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04319-LKO-SPN EXP SPL Train Schedule

Running Days:SunMonTueWedThuFriSat

Lucknow(LKO)Shahjehanpur (SPN)

Train Schedule:

LucknowLKOFirst0 min18.4510
Alam NagarAMG19.011 min19.0216
KakoriKKJ19.101 min19.11114
MalihabadMLD19.251 min19.26125
DilawarnagarDIL19.331 min19.34131
RahimabadRBD19.421 min19.43139
SandilaSAN19.581 min19.59148
Umar TaliUTA20.061 min20.07154
DalelnagarDLQ20.141 min20.15160
Balamau JnBLM20.232 min20.25169
BaghauliBGH20.351 min20.36178
MasitMST20.441 min20.45184
KarnaKAR20.531 min20.54192
HardoiHRI21.052 min21.071102
KaurahKUF21.171 min21.181110
BehtagokalBEG21.281 min21.291119
TodarpurTDP21.371 min21.381126
Anji ShahabadAJI21.501 min21.511134
AigawanAIG21.591 min22.001140
KahiliaKH22.101 min22.111149
Roza JnROZA22.385 min22.431157
ShahjehanpurSPN23.550 minLast1164
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Train 04319 LKO-SPN EXP SPL runs from Lucknow to Shahjehanpur onMondayTuesdayThursdayFridaySaturday.

LKO-SPN EXP SPL departs from Lucknow at 18.45 and reaches to Shahjehanpur at 23.55 . It takes 00 Hours 00 Minutes to reach from Lucknow to Shahjehanpur. The total distance covered by LKO-SPN EXP SPL is 164 kilometers.

LKO-SPN EXP SPL passes through 22 stations in 1 days to reach from Lucknow to Shahjehanpur.

04319 LKO-SPN EXP SPL has a maximum halt time of 5 minutes at Roza Jn . 04319 LKO-SPN EXP SPL arrives at Roza Jn  on 22.38 and departs at 22.43 . You can get down at Roza Jn to buy some snacks and refreshments.

Other stations with maximum halt timings are:
Roza Jn5 Minutes
Food Options in 04319 LKO-SPN EXP SPL
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Frequently Asked Questions

. From which station does the LKO-SPN EXP SPL ?

. 04319 LKO-SPN EXP SPL starts from Lucknow

. What is the time taken by LKO-SPN EXP SPL to reach from Lucknow to Shahjehanpur ?

. 04319 LKO-SPN EXP SPL takes 00 Hours 00 Minutes approx to reach from Lucknow to Shahjehanpur.

. What is the maximum halt time and at which station ?

. Maximum halt time of LKO-SPN EXP SPL train is 5 minutes at Roza Jn .

. What is the train schedule of LKO-SPN EXP SPL ?

. LKO-SPN EXP SPL departs from Lucknow at 18.45 and reaches at Shahjehanpur by 23.55.

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