahibganj Jn5 Minutes
Food Options in 13403 VANANCHAL EXP
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Frequently Asked Questions

. From which station does the VANANCHAL EXP ?

. 13403 VANANCHAL EXP starts from Ranchi

. What is the time taken by VANANCHAL EXP to reach from Ranchi to Bhagalpur ?

. 13403 VANANCHAL EXP takes 00 Hours 00 Minutes approx to reach from Ranchi to Bhagalpur.

. What is the maximum halt time and at which station ?

. Maximum halt time of VANANCHAL EXP train is 20 minutes at Andal Jn (Rev) .

. What is the train schedule of VANANCHAL EXP ?

. VANANCHAL EXP departs from Ranchi at 19.20 and reaches at Bhagalpur by 08.15.

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